con merch

Dangan Ronpa print!! I’ll have it at my next con, Anime Mid-Atlantic!

It’s been so long since I’ve drawn any dr but then I went ahead and drew all the characters (some of which i’ve never even drawn haha)


In addition to the new Ryou and TKB acrylic stands I’ll be releasing soon, I’ll also have a limited run of Ryou and Shadow Bakura keychains!

I thought a super cute DHB tendership keychain would be fun for a while now, so they’re double-sided featuring Shadow B’s dorky smile on one side and his playful tongue on the other!

Once these are sold out they won’t be reprinted!  When they’re gone, they’re gone!  Stay tuned for updates!  They’ll be available in my Etsy shop Jan 2017.


Nagisaen goods have arrived (hopefully the last of my oor goods for the year) and I’m surprised by how BIG the box was since I usually ship them to my friend’s place.

It is also the first time I decided to use my tenso account and have it shipped to my house - shipping is EXPENSIVE haha.

So cool how the inner side of the cap has ‘ONE OK ROCK’ printed on the seams.


In case you didn’t catch its debut in this week’s video reviews, we are TREMENDOUSLY pleased to announce the T-shirt we’ll be debuting at ECCC 2017, designed by the ever-splendid Dylan Todd!

It’s important to us to launch this shirt with a locally printed run, so they’ll be con-exclusive for the moment. (Depending on how ECCC goes, we might do a crowdfunded run with preorders later in Spring. We’d love to move to more local printing and less PtO, but storing stock is a huge issue, especially with Jay in the middle of a cross-country move…) We’ll also be doing a limited run of 1.5″ buttons with our friends at @optimysticals!

If you want a RESIST shirt or button (or a logo shirt, or a zine, or buttons…) and WON’T be at ECCC, shoot us an ask here or tweet at @XPlaintheXMen, and we’ll signal boost. Our listeners are swell folks, and they’ve historically been awesome about picking up con-exclusive merch for each other. <3