Okay so my fellow PC users, let this be a warning to you all. I previously had Windows 8.1 (and even though I was never the biggest fan it worked for me fine. No major glitches.) But many Windows users had the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Awesome? No! I had resisted it for awhile and finally decided to download it.

Windows 10 itself isn’t too bad, maybe a little pointless, pretty similar to Windows 8. But pretty soon after using it a lot of glitches started to pop up.

  • First when I was scrolling through long files it would automatically jump to the top of the file, not letting me scroll by my own free will. 
  • It wouldn’t let me rename my folders. If I was trying to name a folder it would exit out of it again and again and just say “New Folder” no matter how hard I tried.
  • Last night the INTERNET wouldn’t work. I just shut it down and tried in the morning and it still wouldn’t. The connection wasn’t even available or visible. I knew it wasn’t a problem with my connection because my iPhone was connected and other devices in my house. But it wouldn’t connect no matter how hard I tried.

I looked up solutions to the problem and found out MANY people were having the same problems. My mom’s boyfriend also downloaded Windows 10 and his computer had no sound. This didn’t happen to me but apparently it happened to a lot of others.

I then decided to switch back to Windows 8.1 (THIS OPTION IS ONLY AVAILABLE UP TO A MONTH OF UPGRADING TO WINDOWS 10 SO BE MINDFUL OF THAT!) and it recommended that I back up my files before I switch just in case, but it shouldn’t affect the files.

I have a LOT of shit on my computer and if I lost my files I’d be pretty screwed, so the warning scared me. I didn’t have the Internet to back up files online or on Google Drive, E-mail, etc. so I decided to back things up on a flashdrive.

HOWEVER. Whenever I put the flashdrive in, it would not recognize it. The USB hardware wasn’t working at all. I tried all of them, I tried different flash drives, and when I googled it. LOW AND BEHOLD. ANOTHER COMMON PROBLEM ON THE WINDOWS 10 UPDATE. It literally wouldn’t let me back up my files.

So I risked it, because I was pretty much trapped, couldn’t use the Internet, dealing with little glitches, couldn’t use a flashdrive, and I went back to Windows 8.1 which was fairly easy.

I was nervous at first that I would lose my files, but luckily once it eventually rebooted, Windows 8 was back and all of my files were still there. Also, wow the Internet worked again! And it detected my flashdrive! So it was all because of the shitty Windows 10 update.

Please signal boost this, it was a lot of unnecessary stress and frustration for me. Windows 10 is not any better than 7 or 8 so please hold off on downloading until a day where these bugs are all worked out.



Why is Tumblr not letting me view my own blog. Well, it may not be tumblr. It’s probably my computer; it’s been acting very strangely.

So yesterday I finally decide it’s time to sit my ass down and actually write a bit more of my book. I had blocked out chapter 9 a week or so ago, probably at least 2 weeks now I think of it, and was at least satisfied that when it came down to the actual writing of chapter 9 I would be able to follow the basic outline, elaborating as I go and get it written fairly quickly.

I would get it written a damn site faster if I actually sat down at the computer and actually wrote the thing.

For some reason it took me 5 attempts to get my PC to start up. First time round the light came on, the tower beeped at me and then… nothing. Second time round the light came on, and the tower beeped at me. Continuously. I’m not kidding I was this close to hiding behind the sofa to cover myself from the impending explosion. The next few times I only got the little light to come on so in my frustration: now that I was actually ready and motivated to write, I hit the side of the tower. As a rule I don’t reccommend abusing electrical equipment but it seemed to work and it decided to switch on.

about an hour and a half later I had written just over 1000 words, I wrote everything that I had originally wanted to include in that first section of the chapter… and more. I’m a little concerned that Im writing too many characters into the book that don’t need to be there. They aren’t necessarily important characters, they have no real plot significance but it keeps me amused thinking about what it was the guard on the left was doing that previous night. Turns out he went out for a drink with the guard on the right, got a bit drunk and admitted he was having a fling with a married woman. All well and good until we find out it’s the guard on the right’s sister. Now we find them not talking to eachother; one is badly hung over with a swollen face, the other is just pissed off and has a broken hand.

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with the main plot but I keep going off on little tangents because I feel bad about making a character just for background purposes. It’s probably because I think too much about the nameless extras in films who always get killed first. We are never told anything about them but if that was real life they’d have their own little side stories and I think it’s kinda nice to get a little glimpse into them. It’s the privilege of the omnipotent author; we get to hear all the little snippets of gossip and information that the characters in the story aren’t privy to. That is of course unless there’s something I don’t want you to know and I’m just distracting you; but then that’s the author’s perrogative, and I kinda like that. 

So, my computer got screwed over somehow...

So, that explains why I haven’t been on in like a week. Not that anyone would’ve been noticed.

ANYWAY… What I’ve got done in the past week:

  • Sgt. Pepper color-scheme necklace
  • Hammond Family Tree (goes back 7 generations)
  • Picture of a new character
  • Sketch of Lex
  • Sketch of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
  • 100% on Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, save for just six more picture frames and a Rainbow Scale that, FOR THE LIFE OF ME, I cannot find.