comrade george

A tribute to my lovely Mucha, who lost a battle with dropsy this past Friday. I did not get nearly enough time with my wonderful betta friend. He is very sorely missed, and there is an empty spot in both tank and my heart where he used to swim with so much life.

Swim in peace, Mucha. <3

Gilbert’s lip curled in disgust. “Romantic? He didn’t even get the girl!”

Feliks groaned and flopped backwards against the wall. “He loved her enough to let her go,” he explained slowly, as though exasperated Gilbert could not understand.

—  Lily of the Lamplight, George DeValier
(Comrades, it’s the entire message of My Echo.)

anonymous asked:

hello real ringo starr, i have been a long time fan of your beautiful art that you, the real ringo starr, have created. would you, the real ringo starr, mind drawing some commemorative art to pay homage to our fallen comrades, jon lemon and george harison? thamk you, real ringo starr, for your time. ~ ur number 2 fan

Thanks for the ask my number second fan Anon, and thank you very much for following for the very long time. I, the real Ringo Starr, appreciate it very much. Of course I will make some of my good fan art of my beloved fallen friends John and George. They mean the world to me and I’m sure that they would absolutely love the good fan art pictures I, realio dealio if you understand the feelio Ringo Starr, would absolutely love it. Yoko might even hang up the one I do of John. Peace and love and good and yes perfect that’s the stuff oh yeah baby my friends! ✌️

January 26, 2014: Death of Comrade George Habash, founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

‘In spite of all the forms of siege, destruction, enforced starvation, killing, and terror; in spite of all the forms of American political and propaganda aid the enemy receives; in spite of the fact that the impotence and defeatism on the part of official Arab regimes have reached unprecedented levels; the Palestinian people are continuing their multifaceted struggle in many ways, without hesitation, undeterred by the political, psychological, and military pressures exerted by Israel, America, Europe, and the official Arab regimes.“

- Dr. George Habash, - Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)