Sleeping Desk Workstation

Take laziness to new levels by staying in bed all day with the sleeping desk workstation. This handy little device boasts a sturdy aluminum alloy that adjusts to the ideal position so that you can comfortably use your laptop as you lay down on your bed.

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3-Pack Touch Screen Ball Cleaners

Portable enough to be stored in your briefcase. Cool enough to be left sitting on your desk. Great for tablets, phones, and laptops. Use Terry Cloth to remove dust, fingerprints & smudges. Use Microfiber cloth to remove stubborn marks. You don’t need much strength to apply pressure. Easy to use without using any liquids. Free of Chemicals.


#5 Character and Reader slow dancing (Juice)
Anon Request– I hope you enjoy it dear. It went in an unexpected direction
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I rest my head on his shoulder as we sway to the beat.  I can’t remember the last time we did anything this romantic. Samcro has been thrust into a shit storm, and that means little time with my man. Right now I’m savoring every minute of it. Things have gotten bloody, and every time he rides off, I’m terrified he won’t be coming back whole. I tighten my grip around his neck and listen to the steady thump of his heart beneath my cheek.
People say you know what you get into when you date an outlaw, but I had no clue. I was new to Charming and ignorant to the ways of the club. I spent the first six months of our relationship believing he was a Bike enthusiast who worked at TM and enjoyed gadgets and computers. I learned the truth during our first lock down. I tried to walk away and leave the potential violence in danger behind. But,in a town the size of Charming, there’s no avoiding the Sons, and soon enough I was sucked back in. A year in, I couldn’t leave Juice if I wanted too.
Not when it was so obvious there were days, hell weeks and months when I was holding him together. Wither it was my original intention or not, I’ve committed to riding this thing out as far as it’ll go.
“You okay?” he whispers into my ear.
I nod my head not wanting to ruin the rare moment of normalcy. There will be time later for tears in the shower where he won’t hear or see.  This life isn’t for the faint of heart, and it shows you how strong you can be. I will handle everything I have to in order to keep this man going out to battle worry free. It’s the price paid for loving a Son.

00qad Summer Headcanons
@a-forger-and-a-point-man I’m so sorry for telling you that sad headcanon yesterday night ♥

- Unsurprisingly enough, Q really doesn’t like the hot season and for many reasons: he easily burns (poor baby, not even 50+ spf sunscreen can prevent his skin from getting as red as a tomato); heat is not good for his precious computers and electronic gadgets (“Are you fanning that server rack?” “Are you daft, James? Of course not” *blushes*); he can’t wear his adored tweed suits as grandpa sweaters.. Shortly, summer is Q’s personal hell.

- On the contrary, James’ favourite season is summer: he loves going to the beach and spend the day downing margaritas and suntanning, sometimes dipping into the sea (just to show off his perfect body, according to Q - Danny agrees but it’s not like he actually thinks it’s a bad thing… A wet, almost naked James.. Yeah, keep showing off thanks!).

-Danny doesn’t care much for the weather: he’s in harmony with nature - rain, sun, snow… It’s all fine, especially if he manages to spend time with his lovers. Though, he’s fond of warm weather and doesn’t mind getting a light tan at the beach or going with Alex for a long walk in the fields.

- Alex, much like Q, prefers a cooler weather but he has to admit that going hiking with a brilliant sun shining high in the sky, it’s better and he manages to enjoy the nature around him better. Plus, he really can’t complain about his lovers going around the house half-naked most of the time.

- When they go to the beach, it’s a circus: James insists on taking one of his pretentious sportive cars so, there’s no fucking space for everyone (they can barely fit in he damn vehicle); Q ends up keeping the cool bag with food on his thighs for the whole journey and cooing at it in happiness; Danny sits on their towels and is loaded with an inflatable bed they all will end up floating upon in the middle of the sea and Q’s sunscreen; Alex has the beach umbrella tucked between his legs the whole time and he’s seriously tempted to use it to kill the next person who’ll change the radio station without letting even a song finish.

- In summer, ice-cream becomes the most requested food in the house and they end up having huge fights about who gets the last spoonful.

- Sleeping all together in bed becomes a sweltering hell of sweaty and sticky limbs, but still they keep cuddling. Q has installed a terrific ac system and Danny always makes sure to check that the windows are left open. Of course, clothes are not admitted.

- Every year, James has to persuade Q to switch to iced tea; he manages but still, Q doesn’t give up his first hot cuppa of the day (Alex is not-so-secretly endeared by this).

- It’s common occurrence finding out that Pampuria and Turing have sneaked into the fridge to chill out (the first time it happens, James screams in surprise and falls flat on his arse - Pam wasn’t impressed, at all)
Online mapping firm creates nightmare for couple when it registers their home as default location for 600 million+ IP addresses - Electronic Products
Online mapping firm creates nightmare for couple when it registers their home as default location for 600 million+ IP addresses - Electronic Products