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Did you know we are all born with about eleven diferent astrological signs? The sing of the month we are born in is our sun sign, and it represents the objective or goal you strive towards. The moon sign represents your emotional self, the mercury sign is how you comunicate, saturn sign shows the thing you most struggle with in life and so on.

I did not. Neat.


Third Wheelin’ with Jaha

  • Best friend: What have you been doing the whole time? I mean you never come outside.
  • Me thinking: Well, I've been fucking people off tinder, watched serial killer documentaries, Cry and masturbating while eating pizza, thinking if i should get help for my sex addiction, You know the regular.
  • me saying: Nothing interesting.

Here at tumblr, you can enjoy anything! You can be furry, like rape porn, be in the KKK, bash people for not having the same religious as you, be against gay rights, and support abuse/ rape culture! But dO NoT LIKE THE TRUE CRIME COMMUNITY THEY ARE EVIL SATAN WILL PISS IN YOUR SKULL FOR ALL ETERNITY IF YOU EVEN FIND A SERIAL KILLER INTERESTING. THEY KILLED PEOPLE!!!!1!!!!

  • me: there are many different types of communism that directly contradict each other. I am in favor of abolishing nation-states.
  • them: So you like communism? Maybe you should live in North Korea, Russia, China, and other communist countries and see how you like it then. Communism is advocating for the suffering of others. USA will always be capitalist and it shall remain that way.
  • me: so anyway get back to me when you read what i write.
Odio cuando un hetero pregunta ¿cual de las dos es el hombre? ¿No ven que somos DOS mujeres? NINGUNA de las dos tiene pene, por lo tanto NO HAY HOMBRE.
How To Get The Basement Tapes

Step 1)

Find a VHS tape, preferably a blank one but ya know Pulp Fiction is fine

Step 2)

Casually write “Basement Tapes” onto the VHS

Step 3)

Put that shit in your basement

Step 4)

Cry and die a little inside because you know they’ll never release the actual tapes

Step 5)

Contemplate robbing Jeff Co. or sucking some boss dick for them tapes, but then start crying again cause you know that’ll never happen and you’re gonna die alone