I spent Friday and Saturday as Stevonnie at Wizard World Comic Con Las Vegas, and it was super fun!

I was asked a few times to take pics and was complemented even more while walking in the show room.

Unfortunately I was alone 99.9% of the time I was there, and so all of the pictures of me are selfies.

Tbh, my favorite moment happened before I even got my wristband: on Friday as I walked in, a little boy stared at me in awe and whispered to his mom, “mom, mom, that’s from steven universe!” It was super adorable.

please don’t remove my captions.

Trusting someone so easily
  • Pros:you get to express yourself with full details
  • Cons:your life is no longer private because almost everyone know about you (but tbh, you're still lucky with that) because the unlucky part of it is others can accuse you something for something you didnt say or do. (it's just they are so careless for using a different word that implies a different message)

The Eternally Boss Kamala Khan + Carol Danvers


New prints for the 2015 con season! Starting March 6th, the marvelous Marvels join the fabulous Rocket + Groot on this year’s con circuit. These boss ladies are 8.5” x 3.67”, full color on glossy, prem-o paper and go for $6.00 USD a pop. 

Not going to Kawa Kon, (or Planet Comic Con or AniMinneapolis or Denver Comic Con?) That’s okay! Unlike my con-exclusive buttons, these prints will be available in the shop the same day as their IRL premiere.


1970’s cosplay from various WorldCons, SF cons and Trek cons. Notable points: 4th Doctor, K9 (actual dog in suit, I think!) & Leela, Gundam, Rollerball and ElfQuest creator Wendy Pini as Red Sonja! Final picture has George Takei and James Doohan as judges of the costume contest. In honor of Throwback Thursday!