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R. Vazquez working on his new loom. Exclusive piece for one of our distinguished customers #looms #art #weaver #artisan #comunities #oaxaca #mexico #handwoven #wool #collection #unique #decor #home #interiorism #design #freeusshipping #pakal32

What if groupwork is actually just an anti-comunism tactic designed to build mistrust with our peers, and that’s why teachers never have any good ways to help with getting the group to actually function? I mean, that would explain why group work is jumped on us without any lectures on group dynamics.

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the elevator pitch crit however to make sure I stayed on track I did a wide range amount of research so I knew what was asked of us! After receiving my peers notes and their work and feedback I noticed wide range of different kind of ways they had approached it! Some were very long description and some were very short and snappy which is what they were meant to be! Eventhough I was’nt there I still managed to gain some insight from it and found it really helpful! Esepcially since it is the first time we have used terms like this before so I was’nt 100% sure what they were until I saw them visually in front of me! What I also got back from the notes was how well people responded! It is a very daunting process having to stick your work up on the wall for everyone to look at and ask you questions about it but at the same time this would’ve given designers great feedback and directions to go down! in terms of both their ideas and how they can improve their elevator pitches!

Creating these boards for this particular project was an experience as it gave us a new exciton, more developed way of communicating our ideas. I had the opportunity to do this while at work experience in summer which was great practice, however with these boards I wanted to create some that are a bit more interesting and fun to look it! When designing these boards I took into consideration who may be looking at them! Bestival being a very up to date and fun experience, I hoped to show that within my concept boards. 

Throughout this technique of using boards, I have found that they have aided my process in a more professional and guided manner. It had meant that I haven’t lost track of where I am and what stage I am at. However at the same time I wonder whether I am almost restricted by just having these boards. Especially since we are not allowed to post on this blog our concept ideas, it means we have to arrange it onto these 6 boards which I feel will be quite differ cult. Maybe if we were able to blog our process then maybe I wouldn’t feel so closed and secretive about my project and have a bit more freedom but in order to be a professional you must accept the clients wishes!


Mac Computer vs Macbook Pro: The difference between the sizes of screen is ridiculous. As handy as my small laptop is and how easy it is to carry it around with me everywhere I go, my mac computer is far more easier to work with! The screen being bigger makes such a difference. It reminds me of when I did work experience at Collective! I am lucky enough to have access to both, which is good as there are positives with using both sizes!


Signatures: are a lovely way of giving a brand an authentic and personal feel. I wanted to use this for my branding identity, something that is me and promotes me and who I am as a designer. This personal touch differentiates me from other designers, it is more effective almost than the logo’s I had originally tried. After practicing different signatures I found that using my original one from my blog would be recognisable and would link them both together as one brand.