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So I wanted to make this post yesterday but my phone died.

I went to the inauguration yesterday, and frankly, I’m pissed.
Paul Ryan, Newt Gingrich, and John Boehner were on the screens at some points during the ceremony and the republicans cheered respectfully. Obama lovers thought it would be appropriate to “boo” any republican that was shown. Cheers were wild for the Clintons, Carters, and Obamas. The theme was “Faith for the Future,” yet any song that mentioned “God,” was followed by minuscule applause despite its excellency. Disgusting crowd, honestly. Horrible experience. Also, you know how former living presidents all come out for the inaugurations? Well neither Bushs’ were there; understandably — Sr. has major health problems, but I could not even imagine the lack of respect they would receive from this classless crowd.
Overall, I would probably never go back to an inauguration. This trip has been amazing and people are coming to visit me this summer in Los Angeles, but even for a republican president the aftermath of it all wouldn’t make it worth it. See you from California tomorrow guys!


A must watch video of our Philippines adventure.

My partner is an amazing videographer and has made videos of each leg of our journey, but since we did so much diving in the Philippines, I know you all will appreciate it.