Sigo sintiéndome como una mamá orgullosa al recordar que Willy se atrevió a juntar a su personaje de Youtubers life con un hombre. Es que me encanta que no se calle a decir lo que piensa, ojalá nunca se calme

I’ve never done this before (and it’s late anyway) but here is my entire catalogue for my current convention, Anime Expo 2015! These are all my standard con mini-prints (5x7″ postcards), and a select number are available in larger sizes. Visit Artist Alley table B39 to buy, I’ll be there all weekend! 

I may put the remainder stock online in my shop if I’m not lazy; otherwise the next con I’m selling at will be NYCC 2015!


The Eternally Boss Kamala Khan + Carol Danvers


New prints for the 2015 con season! Starting March 6th, the marvelous Marvels join the fabulous Rocket + Groot on this year’s con circuit. These boss ladies are 8.5” x 3.67”, full color on glossy, prem-o paper and go for $6.00 USD a pop. 

Not going to Kawa Kon, (or Planet Comic Con or AniMinneapolis or Denver Comic Con?) That’s okay! Unlike my con-exclusive buttons, these prints will be available in the shop the same day as their IRL premiere.

july is trying to make up for 2016

it’s given us these gems already

  • kanye/taylor/kim battle
  • wonder woman trailer
  • sulu and his husband and their cute daughter
  • chris pine looking fine as hell
  • the FEMALE ghostbusters kicking ass and being amazing
  • secret life of pets
  • comic con pictures
  • henry cavill being cute and fluffy
  • chris pine’s blue eyes literally everywhere god bless
  • kate mckinnon turning everyone gay
  • leslie jones calling out twitter trolls and showing us all how to be strong and also how to defend ourselves
  • pokemon go getting everyone out of the house

1970’s cosplay from various WorldCons, SF cons and Trek cons. Notable points: 4th Doctor, K9 (actual dog in suit, I think!) & Leela, Gundam, Rollerball and ElfQuest creator Wendy Pini as Red Sonja! Final picture has George Takei and James Doohan as judges of the costume contest. In honor of Throwback Thursday!