did we ever tell yall about how peggycosplays (@fangirltofangod) and halusional (@c0untf0rkula) went to a con dressed as harry biscuit and pip bin, met anthony head, made him cry with laughter, and got all the tea on the set dramas that went down ? cus it was a Good Day

say it with me:

Actors are people first and actors second!

Writers are people first and writers second!
Artists are people first and artists second!
Cosplayers are people first and cosplayers second!

I feel like lately alot of so-called “fans” have forgotten about that. 

No matter how famous an actor is, no matter how approachable they seem in interviews, no matter what you think about them and their work

They are people and they deserve to be treated with respect!

And this applies to the internet as well as Conventions and meet-ups and random street-encounters

I met Jeremy Shada at Atlanta Comic Con today and for the photo I literally asked him if he could cradle me in his arms and he kinda laughed and did it!I’m still fangirling!

I wanna meet him again just so I can ask him if he remembers our bonding moment……