I really like how the Stranger Things universe and the Mob Psycho 100 universe could *technically* be the same one? I mean, think about it. Stranger Things has an esper girl from the 80’s whose psychic powers were awakened by experimental means in a shady-ass lab by a secret organization. A precedent for Claw, anyone? Now imagine Mob somehow meeting a 40-50 yr old Eleven, having an actual adult figure with psychic powers who isn’t hostile, possibly with full control over them…


i can’t believe i stan him TT

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lena liking to mark her lovers is my favorite thing though?? like one time kara blows out her powers and so lena is actually Able to leave scratches and hickies and both of them love it


i’m so Shook n lena would be even more shook. she’d take that opportunity to leave a mark Everywhere.

but since she’s so used to not being careful about how rough she is, kara is like lena pls chill babe i can actually feel the Pain this time askdhfjasd n lena would place gentle kisses on every bite mark n scratch that she made.


probably my last work doodle + current mood

Beca’s Fanfic Appreciation Post: Here I can share with you all the fics I read along the week.



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All I Ask of You

Characters: Sam x Reader

Words: 2007 (1753 without lyrics)

Summary: The Reader gets paired with Sam on a specific project.

Italics is the reader singing. Bold is Sam singing. Bold and Italics are both singing.

Listen to All I Ask of You here.

This is for @nicolejones412 ‘s challenge!! I loved writing this, and I hope you all enjoy!

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hi im bee and i spent about five minutes wishing my bathroom had better lighting and then realizing i could turn on the light