Computers For Children

Anyone who has not been in a young children’s classroom for thirty years or probably even ten years might have a difficult time guessing which age group the apparatus is meant for. Kids nowadays are much more aware of what adults would call the ‘adult world’, because kids grow up so fast now that they are invading the adult world.

There are still lots of adults who are suspicious of computers, but not a lot children are that afraid by them. Children love the Internet and are not worried of using computers to access it. Older people have a reverence for computers that children have never picked up. 

They are not in awe of them - there is no mystique surrounding computers for them. Computers are merely standard items to them. Kids might not understand how they function, but hey! that’s the case of most items as far as children are concerned.

This is perhaps something that parents ought to take into account whilst preparing their children for school or even kindergarten - not that children require a lot of encouragement to get on the Net. Most parents have more trouble keeping them off it!

Anyway, the fact is that numerous modern kindergartens have computers for the kids to get on line. This does not mean that the children are being forced to go on line, it is merely that there is a lot of educational material on line that teachers can use in these days of cut-backs on resources and kids and their parents  expect to see a computer in the classroom as well.

It is worth talking to the school teacher and finding out what degree of computer knowledge is looked for in kids going to that school. It will not be high, but it is worth being sure that they are up to that mark, even if it is just so that they do not feel out of place in school.

The access that these school computers have to the Internet will be fairly restricted, so there is no need to worry that the kids will be accessing inappropriate material and you should set up an 'account’ or 'user profile’ on your home computer that is comparable to the one in school.

This is done by the use of programs called 'net nannies’. You can also use the net nanny built into Windows and you can block individual web sites too. Enquire of what system is in use at school and how it is configured. Copy that onto your home computer but only configure your children’s account(s) with it. 

This means that everyone in the household will have to log in at home: The kids will log in to an account with restricted access and the adults will log into an account or accounts with unlimited access. This is not difficult to set up.

This is not a foolproof method of preventing older children from accessing inappropriate web sites, but it is all you will require for keeping young children safe, although parents should always show an interest in what their children are doing on line and they should change their passwords regularly.

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