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all dimensions of space/matter are interlaced; there is no separation between them, but separation becomes apparent to a manifested perceiver whom emerges and evolves reading information of a specific dimension 

from a two dimensional perspective, matter is perceived as a surface of one dimension in two dimensions of space.

from a three dimensional perspective, matter is perceived as a surface of two dimensions in three dimensions of space.

from a four dimensional perspective, matter is perceived as a surface of three dimensions in four dimensions of space.

and so on and so forth…

an infinite number of 1 dimensional shapes are in an object of two dimensions

an infinite number of 2 dimensional shapes are in an object of three dimensions

an infinite number of 3 dimensional shapes are in an object of four dimensions

however, all the same… it’s the same object no matter the specific dimension that it’s being perceived in 

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Notes requests

I’ve gotten some asks about specific subjects.  I still have my notes from high school as well as from my first two years of college.  I will post a list of my courses here, so if anyone would like notes from a specific topic in one of the following subjects, send me a request and I’ll post them!

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When I see someone very experienced and capable, i try to visualize the process by which they got to that state, instead of dwelling on the current state. To me, this promotes concrete action, instead of putting them in a box like “they are just smarter than me”.
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Quick update: It’s the final few hours of competition, and my team has decided to get some rest before we have to present in front of the judges.  This has been such as cool experience!  We managed to snag an entire conference room to do our work in, one with a huge screen and speakers that we used to display code on and play music from.  I’ve posted an image of our penguin mascot, which was more of less the product of hacker’s block and boredom.  Sorry for the low-quality pictures, it’s early morning, but all of the windows are covered right now.  Alright, break time’s over, now back to work!  :)

My First Studyblr...

So… I’ve been seeing a lot of Studyblr posts on my main Tumblr account and I’m absolutely in love with the aesthetic of most of the posts I’ve seen. Plus, I already have been doing bullet journaling for awhile, so… I decided to create a separate blog specific for school & bojo related things. I’m really excited! From what I’ve seen, it’s a pretty awesome community. I’m hoping to get some original content up soon, but also worried because… I have terrible handwriting and I’m not nearly as creative as some of the people I follow are. D:

Anyway… Guess I should introduce myself, sort of…
I’m a Computer Programming student going for my associate’s degree at a technical college. I’m on my last semester, and I plan to pursue my Bachelor’s degree through an online college, as certain conditions will have myself, my husband, and my child traveling around the country/world for the next few years.

The classes I’m taking this semester are:
 - C# Programming II
 - Introduction to Mobile Applications (Android)
 - IT Analysis, Design, Project Management

Classes I have taken previously (if I can remember them all):
 - Program Design & Development
 - Computer Concepts
 - Introduction to Technology & Computer Applications
 - Java Programming I
 - Java Programming II
 - C++ Programming I
 - C# Programming I
 - PHP Programming I
 - Structured Query Language (SQL)
 - Web Development I
 - Financial Accounting I
 - College Algebra
 - Composition and Rhetoric
 - American Literature
 - Introduction to Sociology
 - Introduction to Economics

(I think that’s all of them…)

That being said, in high school I went to a vocational school for Graphic Design and my last year there, I switched to Web Design. Immediately after graduating high school I went to college for Web Design and Interactive Media. For personal reasons, I had to leave before I could finish out my Bachelor’s degree, but because both of those things, I’m also very familiar with the programs included in the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as more familiar with HTML and CSS (i.e. I know more than what I was taught in Intro to WebDev).

So… that’s a little about me… I look forward to meeting some new friends in the community!


How To Gestures will work on the new iPhone X.

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