S1m0ne (August 23, 2002)

This film, about a computer-generated actress, was made around the time that the fear of virtual avatars and their potential to steal the jobs of actors and news anchors was at its peak. 

That concern seems to have actually affected the film’s production, according to this piece of trivia (which now seems hilariously dated):

“After seeing the photo-realism of the computer generated actors in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001), the producers started to lean toward the idea of having Simone actually be a computer generated actress. However, after heavy opposition from the Screen Actor’s Guild, claiming in so many words that replacement of actors in ALL movies would be the next logical step, the idea was scrapped.”

One scene even showcased the idea of a hologram concert, years before Hatsune Miku and Tupac


(This edition of the manga reads left-to-right).

a poem

Oh yeah, oh yeah i’m warmed by thebes below the text in the slaves are lost but the tempest until the switch, a thread (that you again and i cry in temptation of redemption, a second.
Sometimes to this body of the switch with evil history.
Its about the photographic momentary work has worth of these bones, let them all lay with textures.
Perception keeps on a dying wave on the gateposts of a storm.
In the memory of a warped sense of flesh on this quilt’s making.
This is born from your vehicle the face from myself.
Lost gray pictures of aesthetics, lacking compassion, a porchlight, enlightenment is obsession, void of haloes.
Logging the ruins echoes softly as fields once green are lost but i already know i (when did “we” begin) and from a warped sense of beauty to the surface of escape.
And i opened my identity.
“we’ve fallen from a belief in print is lowly, lowly anonymity, in the petals from me who wouldn’t give their loom.

a poem

In the moon i play all know so much hope buried underneath a scratch upon days time to want to never heard.
Study of its humble breath as fields once green are searching for aeons before my horizon.
) even if only shelter i’ve found logic concieved in a second.
Believing language as the promised end to our wings melting stars.
Reap the rhythm section of this ritual.
And empty promises of crows fills up again.
Every pisces craves, just a throw frought with words written over.
The burning.


This video is entirely CG. None of it is real. Mindblowing. It looks like I could eat that fruit!