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I am moving into a dorm soon and I can chose or at least list my preference for whether I want to get an apartment alone or with one roommate or with two. It's my first year of university in a foreign town so I don't know anybody. What would you recommend?

Times like these call for a Pros and Cons list!

Living Alone Pros

  • You have the freedom to decorate and utilize your space however you want
  • You don’t have to worry about maintaining your room if you don’t want to
  • You can sit around naked whenever you want

Living Alone Cons

  • Your cost per semester will be significantly more
  • You are responsible for taking care of everything room-wise
  • If you’re a social person, you may get lonely

Roommate Pros

  • Some colleges allow you to choose your roommate, which means that you can choose who you want to live with
  • Some to share chores with
  • If you’re a social person, you will enjoy the company

Roommate Cons

  • There is always a chance that you will not get along with your roommate
  • Limited personal space and privacy
  • You will only be able to decorate your section of the room.

My advice to you is this- if you don’t already have a group of friends on campus that you will see on a regular basis, you may want to consider applying for a roommate. There’s no guarantee that you will love your roommate, but moving out of your parent’s house for the first time is a huge step, even a scary step. I think you will find it comforting to have someone who is in very much the same position as you are around. Remember that next semester you can always change roommates or to get your own apartment!

Good luck babe!

// Jason as your Roommate


  • ➖ He will jump into your bed so you will fly in the air. Or kicks you out. Or pokes you.
  • ➖ He will rummage through your things while you’re asleep.
  • ➖ He will use you as a pillow.
  • ➖ Whatever snacks you’re hiding, he will find them.
  • ➖ He will randomly appear in the middle of the night in your bedroom to borrow something.
    You will never see it again.
  • ➖ He will clean up after you, so when you miss some important papers they’re probably in the trash.
  • ➖ He will complain a lot.
  • ➖ He will throw a wet washcloth on your face to wake you up.
  • ➖ Tim Drake isn’t the only one in the family who has stalker abilities.
  • ➖ He is not a morning person. Every attempt to talk to him when he didn’t get up on his own [aka load neighbors, the phone], and before he ended his first cup of coffee is suicidal.
    Don’t be load around him in a time span of half a hour after he woke up.
  • ➖ He will probably punch you when you startle him. Or worse.
  • ➖ Death treats all day long.
  • ➖ He will fight you for the tv remote.
  • ➖ Mood swings.
  • ➖ He will curse a lot.
  • ➖ He will randomly cuddle you and than treats you with pain should you tell everyone about it.
  • ➖ Doesn’t listen / or will do the opposite.
  • ➖ He will smoke sometimes.
  • ➖ He will use all the hot water.


  • ➕ He can cook.
  • ➕ He will clean up after you.
  • ➕ He will make sure that no burglar will ever get something from you.
  • ➕ He will run around shirtless 80% of the time
  • ➕ He will help you when you have a problem (on your own risk; his default answer is “get rid of the problem” = kill it)
  • ➕ He is good with money.
  • ➕ When you get harassed / bothered, he will probably play your boyfriend / big brother / hot friend to have a reason to punch them in the face.
  • ➕ He is adorable & grumpy when tired.
  • ➕ He can drive / owns a motorcycle. He will probably steal a car when you need a ride.
  • ➕ He will pay his & your rent in time, even when you forgot about it
  • ➕ He will sometimes went missing for days / don’t get out of his room so you have the whole apartment on your own.
  • ➕ He will be nicest and sweetest roommate when your parents visit. You will think he has a good twin.
  • ➕ He will remember your Birthday, but will gladly skip his own.
  • ➕ He will play petsitter when you go on a journey. (Own risk, he will spoil them).


Pros of being Baz’s roommate:

1. He helps me with French

2. He buys me coffee

3. He has a really nice voice. One meant for reading poetry.

4. He’s really pretty.


Cons of being Baz’s roommate:

1. He’s REALLY pretty

2. Sometimes I think he hates me, but then he does nice things.

3. Always calls me Snow?

4. Probably plotting.


Pros of being Snow’s roommate:

1. There are none


Cons of being Snow’s roommate:

1. He snores louder than anyone I’ve ever heard.

2. He’s stupidly adorable (even if he does look like a stereotypical hipster with those dumb glasses).

3. Painfully oblivious.

4. I think I’m in love with him.


“I’m never going to learn this shit,” Simon muttered. He pulled his glasses off and dragged a hand down his face. Passé composé was confusing, and Baz’s smug superiority wasn’t helping him learn it any faster.

“You aren’t going to learn it with that attitude, Snow.”

“I need coffee.”

“You always need coffee.”

Simon flopped onto his back and glared at the ceiling. He wished he would’ve gotten his foreign language credit in high school. It was hard focusing on film when he was constantly buried under a mound of French homework.

“Are you actually pouting?”

“I need coffee,” Simon answered weakly.

“Then get your shoes on and let’s go.”

[8:30pm] u wanna meet me and spazilton 4 coffee @ the cafe near the campus courtyard?

[Penny, 8:32pm] I’d rather not get in the way of your guys’ sexual tension.


When Baz got got back to the table, a cup of hot coffee in each hand, Simon was blushing madly at his phone.

Baz felt a jealous pang when he imagined Simon talking to his girlfriend (or boyfriend, the topic of his sexuality had never come up).

I’ll never make Snow blush like that.


Fucking Penelope Bunce.


“Here,” Baz said gruffly, holding Simon’s coffee out to him as he took a seat.


The universe hated him, Baz decided. For some unknown reason, it absolutely loathed him. Here was this cute golden boy with bright smiles and even brighter eyes, and he was fucking untouchable.


“So,” Baz replied in bored tone.

Simon’s fingers were drumming nervously against the table. “Campus at night, huh?”

“Yeah, Snow, it’s dark.”

“The lights are nice.” Simon lifted his coffee to his lips and took a long drink.

Baz snorted. “What do you want to do, take a walk?”

Simon smiled sheepishly, then nodded. “Better than French homework.”


This was my first time attending Anime North and was completely spur of the moment with only a few weeks notice.  A friend who has been attending for years had her usual con roommate bail for personal reasons, leaving her without a roommate and a paid for, unused ticket.  So, the offer was made to me, and since I cannot do the European trip I was hoping to do this year in order to pay off my surgery, I thought, why not?

I was not disappointed.

I managed to pull off almost two cosplays in just a few weeks.  I usually make most things from scratch, but due to the nature of the cosplays and lack of proper dark green fabrics at this time of year, store bought and Rit dye were utilized, with dyeing fabric being a new experience albeit a fairly successful one.  I have not learned anything regarding procrastination and cosplay after all these years.  I think Murphy’s law will always have something to say about it.  I did have issues with styling Oobleck’s wig, so unfortunately, this resulted in a single cosplay, but I think it has turned into my favorite cosplay I have done.  I’ll tackle Oobleck’s wig in June.  Team caffeine!

I’m used to larger conventions (this didn’t seem as large as Anime Boston and certainly smaller than NYCC, which is more trade show anyways) and this one seemed a bit smaller.  I am usually involved in events and have attended few panels in the past, usually due to time or disinterest in what has been offered.  This one had a much nicer selection of panels.  The convention also has several mini-conventions within it, such as Doll North, and a Yaoi con, and is spread between multiple hotels and the TCC.  I was glad to see not all of the 18+ events after 10pm (this was probably also logistically impossible due to the number of them).  Considering the little sleep I’ve been managing lately or a few conflicts with photoshoots, I was able to assist my friend and someone standing in line behind us with getting signatures from a voice actor and attended a few panels/game shows.  My friend I found was very big into yaoi and, since I have trouble finding stuff I can actually read that I like, gladly agreed to hook me up with stuff when I got home (she has already sent me me several emails with attachments… whee!).  There was an asexuality panel as well and it was fairly well run (Q&A style discussion).  It was the first time I’ve actually seen a panel for the topic, and the first time it was put on.  I’m glad someone finally decided to fill that gap and I thanked the panelists for hosting it as I left.

I spent surprisingly little money on swag (a few Yuri on Ice prints), but I did decide to get some photos taken.  The favorable currency exchange rate was a bonus.  I had a wait for one booth and while waiting for an opening, someone at a neighboring booth pointed at me as I was walking down the aisle toward them and was like “You’re Ozpin!  You’re one of the few characters I actually recognize here!”  This proceeded into a conversation and if I wanted to have photos taken.  It was a very enjoyable experience for a first photoshoot and having someone know the character certainly helped.  I am very happy with the results.  It was at the end of the evening and was unplanned, so I came back the next day for a few more shots to round out the full shoot.  I couldn’t have been happier and I’m still a bit giddy over how well they turned out.  I’ll have to post them up later.

The RWBY photoshoots were a lot of fun.  The fandom and people in attendance were very welcoming and I was surprised that there were so few other Ozpin cosplayers.  I did have a lot of fun though, made a few new cosplay acquaintances and hopefully friends.  There were also Ozpin’s adventures in coffee that occurred.  That deserves its own post. Ahem.

I actually had an overwhelming number of compliments on my Ozpin, whether in person or hearing people as I walked by.  Having your cosplay recognized or complimented is always a great feeling to any cosplayer, but the reception I got to my Ozpin blew me away.  It’s easily one of the most comfortable cosplays I’ve ever worn as well and the temperatures were a bit cooler than normal for the end of May, which helped (who doesn’t like a good blazer and vest, though I think I should update what I currently own, but I digress).  It was also amusing looking for crow/Qrow references on the trip.  My cane, which I swear is cursed by Salem, did require the finger guard be repaired each night, but held up fairly well.  Have wood glue and duct tape will travel.  I’ll have to try remaking the finger guard with some metal stock.  I have a feeling Oz will be around for a while. <3

It was great having someone to hang out with at con and walk around with, something I don’t normally get to enjoy, and she was more than happy to indulge with cosplay enjoyment and supply me in yaoi (I swear I had no idea she had quite the extensive collection and knowledge of, probably the only other friend I know of into yaoi as well).  Judging by my inbox the morning after I returned home, I’m going to have a good supply of reading material for boring work moments for some time.

I was also able to finally meet with some local friends in person who I have chatted with for years online.  We had a great time chatting over dinner before a photoshoot and I am glad we were able to finally connect in person after all this time!

It was a very sorely needed weekend of positivity, fun, and for once in a very long time, I didn’t feel as guarded and just at ease, at least as much as I am probably capable.  It was nice to just be and have fun at the same time without any pretenses from others about anything.  I NEEDED this and the last 30 minutes of the drive as I got closer to home were very hard minutes indeed.

I may very well return to Anime North in the future.  

Everything you DO NOT WANT in a con roommate

So this happened last year. it was at a PNW convention. I know I shouldn’t still be dwelling on this but when you experience the things i have and STILL have to deal with her making fake accounts just to contact me/ Yeah I’m still gonna be salty about it! the Phrase “it gets worse” will happen A LOT

At the time, my online friend was gonna spend the con weekend with me, my girlfriend, and her best friend.

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BOM Boarding School AU

Kevin would be the “I-can-ace-everything” student who spends his free time in the library to study and he would tend to go back to the dormitory room late, causing Arnold (his roommate) to constantly have a panic attack.

Also Connor McKinley goes to the library whenever Kevin’s around (he had the liberty of stalking Kevin and memorizing his schedule) just to stare at the cute boy who tries his gosh darn hardest.

Also Elder Poptarts is close friends with Kev and he’s roommates with Con so Poptarts, being the good friend and wingman that he is, constantly updates Con on Kev’s activities.

Bewilder | Part One: A

Title: Bewilder

Rating: High T (for language and future suggestive situations) (rating subject to change)

Summary: “Keith and I are getting married,” Lance blurts suddenly, slamming his hands down on the tabletop and inadvertently flashing the ring on his finger. The table falls silent. His mother spills red wine across the white tablecloth. Keith chokes on the roll he had just placed in his mouth. “You’re what?” Uncle Eduardo gasps, mouth falling open in utter bewilderment. “We’re what?” Keith wheezes, eyes wide. Lance kicks him under the table.

Life is full of surprises.

Word count: 9649 

Keith stares back at Lance, an utterly bewildered look on his face as his expression twists up in an odd combination of confusion and exasperation—his Lance face, as Hunk likes to call it. Keith isn’t sure why they need a special name for it, but he supposes it must be helpful for everyone else to immediately know when their roommate is being a total dumbass just by the expression on Keith’s face. Granted, Lance hasn’t really done anything too horrible this time given his lengthy track-record of bad decisions. Keith would consider this to be a four—maybe a five on a scale of “locked everyone out of the apartment during the middle of winter” to “what happened in Cancun.”

God, he needs a nap. It’s too late to be dealing with this now.

Squeezing his eyes shut briefly, Keith silently prays that this is just some horrible misunderstanding and not, in fact, what he thinks it is. “I’m sorry, what?” he replies blankly, merely blinking at his roommate in shock, unable to process what the other man just asked him.

Lance sends him a megawatt smile and Keith kind of wants to rip it off his face. Only a little. “I want you,” Lance repeats slowly, pointing his fingers at Keith from where he’s sitting cross-legged on top of the washing machine, “to pretend to be my boyfriend and come home with me for the holidays so that I don’t look like a idiot in front of my family!” The last part comes out in a rush, Lance not pausing to breathe as he once again explains his ridiculous plan.

Dammit, all he wanted to do was wash his sweater, not deal with whatever this is.

“Oh,” Keith responds after another beat, shifting the laundry basket in his arms as Lance continues to twiddle his thumbs and not get off the washing machine. “No,” Keith tells him, shrugging one shoulder and silently debating the pros and cons of shoving his roommate off the machine.

On one hand, he would probably get his laundry done before going to sleep for the night. Which would be super nice because his favorite sleeping shirt is dirty at the moment. On the other, it might start an all out war in the laundry room and Keith doesn’t think he can deal with cleaning up that much laundry detergent again. Hunk was pretty mad when it happened the last time and it’s not really fair for him to be dragged into a petty fight because Lance won’t get his fat ass off the washing machine dammit.

Lance’s expression slackens, the smile practically melting off his face in a matter of seconds. “No?” he echoes, sputtering slightly as he gapes at Keith, mouth dropped open in utter shock.

Keith sighs, eyes rolling as Lance continues to gawk at him. Because it’s so confusing that Keith wants nothing to do with lying to a bunch of strangers, apparently. “Yes,” Keith drawls, shifting the laundry basket to his hip and glancing at the clock on the far wall. Ten thirty. He might be able to get his laundry done yet.

Lance squints back, perplexed. His lips press into a thin line, his head cocking to the side in confusion the way it always does when something goes over his head. For a long moment he says nothing, simply peers at Keith with narrowed eyes and a slight frown. “I’m getting mixed signals here,” he finally says, a hint of mirth in his voice.

Keith sighs, shaking his head. All he wanted to do wash his clothes. Why is that so damn hard? Giving up, Keith stalks towards Lance and shoves him from atop the washing machine to the dryer next to it, eliciting a hiss from the aforementioned male, who swats at him in return. Keith ignores him, for once, and simply opens the machine. “No, Lance, I will not pretend to date you over the holidays,” Keith clarifies snarkily, dumping his clothes into the washer.

Lance huffs from beside him, glaring at Keith as he reaches for a bottle of laundry detergent, because apparently it’s a crime to do laundry now. “Why not?” Lance asks—he doesn’t whine, no, Lance never whines.

If Keith keeps rolling his eyes like this, they’re going to fall right out of his head.

He caps the detergent a little bit harder than he needed to before placing the bottle back on the shelf, then grabs the fabric softener. “Because A) I already have plans—” Keith starts, only to be cut off by a snort from Lance.

“No you don’t,” Lance argues, crossing his arms and leveling Keith with the most obnoxious look he’s ever seen. “You were just going to sit at home and watch shitty Christmas movies by yourself,” he snaps, rolling his eyes back at Keith.

Keith ignores him. “B) these types of situations never end well in movies.”

Lance scoffs. “Actually in movies they end very well,” he corrects Keith. Yeah, well. that certainly depends on one’s definition of “well.” Keith doesn’t exactly want his life to play out like some romantic comedy cliché. First of all, that’s sappy. Second of all, that’s unrealistic. And third, it seems like it comes with a lot more drama than necessary, and Keith has had more than a lifetime of drama already. He doesn’t need more.

“And C),” Keith stresses loudly, sending Lance a pointed look, “I have to deal with you every single day already,” he reminds Lance, nearly slamming the washing machine closed in frustration, “why the hell would I want to spend time with you during my vacation?” he asks, sending another look Lance’s way, one eyebrow raised in question.

And if he really wanted to spend more time with Lance, of all people—which he doesn’t—it wouldn’t be during Christmas vacation. It also wouldn’t be to meet Lance’s entire extended family and trick them into thinking they’re a couple. Which is frankly the stupidest idea Lance has ever had, hands down. Even more so than the time Lance tried to shovel the apartment’s sidewalk with a broom.

Four hours, a destroyed broom, and a decisively grumpy Lance later and the sidewalk was clear of snow for all of a half-hour before a storm rolled in.

Lance gasps, sending Keith the most offended look he has ever seen before in his life and placing a hand on his heart. “That’s hurtful, Keith,” Lance complains, dark eyes wide and pleading, like a puppy that’s just been kicked. “I thought our relationship was really going somewhere!” Keith makes a face at that, and Lance huffs, hurt façade dropping as he crosses his arms once more. “Oh come on!” he barks, throwing his hands up in the air as Keith continues to ignore him. “You could go to Cuba,” Lance tells him, “have a nice time on the beach, soak up the sun!”

Keith sends Lance an utterly unimpressed look, one eyebrow quirked up as he frowns. “I don’t like the sun,” he reminds Lance, “or gross hot weather.” Or sand, the ocean, and tourists crammed onto a beach in a desperate attempt to get a shitty tan. Yeah, that’s kind of why he’s going to school in Washington state, with it’s nasty rainy weather and shitty snowstorms nine months out of the year. Besides, there are beaches in Washington! Cold, icy beaches, but beaches!

Frankly, he just doesn’t like getting sand in places sand shouldn’t be. Is that a crime?

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Some More Con Roommate Etiquette

I had a lot of trouble with con roommates for Ahn!Con that it got to the point I made an etiquette post about it. I also had some issues with Naka although it was nowhere near as bad. Still, here’s some more tips.

  • Don’t ask to room with someone until you’re absolutely sure you’re attending said con. I don’t want to be saving a space for someone who is going to later decide not to attend the con.
  • Give the person plenty of notice. I got messages from people looking to room with me 2 days before the con. I can’t make accommodations for you on such short notice.
  • Know how hotels work. I had a person call me a scammer because I couldn’t tell her the room number. Hotels don’t give you that information until you check in.
  • When you want more information, tell the person exactly what information you want. Don’t just say “I need more info.”
  • Don’t be offended if someone requires you to pay before the con. When rooming with a stranger, the person can’t just take your word for it. They need to know they will receive the money. 
Little Things, 20

~1000 words a day. Unbeta’d. Ten/Rose. College/Uni/Roommates AU. Previous chapters here. A/N: this is the last update until after the weekend, sorry - I have a bunch of birthday-related plans and won’t have time to write!

There was very little warning before it happened. He had no idea what was about to take place, or how long it would go on, or anything at all, really - because his mind had become a roaring blank.

Rose Tyler - his housemate, his friend, his pretend girlfriend - had put her mouth to his. On his. Their mouths were touching, definitely touching, in a way that was neither accidental or casual - she was, in fact, being very aggressive about it. She bit his lower lip, he yelped, and then-

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A Bit of Pre-Con Etiquette

Anyone who attends conventions regularly knows that before a con people will make posts seeking roommates on Facebook/con forums/etc. Having been in a lot of drama over con roommates lately I felt I should point out proper ways to behave.

1. Some people have certain boundaries. Some people will only room with people of the same sex and some want their roommates to be in a certain age range. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and you should respect such boundaries. If you do not fit into the right category, just don’t reply. I’m a person who won’t room with a guy. I’ve gotten a ton of crap for it and I don’t deserve it. Really guys, you should just avoid responding to “girls only” posts. Even the ones that were supposed to be jokes come off as insulting and/or creepy more often than not.

2. I know you mean well when you reply with “good luck” or something similar. However, I suggest you not do that. When I see someone has responded to my post, I get excited thinking I might have found a roommate just to end up disappointed.

3. I understand after initial contact with a potential roommate, you may have to take a few days to see if it will work out. Once you know if it’s a definite yes or no, contact the person and let them know about it. Don’t wait until they confront you.


I actually really like the poorly lit, slightly blurry pictures I took immediately after coming back to my hotel after the competition at Comikaze because I look appropriately tired, beat down, disheveled, and mildly crazy enough to be Act III Lyrium-Crazed Knight-Commander Meredith. By this point in the night, I’d worn 25 lbs of armor, a corset, and 3″ heels for about 10 hours, most of which were spent on my feet. I peeled the armor off of me, went to the hotel pool with my con roommates, and wept for my bleeding feet.