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Com Truise - Trying Times For The Indirect (at Room 205)
Com Truise live with shredding leads and bouncing bass



Com Truise & Purity Ring @ the Magic Stick

Com Truise at the Magic Stick

Com Truise is the moniker of New York/New Jersey native Seth Haley. The producer adopts the title as an almost playful guise for his space-themed musical style.  Com Truise is the sound of the future imagined by the 1980s. It overtly evokes outer-space, Tron, or whatever pop culture invention on space. It is theatrical and campー but with a necessary level of refinement. Com Truise isn’t so much a cosmonaut pioneering new territory as he is a producer, reconstructing and redefining his surrounding soundscape. 

The artist is a fitting match to his Ghostly International label. With a production of complex synths, Com Truise contributes to the already cultivated aesthetic of the Ghostly brand. On his first full-length release of Galactic Melt, the artist garnered impressive buzz. Earlier last month, Com Truise released the Fairlight EP, an effortless follow-up. Gauging from Fairlight, it’ll be interesting to see in which direction Com Truise explores next. 

Last night, he opened for Neon Indian at the Magic Stick in Detroit. Check out the video below of Fairlight from the show.

Purity Ring

Purity Ring is an electro-pop due from New York. The band is another addition to the deluge of purely electronic acts flooding the indie scene over the end of the last decade. With schizophrenic beats and poignant vocals, Purity Ring is 50 percent charm and the remainder a mix of bedroom sounds and art-house aesthetics. This early in their musical aspirations, the duo remain promisingー as genuine as their coy epithet. 

Check out a video from last night’s opening set. Because the quality is so poor, see the SoundCloud track below for a better representation of the band.


2013 Adult Swim Fun House 30sec Spot Full Version


com truise, live in luxembourg, may 2012


Com Truise - “Karova”

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