Hey guys :) I’m Bea, from Exohypernova.

I wasn’t sure if I would post this because it’s my first ever printables pack and it has that overall design that is very very common in the studyblr comunity, and I didn’t want to post more of the same, but I had done this a while ago and thought maybe you guys would like it.

This pack contains:

✖      A habit tracker

✖      A life planner

✖      A month planner with productivity tracker

✖      A project management sheet

✖      A exam prep cheat sheet

✖      A book review page

✖      A book character review page

✖      A book tracker

✖      A glossary

✖      A task list

✖      A quotes sheet

✖      A formulas sheet

If you want to download all of them, you can click here to access my google drive folder. Also, if you have photoshop, you can download a totally editable version of those printables in this link (fonts included). ♡

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Thoughts on the crystal "celestite"? Bought one today <3 + how can i charge it??

I love celestite! Probably one of my favorites since it’s been with me since 2011. I had a vision of archangel Gabriel when I first got acquainted with celestite. This was around the time i was doing some serious shadow work.
 It has a very direct angel consciousness tied into it’s energy. It’s also good for clearing and healing the chakras because it works with angelic consciousness. 

A really good stone for channeling and communicating with the divine. I also enjoy this stone for grid layouts because it seems to add a little something extra. It works with the holy guardian angel and that is something that is really interesting to me.  It’s also great for the throat chakra,creativity, communication, honest soul expression. 

The best use of celstite is comunicating with angelic intelligence, channeling and spirit guides

I don’t think you necessarily need to charge it. A lot of people are crazy about charging stones, i don’t always feel it’s as important as we believe? I prefer cleansing or placing intentions over charging. Crystals carry a charge automatically. I do suggest being careful putting it in the sun for too long because it can fade. I would say charge by moonlight if you’re particular about this. 

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so i just saw a random gifset of that scene with ten & rose when they're both clinging onto the opposites sides of a wall, and i just imagined stydia even though it makes no sense because they're not actually on the opposites sides of the same wall but fuck that i get emotionally triggered by walls now and i just imagined them like that or maybe lydia hearing stiles' voice through the wall or whatever and they have some sort of comunication and they're crying and i'M A MESS

“emotionally triggered by walls” 





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THIS IS SUCH AN HONOUR IM??? BLESS U i hope i was a sufficient enough welcome into the comunity x x x

Sono come te

Sai papà sono come te mi ha detto mamma,sono testardo come te,ho il tuo stesso carattere e mi ha detto che tu saresti stato molto fiero di me. Oggi mi ha raccontato di quando tu la corteggiasti e mentre me lo raccontava vedevo i suoi occhi emozionarsi,l'hai corteggiata come fanno i gentiluomini di una volta, mi ha detto che lei non ti voleva ma tu eri così testardo che hai fatto di tutto per far si che fosse tua, quando me l'ha raccontato ho capito di essere come te perché anche io sono così se voglio una cosa faccio di tutto ma diventerà mia. Abbiamo tante cose in comune dalle idee, ai modi di arrabbiarci mamma dice che quando mi arrabbio sono la tua fotocopia, teniamo tutto dentro non sfoghiamo con chi ci ha fatto arrabbiare ma tratteniamo fino ad esplodere. Spero che da grande possa essere te, voglio essere l'ottimo padre come lo sei stato tu anche per poco…anche da lontano, voglio dare ai miei figli tutto ciò che tu avresti voluto dare a me e mio fratello, e quando i mie figli mi chiederanno di raccontargli la storia di un eroe io racconterò di te, l'eroe che ha affrontato mille battaglie e ha trovato sempre la forza di uscirne a testa alta Ti amo Pà con tutto me stesso.

A distância faz a gente valorizar aquelas coisas que de tão comuns não dávamos importância. Nos faz sentir saudade de detalhes pequenos que se perdiam na rotina, mas que agora fazem toda a diferença quando lembramos e desejos estar perto do que estar tão longe.
—  Ela Já Foi Verão

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Kicking aces out of the comunity benefits no one

Except the actual people who need the material resources (scholarships, support groups, homeless shelters, a million other things) that are sucked up by cishets who think being called a plant is the same as systemic oppression

ppl say that they dont want ace or aro ppl in the lgbt+ bc one might be “a straight person that just wants to invade the space” ((?????)) and that the A doesnt stand for aro or ace 

but then they turn around and say the A is for allies aka ppl that cant come out and that theyd rather have 10000000 “straights” in the comunity than one lgbt kid not in it

like thats some hella double standards there my dude,,, cant let in any aros or aces bc they just might be “straights in disguise” then say that thing about a 4 allies