I’m not sure if everyone knew this so I thought it might be important.

The Alice series are Cero D rated games. I’ve taken a screenshot from wikipedia to show what that entails. (Source:

Something I should add is that in games with sexual themes this rating is what is used when the game is just short of containing porn. On top of that QuinRose is known for pushing their limits.

The Alice series has always been for a mature audience (Though I’m sure some fans are kids and if they feel that they are ready then that’s their choice). It contains adult content.

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Hi LadyKay! Do you think you could explain how you organize your computer? I feel like between classes, research, applying to med schools, personal stuff, etc. my computer has lost any semblance of organization it may have once had. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

This is great because I just got a new laptop and am in the process of reorganizing all my files to keep everything more organized!!!

1) I keep the things I use most right on the desktop in files by project. So if I’m working on a research paper, it has its own file by the title of the paper and everything for that paper goes in that folder. Sometimes I have subfolders within the folder (like all the drafts will go in a subfolder and all the research will go in another, etc). 

2) Things not currently active are stored in document folders by major group and then by subfolders by project title. (i.e. I might have a folder called “med school classes” then have subfolders for “biochemistry” and “anatomy” etc for classes I have already finished). 

Sometimes my folders within folders get pretty inception-y and we go down to really specific things but it helps me keep stuff organized. 

I always organize by type rather than by date or any other subject – just because it makes way more sense in my brain! 

Organization Skills for the New School Year

Hey everyone, so this post isn’t strictly Anthropology-only, it can be a resource for everyone. Its mostly directed at incoming freshman who have never taken a university course and probably never had to organize their own study materials and projects before other than in a few documents. But even if you’ve been in school for decades you might still benefit from this post if you’re feeling cluttered or looking for a new organization system. Some of this might seem obvious, but I’ve found that its always good to fully explain everything because one thing that may seem really easy and logical to you might be a totally alien concept to someone else, and vice versa.

Under a cut because this post has a lot of images and text!

(NOTE: I provided descriptions as well as I could for all images)

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Adventures in TAing

One year in grad school, I had the opportunity to TA my favourite undergrad class, Computer Organization. Basically it was learning how computer processors work and involved a lot of assembly programming (the lowest level of programming you can do, right on the chip itself).

The last lab was a major project students had to conceive of themselves, using some peripheral devices or specific challenging concepts.

One of the teams I was marking had the best project in the year. Bloody fantastic. A microprocessor attached to a set of Lego Mindstorm light sensors, a flashlight and a motor that you could use with small cardboard discs they made themselves, with holes in them corresponding to a simple melody you wanted to play. There were also other great add-ons, like a keypad and display for play controls.

I gave them 100%. I did actually give them bonus marks for having a great project (which I wasn’t technically allowed to do), but then I docked them marks for testing over and over and over with just the hook from Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water. For three weeks I couldn’t get away from it. For months afterward it would pop into my head whenever I was doing low-level research work. I should have docked them more marks.

Yeah, so you know that computer I was building from the few posts ago?  Well here’s the completed verson.  Well sort of completed.  I changed it a bit so that it would workd better but this was the general gist of the final result.  No sound really and better camera quality because I filmed it with my iPod instead of my phone. 

If anyone wants I’ll explain how it works and what’s it’s supposed to do and how to know it’s doing it.  Just comment here or send a message or something.  I won’t mind.

Computer Organization and Architecture

Computer Organization:

In computer engineering, computer organization,also called micro architecture, is the way a given instruction set architecture (ISA) is implemented on a processor. A given ISA may be implemented with different micro architectures.

Computer Architecture:

In computer science and engineering, computer architecture refers to specification of the relationship between different hardware components of a computer system. It may also refer to the practical art of defining the structure and relationship of the subcomponents of a computer.

Study computer architecture and organizations:

To built faster processor. To choose a computer for a set of application in a project, to design a compiler or an operating system.


  • Size of components

  • Inefficiency

  • Power consumption

  • Emphasize on Software

  • Business Policy!

I just took initiative and moved all my Ghost Hunt pictures to their own folder. It took a really long time.

There’s a few I need to rename too, so they fit with my method of naming the pictures (so I can find them easily). It goes: The initials “GH” followed by a short description of the picture, often in the format (charactername)(descriptiveword) or if I’m doing a series of photos (series description)(number of photo)

…My favorite so far is “Monkstyle.” It puts entertaining images into my head. =D

Year End Blog and Computer Organization Tips

Year End Blog and Computer Organization Tips

I don’t care how many planners you have, how many to do lists you have, how often you check your mail, there is going to come a time within those 365 days of the year when your neat and tidy organized system gets shot to hell. The end of the year is a perfect time to take care of those blog and computer organization items you’ve written down all year.

No matter how organized you are, there willc…

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