comrade george

A tribute to my lovely Mucha, who lost a battle with dropsy this past Friday. I did not get nearly enough time with my wonderful betta friend. He is very sorely missed, and there is an empty spot in both tank and my heart where he used to swim with so much life.

Swim in peace, Mucha. <3

there are too many book series that are taking too long to release new volumes. i’m interested in the preobrazhensky papers but they haven’t gotten past volume 1 and it’s been 3 years. verso’s complete works of luxembourg hasn’t gotten past volume 2 (and the collection of her letters which is considered a “companion volume”) in a year now. i get these things take time, probably more time than i know, but it’s like these projects get started and then no one ever brings them up ever again. even if they do get completed some day, it’d be nice to get some updates from time to time

Gilbert’s lip curled in disgust. “Romantic? He didn’t even get the girl!”

Feliks groaned and flopped backwards against the wall. “He loved her enough to let her go,” he explained slowly, as though exasperated Gilbert could not understand.

—  Lily of the Lamplight, George DeValier
(Comrades, it’s the entire message of My Echo.)

January 26, 2014: Death of Comrade George Habash, founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

‘In spite of all the forms of siege, destruction, enforced starvation, killing, and terror; in spite of all the forms of American political and propaganda aid the enemy receives; in spite of the fact that the impotence and defeatism on the part of official Arab regimes have reached unprecedented levels; the Palestinian people are continuing their multifaceted struggle in many ways, without hesitation, undeterred by the political, psychological, and military pressures exerted by Israel, America, Europe, and the official Arab regimes.“

- Dr. George Habash, - Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)