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Dream On

This is my submission for @caplanbuckybarnes     ‘s challenge.  My song was “Dream On” by Aerosmith.  I combined it with an anon prompt.

Request:     Are you accepting requests right now? If so could I have some rough, hate, fight, dub con/non con smut with maybe Bucky or Steve or both? Ps your writing is so good, keep doing it please

Warnings:  NSFW, Violent, dub-con/non-con (more dub-con), smut, dom/sub

Length: 3900K

Tags: @divadinag @ariwolff14 @mrssgtjamesbuckybarnes @marauderice @el-bucky @kellyn1604 @negan–is–god @theariel85 

               The music continues to blare over your headphones as you enter your apartment.  You walk through your tiny kitchen to the equally small bathroom in the back.  As you flip on the light you finally pull out the buds.  Maybe you ran ten miles? Maybe twenty?  You stopped keeping track.  You notice how red your face is from the workout and turn on the water, splashing some on your face.  

               It’s getting easier to look yourself in the mirror. You might not look like a new person, but you feel like one.  You still hold out hope that the past can stay in the past. You actually let yourself smile a little as you blot the water and sweat from your face.  

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anonymous asked:

According to people that were at the con. Alisha said that Dom knew that book fans would react badly to Jace Maia. He was scared because of the fans because he likes JaceMaia. im glad he isnt on twitter that much. I dont want him to get hate 💔 And Alisha said she does not care at all what book fans think about JaceMaia. And Alisha and Dom are good friends & because of their trust in each other, they were really comfortable doing the scene together. They both deserve the world.

anon you have to give me receipts when you say things like this because i haven’t heard any of this apart from the last part of the message 👀👀👀

I met Matthew Daddario and Dominic Sherwood at The Italian Institute! They are so sweet and loving and I will never forget them❤❤❤ (i’m gonna post another-better photo when i get a digital one😉)
P.s. Just look at Matthew’s hand 😏
P.p.s Dominic’s laugh made my heart stop and Matthew’s eyes made me forget about everything that was happening around me because he was more than just magical.😍😊😭❤ My parabatai hug dream came true!!!!😍
I LOVE THEM SM! Hope to see them again as soon as possible! ❤❤❤


Con Dom - CAA Part A

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the interviews aren't dom/matt, matt is with harry + isaiah

yeah i just saw but honestly any combination of the cast works great and you know i love the parabatri (and they rarely get interviewed just the three of them so that’s exciting)