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Do you ever get curious about Zeke's motives? Though he betrays his own parents, I don't really think if he's truly affected by Marley's propaganda as he grows older. (Not as heavy as Reiner and the others, it seems?) For certain, he wants to take control of Paradis Island and perhaps Eren or Armin as well, but I don't think he will immediately give them to Marley upper officers when (/if?) he recieves them. (1)

(2) Marley has been trying to split Eldians into two sides. It will be interesting if the Eldians as a whole gather into one side to actually fight their truest enemy. Is there a possibility that Zeke might send someone into one of those ships that sailed to Paradis to spill some information of Marley? It is a huge continent, after all. It won’t be easily breached unless someone knows well the security system within it.

(3) Moreover, Zeke has ‘secrets’ that he’s trying to cover. He already told Colt about it in the previous chapters. I suppose it has something to do with his bigger plan. I’m truly curious of what his next move will be

To me, Zeke’s motives were clear as soon as he was presented as Eren’s rival and complete opposite. Zeke was ready to sacrifice a whole lot of people, including himself and his royal blood to achieve the safety of a great number of people. He doesn’t have the coordinate, but as he possesses the second key, his royal blood, he’s perfectly aware of how lethal it can become.

Part of him believes Eren is just a poor brainwashed idiot who has been fed nothing but lies by Grisha. Knowing the two of them had the same father, he wants to rescue him from the restorationist mindset. Knowing Eren as he is today, this is bound to fail.

Marley didn’t do anything. When the war stopped, there was two sets of Eldians: the ones following King Fritz and his ideology to atone on a recluse island and the others who disagreed stayed on the side of Marley to atone for the sins of their ancestors. Because how could an oppressed nation be able to turn the tides if the titans weren’t fighting for their cause? 

Eldians allying themselves being interesting how, if not completely unrealistic? Their current threat is the world and I’m sure as hell not interested in seeing a magical alliance to steamroll the world  and make Ymir great once again. 

Zeke so far only hides his royal blood from Marley because that means being turned into a royal baby machine. That’s it. If anything, he was quite overdramatic in chapter 95, although realistic. Instead, his brother Eren is the one holding back a huge secret from Hange and the rest of his comrades. 

If Colt might be lucky, he’ll discover Zeke was a Fritz… and loves booty stuff.