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I’m gonna start an anime convention that’ll be two weeks long, and at the end I walk in and say “thank you everyone for coming to my birthday party. Please leave your gifts at the exit.” everyone then has to leave through a very narrow hallway where I wait with a VERY large and intimidating security guard named Alf who checks everyone’s bags as I ask them what they brought me for their birthday. Intimidated and feeling guilty for not getting me anything, everyone gives me something nice they bought at the con. the con-goers all make a cool new friend named Alf I make off with thousands of dollars worth of Hatsune Miku figures. This convention will be called…. The Long Con

So Something Happened at Phoenix Con

I’m not usually one to complain, or criticize, or speak out at all really. I’m one of those fans that just quietly sits in the corner and admires from afar, silently praising all the guys for what they do. But every now and again, someone does something that lights me up, and I’m off like a firecracker.

As I’m sure you’ve concluded, that happened recently.

I’m a Jared girl, but I love and respect all the actors equally. Respect being a keyword here. Phoenix con 2017 is going on now. As it so happens, that’s exactly where this incident took place. Yesterday. On the day mostly recognized as Misha’s day of the con.

Let’s all just agree that Misha is an incredible human okay? He’s actual such an incredible human that he borders on being a real life angel. He deserves all the good things in the world. Which is why I am particularly fired up because of what happened.

**Not naming names because this is not to bash anyone, just to draw attention to the fact that these are people with real, human emotions**

I’m going to summarize this the best I can because, honestly, the more I talk about it the angrier I get (and I’m not an angry person, this just really doesn’t sit well with me).

Long story short, there was a con-goer that had been to a con in the past and she had Misha sign her arm. Misha had said that if she still had the autograph on her arm the next time he saw her, he would buy her ice cream. No harm in that part. This is where things start getting…. Uncomfortable.

The girl then decided she was going to take Misha up on that (which, admit it, we would all try to keep Misha’s auto on us as long as we could, bet or not). But, instead of doing any number of options that would be considered safe and acceptable, she peeled off her skin, including the autograph, and preserved it.

Are you still with me? Hold on. I’m not done yet.

At Phoenix Con, she then adhered it back to her skin. Now, I’m not sure if she showed it to him during a panel, or ops, or autos, or where. But when she did show it to him, he told her to take it off.

**this is where I get seriously pissed**

So, she takes it off. AND FUCKING THROWS IT AT HIM.

This girl, who claims to love and respect Misha Collins throws a piece of her dry, dead, decaying skin at him. It lands in his lap and his handler has to come pick it up. She tries to excuse it by saying ‘it’s all in good fun’ and that he’s ‘used to her by now’, but let’s make a few things clear.

It’s all in good fun? I’m sorry, I have never once in my life have gone around throwing preserved skin at people for the fun of it. And I’ve asked some of my friends (the ones that wouldn’t call the cops on me for asking such a question) and they all said the same thing. I don’t care if you’re a celebrity or Mary Jane that lives next door, people don’t like having dead skin thrown on them. Especially a stranger’s skin.

Secondly, no matter how many times we meet them, they really don’t know us. They don’t know if you’ve got any diseases. They might not even recognize you, really. How many times have you seen someone at work over and over and over again but don’t really know them? I have. I’ll admit it. And you know what? It is my job to interact and build report with customers. And I’m not a celebrity – I don’t have millions of people begging for time with me.

I guess I made this post for a few reasons:

1.       Is my anger justified or misplaced? Taking into consideration that, while I’ve never met them (Pitt Con is so far away), I do love them like they’re family

2.       I’m open to opinions.

3.       I want to make a PSA that Jared, Jensen, and Misha – hell EVERYONE – are human. Don’t do something to them that you wouldn’t like having done to you. If you wouldn’t like have dead animals thrust into your hand, don’t make them hold one. If you wouldn’t like someone to throw decaying organs on you, don’t do it to them! You paid money for a ticket to the con. You did not pay money to abuse them.

I know I’m going to probably get hate for this, and to be honest, I really don’t care. If you think I’m right, great. I’m glad someone sees this from where I’m at and finds it just as wrong as I do. If you think I’m wrong then… well, you keep doing whatever you think is right. We’ll agree to disagree.

tl;dr – Don’t throw your decaying, preserved skin at Misha because he’s a human and it’s disgusting on so many levels. Show him respect. Show all of them respect. You know Misha is too kind to say anything about how uncomfortable it makes him, so just save everyone from being awkward, and save the fandom from feeling like we have to apologize for the actions of a single fan.


((I’m hoping as many people will see this post as possible because I feel that it’s very important.))

As I think a lot of you are aware of, for the last few years, conventions have been a place where people have felt the need to tell the actors of Supernatural (particularly Jared, Jensen and Misha) their personal stories of mental illness, suicide attempts/survival, and everything that comes along with those subjects. There have been multiple posts that I know of here on Tumblr and on other social media outlets begging people to stop treating the boys as therapists because it’s obviously a very hard subject to listen to in an environment where they are unprepared and put on the spot.

We know that the boys handle these encounters with fans graciously and kindly and that they do their best, but we also know that hearing these stories from fans have had negative effects on them. We know that Jared has, multiple times, had to excuse himself from autograph sessions to gather himself. In a fan convention setting, putting this kind of emotionally heavy subject matter on the boys isn’t right- as so many have said.

And now I’m telling you that if people don’t stop doing this to them, the boys will stop doing conventions altogether.

I’ve been in touch with the head of Creation Entertainment and though I can’t share the emails with anyone because of confidentiality reasons, I will tell you that he said himself that the actors have stated that if they continue to be treated as therapists without any control by Creation’s staff that they will no longer do conventions.

Because of this, Creation is going to be implementing rules that ruin the experience of photo ops and autographs for everyone in line who just wants the chance to say “hello” to the boys. By ignoring Creation Entertainment’s request (on their website and at the conventions) to not treat the boys as therapists and ladle heavy stories on them during a time that should be enjoyable for them, we as a fandom have potentially ruined conventions for them altogether.

If we want to keep the boys happy and healthy and enjoying the conventions like we all do, then we have to stop treating them like our personal counselors. It’s unfair to them, and to the other people in line, and it’s obviously taken enough of a toll on them for them to say something to the heads of the convention.

Please stop. There are other people and other ways to talk about your problems that are completely healthy and in environments that are safe.

Car Stolen at EFNW

Hello everyone, I’m sorry that I don’t have any new art to share with you all. Unfortunately my tablet inside my car, along with most of my worldly possessions were stolen Sunday night at EFNW. The hotel, the con staff, and the police have been very kind in helping with this situation.

I am asking that if any pony con goers or anyone else who may have seen anything suspicious between the hours of 6PM Sunday and 8AM Monday at the doubletree hotel by the seatac that they contact the seattle police immediately at (206) 625-5011. The car was parked on the north side of building 3. It is a dark grey 96 Honda civic, 2 door, with a Wyoming license plate. The passenger side mirror is tan.

Thank you for any kind thoughts, reblogs, retweets: or information you may have.

I know that my friends are wanting to put together a gofundme, but at the moment I’m still holding out hope that something may be found. The car is fully insured but as I am moving and between homes for renter’s insurance, my possessions were not. Not that they were worth much, as most of what has been lost is largely sentimental in value.

When you fit everything you own into a single car, you realize what objects have value to you, and those are not the expensive or the flashy things, but what is most associated with your memories:

The clock which sat on my grandfather’s mantle.

The table he made himself before he passed.

The key to a long torn down shed at my childhood home.

A small green rock I found in a riverbed as a kid.

A note and signature from a voice actor who perked up my spirits on a bad day.

Birthday cards from my grandmother, father, mother, and aunt.

A letter opener purchased on a school trip.

A heavy sheepskin coat which, unpractical as it would be to ever use, smelled like home.

Not the merchandise I sell, the prints, scrolls, and cups, not the money, not the art books, tablet, or clothes. Not even the car. I don’t want any of that. I would like my memories back. In time, without those little nothings, I am afraid of forgetting how I became who I am today. Forgetting my family. My friends. My experiences.

Please, if you know anything, please, speak up.

“An extra hour in the ball pit” will always be my favorite thing that’s ever come out of Tumblr. Ever.

  • And Dashcon not paying the Night Vale cast after the WTNV team went out of their way to be there.
  • Or their asking all of the con-goers to donate money again so that the convention wouldn’t be spontaneously shut down.
  • Or them not tracking who gave what so that when they returned the money, they just used “The Honor System”.
  • Or that they had a panel dedicated to helping people deal with Anon Hate.
  • Or that they had a panel dedicated to fetishizing British white dudes.
  • All of it. All of it ties for my favorite.

DashCon is just the absolute epitome of “Why we can’t have nice things”.


Hey Con goer! So every SACANIME I write letters to people in homestuck cosplays and pass them out as PM!

But this year, I want to do things a bit differently! I want to have the letters signed by different characters! For example:

Dear John,

blah blah blah. (something about whatever and blah blah)

-Dave Strider

(there can be quirks, a ps at the end, and it can be written any way! IT CAN BE ABOUT ANYTHING!!)

But id need some help writing these! If anyone would like to send in their letters, id really appreciate the help! It can be to and from any homestuck characters (any kid, troll, and carapace!!) Im going all out on these letters, and im even starting on packages! (theyll contain things such as candy and little knick knacks of sorts!)

If youd be so kind to write these for me, Ill put your tumblr name at the end of the letter so people know who came up with the letter!! 

Please send them to my ask/submit box, or Reblog so others can see and help!

The reason i do this every year is to bring a little sweet and fun into the fandom that’s known to be toxic. Its so cool to see everyone smile when they open my letters! My first con friends were made when I handed them letters, and they thought it was the coolest thing!

Thank you so much for the help! I cant wait to see everyone! Maybe one of you will receive one!! I’m making extras this year! -Nina


I KNOW I SAID I COULDN’T GO… But by some rushed and frantic stroke of luck @dyemelikeasunset and I ended up arranging fitting in sakuracon anyway?? apparently it wasn’t at the very beginning of april like i originally thought… so i whipped out some fabric like a wild reckless bee (don’t follow my example sdhsgsdfs)

anyway, it’ll be Naf’s first con and the first con we’ve gone to together so we’re definitely not boothing, just con-goers!!! we’re gonna debut the matching jacket we made in october 2016

And we’re mostly going for the sweet merch, so if you see us feel free to say hi!!! we’d love to take a photo with you!! ❤️❤️❤️  

and now it’s cosplay crunch time… bbs again 8)

Hey furries and other overheated con goers! I just found these cute little fans in with the summer stuff at Walmart!

They blow air upward, so I figured I’d get one and test one out by wearing it as a necklace and positioning it directly under the neck fluff of my fursuit head. I was worried it wouldn’t work at first because of how it was shaped, but it works super well!

It even matches the color of my Camelbak! Definitely taking one of these with me to the next con I go to, suit or no suit! ;)

All cosplay props are banned from the rest of Phoenix Comicon due to a 30 year old man with four guns and several knives finding his way into the convention center and threatening to kill cops. Tensions are high all over the place, so if you’re attending the con just keep your chin up and make the best of it! Be safe and know that we all got fucked over by this guy but it could literally be the difference between life and death.
Stay safe, con goers.

anonymous asked:

How do you even become cosplay guests with no skill?

LOL I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or honest seriousness but, here’s what I got! 

First and foremost, being a convention guest is not just an honor and a priviledge, it is a job. 

A job that has responsibilities and expectations, and should be treated as such. When Sylar and I go to a convention as a guest, we are 100% working. 

We have a work resume for conventions, a contract, a portfolio of programming, and more. Because that what you are really, programming. Even if all they want you to do is sit at a table and sign things, thats still programming. Its your job to   represent the convention, and give con goers more content for the tickets they bought. You owe it to them to make sure your 100% postive, there, working, and providing something they can’t get anywhere else. 

And all con guests are asked to attend for different reasons. Some cosplay guests are asked to come because they are widely known for their technical skill and they will provide programming related to that. Or they simply have a huge fanbase, and are keeping their fanbase happy at your location, therefore spreading that market around. 

Sylar and I work hard on our panels. We’re also trained speakers. Both he and I have taken classes, in college, about public speaking. We implement that and our presentation experience into all our panels. As well as our meet and greets at the table, interviews for the con’s media (there is a ton of backstage media going on that most con goers don’t know about. A lot of con time for guests is spent locked up in some empty room giving an interview,) and any floor time we have. 

We also have 7 yrs experience working conventions. We have run cafes, hosted events, planned gatherings, organized raffles, done mutiple panels and workshops. We’ve also worked as Guest Liasions ourselves, written out program guides, sat at registration tables, and MCed masquerades as well as judged them. All things that involve systems, filling out paperwork, knowing how to handle negative situations, and doing menial tasks. Heck, we’ve even done set-up and break down for dealers halls. We know cons. 

And this is something valued because honestly, its not a job for everyone. 

Lots of cosplayers out there with amazing technicality skills just don’t like catering to crowds. They aren’t good speakers. Or they don’t have it in them to sit at a table for 6 hours just listening to strangers speak and ask them questions. Or they might hate having to write out workshop forms. And thats okay! But thats the difference between who gets asked to guest and who doesnt. 

Guests have to be okay with not getting time to shop, not getting time to hang out with their friends, and devoting all their energy to the convention goers. Devoting their whole day to smiling and talking and making sure everyone who meets them goes away happy. 

If you are interested in coming a guest, awesome! My biggest tips are; 
Figure out what service you can provide to the convention experience. What are you good at that you think a con needs? How can you expand that? How can you turn it into programming? Are you a health nut – maybe do a panel on dieting and working out, anime style!  Awesome at writing and editing? Fanfiction panel! A cosplayer who loves acting but hates sewing? Think about being a commentator for Cosplay Chess or the AMV contest! 

Start volunteering now. All cons need volunteers and this is the best way to gain experience in the feild, just like any other job. I have friends that started volunteering as security for a con and now they run a convention of their own. No joke. It’s also helpful to know and understand the inner working of how a convention is run if you plan on guesting at one. It helps you help them by knowing what types of panels work best, what programming would work for that con specifically, or even just give you ideas on what their budget for you might be. 

Write. A. Resume. Seriously. Just like you have a resume for job searching, write up a resume for cosplaying. How long have you been cosplaying? How many costumes? What skills do you have? Armor making? Public speaking? What experiences? Any awards? What topics are you an expert at that can be turned into an hour of programming? Put it alllllll dowwnnn in youurr resummmee. 

Also, protip, you can always write to a a convention’s program director yourself and ASK to be a guest. It’s a job. Submit your application.

Hope this helps! 

And funnily enough – this is all information that we talk about in our panel, Cosplay and Convention careers. Where not only do we cover working for cons, but we cover translating cosplay and con work into LIFE CAREERS and how to translate being in a maid cafe to a resume for a 5 star resturant hostess. Lol. My entire Graphic Design resume is pulled from cosplaying. And now I am a full time graphic designer for a state university.

signal boost for gen con goers

don’t visit the der pretzel wagen food truck during gen con. the owner bryan monroe is a racist who stalked and verbally assaulted a muslim woman telling her to “die n***** b**** piece of s***”. the impd have video evidence and a restraining order is on file.

watch out for him and do not support this business!

Breaking Molds and Taking Names

Part 2

Warnings: none

Word Count: 3.8K

Pairing: ??? x reader

Originally posted by softestae

To be fair, you didn’t just trip on nothing.

After making an impact with the stage itself, you noticed that one of your heels had gotten entangled with a loose cord. Be that as it may, it was still embarrassing. In fact, for lack of a better term, this was definitely the nightmare scenario.

Can’t wait to see that all over the internet tomorrow,’ you thought bitterly.

While you detangled yourself, Sebastian and Anthony, who had been called right after you, helped you get resituated. You on the other hand, were mortified and wanted to hide somewhere. Or at least have the ground open up beneath your feet and swallow you whole. Not to mention the slight stinging pain in your knees from how hard you landed. You stood back up and winced at the ache. Seb gave you a look of concern but you waved him away to not let him worry so much.

“You alright [Y/N]?” Mackie asked you.

“Oh my god, no. Please take me out. Right now. Kill me,”

Both men chuckled at your dramatics and said that it’ll all be ok. The three of you settled down in your designated chairs and you took advantage of the free bottle of water in front of you by downing half of it in one go. Inhaling to steady the nerves that had crept up, all you could do was smile and wave for now. Best to get the show on the road. It could only go up from here after all, right?

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I Need You, Now

| Norman Reedus x Reader | Smutty, Smut, Smut | 18+ Only | NSFW |

Summary: I will say it again this man makes me trash. This is just a little fantasy I had that I needed to write out. Norman and his girlfriend (the reader) reunite at a con, after being apart for weeks. Norman has to have her now, so they race off to the basement to find a place where they can be alone. Smutty Smut ensues. Enjoy!


You stared lovingly at your man as he smiled and posed for pictures with fans in the autograph line. You rarely got to come to the conventions with him, due to your busy work schedule, but you made an exception this weekend because it had been nearly three weeks since you two had seen each other. Between him filming all week and you travelling for your job, it didn’t make it easy on the two of you. But, you watched the fans faces light up when he held their hand or talked with them about his character or the show. You loved how much he loved being with his fans and how much he loved what he did. He was such an amazing man, spending time apart, even though painful was a small price to pay for his happiness.

Norman felt your eyes on him and he looked over at you from behind his table. He smiled sweetly when he saw you staring at him with the hazy eyed, loving smile you loved most from him, although you were impartial to almost any look your man gave you. He waved to you, winked, and then turned his attention back to his last couple of fans. He hugged the last fan and signed her picture, he turned to his handler and said something, she nodded and he stood up and quickly walked over to you, who was standing against the wall all the way on the other side of the room.

Your smile widens and your heart quicken as you watch him stride over to you. You arched your back up against the wall you leaned on, arching your hips forward, as your body reacts to him.

His happy go lucky smile darkened when he saw you arching forward toward him, his feet moved faster and soon his body was right next to yours.

You smiled brightly and threw yourself into his arms, wrapping your arms around his shoulders, and leaning your body into his.

He wraps his strong arms around you and smiles back at you, his deep blue eyes baring into your soul.

“Hey, baby…” You sigh and pull his lips into yours for a short, sweet kiss.

Before you could detach and continue talking to him he pushed his hands onto the sides of your face, slammed his tongue into your mouth, and pushed both of your bodies back into the wall behind you.

“Norman…” You moan into his mouth surprised by his actions, before allowing his tongue to take yours on a wild ride. He sucked and swirled it around at tremendous speed, he pressed his core into yours as his tongue began to fiercely work on you. He lapped his tongue around yours feverishly for another minute, before detaching his lips and staring into your eyes with pure need as he pressed his hard, clothed cock into your body.

He licked his lips and stared you down, breathing heavily; you could tell he needed to let loose inside you as he spoke, “I need you now, Y/N.” He said it matter-of-factly and he pushed his clothed cock into your core harder to emphasize his point.

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I can’t stay quiet anymore...(PSA)

So I have to be honest, I’m super pissed off, and actually really hurt.

There’s a couple things I really need to get off my chest, and I’m positive I’ll lose some of my followers, but I can’t keep my mouth shut anymore.

First off, the amount of hate out there is fucking unbelievable. I am so sick of it. I understand some families are dysfunctional, and some don’t get along sometimes, but this is getting to be ridiculous. We claim to be a “family” who pride themselves in banding together to help out fellow family members when they’re in need. But all I’ve seen as of late is fans bringing other fans down. It’s sickening. Also, the amount of theft of original content is staggering.

As cliche as it sounds, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Just keep your fucking mouth shut and your shitty, negative attitude to yourself. There is so much hate and bad vibes outside the fandom in the world, we don’t need that shit in here, we don’t want it and we should not stand for it any longer.

Cut that shit out. We don’t need it or want it.

Second, the lack of support within the “family”, is rather astonishing. Whether your a con goer, a graphics maker, a fan fiction writer, or anything in between, we should be encouraging each other.

I’m not saying we’re discouraging each other, but I can’t say I see the amount of support I used to.

I feel like you don’t have to be in some sort of need or be tumblr famous to get love from the SPN Family.

I have been on Tumblr and writing SPN fanfiction for a little over a year now, and I have seen such overwhelming support from my family. Over time, I hear from my followers/family less and less. The love and support I received in the beginning is what encouraged me to continue on with my writing.

A year later and 600-some followers later, I often find it not worth it to continue writing. I get no feedback, and hardly any encouragement. I’m seriously over it.

That being said, I am in no way discrediting any of the friends I have made and stuck with me all along the way. You know who you are.

After all is said and done, I urge you to love your fellow SPN family members.

Send someone a quick ask telling them how you think they’re doing an awesome job, or share an awesome graphic with a supportive comment, or maybe reblog an amazing fic with feedback.

It takes one second to make or break someones day.

Let go of the hate and all around negativity.

Watch out for your family, love and protect them,


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When you buy a $20 Print from me.

If you’ve ever been to a pony convention I attended, you will find some large prints I sell for $20. They are 11x17 matte prints made to last. But thats not the reason for its price. Lets break that Jackson down and see where it goes.

$4 Income Taxes
$1.80 Sales Tax
$10 Expenses
$3 Savings
$1.20 Profit

There you go, thats a pretty rough estimate on what happens to that 20 you spend on my prints. There’s a lot more happening in the bg of course. Expenses is everything from travel, lodging, food, and miscellaneous overhead expenses. If I don’t watch it, that portion is easy to bloat and harder to break even.

I don’t think about the finances while at conventions. Just like a con-goer, I focus on meeting people and having fun when I can. Its not fun worrying if I break even or if I gain a profit.

Hope you enjoyed this small behind the scenes look at what typically goes behind a vendor’s pricing model. Its just for fun, and I’m not trying to encourage anyone to spend money when they can’t, or actually don’t want anything. I appreciate everyone’s visit to my table, and especially when you buy a print because you want it.

Cya at future cons! (I should make a post to which ones I go too)

A question for the con-goers

And I mean this sincerely, so please no wankery!

Mofftiss apparently said S4 was meant to be the story of John’s grief over Mary. In that context, what’s the point of TFP. Do they address that at all? Because I’m honestly just not getting it,

As You Wish

Pairing: Mark Pellegrino x Reader
Word count: 996
Warnings: Light smut, nothing graphic
Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @castiels-ass-butt-1967. Prompt: Cosplay / Quote: “As you wish”
Challenge: Written for @avasmommy224‘s Jenn’s Birthday Challenge. My movie quote was from The Princess Bride: “I do not envy you the headache you will have when you awake. But for now, rest well and dream of large women.”

I combined this Celebration Request with a Challenge because I’ve been wondering what to do with this Challenge Quote for awhile and it fits perfect with the Celebration prompts requested.

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Voidfish tattoo update!:

The artist super loves the concept!! He even said if I wanted to he would tattoo me at a convention and enter it into the tattoo of the day contest because he feels like it would have more than a decent shot at winning. HOWEVER that’s just too many people for me, I’d probably get super anxious with all the con-goers gettin all up in our business.

But guys

It is happening on the 27th