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mtacs listen up

 Hi, I’m Ray, a homestuck artist and a pretty laid-back cosplayer! At MTAC 2012 I’m cosplaying Rose (Velvet and Trickster) and Sis. I love making new friends, so don’t be afraid to ask me anything or hit me up on skype (rayrayomg). Seriously, though, if I met you, what’s your name and who were you dressed as?

To anyone who will be attending Anime Blues Con tomorrow: I'll see you there!

I’ll be the Rose in her original outfit with my Mom, then I’ll be doing Rose’s Velvet outfit for the Homestuck panel on Friday. Saturday I’ll be Kanaya, and I’m leaving early Sunday.

First time cosplaying with my mom.. Here’s to hoping she enjoys it as much as I do ^u^

anonymous asked:

that is a wicked chainsaw <3 what tutorial did you follow to make that?

Thank you! I actually didn’t.. follow a tutorial ;u; I bought a wooden box, balsa wood, and plywood at Michael’s, then cut the teeth and saw out of the balsa wood and used the plywood for the handle and platform. Then I just glued it with wood glue and painted it with spraypaint and then acrylic paint. 

Mine still isn’t perfect, but aside from a messy paint job the morning we left for ABC, I’m pretty happy with it. Good luck!