Subject/Degree-Themed Asks

Math - What simple things add happiness/excitement to your life?

History - What is one striking childhood memory that you still have until now?

Science - What comprises a perfect morning for you?

Literature - What’s your favorite book or movie and why?

International Studies - What’s one language you’ve been dying to learn?

Psychology - Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Philosophy - What’s your favorite quote or saying?

Computer Studies - What’s one gadget you couldn’t live without?

Engineering - What’s one innovation that you wish was invented?

Economics - When it comes to relationships, is surplus or shortage better?

Advertising - Describe yourself in 5 words. May be a phrase or 5 different words.

Architecture - Top 5 cities/countries you want to visit.

Sports Management - What’s your hatest/least liked sport?

Communication Arts - What songs convey exactly what you’re feeling/what you need right now?

Education - What’s one skill/craft that you can confidently teach a group of 20 people?

Writing - What’s one trope/plot line you wish to see in books or movies?

Finance - Give us some money saving tips!

Health Sciences - What are your favorite foods that are considered healthy?

Tourism - How will you advertise/convince people to go to your country in 10 words?

Legal Studies - What’s an unpopular belief you have that you will defend ferociously to anyone when they contradict it?

Music - What are some of your favorite lyrics?

Nursing - What’s the one thing that revives you after a stressful day?


Introverted Thinking (Ti):

  • Views reality as a complex system
  • Adept at organizing their understanding into structured thought
  • Can organize cognition into categories, diagrams, formulaic descriptions, or complex step by step instructions
  • Easily understands, constructs, and deconstructs the abstract and delicate internal workings of abstract systems (computers, natural phenomena, gadgets, mathematical equations)
  • Precise in their understanding
  • Strives for highly detailed realizations
  • Skilled at synthesizing new information
  • And incorporating it into established categories
  • Often attracted to mathematical fields, physics, chemistry, etc
  • Highly attuned to the premises of logical consistency
  • Adheres to predefined principles
  • Uses these principles as a basis on which to make judgments
  • Prides themselves on rationality
  • Can be quite proactive
  • May live highly structured or regimented lifestyles

Extroverted Intuition (Ne):

  • Greatly in tune with novel connections and possibilities
  • Desires to apply their systems and analysis to these possibilities
  • Able to see many concepts
  • Strives to cover new fields untouched by their former logical analysis
  • Inclined to expand theoretical concepts, by moving to new possibilities
  • Believes restricting their logical scope hinders true understanding
  • Believes developing new ideas requires categorizing, systematizing, and promoting understanding about them
  • Tends to see novel ideas (without implications or relevance to a larger framework) as uninteresting or pointless
  • Sometimes minimally interested in real-world application for their ideas, preferring abstract or theoretical speculation
  • Tend toward contemplative academic fields allowing abstract speculation to lead to concrete conclusions
  • Typically tolerant of unusual lifestyles and differing viewpoints

Introverted Sensing (Si):

  • Not naturally adapt at understanding their internal physical needs
  • May neglect their physical health
  • Prone to routine in certain areas of life
  • Often dislikes unnecessary sensory changes
  • Can be detailed and precise in gathering knowledge
  • May need to present themselves as physically competent
  • Can be insulted if directly criticized about their lack of environment or bodily awareness
  • Appreciates others whose natural focus lies in attending others’ needs
  • Under-emphasizes the importance of physical well being to mental health

Extroverted Feeling (Fe):

  • Usually lacking in outward emotional energy
  • May seem stiff, cold, rational, or unresponsive to emotional concerns
  • Often overly formal in social situations
  • Appreciates it when others make them feel comfortable or part of the group
  • Tends to live up in convivial or amusing situations
  • Can engage in silliness and comedy around trusted friends
  • May be highly sensitive to others’ emotional approval
  • Often appreciative of others’ emotional warmth and friendliness
  • Tends to be noncritical of others’ actions, to avoid emotional reprisals
  • May be susceptible to acting in accordance to others’ moods
  • May undervalue the importance of avoiding arguments on their mental well being

Drawn from MBTI / Socionics descriptions. Compiled by Charity.

“Broken” (Chapter Five)

So I feel like this chapter is a little boring. But holy crap I love Bruce and Bucky’s talk so much. It’s something that leads to a huge decision on Bucky’s part and ughhhh just read it lol. It might be boring but its actually sort of beautiful.

Let me know if you want to be added to the tag list! Make sure and show the fic some love with likes and reblogs!


Enjoy :)


“Bucky.” Steve knocked on the bathroom door, raising his voice to be heard over the water. “Bucky, Sam and I are going for another run since we got rained out this morning, you want to go?”

“No.” Bucky said quickly, but not rudely, shutting off the shower and wrapping a towel around his waist, shaking his wings cautiously to dry them as best as he could. “No, I don’t.”

“What’s the matter?”

“My arm.” Bucky showed him the stiff limb, the way it wouldn’t unbend. “When I was boxing in the gym earlier it just locked up on me.” They had added an afternoon workout to their day now, and even though Bucky was no where near ready to spar with Sam and Steve, he was content to box, using the reinforced bags until even his left arm was sore. It was a good outlet, or at least it had been until his arm had stopped working.

“Damn it.” Steve sighed, dragging his fingers through his hair. “I didn’t notice Buck, I’m sorry. Let me just call Tony and–”

“No.” Bucky said quickly, bringing his wings up to hide his arm, shaking his head adamantly. “But you should go with Sam. You’ve been baby sitting me for like two weeks now, I’m sure you need time out with your friends.”

“I can stay.” Steve offered. “It’s not a big deal. Tony has a really great lab, I can sit there with you and–”

“No, Steve!” Bucky snapped, then held up a hand in apology. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry Stevie, I just can’t, alright? The Alpha–”

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Love your winterironwidow AUs, they give me life! But most are winterwidow to winterironwidow, how about we change it up a bit: Tony and Nat are working together (and being together) as a sort of "anything-for-hire" - they will steal, spy, assassinate and protect, whatever is needed, for money. And they are VERY good at what they do, what with Nat's infiltrating sneaky spy skills combined with Tony's computer/gadget skills and brains (and they are both excellent at acting). (1/2)

(2/2) Then one mission Tony’s cover has been blown and he has to disappear into the crowd. He spies a guy sitting alone in a café and sits down next to him asking him to hide him because some guys have been following him all day. Bucky, always the gentleman, does exactly that, and they proceed to have a wonderful first date which doubles as a job interview because turns out the former special forces sniper is currently unemployed, and has just the right skill set to compliment the other two.

“Tony,” Natasha says slowly, eyeing up the good-looking young man currently standing half-naked in their bedroom. “What did I say about cheating on me?”

“Not to, or you’d slit the bitch’s throat right in front of me and make me watch them die, then drown me in their blood,” Tony cheerfully replies, sauntering out of the walk-in closet he’d insisted every safe house would have to contain, while the stranger spluttered. “He’s got great abs though.”

“I can see that,” Natasha states drily because he really does. Dead-Hottie-Walking–and damn it, Tony’s ridiculous nickname habits are starting to rub off on her despite her best efforts–has earned the name. He’s also pulling himself together remarkable fast, refuses to break eye-contact with her despite the light blush that refuses to die down.

Natasha always respects a man who refuses to cower in front of her but is still smart enough to realise he’s in trouble.

“He’s also a sniper,” Tony adds, as though that is supposed to make her feel any better, and throws the guy a shirt he catches without looking. 

Oddly enough it does make her feel better.

“Really?” she drawls, attention still fully focused on the unknown threat. “And how did you come to lose your shirt?”

Dead-Hottie-Walking’s mouth sets into a tight line, before he visibly forces himself to relax, shrugs. “It got blood on it,” he answers, no inflection whatsoever. And yes, she can see why Tony likes him.

Damn it.

“So,” she leans against the door frame, folding her arms in front of her chest in a mock-show of patience. “Are you going to tell me why you’ve invited a virtual stranger in our,” secret “bedroom or should I go get my knives and get the answers myself?”

“Kinky,” Dead-Hottie-Walking mutters not quite under his breath. Definitely see why Tony likes him.

“It totally wasn’t my fault!” her loveable, genius, idiot of a boyfriend blurts out, hands flailing. “I was just doing my job, there was absolutely no way I could’ve foreseen-!”

Natasha suppresses a sign.

So this is going to be one of those days.

I adore this. I love the twist of Tony/Nat being a thing before Bucky joins them!!! (He totally will, it’s just gonna take some time, for one Nat will have to stop calling him Dead-Hottie-Walking at some point) I hope you like the silliness I came up with :)

sinful reunion, ch.2 (M)

→ summary: “mind over matters of the heart or matters of the heart over mind?”

genre/warnings: ceo!yoongi, angst, smut, instances of cheating

→ rating: M

→ word count: 9.4k

→ pairing: Min Yoongi | Reader; Kim Seokjin | Reader

→ previous chapter: ch. 1

Mind over matters of the heart.

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Batman X Reader - He Reveals His Identity To You

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(You can make up your own superhero name for this one if you want to)

Your P.O.V.

Being in the Batmobile was always special. I was working with Batman, yes, the Batman. He knew my real name, my age, pretty much everything. I knew nothing about him. Well, at least not much. He could be a pain in the ass but I kinda liked him anyway.

‘‘You know what would make this easier?’‘ I asked him while leaning against my seat. His hands were firmly on the steering wheel and his eyes were on the road. ‘‘What?’‘ He murmured shortly. I sighed and tried to figure out who the hell he really was. It wasn’t easy. ‘‘If I could know who you are’‘ I let him know. It made me chuckle but that was it. He wasn’t going to tell me.

‘‘Fine, be that way’‘ I crossed my arms and stared out of the window. Gotham was quiet tonight which was odd. It was Wednesday so maybe that could explain it. ‘‘You know Y/N, I’m not sure whether you run off as I tell you’‘ He said, making me roll my eyes and anyone could see it through the black mask I had. I was wearing black tights made out of spandex, a shirt with the same material, white gloves, a black mask that covered the upper half of my face and a cape that Batsy gave me. It came in handy. I also had one of those belts with cool stuff like Batarangs.

‘‘So you don’t trust me yet I can wear your stuff?’‘ I raised my eyebrow. He stayed silent. The silence was bothering us for a few minutes. I didn’t even think about where we were until he drove into a dark tunnel. My eyes got used to the dark as he slowed down. We were in some sort of a cave. Batman parked the car and that’s when I realised where we were.

The Batcave!

I got out of the car and stared around me. I didn’t expect it to be so big! There were stairs all around, making this place appear even larger. I saw lights here and there, costumes, computers and strange gadgets I couldn’t name. ‘’I was wondering if you would like to join our side, not just temporarily’’ Batman broke the silence. He was really giving me a hard time to breathe. This was a lot from him!

‘‘Are you kidding me?’‘ I gasped and looked at him. Suddenly he grabbed his mask, pushing it off his face. As he moved his hands out of the way, I saw his face. Batman, the man I had been working with and developed feelings for was Bruce fucking Wayne!

‘‘Jesus Christ’‘ I spat and then smiled, feeling extremely happy. ‘‘You’re Bruce Wayne!’‘ I stated the obvious. Knowing who he was made me relieved. ‘‘So is that a yes or no?’‘ He wanted to know. Becoming a part of the Bat family would be a huge step in my life.

‘‘Yes, Bruce. Why would I say no?’‘ I answered his question. He smiled at me which was a rare sight. ‘‘I’m glad to hear that. Do you want me to show you around?’‘ Bruce asked me, then glancing around us. I jumped beside him and locked our arms in a playful manner. ‘‘Yes sir’‘ I replied a bit childishly. I was just really glad at the moment that I couldn’t help myself. By the look of it, Bruce didn’t mind it.

‘This here is brother eye…’‘

more pjo au!!!

Aight we’re going with Pidge this time!! find the first part here

  • Ok so Katie Holt and her brother Matt never knew that they were demigods
  • They’re father, an astrophysicist, knew they were, but wanted to shield them from the dangerous world and raised them as mortals (though he does keep contact with the demigod world)
  • While Sam Holt knew demigods weren’t supposed to use phones, he didn’t think other technology could pose that much of a problem and since both of his kids passion lied in computers and technology, he really couldn’t stop their use (and even if he tried they were much too smart to just listen and not find an alternative way to fiddle around with the latest gadgets)
  • Also, Katie and Matt were both homeschooled
  • Sam really didn’t care about a traditional education for his kids because he knew from early on they were both grade-A geniuses and that the traditional school system wouldn’t benefit them (they both adhd, but only Matt had dyslexia- him and Katie built a special computer/gadget/thingy that helps him to read things more clearly,  etc as working with binary and reading long manuals and scientific workings posed difficulties for a major techy)
  • So Katie and Matt grew up extremely close- they were both fascinated with space and spent most of their time just learning about all different science subjects and buildling supercomputers and satellites in their bedroom to prove aliens existed
  • However, Katie noticed by the time she was 10 and Matt was 14 that her dad began acting weirdly and became really overprotective
  • She could actually pinpoint the day when he started acting like this
  • remember how i said Sam Holt remained in contact with the demigod world?
  • ok so it was a couple weeks after her birthday and around 3 in the morning. Normally she was asleep by then, but she had thought she heard a signal from her “alien tracker” so stayed up longer to see if she’d hear it again
  • She was laying in the darkness waiting for any indication of life in outer space when she heard the front door opening
  • quietly she crept downstairs to find a teenager with a scar across his nose and a tuft of white hair talking with her father, both looking grave
  • after that it was like her father went haywire for no reason
  • He kept keeping Katie and Matt from working on their inventions and instead had them reading more than ever and barely even let them go to the grocery store
  • Katie finally understood why when she was 11
  • In the middle of the night an intruder came into her home and kidnapped her father and brother, her father was only able to save her and tell her some coordinates before hiding her away in a cupboard and looking for her brother next, he didn’t get there in time to warn Matt
  • So she did the only thing she could do and went to the coordinates her dad had told her
  • She was shaken and unbelievably scared and really just didn’t know what to do
  • And that’s how she wound up at the Garrison
  • There she reinvented herself as Pidge, before arriving she had cut her hair (the long locks were constantly getting in the way of her working) and started wearing Matt’s clothes (… she just really missed him)
  • She didn’t want to be Katie at the Garrison. Katie was a person meant only for her family. Katie didn’t exist without them. So she was Pidge
  • Pidge only told Coran about her brother and father at first, not wanting anyone to know about the horrors of what happened to her
  • He explained more about the demigod world to her and it was revealed she was a child of Athena (surprise surprise)
  • He sent out older demigods on secret quests to find her family, but none of them worked
  • despite her protests she was quickly taken under the wing of Lance McClain, a 14 year old son of Aphrodite from Cuba and his best friend Hunk Garret, son of Demeter
  • she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t thankful for Lance and Hunk’s friendship
  • at first she acted really aloof and standoffish to them but that was only because she was focusing all her energy on finding her family, which she didn’t want them to know
  • but after only a few months of being friends she found herself telling them everything, especially after Lance talked to her softly like he had done with his younger siblings, knowing that everything was not ok with Pidge
  • Lance and Hunk were so supportive of her and vise versa
  • They were relentless in trying to find her family and she paid them back by baking cookies with Hunk and aiding Lance in his rivalry against Keith
  • But… they never did find Sam and Matt Holt
  • after two years Pidge finally accepted that she wasn’t going to find them
  • And it was really hard
  • but her friends were there for her and eventually it got better, not great, but still better
  • Little did she know that three years later when she was 16, that the next great prophecy calling for her and five other demigods would bring her closer to her family then she would realize…

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I don't know if this is more of an headcanon or AU, but what Hogwarts house do you think each Son would be?

Firstly, thank you for this request. I love Harry Potter, and I am here for this. Second, going off the Hogwarts house traits, I feel like some of the characters fall under two houses, so I’ve listed them as such. Thank you for this request!

Jax - Slytherclaw
While Jax had all the information in JT’s diaries, and all the ideas and creativity to get the job done, his personal affairs and feelings overshadowed his goals for the club and he uses the club for his own ambitious gain. He is resourceful, but fails to use in a manner that benefits the club. He lets his emotions overtake his rationale and without a moral compass, we see how power can be dangerous in the hands of a leader.

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Juice - Slytherpuff
Juice was smart with a computer and gadgets, but deep down I feel he was a Hufflepuff with a touch of Slytherin. Juice worked hard in the club, giving everything he had for his brothers, with the ambition to have a family that would love him back. His love and dedication for the club saw him use any and all resources he could, and while in the end it caused his demise, everything he did was because he loved his club, and craved the same love in return.

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Chibs - Gryffinpuff
Chibs is the perfect balance of Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. He will go to great lengths for his club, willing to do what needs to be done and obedient to his leader. He is dedicated, chivalrous and loyal to the cause. A fatherly figure with a heart of gold, Chibs is generally level-headed and a source of advice and care to his brothers. He’s the Dumbledore of Charming.

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Tig - Gryffindor
Tig is a Gryffindor through and through. When I think of Tig, I feel like he’s the “do first, think later type”. Something needs to be done for the club, he jumps at it, full of daring and nerve. He’s made his mistakes, as they all have, but he loves the club and his brothers and is willing to do what needs to be done, not always considering the consequences. A big heart (and the mane) of a lion.

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Happy - All houses
This might be a cop-out, but Happy is the ultimate Son. He encompasses what a perfect member is. He is deeply loyal, dedicated, has the daring and nerve to carry out any task he is asked to do. He’s resourceful, intelligent, and above all else; he’s got mad respect for his mumma.

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Clay - Slytherin
This dude. If anyone is going to be a Slytherin, it’s Clay Morrow. Not because all Slytherins are bad, they’re certainly not. But this guy possess all the qualities of a Slytherin and uses them for his own gain. He is cunning, using anyone he needs to carry out his dirty business, he’s manipulative, using his status and resources to get what he wants. He has ambitions that aren’t generally for the good of the club but for himself, and he causes so many issues throughout the club. I could list all the things but we’ve all seen the show for the most part and no one has that much time for an essay on Clay Morrow lmao.

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Piney - Slytherclaw
Unlike Jax, Piney’s got that wise, old man feel about him. He knows how the club needs to be run, he knows what needs to be done and offers council at church meetings. Very traditional, and set in his ways like Slytherin pureblood can be, Piney sometimes struggles to see what new ideas can bring to the club.

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Opie - Gryffinclaw
Much like his old man, Opie has the right ideas and know-how to run the club. He’s been around and in the club long enough to know what is best for SAMCRO and his loyalty runs deep. He is a great VP for Jax, as Jax tends to act on his emotions and Opie is more the rational thinking type. While he did struggle coming out of jail and adapting back to home and club life, proved his loyalty by refusing to rat on the club not once, but twice. He is brave and fierce, a big heart and he’s built like a Whomping Willow.

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Bobby - Ravenpuff
Bobby is the perfect mixture of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. He’s intelligent, a constant source of rational thinking and handling of the club’s treasury. Able to see what is best for the club, putting aside personal feelings and using logic to make decisions and offering suggestions. He is hardworking, loyal and dedicated to SAMCRO, and his baking is quality. While cooking good food isn’t necessarily a trait, Hufflepuffs were located close to the Hogwarts kitchens, and you just know that Hufflepuffs are gunna be baking things for their friends, like we see Bobby do.

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Half Sack - Hufflepuff
A true Hufflepuff. Kip encompasses everything that a Hufflepuff is, through the house values and the stereotypical “nice” attitude. Kip is hardworking, doing anything and everything the club asks of him. A little bit of Gryffindor bravery shines through, taking on tasks that he’s scared to do, but he is dedicated, ready to prove his loyalty and value to the club.

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Juicy Christmas

One shot. Juice/reader. Fluffy comedy. Probably not my best. But enjoy. I pictured my mom and grandma’s accents. And how loud my family can be around the holidays. 😁

Noche Buena/Christmas eve. It’s typical for the Christmas celebration start on this night. Some exchange presents this night. It’s literal translation is Good Night.

Mi Hija (Me eeha) is Spanish for my daughter. It’s usually shortened to Mija (Pronounced “Meeha”

Jugo (hoogo) is the Spanish word for juice. Yes like the drink.

Coquito (Co-kee-toe) is Puerto rican coconut spiced rum eggnog.

Spanglish is a when we mix English and Spanish into the same sentences and speech.

Abuela (ah-boo-ella) is Spanish for Grandmother.

It had been almost a year now that you had been dating Juan “Juice” Ortiz and it had been an amazing wild ride. He was smart. Sweet. Sexy. And he was crazy about you. You had become super close to him and his friends in the MC. They treated you like their sister and protected you with their lives. Juice treated you like his queen. You had tons of things in common. You both loved computers and gadgets. You both played video games. You both were Puerto Rican although you actually were fluent and he understood a bit but couldn’t speak it. It drove him wild with desire when he heard you speak Spanish on the phone. Phone calls to your family usually led to him lifting you over his shoulder and taking you to bed right then and there. All in all everything was a fairy tale. There was only one thing you were stalling about. Meeting your family. You loved your family with all your heart. But you knew they were a bit much to some people. Well. To most non Hispanics. But the date was coming and you were trying to avoid thinking about it.

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Lost and Found (Part 4)

Prompt: Imagine finding a lost dog, but it’s not just anyone’s lost dog. Who will show up at your door to claim the pup?

Warnings: maybe language, lost dog…

Word Count: 1462

Note: My precious doggie went missing on 6/10 and no one has spotted her or turned her in to the local shelters or anything. I miss her so much, but it inspired this fic. Texts are in italics. Thank you so much to all the support and love for this fic! Thanks to my darling beta @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

Tags: @amarvelouswritings@blackwidow-romanoff@cocosierra94@firstgal34​ @harleyquinnandscarletwitch @sebstan01 @camigt1999


You double checked your makeup in the bathroom and texted Ida at 5:15, ranting about your nerves. What would this be like? Would he like you? You’d never hung out or talked face to face for more than five minutes. Would he be so annoyed with you? Would you bore him?

Finally, you ballsed up and walked down through the skyscraper and stood outside, waiting for him. Within a few minutes, he showed up, looking breathtaking.

“Hey,” he greeted softly.

“Uh, hi,” you managed before Chuffy started to jump at you.

“Down boy, don’t. See, I told you,” he said with a laugh.

“Oh, no he’s fine!” You knelt down petted him and kissed him on the head. “I missed you too Chuff–Spinee.”

“Shall we go to the park?”

You nodded. “Sure. Yeah.” You walked along, trying to say little, just enjoying being with him. You never knew when this would end. When he would tire of you.

After a little bit, you found a nice park and Sebastian started to talk to you.

“So, explain to me a little bit more about your company,” he requested politely.

You laughed. “You don’t really want to hear about all that nerdy shit, do you?”

“I just asked, didn’t I?” he countered lightly.

“I suppose you did,” you said. “Well basically, we have over 500 thousand techs, right?” You peeked up and he nodded, staring ahead as if he was listening intently while walking Chuffy. “Well, we have several satellite locations. So let’s say someone in Atlanta needs help, if we have an office within 30 miles, we send a tech out. Otherwise, we do everything remotely. And if Jeff or Bob or Suzy or whoever can’t handle it, they have thousands of techs they can escalate to or build ideas off of.”

“Wow. That’s a lot of managing. What made you want to start the company?” he asked.

“I don’t know exactly,” you responded, frowning. “I guess it was the fact that I worked for several IT firms and I got tired of being told what to do, so I decided to call the shots.”

He laughed and your stomach erupted with butterflies.

“So the opposite of what I do,” he murmured. “I spend all day pretty much taking direction from a whole crew of people and if I don’t do it quite right, we do it all over again.”

“Yeah, I suppose it is,” you agreed, a small chuckle coming from you. “Yeah, I just got sick of working at places that had too few techs, too many techs, micromanagers, managers that didn’t care about customer service…So I try to make sure my company feels like that local, personal IT that everyone loves but a guarantee on service and billing.”

“So what got you into computers?” he wondered, his voice alone making your knees weak.

“My mom, actually. My dad got sick when I was little and my mom had always been interested in computers, gadgets, and electronics, so she taught herself all about it, got certified and got a really good job.”

“Must be where you get your drive,” he mused, a sideways glance being cast your way.

“I think so. She says I came out of the womb independent.”

He chuckled loudly at that. “I can definitely see that.”

“Mhm,” you agreed, feeling much more at ease with him.Talking to him was like talking to your best friend of a million years. “She spent time teaching me the trade, because who doesn’t need computer skills? And it turns out I had a knack for it. I bounced from tech job to tech job though, looking for the right fit, and after eight years, when I didn’t find it, I decided to make my own fit.”

Sebastian shook his head slightly, seeming amused. “That’s like a true American dream story right there.”

“Well…it wasn’t all candy and butterflies. I worked hard, sacrificed a social life, and sunk every penny I had into it.”

“And it’s paid off though, right?”

“It absolutely has.”

“American dream…” he repeated in a mutter.

“So what about you? We’ve talked enough about me. What got you into acting?”

“My mom, funnily enough.”

“Oh, did she act?”

“No, but she supported me in whatever I wanted to do. I dabbled in drama club, really liked it, and she pushed me and made sure I got my foot in the door. I wouldn’t be where I am without her.”

“And do you still like it?”

“Oh, I love it. I hope I can do it for another 80 years.”

Without thinking, you laughed loudly and said, “Instead of the Winter Soldier it’s the Wrinkled Soldier.” As soon as the words were out, you wanted to suck them back in.

But Sebastian just rolled with it, laughing as he said, “Oh, a fan of the Winter Soldier, are we?” he wondered with a mischievous glint in his eye.

“I never said I was a fan,” you argued. “But if you must know, yes, I love your character. There? Satisfied?”

“Immensely. It means you have good taste, and I don’t associate with people of poor taste.”

“Well that’s good, can’t have you associating with the normals,” you teased.

“Oh, believe me, I do not belong with normal people. Have you ever seen me in an interview? Complete dork…”

“I know,” you whispered. But when he didn’t seem to hear you, you said, “I doubt you could ever do or say anything dorky.”

“Wanna bet?” he questioned with a raised eyebrow. “Here, hold this,” he said as he handed you the leash. You took it, frowning in confusion at him.

“What are you–”

“I LOVE CAPTAIN AMERICA!” he shouted as he stretched his arms out. He started to dance and sing as he hopped up on a park bench, his arm outstretched to you as he sang loudly. “When Captain America throws his mighty shield, All those who chose to oppose his shield must yield.”

“Oh my god, you can’t be serious,” you said, laughing as you tried to tug on his arm. “You made your point!” you insisted, hoping he wouldn’t embarrass you further.

“If he’s led to a fight and a duel is due,” he continued singing, ignoring you with a slight grin. “Then the red and the white and the blue’ll come through.” He jumped down and twirled around the park bench, winking at you. He winked at you, it was a miracle you weren’t dead. “When Captain America throws his mighty shield.”

You were laughing like crazy and started clapping. “Okay, okay, you win the award for the biggest dork…for right now.”

“Oh, you think you can beat that?” he challenged.

“You have no idea,” you admitted.

You two walked and talked a bit more, laughing frequently until Sebastian offered to walk you home. Once you reached your door you awkwardly said, “Well, this is me.”

“I know, I’ve been here,” he reminded with an adorable grin.

“Would you like to come in?” you offered, half-praying he would say no, the other half jumping and screaming he would say yes..

“Yeah, I would,” he said kindly.

“Okay,” you said as you unlocked the door, your hands sweating and shaking. Sebastian would be in your apartment. What would he see?

Just as you were getting in the full swing of panic mode, he was looking around. “I really like your place. You have good taste.”

“Didn’t we establish that earlier?” you teased.

“I suppose we did. Hey, are you hungry? I’m starving.”

“Oh, yeah,” you answered, remembering that people ate. You guess you’d ignored your basic needs while you were around him, but once you gave it the proper attention you realized you were very hungry. “It’s sort of late, is pizza okay? Sorry, I would cook but–”

“Pizza is great,” he eased, smiling at you while he let Chuffy go and get a drink of water.

“Awesome, what do you like?”

He told you what he usually eats but said he’d be fine with anything. Once you ordered the pizza, you awkwardly stood in your kitchen around your granite island.

“So…do you want to watch TV or…? Well, probably not, you probably get sick of TV, huh, being on it all the time.”

“No, TV is great.”

Together you sat on the couch and channel surfed and looked on Netflix and on demand. Finally, you ended up on a random sitcom, laughing together. The pizza showed up and you both devoured it, still watching TV. Both of you had gotten so lost in each other, that time slipped away. Before you knew it, you’d fallen asleep on the couch, his arm thrown around your shoulders and your head resting on his shoulder.

New Loves

Prompt: Can I request a SebastianXReader about how you’re a new agent and when you saw him for the first time you were crushing hard and he hasn’t noticed but everyone else has and have been teasing you and at the end he ends up asking you out in his adorable ways. Thank you if you can!

Requester: here-to-wreak-havok 

Words: 1,785

Warnings: None

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Age Difference

Originally posted by caps-bucky

Author’s Note: This is my first Tony Stark imagine! I immediately got excited when I got a request for him, I feel like we need to appreciate him more just like the others. Like hello, you see that gif up there? How can someone not love him and his dorkiness? Hope you guys like it!

“Tony, relax. My parents are going to like you.” Y/N said as she put on her earrings. 

Tony sighed, “But they don’t like this whole age difference thing what I-” Y/N cut off Tony by pressing her lips against his. 

“You talk too much, old man. Now cmon’ I’m starving.” Y/N grabbed Tony’s hand and walked outside to drive to the restaurant that she was meeting her parents at.

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Relax (Rasper x reader)

A/N: Since, kind of putting it out there, I have already been getting requests for this. I’ve never done a threesome involving a girl as well, so this is new for me. However, I am 100% up to the task! As always, if this is not your cup of tea, don’t be afraid to request! ❤✌

Warning: Threesome, two girls, one guy, sex, cursing. Etc.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Recently, things had been utterly exhausting. At night, once your head hit your pillow you were out like a light. Yet every morning you woke up still exhausted, and weak. You couldn’t let that distract you from anything though. Work around Arkadia was neccessary, and tensions were high. You slouched over a table, staring down at your breakfast, wondering how horrible it would really be if you just slept right there.

“Morning!” A voice cheered from behind you, and you jumped slightly. Raven sat down in front of you, she gave a smile, trying to her best to brighten you up. In return, you gave a small, weak, pathetic smile. “You alright?” She asked, turning her head ever so slightly.

“Just…tired.” You admitted. “Everything hurts, and I-I…ugh I don’t know how much longer I can do this Raven! I feel like I’m falling apart…” Raven gave a sympathetic gaze, and reached put her arm to gently rub your arm. It was a little comforting, but, didnt take away your pain. She was about to speak, before a figure caught her attention across the room. A very upbeat Jasper strolled into sight. He made his way towards you, and spoke as he sat down.

“Gooood Morning ladies!” He cheered. “Y/N, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” His changed ever so slightly. As if he was curious, and a little concerened. But not too much to stop from sipping his drink.

“She’s been wroking herseld to death.”

“I’m fine.” You protested. Raven gave you a look, a look that perfectly said, ‘yeah right’ in her perfect little Raven way.

“You don’t look fine to me. As a matter of fact, both of you have been working yourselves too hard if you ask me.” Jasper raised his brow.

“And you haven’t been working at all.” The words appeared to come as an insult, but Raven’s lips changed them. The sentence flowed out as more of an observation, and worry.

“Thats not the point. The point is, that you two deserve some relaxation.”

“I’ll relax when we don’t have to worry about impending war, that doesn’t even make any sense, or another nuclear apocalypse.” You spat. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do.” And with that, you walked off. Raven and Jasper looked at one another. Equally worried, and concerned about you. You went about your day as normal. You worked yourself to death practically another day. You just had to deliver this one pack of parts to Raven before your day ended. Logically, she would be where she always was, in that one room full of computers, and gadgets, and what have you. The doors slid open, only to find Jasper leaning against the table placed in the center of the room. He looked around the room, as if studying it. Eventually, his gaze found you.

“Oh, Y/N. How’s it going?”

“Wheres Raven, I just came to drop this off.” You held up a small back, and then set it down on the table. Jasper walked over, and picked up the object. He quickly became bored of it, and set it back down.

“I don’t know. She went out.”

“Then why are you here?” Jasper just shrugged, and leaned in slightly.

“You look like you could use some fun.”

“I don’t have time for fun Jasper, I-” You were cut off by Jasper kissing you. His lips, surprisingly sweet, and the kiss passionate. It forced a small moan out of you. He pulled you in closer when he wrapped his arounds around your waist. “J-Jasper what the hell.” You whispered once the kiss was broken.

“Hussssshhhhh” He cooed, taking you by the ass and sitting you on the table. It was easier for the tall man to kiss you this way. Easier for his hands to roam over your body, and easier for him to take off your clothes. You didnt have the energy to fight it, like you even wanted to in the first place. Every kiss sent a tingling sensation down your neck, and everytime he groped you, you moaned. He smiled into every kiss, enjoying how you responded so eagerly, and wantingly. He took off your pants, ran his hands up and down your legs before taking off your panties. He smiled, and licked his lips. Without even a second to lose, his lips were on you. He sloppoly licked, and sucked. You moaned, and leaned your head back as he worked you.

“Jesus Christ!” Raven shouted, as the doors slid open.

“Oh hey Raven.” Jasper pulled away from you.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!?”

“I was just helping Y/N relax a little.”

“Well, you’re not going to help anyone relax like that. Move.” Raven pushed Jasper to the side, Jasper’s crooked smile widening as he watched Raven. You gasped as Raven started. Already she was incredibly better. She knee just where to lick, where to suck. What to do to make you go crazy. She slid a finger into your now dripping wet pussy, and curled up. You were in a suched a pleasure clouded state, you barley realized that Jasper had climbed up onto the table. He had removed him shirt, and taken how incredibly hard throbbing cock out of his pants. He stood above you, turning your head and pressing his tip against your lips. Without hesitation, you took his cock into your mouth. He gently thrusted into your mouth, as you were too distracted by Raven’s incredible talent to do much else. Jasper grunted softly with pleasure, as you moaned from Raven. Pretty soon, you couldn’t do anything but let Jasper slowly fuck your mouth while you came around Raven’s fingers. Jasper removed himself from your lips, as Raven stood. She was already removing her clothes, as was Jasper. She kissed you, her tongue tracing circles over yours. Hardly any words were exchanged, but Jasper stood between the two of you, allowing you to lick and suck his cock some more. Raven begrudgingly did the same. Jasper gave moans of pleasure before Raven pulled away, the two of them guided you to lay down on the table. Jasper at your hips, and knelt down, and took your legs into his hands. He propped your hips up slightly, just so he could get a better angle. Before you knew it, his cock was sliding into your pussy.

“F-Fuck.” He grunted, as he started to pump in and out of you. You whimpered and moaned as Jasper began to fuck you.

“My turn.” Raven hummed, now the three of you completely naked, she sat over you. Her pussy perfectly placed above your mouth. She waved herself above you slightly until you took the chance, and started licking at her clit. She moaned softly as you did your best to return the favor. She made you cum, now you were determined to make her cum as well. After all, she deserved relaxation too. It was a little hard at first to concentrate, but with her moans encouraging you, you found the perfect spots. She moaned and whimpered your name as you licked and sucked her as she did you. All the while trying to do this while Jasper’s hard cock rammed into you. Your own orgasm was so close, yet again. You whimpered into Raven’s wet pussy as you worked her, forcing vibrations through her skin, driving her even more. She cried out in pleasure as she came, allowing some of her own orgasm to splash onto your face. Quickly she crawled down, she she was now facing you. She licked herself off of you before kissing you.

“Me too Jasper.” She moan. With an almost surprised look, Jasper pulled himself out of you, forcing you to whimper. You were so close to cumming. He gropped Raven’s ass before sliding into her pussy. He waisted no time, before Raven knew it, he was slamming into her. She became a moaning mess above you. You watched her eyes roll back into her head. You reached out and kissed you passionately, letting your hands grope her breasts, and even stroke cirles around her clit. She gasped at that, arched her back, and let her mouth hang open. Within a matter of seconds she came. You kissed her again, she appeared drained almost, letting herseld close her eyes. Suddenly you felt the familiar feeling of Jasper’s big hard cock slide back into you. Filling out once again.

“Feel good?” Jasper asked through grunts, still cocky about making Raven cum. He fucked you, hard, and fast. His hips bucking into yours. “F-Fuck I-Im gonna cum!” He cried. You gasped, you were so close, again. You cried out in pleasure as you came around his cock, feeling his member twitch. He didn’t have time to pull out. He gripped your hips with everything he had, and came. His mouth hung open, and his body shook as he poured himself into you. You came down from your own high to find Raven climbing off of you, and watching as Jasper emptied himself into you. He cursed your name, and once finished. He looked down at you, and kissed you. He looked up to see Raven, exhausted and satisfied. They looked down at you, breathing heavily, and with hodded eyes. You could barley keep your eyes open, you fell asleep right there on the table. Satisfied to all hell.

“Damn.” Jasper pulled out of you, a little shocked when he saw how much of his cum started to ooze out of you. “Now I’m exhausted.”

“Help me get her dressed, and get her to bed.” Raven ordered, getting dressed.

“What? No snuggling?” Jasper joked.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Okay, so this turned out to be hotter than I originally anticipated. As always, don'tbe afraidto request! ✌❤

Tim Drake: Power Outage

Imagine Mount Justice having a power cut and you and Tim go to fix it but end up getting distracted.

Warnings: None


Though you were clarified as a geek or nerd by some, you preferred the term technical genius. You were in fact apart of Young Justice but instead of spending your time constantly out on the field, you focussed on computers and gadgets for the team simply because you excelled at it - being a former pro hacker was quite the change but these talents came in very handy on a mission and you were able to shut down the most advanced security systems in seconds, much to the appraisal of your team.

Often, they said you were the best at what you do but that wasn’t quite true. Robin was pretty good too as much as you’d hate to admit it, you considered him your rival since you never really spoke to one another at all and therefore had no idea what he was actually like. None the less, you loved technology for the most part and could often be found working on some new tech for the team which they all loved and came to ask about it quite often. Bart would often tell you about the future whilst you worked and Batgirl sought you out more often than not. Fortunately, today was peaceful despite the raging thunderstorm outside and you were fixing the stealth technology to keep yourself occupied. At least until disaster struck.

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