Hey! I like to prepare classes with my computer. And I want tell you few useful apps for education.

1. Evernote. I like to write lectures in it.
2. Pocket. With this app the way to prepare become much easy.
3. OneNote. Here I like to make notes in class when I haven’t my notebook with me.
4. My study life. Here is my schedule in tablet and computer.
5. TimeDoser. Same as Pomodoro.
6. Biodigital human. Good website for learning anatomy.
7. Gmail. Keep in touch with your teachers and colleagues.
8. Coursera. I’m interesting in different knowledges so I can listen lectures from all the world.
9. Youtube. Of course, a lot of good and interesting video can help in your study. Here are not only PewDiePie and video about kitties and fools.
10. Microsoft Office. Well, you know, reports and presentations and stuff.

Organization Skills for the New School Year

Hey everyone, so this post isn’t strictly Anthropology-only, it can be a resource for everyone. Its mostly directed at incoming freshman who have never taken a university course and probably never had to organize their own study materials and projects before other than in a few documents. But even if you’ve been in school for decades you might still benefit from this post if you’re feeling cluttered or looking for a new organization system. Some of this might seem obvious, but I’ve found that its always good to fully explain everything because one thing that may seem really easy and logical to you might be a totally alien concept to someone else, and vice versa.

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(NOTE: I provided descriptions as well as I could for all images)

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Sixty-some years ago, biochemical organisms began to assemble digital computers. Now digital computers are beginning to assemble biochemical organisms. Viewed from a distance, this looks like part of a life cycle. But which part? Are biochemical organisms the larval phase of digital computers? Or are digital computers the larval phase of biochemical organisms?
—  George Dyson

instagram template by hollandsofrp

instagram changed their layout and i didn’t see anyone doing this yet so hey, hello, this is another template for you angels. this is 540x265 bc of the new ugly dimensions, so it’ll look nice on the dash. you will need one 80x80 picture for the icon, three 160x160 pictures for the latest images. every text can be customized and the font used is arial which should be already installed on everyone’s computer. things are organized in folders so you won’t get lost and you need to know about clipping masks to get this going.

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