con woman

So this was my favorite moment of today.

I’m standing chatting with radioactivepeasant and this dad comes up with his toddler girl. “Hey, can she get a picture with you? She’s just now wanting to get pictures but only with certain people,” he says and I’m like, who turns down an adorable little Wonder Woman?

So as soon as I crouched down to talk to her she sat right on my knee, beamed up at me, and said “Cheeeeeese!” SO cute.
I’m so glad I got to be a superhero she recognized.

(Face edited because she’s a tiny kid and I’m not posting her face without permission)

I told myself I wont get my hopes up for a canon miraculous!Nino … listen as long as he gets proper development one way or another, i’m happy   also, I tried to make this look similar to the sneak peek we got of the peacock miraculous wielder.

with all the plot points like:

  • min hyuk possibly using bong soon as basis for xena, a video game character of his company
  • bong soon’s great ancestor warning them with strength not beating a knife
  • min hyuk confessing guk doo’s feelings for bong soon and taking a step back (quite literally)
  • the kidnapper’s interest in do bong soon

worst case scenario would be do bong soon being killed off in the end, with min hyuk possibly not being able to be with her and would dedicate an entirely new video game just for his muse :(


Repent for the end is Near! — Mary Bateman and The Prophet Hen of Leeds, 1806.

In 1806 a hen located in the English city of Leeds began foretelling the end of the world.  Of course the hen didn’t actually say that the end was nigh, but instead began to lay eggs engraved with the inscription “Jesus is coming”.  Alarmed by such foreboding, the people of Leeds were driven to religious frenzy to repent for their sins before the apocalypse came.  Many thousands of other people traveled to Leeds in order to witness the miracle for themselves.  The hens owner was one Miss Mary Bateman who made a living as a con artist, fortuneteller, and seller of medicinal potions.  One day she was caught administering to the bird and the “Prophet Hen” was revealed to be a fraud.  Miss Bateman wrote on the eggs with a type of corrosive ink, which etched the prophetic messages on the eggshells.  She then carefully re-inserted the eggs into the hen.  Voila! A prophetic hen laying doomsday eggs!

After the Hen Prophet hoax Mary Bateman continued her life as a quack and two bit con artist.  In 1809 she murdered a woman with poison in a scheme to steal her money.  She was convicted of the crime and executed by hanging.  Oddly enough her body was put on display for money, the proceeds going to charity.  Odder yet, pieces of her skin were removed and sold as magic charms.  Oddest of all, her skeleton currently resides at the Thackary Museum in Leeds.

18th century con woman Barbara Erni, The Golden Boos

One of the most notorious con artists of the 18th century, Barbara Erni was born in Liechtenstein in 1743 and spent most of her life relieving people of their hard earned cash through trickery and downright thievery. She was often known as “The Golden Boos” because of her striking red-blonde hair.  One of her most lucrative schemes was to travel around Europe with a large chest.  Whenever she would rest at an inn, she requested that the chest be locked up with the inn’s valuables so that it would be safe.  Little did the inn keeper know, hidden inside the chest was Erni’s assistant, a very small man.  In the middle of the night, the man would come out of hiding and unlock the door from the inside, at which point him and Erni would clean out the room of cash and valuables, then disappear into the night.

Barbara Erni was caught in Eschen in 1784.  She confessed to being the Golden Boos and confessed to 17 thefts using her scheme.  She sentenced to death and executed by beheading, becoming the last person executed in Liechtenstein.  The fate of her assistant is unknown.


my fav ladies!! 💪 🌐 💕  

just a couple of twitter doodles to get back into drawing again! and deal with my descent into DCEU hell ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ̀