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And my Haikyuu Charms have been finished sent in! 

I hope to have these ready for Otakuthon and then hopefully have them for FanExpo as well! After the 10th of August, I’ll be putting up any left overs in my storenvy

Once I receive the charms I’ll pop up a picture of them with the straps! 

If these do well I’m hoping to add at least KurooKen and KiyoYachi to the mix!!

(Click on them for the type of flower and meaning <3)

i’m sorry i’ve been spamming so much HQ stuff lately and its going to flood my table at Fanexpo (i havent forgotten my other fandommss! i’m sorryyy ORZ)lol!

After @serielleofficial ‘s gentle nudging, gave into making some KageHina & IwaOi 2inch clear acrylic keychains (´∀`ゞ - will be available for preorder at the same time as the single Bokuto, Akaashi and Yamaguchi ones next weekish~


Yugioh - Battle City Selfie:  AU where Malik has a smart phone in 2013 instead of 2003, and the boys are chill enough to take selfies together instead of plotting carnage through card games.

Whelp, so minutes after the livestream I accidentally flattened my layers, saved, and closed the file before I was done.  So, I guess I’m done now!

Prints will be for sale at Otakon ‘15 in the Artist Alley at booth G-07! And at AWA later this year.  If you can’t make it to cons, they’ll also be up in my Etsy.

150x50cm HAIKYUU!! Dakimakura up for preorder from now until JULY 27th, 2016 <3<3

They’re here!!! Double sided, peach skinned bodypillow case, with either Oikawa/Iwaizumi or Bokuto/Akaashi!!! Take your pick, and SWEET DREAMS ◉◡◉

This is for the pillowcase ONLY

I have also added 2 new shipping options, which are hopefully more economical.

1) For those residing in Ontario, Canada - Please use the for ONTARIO ONLY shipping dropdown during checkout. As I recently realized that the package does not require a customs declaration, the shipping rates are hopefully more economical :)

2) FOR THOSE ATTENDING FAN EXPO 2016 Sept 1-4 - I have created a pickup option (free shipping) as the preorder release dates are very close to the con. This is for pickup at my table DURING THE CONVENTION (table location will be posted closer to the date) and will apply to any other in stock items at my store. Should you have multiple orders for pickup, please note the first order number & name so I can combine it. The option will be available now until August 30th 2016

Also a minor note, some may already know, there may be a potential strike with Canada Post due to failed labor negotiations. Should this occur, this may delay the shipping of your order until the strike is resolved. The situation will be closely monitored and any changes will be advised. Please keep that in mind when placing your order but should not affect the release date of any preorder items or Fan Expo 2016 pickups. You can read more about the potential Canada Post strike HERE

Please visit my Tictail to order or for more information! All preorders will receive a surprise preorder good. THANK YOU!  ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

reblogs appreciated!

Right on the tail of Otakon, Imma turning around and making new MLP art for Bronycon!

This is my first time at a MLP exclusive con so I don’t know what to expect.  Gonna focus on the experience and hanging out with friends, janelles-plushies and asktwiceratops!

First up is Chrysalis aka Chryssi.  Since I’m short on time I wanted to focus on my strength: spiky, dramatically lit, villains.  Played around with her until she became a creepy, demonic fairy horse queen?  Ah, I hope y’all like her.