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San Diego Comic-Con is just a few days away (if you missed the masterposts for  Doctor WhoOrphan Black, and BBC America, you might want to go read them). 

We figured what better way to celebrate SDCC than with…


You can play SDCC bingo at home. You can play it at the con. You can play it by yourself. You can play it with friends. You can play a new game every day or you can play it over the course of the weekend. Play it for brownie points or play it for the glory of sweet, sweet victory.

For those playing at home: look through SDCC pictures online to find photos of each bingo space! The world is your oyster.

For those playing at the con: take a photo when you find a space! This is a win-win because you’ll have photographic evidence for when you school everyone at BINGO and you’ll have pictures of cherished memories. Score.

Have fun and have a great con, wherever you may be!



Fill out your squares with these 24 things and play along at home??? Try to get bingo and message me if you do. Also if you're at BURCON i’m gonna be handing physical copies of this out so look for Misha’s blue flamingo shirt and ask for Nathalie

1. Question about pranking                     

2. Annoying hypothetical question   

3. Uncomfortable shipping question

4. Asks about inspirations                           

5. Mark Sheppard wanders panel floor      

6. Small child present to win affection of the panelist

7. Jared Padalecki uses “girl” as an insult

8. Misha wears pink anything

9. Personal request

10. Jensen sings

11. Asks for acting advice

12. Season 11 mentioned

13. Osric not in cosplay

14. Drama causing comment

15. Actor that isn’t J2 asked about J2

16. Panelist referred to by character name

17. Actor visibly uncomfortable by question

18. Panel crash

19. Person asks guest star deep, specific question about show

20. Introduces self before asking question

21. Cooking Fast and Fresh question

22. Mark actually answers a question

23. Matt does Jensen impression

24. Someone calls actor by character name

I haven’t done a con bingo in a few years, but with j-popcon approaching I feel like it’s time to bring out the good old tradition. 

I tried not being mean or downright rude but I have to include some less than fun things.


Cuando sales a hacer un reportaje y haces bingo con la gente más WTF del puto barrio.

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