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So… I was searching for images of Nicole looking at Waverly with hearty eyes on Pinterest for my new WayHaught fanfic and I found this

And this

And they are not Nicole and Waverly but for the holy cow this… was… even better.

Sometimes I don’t know if they are still acting as their characters or is just their amazing chemistry but I love them.

And I have to say it. 

I really love the way Kat looks at Dom in these gifs. I know she’s married or soon to be married with her boyfriend but we cannot denied their chemistry and these gifs makes me thinking about Kat missing Dom and Dom being completely disappeared. (of her social media at least :( )

I love watching them in the cons. I hope we can see them again soon. 

Dream On

This is my submission for @caplanbuckybarnes     ‘s challenge.  My song was “Dream On” by Aerosmith.  I combined it with an anon prompt.

Request:     Are you accepting requests right now? If so could I have some rough, hate, fight, dub con/non con smut with maybe Bucky or Steve or both? Ps your writing is so good, keep doing it please

Warnings:  NSFW, Violent, dub-con/non-con (more dub-con), smut, dom/sub

Length: 3900K

Tags: @divadinag @ariwolff14 @mrssgtjamesbuckybarnes @marauderice @el-bucky @kellyn1604 @negan–is–god @theariel85 

               The music continues to blare over your headphones as you enter your apartment.  You walk through your tiny kitchen to the equally small bathroom in the back.  As you flip on the light you finally pull out the buds.  Maybe you ran ten miles? Maybe twenty?  You stopped keeping track.  You notice how red your face is from the workout and turn on the water, splashing some on your face.  

               It’s getting easier to look yourself in the mirror. You might not look like a new person, but you feel like one.  You still hold out hope that the past can stay in the past. You actually let yourself smile a little as you blot the water and sweat from your face.  

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