Reader fakes her death to go on an undercover mission and her boyfriend Wally finds out! (Requested by anon!).
I’m so sorry this is short!

Wally was devastated when he heard the news. He didn’t want to believe it, not until Dick could show him your body, though he refused violently as to not invade your tomb. You had died during a fight, that took place some time after his own death and as a matter of fact, the incident made Dick become leader again. Kaldur couldn’t cope up with both deaths; the other members though insisted on staying and fighting for their lost comrands.
    When he came back, Wally, was greeted with all the team’s beautiful smiles, warm hugs and tears, yet soon your missing love seemed evident as he started to search for you everywhere in the headquarters. Once back to the main room, Dick as the leader, had to break the news for him, even though he was the only one knowing how much lying to his friend was. He sighed and brushed it off; he had already done that once before.
   The next few weeks were agonizing for Wally; he had searched every possible way of bringing you back because he just didn’t want to embrace the fact that you were gone.
  M'gann who had been constantly on his side, to prevent him from running fasyer that he could to get back in time, causing his dematerialization once again, had openly expressed her complains to Dick for keeping the same secret from both you and Wally.
   Everyday you’d call her, tell her not to forget to leave roses on Wally’s stone and that you’d be back in a a short time.
   That, until one day, Wally stood out from the communication room, watching and listening carefully as Dick and M'gann spoke to what seemed your unique voice and his world crashed. He burst into the room, causing immediate self defense attacks from the other two team members, who stopped at the realisation that it was actually him.
  “Is that (y/n)” he shouted at Dick, his voice audible to your line.
  “Is that Wally?
“No!!” Yelled M'gann, feeling her insides weaken at the sound of her own voice.
  “(Y/n) its me!! It’s Wally!”
   “Wally?” Your voice cracked as tears started slipping of your eye cornern. You hadn’t seen him in a year. A year after he had died right in front of you and you had to be the one to bring more grief to the team for a stupid mission.
Wally I’ve missed you” you cried out as you were not able to see him. His beautiful red hair, his green eyes. Your heart aches at the thought of of him not being a leader to be next to you.
I’m coming back!
  “No!” Dick shouted. “This mission needed your skills to be perfectly done and unless it is don’t bother to come back!”
    Wally’s eyes widened at the hearing of his friends words. Did he seriously want them apart?
   “What the fuck Dick? You leave me there to grief over a freaking lie and ban my mourning girlfriend from seeing me?”
Dick swallowed hard and nodded, feeling frustration M'gann looked at him in complete disgust.
“Dick he’s right, you know! What would you do if you were in such situation?” She defended Wally now, fully aware of the regret her actions had brought to her.
Nightwing thinks about the mission and how it has to be done not..”
“Not what Dick? Lying to your friends is horrible. We’re not criminals to be lied to. Who did even teach you how to be like that, in the last year I was gone huh?” Wally said, as he pushed Dick’s armed shoulders away from him. The ravenette thought, dared not to speak a word, that could upset him even more. Finally before exiting the room with M'gann he glared at Nightwing over his shoulder and spoke.
“You better take her back home, you dick!”

“H-hey, that’s my name” Dick whispered to himself as the realisation of his terrible actions hit him…