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If I could a get a business loan, one of my ideas would be to make a resource center for creative kids that don’t have the money or resources to do what they want or express their creativity wether it’s an art studio space, computers with software, photo lab, recording studio etc. maybe even have venues and showcases some times. Just a place where ppl could learn things and dream big with out worrying about money.


Explore 360° of making leaps in quantum.

Your computer can now bend the laws of physics. Most computers think in strings of 1s and 0s. Quantum computers like the one being tested in the IBM Research Quantum Lab, can process 1s and 0s at the same time, like being in two places at once. It’s called “superposition” and it’s the next big leap in technology.

Want to see what quantum computing is like? Experiment with the IBM Quantum Experience over the cloud, through any device or desktop, and you too can test the processor you see in this lab!

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Mind blown whilst reading more of the theory underlying my lab.

“Lets examine what is going on in the chaos game. Information from the roll of the die is random. The system has no idea where it is going, until the dice is rolled. Forecasting the direction of the system is impossible. Yet, once the system receives information, it is processed according to internal, deterministic rules. The result is a limited range of possibilities, but the number of possibilities is infinite.”

exo as college students

Baekhyun: goes to the computer lab to play league, shows up to class late with starbucks, finds out about work the day before it’s due, gossips

Chanyeol: in the school band, never has a pencil for class, always humming or making beats on the table, also in animal lovers club

Jongdae: complains about everything, always asks for extra credit, always tired because he was doing charity work, secretly loves gossiping with Baekhyun

Jongin: wonders why he has bad grades even though he shows up to class once a week, whines to his professors to let him make up an exam, is friends with Sehun

Kyungsoo: shows up every day with a black hoodie and jeans with some adidas slides and socks, doesn’t try in class but is still the smartest student, probably ends up teaching the class instead, has a crush on Jongin

Minseok: fed up with everyone on campus, probably skipped like 3 grade levels, people always ask to copy his homework, tutors people in his free time even though he complains about it

Sehun: only shows up to class during syllabus week and exam days, has the audacity to ask professor to bump his 67.8 to a 90.0 and is offended when professor says no, probably talks to 5 girls at once

Suho: only wears brand name clothes, switches between his Maserati and Lamborghini every day, definitely someone’s sugar daddy (or mommy)

Yixing: always looks tired/confused, falls asleep in class and always asks someone later what happened, earphones are always tangled, but manages to pass all his classes with As

I’m working on bits of my sociology of STEM manuscript while my code runs through large data sets. 

And it strikes me: Wow, I started out at fashion school and here I am, six years after the fact of dropping out, as a computational neuroscientist/statistical physics trainee.

I am glad our academic system makes that possible, that I was able to pull that off and that my sociology work goes toward answering the question how that path is very weird.

so I needed adobe programs to do homework and since it came with photoshop I figured I’d finally do this

this is literally a thing I’ve been wanting to do since I saw the intro for s6 cause it looked like he could totally be laying on a couch like “hey ladies..”
Analysis | President Trump won big in these places. Now he wants to eliminate 3 agencies dedicated to helping them.

From the article:

In rural Appalachia, people are so poor that there is a federal program dedicated to lifting them out of poverty. Through the Appalachian Regional Commission, the government pitches in on projects that these rural communities badly need but can’t quite afford — everything from fixing roads, to building computer labs, to training workers and to opening health clinics.

These efforts have become so widely admired that in recent years Congress launched, with bipartisan backing, sister agencies to help other rural regions stuck in generational cycles of poverty. Together the programs spend about $175 million each year bringing jobs and opportunities to places that long have felt left behind.

President Trump, who won rousing victories in these same parts of rural America, would eliminate that funding.

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