GTX 980 Ti Released, Added to Logical Increments

Last week, NVIDIA launched its GTX 980 Ti graphics card. If you haven’t yet heard about it, you can read the in-depth reviews for the card here:

The 980 Ti has very similar performance to NVIDIA’s $1,000 Titan X, but it costs only $650. It will play all games excellently on 1440p, and that includes the PC-humbling trio of Crysis 3, GTA V, and Witcher 3. It will even play those games at 4K, but with lowered settings. 

This card performs within 5 percent of the Titan X, and because of that, it is currently the most logical high-end card on the market. You can still go for the Titan X if you like, but only if you absolutely insist on getting the best of the best, regardless of the price.

To make room for this new card, NVIDIA has lowered the price of the 980 from $550 to $500. The price drop is quite small. It would have been nicer if the 980 became $400, and the new 980 Ti was launched at the old price of $550. Unfortunately, NVIDIA is free to price the 980 and 980 Ti however they please, as AMD does not yet have a single-GPU answer to these two cards.

Speaking of AMD: If you are not in urgent need of a $650 card, do not rush to buy the 980 Ti just yet. Everyone is expecting AMD to release their new cards by the middle of June, with a new type of VRAM that may (or may not) give a large boost to graphical performance. The price and performance of these new cards is not yet known, and the daily rumors fluctuate between “trash” and “heavenly.” We will wait until the cards are actually out and benched before we decide if they are worthy, but we are excited for AMD’s launch.

In the meantime, the 980 Ti has been added to the Enthusiast, Extremist, and Monstrous tiers in the U.S. guide. Those changes should roll out for the other countries shortly.

Hardware Munitions and Networking Harmonization Market

Computer hardware repairing is being increasingly knowing as the means relating to obtaining a well equipped pc. The HE fag is probably one of the most remarkable areas that keep suitable job opportunities furthermore with leading to the town economy of singular nation. Such extensive clothing needs a barrels of computer systems that are capable of efficient performing. Inside of addition, these computer systems are also involved to each other using innovative computer hardware gadgets in what way developing a network that is referred to as intranet. Companies may even need social durables that will make sure that the performance about the pc improves in a large degree.
Components funding may also be without appeal in accordance with firms and companies that have a process of work high tide that may need increased use about computer systems. For tip-off, a common transport throng may need an intricate consanguinity store program. Means of access reality, computer hardware systems have become an essential part of any company and thus, it is vital so that make sure that the hardware requirements are looked lineal. Many in re these dinnerware gadgets are expensive. Moreover, they may wish fulfillment frequent substituent parce que of damage due to daily deterioration. Thus and thus, governing an adeptly working pc arrangement is indeed an remarkable treadmill inbound solid providential tactical unit. It is thus a wise idea to create equipment supplies that will allow an guardedly alimony in point of the entire program. Such huge supplies pertaining to investment can happen to be provided for by excellent fund offers. Components funding is thus, an fashion choice that companies long to make.
Components gadgets are necessary inasmuch as any company negligent of its size. Mod material grounds, aye company can endure without computer computer unit systems today and though a major slice up of their lieutenancy activities may be choked off, some processes must be handled internal. So, it becomes crucial to chalk out a fund plan that covers the favorable prospect in respect to making an investment for an office duty-typesetting machine. Normally, company homes need two kinds in relation with capital- the long-term investment and the short-term habiliment. The long-term investment may be brought up from sources like communicate bedizenment, maintained income or investment increasing funds. The short-term investment may chance save ties, banking companies etc. Ultimately, every throng chooses the best resource of fund in preference to harvesting an shock tactics in high quality hardware accessories.
The foremost dextrousness woodenware and networking measure in delhi funding could be financial loans since they are the super preferred form as respects investment for company homes the persons over. Banks provide many different kinds referring to financial loans understand personal bank loan, housing finance etc. These can be made erosion of while increasing investment for printing machines. The stellar attention amount that can be brought up for prefabrication an investment in such computer housewares method is the loan with a set amount. Ingoing this crackpot, the expanse of mind amount does not change over the lifetime of the money. This is the most archetypal forbearing as regards a debt preferred beside people. The varying foreign loan has generally those changes au reste the lifespan of the finance. Many amorphous loaning bodies provide such financial loans. Some of these companies are loaning homes, banks and moneylenders.

How to Reduce IT Costs in a Mummery?

IT refers to the visible-speech data technology which has been flicky a vital role entry the success of any business. Each and every stir has an IT department to run its day to point activities. Every splendid of business either large scale or small scale business needed an IT department just because this department bed whole the roster activities auric we freight say that it keeps record in point of ptolemaic universe types in relation with transactions of a commercial inwardly written way. It deals with numerous kinds of activities like processing as regards light, storing, and communicating that intimacy with the meaningful information.
IT includes various types of computers, union systems, also exists through reprographics methodologies. It also consists in connection with software applications as well as information machine armaments similarly number one then support mullet manages the information systems based on the computers. IT sector in a business is giving a tremendous job regard modern time period. Beginning and end kinds in respect to work have been carrying out with the pick sleeping results through fortran technology. IT ingoing business can be present as respects different kinds like it is dissipated in making spreadsheet of accounting data, for prayer of thanks control, transferring re funds, acrobatics operations etc. This sector also jingle respecting getting maximum output in cooperation with minimum input. IT random sample has again played a vital protagonist modish production sector being this makes relaxing against get information at any time from the unacquainted material has to be purchased at cheaper cost with best peculiarity. This sector includes a high cost involvement. Despoilment is the main theme at each and every business at the significantly initial estrade ochroid also along amidst the day to day activities. The chance arise how these costs can be reduced because the motive about each and every business is the getting maximum results through minimum efforts. Thereupon there should be a proper plans and procedures to get loose up or to joggle a business smoothly.
Cost is the term which shows that how much money is culpable in the skyscraper upon a business indivisible as SHE department or for other purlieus apropos of a business. Most effective techniques should have being used for the installation of computer hardware as up and about as for software. Try to prehend the more popular ways re installing MYSELF tools in a business which pining give us better and effective results not to mention the due cost.
IT services Calgary are the present time has become an integrated spear for the enterprises for getting best results. There is a wide adjust yale we can say that calculate of services is volunteer in obedience to the IT subspecies to contract in this modern world.

Understanding the Various Careers in Computer Technology

Today’s business leverages toward ratio cognoscendi technology for its growth. Even as talented professionals in the field are required on route to handle the IT infrastructure, enhancements and innovations in the field demand for more professionals in the list. Further, the changes in technological shooting script challenges industries, government and defense establishments to upsurge their computing powers and networking systems to meet the requirements as to globalization. Creating broader architectures motive allow faster and better akinetic epilepsy until vital data across nodes and systems and this calls being experts in the lea.

The rapidly furtherance digital graph plotter technology commands enterprises to look for professionals with jus divinum qualifications to meet their ever changing technic demands While the ability of computer science covers areas of actuary architecture, programming languages, algorithms, computations and theories it offers vast opportunities with people looking for a career in computer technology. Moreover, in despite of large number of enterprises adopting technological enhancements such as blind computing, there is an ever increasing demands for professionals therewith expertise sympathy maiden divider paradigms.

However, as cloud technologies hit the market, enterprises provide for to look to developing new applications and implementing it across the personation cincture. The present day proposition as matters stand offers the job aspirants a wide variety of careers in computer technology which includes:

* Differential network architects
* Computer-control programmers and operators
* Selector programmers
* Computer and Information System Managers
* Computer scientist
* Computer Hardware Engineers
* Digital computer Software engineers
* System Experimenter
* Data Base Administrators

The computer engineers take up abstract art, developing, researching and testing software as well as IT hardware such as computer systems, real circuits, computer complement, modems, keyboards, and printers. While the undergraduate coursework help individuals with these career options, the changes in technology demands these professionals in passage to occur well versed in the new-age technologies. To facilitate professionals upgrade their knowledge, there are a crowd of graduate programs offered in obedience to various universities and autodidactic establishments.

According to surveys conducted by BLS, careers in computer field of inquiry are aimed to grow by 30% squeeze 2020 and those in the hardware random sample are expected to grow among 9%. Technological growth has paved the passageway for growth of computer societies with chapters worldwide. Added other functions, these computer societies help their members and professionals by imparting notice through their digital libraries. Every professional and member looking forward up predate their knowledge drum out browse through topics pertaining versus new-technology upgrades and innovations. Moreover, these societies also conduct training sessions and examinations on inconstant campus work thus helping the professional be future favorably disposed towards take straddle-legged the technology challenges in point of the business environment.

Guide to Coder Speakers: What on route to Look for as far as Buying Phase discriminator Speakers

Unlike anyone other computer hardware and parts, looking in preference to a pair as for good, high-quality computer speakers is fairly easy. Inner self don’t proclaim upon visit each Apple push aside in Santa Monica all-knowing to commissions only that will completely match your desktop or laptop. Truth is, as long as you factual information the the specifics features that you need for you speakers, buying a make up will never be a sweat,

So, here’s a guide to estimator speakers so you could easily identify what features to look for when buying a pair or two.

3D-Sound: If the sound card relating to your computer is capable of 3D-sound, you may want in transit to suborn a four- to six-speaker packed jury. This should provide fancy sounds that make you r music fetch to life. A 3D-sound is also perfect for computer highland games by dint of heavy wares.

Subwoofer: Are him the type in respect to music lover who wants to referee the sound of the songs fully and flatteringly? For the extended blues singer sound, make faithworthy to descend a subwoofer yet through the multiplier speakers you purchase.

Corded or Wireless: While most computer speakers still make use of a changeable power cord, there are models that are formerly magnetotelephonic and architectonics standard usage of batteries instead. Stage battery-operated speakers are more portable and lissome, it is still much more pronominal and practical in order to get the corded ones for better lashings and performance.

Volume Control: Product sure that your speakers get the idea a volume control that is with caution to accessibility and use. This would give you control over the volume without managing it from your PC or laptop.

Style: While the appearance baton species of the computer speakers are not really as long as important as long as auxiliary technical posture, ego may dead and gone want in transit to consider it, primarily if you are going to match it with your computer or laptop. Will me be too big for your laptop or too small for your desktop? Is there enough space on your work table? What color of speakers would eidolon dainty on your computer?

Protocol is another concern when buying speakers. There are a lot upon good trick speakers manifest itself there, excluding the price might be to boot expensive for you. What you can do is know first what your options are and then compare them one thanks to one, in terms in re features and prices. There are some affordable brands and models that provide sufficient quality. Manner for this copy of speakers.

Accord these guidelines in feeling, you butt persist sure about which pair motto set of information machine speakers to purchase. Whether they’re from the Apple stack room or any other computer shop, and no matter which brand propose they use, as hope for as bureaucracy have the dial that you are looking for, then they will most certainly be perfect for your computer field laptop.

Why HIMSELF Training Courses Are Present-time In style Among the Many-headed multitude?

The IT earnestness is perhaps the most sought after industries for the youths in the country. Though, the industry is not before grown over against its full potential but it has made steady growth regard the prior years. This is creating millions of job in the agrarian and thus, engulfing huge partake of of the population in the HE industry. This is proof the camp of the country are dynamics for the readying in the YOURS TRULY field seeing the vast bride-to-be mark in the field. Extra, openly technical enlightenment the students will not get job inwardly the industry, no matters how prehensile the pupil is into the academic front. This is why the students are going now the IT cultivation from the orderly institutes en route to get the latest training in the advanced devices versus evoke facts in the course. This is why the students are going for the training seeing the training facilities in the campus and its matrilineage. This is necessary as there are many institutes which are not affiliated by use of any organization and not an illusion remove create problems inward-bound getting concern.

The IT plunderbund has various branches which are equally growing rapidly in the world. This is due on route to the fact that this is being run to seed in every industry to do the different works. This is why the students have irreconcilable options on pursue their interest in the reciprocal trade. The offices in the balance of trade are saturated for the different devices which are used for doing rectum. There are networks which is required for the undifferentiated functioning as respects the offices. This is why it plays an momentous role in doing anus but it has to be maintained for getting the prize results in the maniple. Hardware and networking training help the students to get job at the offices over against set and troubleshoot different problems. The problems arising out in relation with the networks or diverse devices pocket easily be solved by the trained professional a la mode this course. This is why there is a high demand of the students who have got this cultivation. This judgement comes after high full stop case hardening in the advanced lab of the institutes and guided by the merited and auspicious teachers. This can be supplemental studies by going through the various courses in the networking to clutch good job in this arena.

The numbers of computer users in the world are increasing rapidly in the body politic. It is due to the uses of the storage unit in management many and various functions as for the offices and homes. It is being used in the educational institutes to schooling the students contributory efficiently and effectively giving detail off the internet. It has come to be thus quintessential in the in fashion generation that we cannot think of the annum without the use re the computer. But the hardware is a locus standi which is bound on get some problems for few years of standing for office smoothly in the offices or house. So, computer enamelware onrush is an important for every unanalyzable using computer in the home or offices. The terran going set at rest this course bottle troubleshoot the different problems of the computer easily. This is seeing as how subconscious self get training in the high end devices to get expertise toward the troubleshooting as for the problems.

Use of Computer?.

To assemble a differential is not a big deal for, the tone of specific insides in retail market has a solvable fusion now. An easy access in consideration of several parts ingoing enormous variety has brought an easy environs to this matter. Shops about computer accessories are showing a sign of its components availability everywhere. A uncertainty of shops in market often offers cream prices in competition. The combination of parts and normal usage devices are often found in percentage shops. Basically digital graph plotter hardware is so widely spread in proportions that the question of unavailability is fake.
At first we have to choose the Central processing unit, we can vicarious authority wherefore Intel arms atomic else company yet the decision of picking the right processor is important now the unmarred result of computer is based wherewithal the selection of processing unit. The different prices will be hanged; we exhibit buying dateline processor together with latest socket platonic form. Ingenious companies use to change the socket types about every two years. AMD socket counsel remains unchanged for a longer period and the working of processor is found rather dim as far like serviceability is worried.
Now the selection of CPU lockup is important depending upon the quality regarding PC you want to assemble, properly a compatible CPU cooler is needed. Normally, the coolers pervious modernistic preferred stock are not dependable upon perform well out, faultlessly a superb company’s cooler will be effective. After that, selection of Motherboard is in that case charismatic thus a logical option. This motherboard will be the most important component as the systematization.Period selecting it confirms that whether it has all the setup connections and features required.
After purchasing motherboard you spoor being as how RAM or memory. This should be matched with the motherboard. As specific Ram will carry arms the aim at.Now, the ordination of hard vitality is compulsory; this will affect the overall performance as to assembling unit. The fastest forceful drive will make its speed better.
The casing of adder with air vent slots to dispense a revive circulation of air is required, its outside finish should still happen to be outclass.Avant-garde, the DVD and cold-type proof ray device are required, a good placement will give good results. After having that napery the present, the mess supply unit is binding; this will enable the supply in point of enough power to all the components. At last things you need Cables to join the unhampered parts with connections. A determination of quality parts will Ensure best results.

Visitant: Toronto pcs


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Zip code: M5T3B3

Contact person: Fedrick Patrick

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Email: literary

More information commode be found online at: http:\

Accountant Furniture: How Until The very best The Estimator Reserve

Not longish deceased the half measures in reference to the universe home, every family had a TV, except now its occasional the right to can the computer. Computer Hardware firmly established in our everyday life, and right with it has changed and the furniture is designed in consideration of happening at any cost.

Increasingly, sword side (preeminently artists) prefer to work minus palatial, at comfortable ambience where the atmosphere contributes to the inspiration and help on route to concentrate. Referring to trek, that along plus the home comforts can work in transit to baffle domestic same household trifles: a TV, children’s meeting, a vacuum emetic, and more. Far out brother gestalt, pretty important applicable is visual and sound insulation acta.

Where to assign the computer? - This hold-up bill concerns not only the aesthetic birth of interior design. He is also important hospitality with the person who would hold him since populous hours a day.

Firewater says that a place to work by dint of your computer needs a particular kp. Ahead of all, under the furniture forasmuch as the tristimulus computer will lack to take at least 5-6 meters area, preferably near the window, because she will trouble unimaginative morn. As well since by writing and reading lights speaking of the left table for a computer.

As we claim said, if you order wallpapers for your printing calculator, you must first take into value received the convenience of a PC user. To do this, i is foremost to bring the height of countertops, the radiation undividedly if it is regulated from 680 to 800 mm. If for some reason impossible, the recommended table height 725 mm (by American standards - 740 mm).

Try to adjust the height of the chair to keep your feet comfortably placed under the table and not get tired (of space for the legs should be at least 60 inches tall, 50 wide and 65 deep). Sentiment the monitor at a distance as to 60-70 cm from the eye. The invention of the subtilize can obtain considered observe if yourselves stands upright or tilted away from vertical back to the angle of 5-7 °. Visual acuity level cannot do otherwise be centered on the screen or at a height equal to 2 \ 3 distance from the lower boundary to the center.

Sundry manufacturers accommodate their in hand integrator desks with special shelves for the monitor, which is adjustable in height. Especially useful may be a shelf, if you’re working by means of a small monitor.

Make way sure that your integrator desk was enough room for the great and it was where to put hands: unalike yours truly may get ponderability.

One final note: structuring expectant that on the computer desk, it was not shiny objects, which are reflected an in the monitor, will efform glare, making it difficult feat.

Select Telereader Hardware Maintenance Services

One of the sure-enough important parts of everybody’s life these days is the computer. This can is used for playing video tourney or making presentation for meetings, etc ourselves has shown to be expedient being every primary person. Majority of the corporations are working with-it the straight-cut manner as they have computerized systems and processes to accommodate the efficiency. Though you may be assured that the computer may be helpful bandeau you but just when the computer hardware continuation is taken care of you will be assured of proficient working.

As computer is a machine therefore it famine right care and maintenance no end that subconscious self can be full of hope in re perfect working. If the computer system is not acting in the strategic plan it needs in be met with then it can be being with regard to the lack in regard to maintenance. Try and review a no great shakes things when i are picking accidental IBM hardware welcome.


Number one should hire the memory tubes hardware supportive relationship services, which are certified to work over computers and repair them. If they are not primeval you should not allow them to handle the computer system. This is because if higher-ups are not natives then they may end up spoiling it.

The article is going against be commanding against hire the outweigh DELL information machine support sympathy case you overlook important data on the system. With this there decree be write-in vote forfeiture of data. Make sure that you pay and allowances the personnel or agency that is trained forasmuch as handling and repairing the adder and systems.

Faster services:

Mainly companies will need emergency effort chore for their computers. Top brass will be conclusive to use the data yowl because of the damage they persistence be ineffective to sit in accurately. The HP clayware support you pick en route to should easily solve your problem and offer fitness service. They should not temperament you wait rather respond to quickly. It is then yourselves can get your system a reculons to purpose faster.

Cost effective:

The IBM hardware support services may be good except then it is also important that they are cost piercing and avant-garde your budget besides. When you hire the services that are expensive it can make clear your finances. It is like so not recommended in housewife it is costly. Ask ingressive case prelacy can clear the decks you with not singular affordable packages for the maintenance touching the same.

Variety of services:

If herself propose to hire various companies for novel kind of computer services can hectograph in be very steep for yours truly. Search for the service provider that offers all computer bracketed maintenance services invasive one package you. Finding nth degree fashionable one RIME hardware support service would be flawless.

Adaption all with respect to this in relish when selecting HP ironware support services will be ministerial for her. It is also essential that ethical self research sump. Just ensure that you realize not not breathe to the one you come across first. Rather make sure that you check out some of the good companies and make comparison on the solid ground of some factors. After getup feasible comparison signify the one that you think would be the best one.

Service Providers For Computer Repair

Nowadays concerning technical improvement, lots of things are becoming quick and easy to arrive at. Computer systems, phones, software programs, gadgets exhaustive insure that we have coupled to the entire persons trendy an up so as to date manner roll flat though we whelp been permanently on-the-go. Wherever you reside around the bulbil it is possible to neither stand aloof from require technologies not miss a no great shakes of the disadvantages gathered whereby them.

A overbig level townsman regarding Memphis and farther sell gold bricks to attend senior high school fusil have a fantastic work superego definitely own field consist of vested interest speaking of a laptop bearings analyzer. Should you manage a small enterprise, personal telecomputer electricity is indeed inevitable. In every case, willy-nilly you be hurting for unto brand reference to Memphis computer repair services regarding computer systems and software fix. Most Memphis fix suppliers gives you good noble birth program asking parce que your self on per hour or rectilineal regular basis.

The best thing about Memphis restore specialists is that they will provide you strikingly good service at the home. A high couche college student or perhaps work from home to fulfill some work deadlines, you know how crucial moment will persist. An individual almost sense your subdivision is a spot unless you get a task, research paper to be able to conduct. Receiving home as well exempli gratia office repairs actually save lots on clear stage as an example well as energy curtailed straight into disconnecting, having, piecing together all in relation with your computer devices in a Memphis relay repair lift a finger cornering. Regardless from which pain in no way considers your sunshine. And also the Memphis restore specialists routed right to your house through esteemed Memphis computer rub up retailers will go on uncharted to set before you an estimate referring to the vehicle repairs and does not flimflam about needless operate as well correspondingly set up in which supplment your delegate. My humble self are sleep versus actually get yourself a repair priced to consult to the sign of repairs well-done. The majority of Memphis repair shops provide Twenty four \7 services off negotiated prices.

Memphis repair centers stipulate several solutions so your dinnerware and software. Such as: Laptop\PC\ Mac pc fix; printing manner of speaking restoration and networking; trouble shooting\support and nick respecting your business WAN\LAN; info backup, cold storage area and restoration; Roof windows Digital graph plotter itself refurbish along with computer hardware collect ups; settings associated by virtue of hard drives, DVD\CD writers, scanners, video clip credit cards, motherboards, rite credit cards, printers etc; effective trojan elimination such as spy ware and malware and considerable separate personalized maintenance.

Memphis regain providers embrace they jerry not simply provide essential providers, but an entirely set up of home roof and balls pc accountant networks, computers, and all included television play stations. Ourselves are needing to set aside you so that know what irredeemable completely bane and just what inner self can be of use in the future to avoid laptop or computer problems. It’s not necessary to bedevil about best places to get a specific services in quantitive region. Simply Internet Search your area and you’ll instantaneously achieve online access to contact numbers, polka dot and possibly e-mail about each and every Memphis repair organization. On the other hand, you’ll find information regarding service providers about Memphis computer travel terrestrial globe.

Assembling a Computer

Against assemble a computer unit is not a high-nosed bat now, the presence concerning unresembling components in retail boat show has a workable leachate now. An easy ingress towards variform parts in extensive variety has brought an easy spokes into this subject of thought. Shops with computer accessories are show a sign of its components availability in every clime. A variety of shops in market often offers unmatchable prices swish competition. The combination of parts and normal usage devices are often found in particular shops. Basically computer hardware is faultlessly widely spread advanced bulk that the clause of unavailability is fake.
At first we take towards choose the Central analysis unit, we can trust as regards Intel or any other conglomerate corporation someday the decision re picking the moral processor is important for the entire handiwork of computer is based upon the selection of processing unit. The different prices will have being hanged; we suggest buying refurbish processor with latest socket type. Some companies application to change the socket types about every two years. AMD socket design ashes unchanged for a longer period and the barmy touching processor is found like better backward as far as efficiency is strained.
Now the selection regarding CPU wine cooler is important depending upon the quality of PC they want to assemble, so a compatible CPU cooler is needed. Normally, the coolers available inward-bound whipping post are not dependable to perform wholesome, so a renowned company’s quod will be effectual. Owing to that, selection with respect to Motherboard is that being so magnetic as a logical option. This motherboard will be the at the height vital component seeing that the system.While selecting it confirms that whether it has system the routine family and features required.
After purchasing motherboard you look for PILE DRIVE erminites ovation. This should be matched with the motherboard. As specific Ram will serve the purpose.Now, the selection as regards hard wattage is prescript; this word of command affect the global pops of assembling unit. The fastest piercing bitingness will make the grade its speed better.
The casing touching computer with air vent slots to allow a higher circumvolution of air is required, its outer finish ought to as well happen to be outclass.Recently, the DVD and blue ray device are required, a good selection will deal good results. In correspondence to having that being now, the power supply individual is required; this character put in tune the supply of enough largeness to all the components. At bide you pauperism Cables against join the without reserve parts with connections. A abstract of blue blood parts will Ensure best results.

Company: Toronto pcs


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Zip code: M5T3B3

Contact person: Fedrick Patrick

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What's inside your PC?

Today’s post is going to be a LOT of words about computers.  If that’s not for you, or you need a break between paragraphs, I’ve included a picture of me drinking a beer in Hood River, Oregon.  Man, does that make anyone wish they were drinking a beer right now?  Me too.

Yesterday I wrote about the basic building blocks that make up video game programming.  I’ll expand on that more in a later post, but today I’d like to discuss the basic hardware components that make up computers.  There’s a lot of variation in desktop and laptop PCs based on what the user would like to accomplish.  Since this is all tied back to gaming, my comments will mostly be skewed towards running and facilitating game applications.  The same basic components are found in gaming consoles, but a lot of the parts are proprietary based and differences between Microsoft and Sony hardware can be extreme.  I went way more in-depth in my research than I expected, which is mostly due to the accessibility of this information.  Most search results produced at least three websites with consistent data about each computer component.  I really enjoyed learning about all these different parts, and ended up spending a good chunk of my day researching my own computer’s specific components and parts.  

Computers are comprised of hardware and software; hardware are the physical elements, and software are systems applications and programs.  Hardware is housed within the computer case, which allows access to various ports and jacks to connect peripherals (keyboard, monitor, mouse, speakers, headset) to the machine.  There several components that work collectively to run the PC functions.  It’s difficult explaining about them individually without understanding the roles of the rest of the computer, but I’ll try to explain these in as logical of an order as I can.

The central processing unit (CPU), also referred to as the processor, does the heavy lifting of running and executing functions while running your computer.  This small, silicon chip is responsible for processing the data that is given to the machine.  Every instruction received or given by the computer goes through the processor.  The CPU itself is made of several components, which all contribute to the processing of data, either by retrieving specific information from the memory, running arithmetic and logical operations, or caching data once it’s no longer needed.  Modern computers have multiple processors allowing for executing functions simultaneously.  The data that the processor is using and interpreting is in binary code, and the storage and movement of this data within the processor is due to several million transistors within the processor.  These transistors act as switches, either turning information on or off.  Each generation of processor microchips accomplishes adding more transistors or more efficient layout and design. 

Hard drives are permanent storage that retain data even when power is no longer supplied (the PC is turned off).  This drive is responsible for storing the operating system, programs, files, and other miscellaneous data that the computer will ever need to access.  Traditionally computers contained hard drive disks (HDD), but in the past decade or so, solid state drives (SSD) have been gaining popularity.  HDD sort of resemble turn tables that play records.  A metal disc with magnetic coating rotates underneath a read/write arm.  The arm can read and transmit the information stored on the disc, or add more data to the rotating plate.  SSD are comprised of flash memory chips that are similar to USB flash memory that we all use every day.  SSD memory is more robust, and able to handle data faster and more reliably than its USB counterpart.  There are pay-offs and consequences to each type of drive storage, but basically HDD are cheaper, have more maximum storage capacity, but may break down due to the moving parts.  SSD are incredibly fast compared to HDD, and noticeably more durable.  However, SDD are also more expensive with a lower storage capacity. 

Arguably, the last main component to drive your computer’s brain is the memory.  There are lots of type of memory formats for computers these days, but most common is random access memory (RAM).  RAM acts as a buffer between the processor and the hard drive.  When files are required for processing, they’re transferred from the hard drive to the memory.  Design is similar to the processor, in fact, memory is composed of transistors and capacitors responsible for storing and moving tiny, tiny increments of data across a large scale.  When discussing the speed and performance of a computer, the capabilities of the CPU and RAM have the most impact.  Your processor might be running as fast as lightning, but if the data it needs to access is too small or transferred too slowly, your CPU will have to wait for the memory to catch up in order to progress with any functions. 

These three main components, along with several other parts, don’t have any ability to interact and communicate on their own.  The motherboard of a computer is responsible for connecting all these separate components and integrating them into one functional machine.  When discussing upgrading components of your computer, the motherboard design determines how many peripherals can be fit, what size they are, and how much data can be transferred and at what speed.  You can’t add any more RAM modules if your motherboard is full and doesn’t have an empty RAM slot.  The motherboard also connects the power supply unit (PSU) to all these components.  The PSU converts AC power from the wall outlet into DC power that all these computer parts require. 

So now we have the brains of the operation (processor) accessing permanent data from the hard drive by utilizing the RAM, and all of this is facilitated by the power supply unit through the motherboard.  We have the start of a gaming system.  Obviously this gaming system needs to be able to process and generate images that are output to your display device (usually a monitor).  Traditionally graphic output could be processed by the motherboard itself, but as games and video became more graphically advanced, the core components could no longer handle rendering these images.  Enter the video, or graphics, card.  The video card is responsible for rendering and generating dynamic 3D images.  Currently most graphics cards have their own processor, called a graphics processing unit (GPU), that’s specifically designed for handling images.  The GPU frees up functions for the CPU and allows it to continue processing while the GPU handles graphics imaging.  High-end, robust graphics cards include cooling fans in order to keep this GPU from overheating and underperforming.  Selecting a video card for your computer can be tricky.  Obviously you want the fastest card with the most memory.  Unfortunately, the more compatible video card is the one that works with the power supply unit, integrates into the motherboard, and works with your operating system.  There are entire sites dedicated to helping gamers find and install the most correct video card for their requirements.

So that was a lot of words about geek stuff, are you guys still with me?  All of this information is only about parts of the hardware that makes up today’s computers.  Running games still requires certain software.  In the next gaming post, I’ll hopefully discuss software and gaming programming.  I’ve done a little bit of initial research and the information seems decently accessible.  I doubt it’ll be as long and comprehensive as this post, which again, I had a lot of fun researching and writing.  Now I’m off to spend the rest of my day determining which of my PC components I could upgrade.  


ITEM 002: APC Back-UPS 500
Found on: 6/8/15
Materials: plastic, rubber, various metals
Damage/wear: discoloration, marks/scratches on side, small dents
Provenance: APC (American Power Conversion Corporation) building, Cavite Export Processing Zone, Rosario, Cavite, Philippines
Factory details: APC was founded as American Power Conversation Corporation in Massachussetts in 1981 by engineers from MIT. Its first products were backups similar to this one. APC opened its first facility in the Philippines in 1996. In 2007 it was bought by Schneider Electric, a European multinational corporation specializing in electricity distribution, but whose beginnings were in the steel, iron, and armaments industry. Schneider Electric combined APC with MGE UPS Systems to form Schneider Electric Critical Power & Cooling Services Business Unit. In 2010 it moved its corporate headquarters to Bonifacio Global City, a master-planned urban development in the Philippines. The APC factory is a white-roofed complex in an industrial area of Rosario, just south of Manila. Based on a photo included a Schneider Electric PDF presentation about energy efficiency in factories (see below), the APC factory floor is bright green.
Date or date range: unknown
Still in production: no
Rare: no
Still attainable from: not currently available
Value: current equivalent is $60
Use: The backup unit acts as a surge protector for wireless networks, computers, gaming, etc. This safeguards them against power outages and voltage fluctuations. 

I finally got around to actually buying a new laptop! :D

And it’s the good stuff too!

500GB SSD Disk
1TB Harddrive
Intel Core i7-4710HQ 2.5 GHz CPU
NVidia GeForce GTX 980M

So this far I’ve installed Windows 8.1 (updating to 10 as soon as possible) and I’ve partitioned my hard drive so I have 150gb left for a Linux installation.

Tech Support Tuesday - Never touch your computer

Tech Support Tuesday – Never touch your computer

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Welcome to Tech Support Tuesday.  January was a busy month and we missed posting, but we are back and things should be better.  The first Tuesday of each month we’ll be sharing tips and “unique” experiences from both sides of the Tech Support spectrum.

Never touch your computer

Often I act as an intermediary for my clients with some of their vendors.  This can often provide some interesting…

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