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Uhmm how about iwaoi, iwaoi, IWAOI??! omg. I'm dying for this <33

Uhm …. I’m still workin on con stuff so D: no big new art for now. But how about this? (can you tell i love fighting fish?)

May I have a minute of your time for a Ben Affleck appreciation post? 

Because he so deserves it. 

Maybe a week and a half after his divorce was announced, he showed up (and was funny as hell) at ComicCon 2015 

Flash forward a few years, another week or so after he admitted to alcholism and is going to rehab he shows up at CinemaCon 2017 

I hope to have half the strength of Batfleck one day. He’s a warrior and I wish him so much luck in life. 

Thanks for your time. 

I’m actually really happy that Nolan didn’t take that question about Harry’s hair. That really isn’t a focal point of the project, and I feel like that’s the kind of thinking that’s made some Nolan fans, movie critics, and members of the gp leery of Harry’s inclusion in the cast. Though obviously harmless, questions like that really don’t do him any favors. I’m sure for a movie like this, Nolan and Harry and the rest of the cast want to all the attention to be on the project itself. Which is really really good! It’s awesome that they are treating Harry like the other actors and not “Harry Styles, boyband heartthrob who cut his luscious long locks for a movie role.”