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For the first time, I’m not officially attending 221b con. Money and roommates are mostly why. If you want to meet up or say hi maybe we can work something out. Message or inbox me if you’re gonna be here for 221b and want to meet or hang out. I’m in the area and can try to work something out. I’m sad I can’t this year but don’t want to miss meeting friends.

Roomies, a Leto Brothers one shot: Chapter Three – Duties
This is a fictional story, the plot and original character are completely my own.
Synopsis: An AU where Jared and Shannon are in college doing management and civil engineering, respectively, and share a three bedroom apartment with Maya, an economics student at the same college. The woman is considered their sister and together they face the pros and cons of being roommates.
Character reference: Esha Gupta

Words: 3,432
Triggers/Warnings: Explicit language, nudity.

Chapters: 1. Introductions • • 2. Lovers • • 3. Duties • • 4. Family

Maya plops down on the sofa tired and sweaty. The apartment was so dirty and messy when she got up that there was no option but clean it. Thinking about that now, she frowns; it’s Shannon’s week of cleaning and it seemed like a hurricane had gone through the place.

But now everything is in the right place and it smells like flowers, literally.

Maya hears the door opens and she stays on the couch, too tired to move. “I’m home!” Jared shouts from the door. “Someone’s home?”

“Yes,” She says quietly, not even in the mood.

“Hey, sis,” Jared says, kissing Maya’s head before plopping down on the sofa next to her.

“Hi, Jay,” Maya answers, tiredly, glancing at him quickly. “Don’t even think about leaving this socks there, I’ve just cleaned up the whole place,” She says, watching him remove his shoes. “And do me a favor, stop throwing them under the bed, it’s disgusting,”

Maya couldn’t even tell what she has found in Jared and Shannon’s room while cleaning it. The only places obligatory for cleaning are the common areas, the Rooms are out jurisdiction, they’re not even allowed to get into each other’s room without permission. So the brothers pay her to do that because if it isn’t for her, their rooms would be always dirty.

“Okay,” Jay nods with a smile. “Why are you cleaning anyways? I thought it was Shannon’s week,”

“You know, I just realized that, but it seemed like the place hasn’t been cleaned in weeks!” Maya says and Jared shrugs.

“Maybe he’s just too busy,” He says, trying to defend his brother.

Just as Maya opens her mouth to give a sarcastic reply to Jared, Shannon’s storms into the apartment, looking like it wasn’t a good day. He throws his stuff on the dining table and opens the fridge, taking a beer bottle from it.

“Hello to you, too,” She says wryly.

Shannon turns to look at them, death in his eyes. “What is it? I’m not in the mood,” He says harshly.

Maya quirks an eyebrow. “You’re not in the mood? Just so you know, I’ve cleaned the whole apartment for you,” She points out.

“So? Didn’t ask you to,” Shannon replies, walking towards his room.

She opens her mouth, surprised. “You know, when someone does something for another, the correct is a “thank you”,” Maya shouts to him.

“Again, didn’t ask you to!” Shannon shouts before slamming his door shut.

Maya scoffs. “Unbelievable,” She stands, shaking her head. “Better get your shit together, Shannon! I told you two in the first day that I won’t be your fucking maid!” Maya says loudly, slamming her own door shut.

She takes a shower still surprised by Shannon’s antics. Of course, she already knew he is a fucking prick when he’s pissed, but so is she. And if they both starts to mess with Maya, her response is gonna be just as good, they are quite aware of that.

Neither Jared nor Shannon are in the living room when Maya leaves hers. She makes a beeline towards the door and goes to work. The time goes by smoothly, without many problems, what makes Maya’s mood a little better, and the night’s classes don’t give her the usual headaches.

“Okay, where you want to meet to get this done already?” Maya asks her colleagues, glancing up from her fruit salad during the break.

A professor had given the class a small paper and Maya couldn’t think about anything but that.

The woman across from her shrugs. “I think we all live in small dorms. There isn’t enough space in those cubicles for two people, for six even worst,” She scoffs.

“Yeah, and we can’t actually talk in the library, so…” Another says.

Maya chews a bit before realizing what they are implying. “You want to do this in my place?” She asks anyway, looking around the table.

“I mean, I think it’s the only place that has space enough for us,” The woman by her side argues.

“Mhm,” Maya nods, squinting her eyes. “And this has nothing to do with Jay and Shan?”

“Nooo, not at all,” The other five women says in unison.

“Right… You do realize they have like lives and jobs and doesn’t stay home all the time?” She insists again, knowing that the brothers are the reason they want to go to her apartment.

“Look, Maya, this has nothing to do with the Leto’s,” The one across from her says. “It’s just the place that better fits us all, simply,” She says and the others nods in agreement.

“Okay,” Maya shrugs, shaking her head.

The women’s face goes from surprised with Maya’s answer to super excited and they have to mask up the smiles. Maya just wants to laugh at them for the bit of hope in seeing Jared or Shannon while doing the paper, but all she cares about is to do is as soon as possible. So she arranges the meeting in her apartment on a Thursday that attends better their’s schedules.

Maya finds out on the weekend that the apartment was so dirty because in the previous week, Jared’s week, he hadn’t cleaned either. She’s pissed for some minutes, but her mind quickly plans another payback. Her week comes around and she completes her tasks normally, like nothing out the ordinary happened. She cleans the boys’ room, hers and the rest of the apartment, does the laundry, wash the dishes and everything.

When Jared’s week comes again, Maya observes silently. He doesn’t do his tasks as predicted, but she simply doesn’t do anything either. Maya keeps her own room organized and clean, does her own laundry, washes her own dishes to eat, and that’s how it goes.

In the day the girls are scheduled to come, Maya warns the brothers once again and feels obliged to clean the place. Both Jared and Shannon assures her that they won’t bother her or even be home. At first, the girls are disappointed when Maya alone greets them at the door, but soon the dining table is filled with papers, the six women are seated discussing and writing down, all engrossed in work.

Fifteen minutes into that and the door opens. The girls haven’t noticed yet, but Maya has. Only by the way he walks, Maya can tell it’s Shannon. It takes two seconds for him to show up and he frowns, looking at the crowded dining table. Maya knows he has forgotten and the other women notice his presence when he talks.

“Oh, hello,” He greets, opening his perfect smile.

“Hi,” The women reply in unison, some with a sigh and others hold their breaths as he makes his way towards the table and to Maya.

“Hey, sis,” Shannon kisses Maya’s head, “embracing” her briefly with one arm.

“Hi, Shan,” She gives him a kind smile.

“I know I’ve told you I wouldn’t be home, and I’m probably interrupting,” He says, looking at the papers scattered around. 

“No, no, you’re not, don’t worry,” The girls are quick in replying, making Shan smile.

“I’ll just take a shower and leave,” He finishes, looking back at Maya.

“Okay,” She nods, not saying anything else.

He smiles again. “Alright,” Shannon bends down and kisses Maya’s cheek, before moving away. “Excuse me,” He says, leaving the room.

Maya looks at her colleagues all staring at Shannon’s ass with happy and somehow satisfied faces. “Do you guys need a moment to recompose or what?” She asks, making all of them twist their heads around to look at her.

Smiles fade at Maya’s raised eyebrow and the serious environment returns. Until Jared storms into the apartment. She literally rolls her eyes at her notebook, sighing.

“Oh fuck,” Jared curses, seeing the crowded table. “Sorry, babe, I forgot,” He says, walking towards the table.

“I’ve realized,” She says under her breath.

“Hello, ladies,” Jared smiles them, kissing Maya’s cheek too. “Don’t worry, I’ll shower and leave faster than Flash,”

“You’re not interrupting, don’t worry,” The girls reply and Maya rolls her eyes again.

“Oh, sweet,” He smiles, before excusing himself. “Excuse me,”

Jared’s door slams closed, Shannon hasn’t come out yet and Maya is able to make her colleagues focused for more twenty minutes. “Maya,” Shannon calls, opening his door.

“Oh, fucking God!” She complains, raising her head and looking at the ceiling before focusing on a shirtless and shoeless Shannon. “What is it?”

“I don’t have clean shirts and socks,” He says, looking at her.

“And what the hell do I have to do with that?” Maya asks.

Shannon frowns, not caring about all the women staring at him with smiles on their faces. “I figured…” He starts.

“No,” She interrupts him. “Get Jared’s,” Maya looks down at her notebook, ending the conversation.

Shannon growls but doesn’t insists, leaving again. Not long enough, Jared is the one showing up with nothing more than a towel wrapped around his waist, hair damp and droplets all over his torso. There’s a chorus of sighs and Maya doesn’t look up this time.

“Maya, I don’t have clean underwear and socks and shirts,” He says, hands on his hips.

“Then maybe you should do laundry,” Maya says simply, still writing.

“Why didn’t you did it?” Jared asks harshly, but regrets as soon as Maya raises her head.

“Excuse me?” She asks, not a good face, that infamous eyebrow up.

He loses his composure and attitude. “Uh… I mean…” Jared rambles. “Is your week, right?” He opens a weak smile, trying to make things better.

“No, it’s your week,” Maya corrects, not slightly happy. “Do you need anything else?” She asks harshly.

“N-no, that’s all,” Jared mutters, now uncomfortable.

“Good, get the fuck outta my face,” She says.

If he could disappear faster, Jared would have. In the end, neither one of them bothered Maya any further. She doesn’t know or cared if Jared was wearing pants without underwear or if both brothers were wearing dirty socks and shirts. They simply left fully clothed and she finished the paper with the most satisfied women, for seeing one brother half-undressed and the other nearly naked.

The next morning she seats in the kitchen’s countertop, sipping from her yogurt as she scrolls down her phone. Shannon wishes her good morning and opens the cabinet to get a mug, but finds it completely empty and the sink full of dishes.

“Oh, good Lord, what a fucking mess!” He complains, taking a mug from the very bottom of the sink and making the dishes on top of it collapses down right on his hand. “Motherfucker! Goddamn! Fuck, Fuck! Shit! Asshole! Cocksucker!” Shannon curses loudly, holding his own hand.

Maya watches silently as Shannon paces back and forth, still naming all the swear words that ever existed. Along with that, there’s a yelp and a loud thump coming from Jared’s room before the door being jerked open and he comes running.

“A fucking huge cockroach just ran over me,” He says, fear in his face.

“Why don’t you wash these fucking dishes?” Shannon hisses. “Look at this, a freaking mess!”

“Why don’t you do it?” Jared retorts.

“It’s your goddamn week!” The older brother argues.

The younger scoffs. “Like you’re doing something on your week,”

“That’s not the damn point! If you were cleaning like you are supposed to, a fucking huge cockroach wouldn’t have run over you,” Shannon slams his hand in the sink.

The woman places her empty glass on the counter and takes her purse and notebook. The brothers are in a heated argument when she slips out the apartment, getting a taxi to her morning classes. Maya doesn’t see them in the hallways or at the lunch and when she returns home after work, it’s exactly like she left.

The sink is full of dishes, there’s oatmeal all over the countertop with empty packs of every kind of things. On the corner, there are empty beer bottles on the floor. In the living room, it looks like a shoe shop and all the socks in the world are probably there. In the bigger sofa, there’s a blanket and Maya sees a glimpse of pink underwear.

She makes a disgusted face and rushes towards her clean and organized room, where she spent the most part of the time now. An hour later, Leo arrives and Maya takes him directly to her room, closing the door behind her. He’s the one lucky guy that has taken her interest and they are seeing each other for weeks now. To be quite honest, Maya got interested on him because he’s not jealous or intimidated by Shannon or Jared.

There’s a knock on the door right at the moment Maya is on top Leo, kissing him and her shirt is long gone. “Maya,” Jared sticks his head inside, looking at her. “We need to talk,” He announces, not slightly bothered by the scene in front of him.

Maya sighs, looking at the man below her. “Hold that thought for a sec,” She says, pecking his lips quickly and leaving the bed.

Leo doesn’t have time to say to her put a shirt on before leaving because Maya is already in the living room, wearing denim shorts and turquoise lace bra. Shannon looks at her and frowns, but he shakes his head and Jared stops aside.

“What is it? Be quick, I was in the middle of something,” She says.

“Right, I’ll make it real short: we can’t live like this,” Shannon says quickly.
Maya frowns. “Like what?” She shakes her head.

“In this mess!” Jared motions around and she rolls her eyes. “No, don’t roll your eyes at me. It’s disgusting, it’s starting to smell like there’s a corpse on the bathroom and I don’t want to wear a dirty shirt ever again,”

“You are cleaning only your room and doing only your laundry,” Shannon points out.

“Yeah,” Maya nods. “I also wash the dishes I need to eat,” She adds.

“This is too selfish of you,” Jared says. “We live together for Christ’s sake,”

Shannon gives Jared a dirty look and Maya quirks an eyebrow at him, but shakes her head, sighing. “Look, I really don’t wanna fight over this anymore. On the very first day, we established very simple ground rules, one of it is the cleaning schedule. I don’t know or care who was the first who stopped doing it, but I also said I ain’t gonna be your fucking maid,” Maya points out, looking at both brothers. “It’s not because I’m woman that I have to clean and cook for you, and you two started to expect these things of me, I won’t be that person.” She says. “We’re not in the 70’s anymore, women goes to college and have jobs. Don’t expect your future wives to sit around and wait for you, they won’t do that either,” Maya adds. “Another thing; we also established one rule saying no sex is allowed in common areas and there’s a fucking pantie right beside Shannon,” She points out and both brothers look at it. “So, don’t try to lecture me about what is being selfish or not, I won’t do my tasks if you’re not doing yours,”

Both brothers don’t have what to say to Maya, because she’s right and they know that, so they just stay in silence, looking at her.

“Anything else?” She asks and when none of them answers, she nods. “Okay,”

Maya returns to her room and Leo is on his phone but forgets it quickly. “Everything okay?” He asks.

She shrugs. “Yeah, just an unscheduled house meeting,” She says, climbing the bed. “Wanna get out of here?” Maya rests her chin on his chest.

“What you have in mind?” Leo asks, playing with her hair.

“Dinner,” Maya says. “And then, we can go to your place and you know, discuss the thought,” She smirks and bites her bottom lip.

“Let’s go,” He says, standing up.

Maya chuckles and dresses her shirt, slipping on a pair of Vans. She takes her purse and a jacket, following Leo out of her room and closing the door behind her. The couple bids goodbye to the brothers in the living room and leave.

As soon as the door closes, Shannon looks at Jared and the younger brother nods. With that, they stand up and go find weapons. Some seconds later, both are armed with cleaning gloves, aprons, brushes, squeegees, buckets, vacuum and everything else. They start with their rooms: dirty clothes are gathered in a huge pile, bed sheets are changed, garbage are dumped in a bag, and cockroaches are killed.

While the washing machine works, the dishes are washed and put away, the countertop is cleaned and so is the fridge. There is a rock-paper-scissors moment to decide who’s gonna clean the common bathroom while the other vacuums the entire apartment; Shannon wins and Jared has to clean the bathroom.

Quickly the apartment is smelling like flowers, something that doesn’t happen for over a month. Jared and Shannon are both exhausted but very pleased with their work. But before parting ways to their room for a shower, they reorganize the cleaning schedule again, to work this time.

In the meanwhile, Maya has a quite romantic dinner with Leo. Then they go to his place and watch Netflix before falling asleep. In the morning, Maya fulfills her promise before going back to her apartment. The fresh smell of cleaning products and air freshener fills her nostrils as soon as Maya opens the front door.

Out of habit, she takes a deep breath, trying to take it all in. In the kitchen, Jared and Shannon are sitting on the countertop. As always, Jared has an oatmeal bowl and Shannon has his coffee mug. They are all smiling, talking about the girls they shared.

“Kate or Katherine… Or Karen…” Jared makes a face, trying to remember the girl’s name.

“Med school?” Shannon asks.

“Yeah, yeah!” The younger nods.

Shan nods too. “Did that one, too,”

“Good one,” Jared recalls.

“Are you two doing that again?” Maya asks, making both of them turn their heads to look at her. “Already told you that’s disgusting,” She remarks, walking into the kitchen.

“Hey! Good morning, sis!” Jared smiles at her.

She opens a side smile. “Morning, bros,”

Shannon kisses the top of her head and gives her a mug. “It’s just the way you like it,” He winks at her, motioning to the coffee.

“Mhm…” Maya hums, filling the mug.

“Had a good night?” Jared asks, mouth full.

“Yeah, slept a lot,” She nods, sipping from the drink. “Perfect, Shan,”

He smiles at her compliment. “But I thought you were in the middle of something last night…” Shannon recalls, making a face.

Maya raises her eyebrows before taking off her jacket. “Well, I keep my promises,” She says, pulling her shirt down to show more skin.

The boy’s eyes look at the hickeys spread on and near to her breasts, the purple marks almost imperceptible in the brown skin. “How old is this guy? Fifteen?” Jared scolds.

“So, it’s serious then?” Shannon asks, looking at Maya.

“I mean,” She starts, leaning on the countertop. “I like him. A lot. But I don’t know if I want a serious relationship…”

“We don’t…” Jared says, shaking his head. “We don’t give relationship advice…”

“For obvious reasons,” Shannon completes, making Maya chuckle. “But we do punch guys that hurt our little sis,” He says and Jared nods in agreement.

“I love you guys,” She says, making a face.

“We love you, too,” Jared winks at her. “So… We cleaned up,” He says.

Maya looks around, everything organized and smelling good. “I’ve realized,” She nods. “It smells amazing,”

“We also reorganized the cleaning schedule,” He adds. “Starting next week with Shan since today’s Saturday,”

“And we’ll do our tasks and we won’t break ground rules again,” Shannon says.

“And we want to apologize for being assholes,” Jared adds.

Maya opens a smile after a while. “I’m happy with that and I accept the apology,” She nods with a smile. “But I want to know if we’re going to Tomo’s party today,”

Shannon and Jared beams at her and they start to talk about the party. One minute into the argument if Maya should or not bring Leo to the party, Jared’s phone buzzes beside his bowl. He takes it and kinda pales seeing the text he got.

“You okay, Jay?” Maya asks, realizing he’s now silent.

Jared looks up at Shannon. “Mom’s coming,”

Everything you DO NOT WANT in a con roommate

So this happened last year. it was at a PNW convention. I know I shouldn’t still be dwelling on this but when you experience the things i have and STILL have to deal with her making fake accounts just to contact me/ Yeah I’m still gonna be salty about it! the Phrase “it gets worse” will happen A LOT

At the time, my online friend was gonna spend the con weekend with me, my girlfriend, and her best friend.

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Fun Moments with Our Record Breaking Astronaut

Astronaut Scott Kelly has broken the record for longest time spent in space by a U.S. astronaut. He has spent a cumulative of 383 days in space over the course of four missions. What better way to celebrate than to highlight some of his fun moments on the internet:

A question from the president during a recent TweetChat:

Astronaut Scott Kelly occasionally hosts TweetChats from the International Space Station. During a recent chat, he happened to get a question from someone who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! HERE’s a recap from a similar chat from the station. 

Tackling the tough questions during interviews:

During an interview with Katie Couric, Kelly explained what a day on the space station is really like…including the chores he can and can’t do. 

The pros and cons of having roommates:

The International Space Station is an orbiting laboratory where an international crew live, work and conduct valuable research. 

Getting supplies from cargo ships:

Living on the space station requires food, water and supplies. All of these things, plus experiments and other essentials are delivered to the crew via cargo ship. Learn more about our commercial resupply program HERE

Make sure to follow us on Tumblr for your regular dose of space:

I’m only sharing this now because I’ve learned this Karen Porter is staff for the con being talked about. This is shitty behavior from anyone, it becomes even worse when it comes from a staff member. This is stuff that can keep people from attending.

The stuff I crossed out was completely unrelated.

Little Things, 20

~1000 words a day. Unbeta’d. Ten/Rose. College/Uni/Roommates AU. Previous chapters here. A/N: this is the last update until after the weekend, sorry - I have a bunch of birthday-related plans and won’t have time to write!

There was very little warning before it happened. He had no idea what was about to take place, or how long it would go on, or anything at all, really - because his mind had become a roaring blank.

Rose Tyler - his housemate, his friend, his pretend girlfriend - had put her mouth to his. On his. Their mouths were touching, definitely touching, in a way that was neither accidental or casual - she was, in fact, being very aggressive about it. She bit his lower lip, he yelped, and then-

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I actually really like the poorly lit, slightly blurry pictures I took immediately after coming back to my hotel after the competition at Comikaze because I look appropriately tired, beat down, disheveled, and mildly crazy enough to be Act III Lyrium-Crazed Knight-Commander Meredith. By this point in the night, I’d worn 25 lbs of armor, a corset, and 3″ heels for about 10 hours, most of which were spent on my feet. I peeled the armor off of me, went to the hotel pool with my con roommates, and wept for my bleeding feet. 

Some More Con Roommate Etiquette

I had a lot of trouble with con roommates for Ahn!Con that it got to the point I made an etiquette post about it. I also had some issues with Naka although it was nowhere near as bad. Still, here’s some more tips.

  • Don’t ask to room with someone until you’re absolutely sure you’re attending said con. I don’t want to be saving a space for someone who is going to later decide not to attend the con.
  • Give the person plenty of notice. I got messages from people looking to room with me 2 days before the con. I can’t make accommodations for you on such short notice.
  • Know how hotels work. I had a person call me a scammer because I couldn’t tell her the room number. Hotels don’t give you that information until you check in.
  • When you want more information, tell the person exactly what information you want. Don’t just say “I need more info.”
  • Don’t be offended if someone requires you to pay before the con. When rooming with a stranger, the person can’t just take your word for it. They need to know they will receive the money. 
A Bit of Pre-Con Etiquette

Anyone who attends conventions regularly knows that before a con people will make posts seeking roommates on Facebook/con forums/etc. Having been in a lot of drama over con roommates lately I felt I should point out proper ways to behave.

1. Some people have certain boundaries. Some people will only room with people of the same sex and some want their roommates to be in a certain age range. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and you should respect such boundaries. If you do not fit into the right category, just don’t reply. I’m a person who won’t room with a guy. I’ve gotten a ton of crap for it and I don’t deserve it. Really guys, you should just avoid responding to “girls only” posts. Even the ones that were supposed to be jokes come off as insulting and/or creepy more often than not.

2. I know you mean well when you reply with “good luck” or something similar. However, I suggest you not do that. When I see someone has responded to my post, I get excited thinking I might have found a roommate just to end up disappointed.

3. I understand after initial contact with a potential roommate, you may have to take a few days to see if it will work out. Once you know if it’s a definite yes or no, contact the person and let them know about it. Don’t wait until they confront you.