Ok i have an idea in the works and i really want my irl friends’ opinions!!!!

I want to host a gatsby party at my house this summer and i want it to be partially a party gatsby would throw and partly a party where we ‘dress up’ and act out scenes from the book because i think itd be so insane!!!!! Heres the rough cast that davis and i were working on::: (its not necessarily static ftr):::

Im daisy cause i pretty much am daisy anyway and its my pool so like jeez

davis is jordan baker because him:me::jordan:daisy there is no dispute to that really

Clay hadly is tom buchannan because his money is old as balls

Devin and larisa can be myrtle/caroline/anyone they wanna be honestly (also i know devin might want to temporarily be dan cody because he says old sport in slow mo)

(((((update:: larisa sorta decided she would like to be myrtle)))))

ben is gatsby because well i want to hear him say “old sport” all the time

Alex is nick carraway because it just rEALY SUiTS HiM OK HES An Absolute RoSe

Dylan would be wolfsheim or wilson or dr tj eckelberg

Kasija and delany also had interest so i think im going to expand my invites so that a lot of people can come!! (Delaney wanted to be the dog-selling man on the street)

The dress code would be pretty lenient but hopefully everyone would like at least bringing scarfs and boas and crazy party things so its like a gatsby party… And ill get period-style music to play and we’ll get a green flashlight to blink at the end of my yard and wow i want this to happen please give ideas/feedback

credit goes to devin for giving me the idea in the way beginning c: c: c:

****the tag for this will be #shawnsgatsbyparty ok

hello everybody and by everybody i mean clay and larisa and devin and casey (and also anyone who really cares to read this)

i am straight up serious when i say this

send me an ask for one of those “walking in the park with ___” types of things so i can make one of those 1-direction-outfits things because they are flippen hilarious

((u know what i mean and if you dont just search “1d outfits”))

also it does not have to be a 1d person it can be stuck of the home related or irl people i really dont care i just want to make them

in fact if it is a 1d person i will only do zayn malik because hes the only one that counts

pleaseeee i need something to do!!!