Introverted Thinking (Ti):

  • Views reality as a complex system
  • Adept at organizing their understanding into structured thought
  • Can organize cognition into categories, diagrams, formulaic descriptions, or complex step by step instructions
  • Easily understands, constructs, and deconstructs the abstract and delicate internal workings of abstract systems (computers, natural phenomena, gadgets, mathematical equations)
  • Precise in their understanding
  • Strives for highly detailed realizations
  • Skilled at synthesizing new information
  • And incorporating it into established categories
  • Often attracted to mathematical fields, physics, chemistry, etc
  • Highly attuned to the premises of logical consistency
  • Adheres to predefined principles
  • Uses these principles as a basis on which to make judgments
  • Prides themselves on rationality
  • Can be quite proactive
  • May live highly structured or regimented lifestyles

Extroverted Intuition (Ne):

  • Greatly in tune with novel connections and possibilities
  • Desires to apply their systems and analysis to these possibilities
  • Able to see many concepts
  • Strives to cover new fields untouched by their former logical analysis
  • Inclined to expand theoretical concepts, by moving to new possibilities
  • Believes restricting their logical scope hinders true understanding
  • Believes developing new ideas requires categorizing, systematizing, and promoting understanding about them
  • Tends to see novel ideas (without implications or relevance to a larger framework) as uninteresting or pointless
  • Sometimes minimally interested in real-world application for their ideas, preferring abstract or theoretical speculation
  • Tend toward contemplative academic fields allowing abstract speculation to lead to concrete conclusions
  • Typically tolerant of unusual lifestyles and differing viewpoints

Introverted Sensing (Si):

  • Not naturally adapt at understanding their internal physical needs
  • May neglect their physical health
  • Prone to routine in certain areas of life
  • Often dislikes unnecessary sensory changes
  • Can be detailed and precise in gathering knowledge
  • May need to present themselves as physically competent
  • Can be insulted if directly criticized about their lack of environment or bodily awareness
  • Appreciates others whose natural focus lies in attending others’ needs
  • Under-emphasizes the importance of physical well being to mental health

Extroverted Feeling (Fe):

  • Usually lacking in outward emotional energy
  • May seem stiff, cold, rational, or unresponsive to emotional concerns
  • Often overly formal in social situations
  • Appreciates it when others make them feel comfortable or part of the group
  • Tends to live up in convivial or amusing situations
  • Can engage in silliness and comedy around trusted friends
  • May be highly sensitive to others’ emotional approval
  • Often appreciative of others’ emotional warmth and friendliness
  • Tends to be noncritical of others’ actions, to avoid emotional reprisals
  • May be susceptible to acting in accordance to others’ moods
  • May undervalue the importance of avoiding arguments on their mental well being

Drawn from MBTI / Socionics descriptions. Compiled by Charity.

anonymous asked:

Love your winterironwidow AUs, they give me life! But most are winterwidow to winterironwidow, how about we change it up a bit: Tony and Nat are working together (and being together) as a sort of "anything-for-hire" - they will steal, spy, assassinate and protect, whatever is needed, for money. And they are VERY good at what they do, what with Nat's infiltrating sneaky spy skills combined with Tony's computer/gadget skills and brains (and they are both excellent at acting). (1/2)

(2/2) Then one mission Tony’s cover has been blown and he has to disappear into the crowd. He spies a guy sitting alone in a café and sits down next to him asking him to hide him because some guys have been following him all day. Bucky, always the gentleman, does exactly that, and they proceed to have a wonderful first date which doubles as a job interview because turns out the former special forces sniper is currently unemployed, and has just the right skill set to compliment the other two.

“Tony,” Natasha says slowly, eyeing up the good-looking young man currently standing half-naked in their bedroom. “What did I say about cheating on me?”

“Not to, or you’d slit the bitch’s throat right in front of me and make me watch them die, then drown me in their blood,” Tony cheerfully replies, sauntering out of the walk-in closet he’d insisted every safe house would have to contain, while the stranger spluttered. “He’s got great abs though.”

“I can see that,” Natasha states drily because he really does. Dead-Hottie-Walking–and damn it, Tony’s ridiculous nickname habits are starting to rub off on her despite her best efforts–has earned the name. He’s also pulling himself together remarkable fast, refuses to break eye-contact with her despite the light blush that refuses to die down.

Natasha always respects a man who refuses to cower in front of her but is still smart enough to realise he’s in trouble.

“He’s also a sniper,” Tony adds, as though that is supposed to make her feel any better, and throws the guy a shirt he catches without looking. 

Oddly enough it does make her feel better.

“Really?” she drawls, attention still fully focused on the unknown threat. “And how did you come to lose your shirt?”

Dead-Hottie-Walking’s mouth sets into a tight line, before he visibly forces himself to relax, shrugs. “It got blood on it,” he answers, no inflection whatsoever. And yes, she can see why Tony likes him.

Damn it.

“So,” she leans against the door frame, folding her arms in front of her chest in a mock-show of patience. “Are you going to tell me why you’ve invited a virtual stranger in our,” secret “bedroom or should I go get my knives and get the answers myself?”

“Kinky,” Dead-Hottie-Walking mutters not quite under his breath. Definitely see why Tony likes him.

“It totally wasn’t my fault!” her loveable, genius, idiot of a boyfriend blurts out, hands flailing. “I was just doing my job, there was absolutely no way I could’ve foreseen-!”

Natasha suppresses a sign.

So this is going to be one of those days.

I adore this. I love the twist of Tony/Nat being a thing before Bucky joins them!!! (He totally will, it’s just gonna take some time, for one Nat will have to stop calling him Dead-Hottie-Walking at some point) I hope you like the silliness I came up with :)

more pjo au!!!

Aight we’re going with Pidge this time!! find the first part here

  • Ok so Katie Holt and her brother Matt never knew that they were demigods
  • They’re father, an astrophysicist, knew they were, but wanted to shield them from the dangerous world and raised them as mortals (though he does keep contact with the demigod world)
  • While Sam Holt knew demigods weren’t supposed to use phones, he didn’t think other technology could pose that much of a problem and since both of his kids passion lied in computers and technology, he really couldn’t stop their use (and even if he tried they were much too smart to just listen and not find an alternative way to fiddle around with the latest gadgets)
  • Also, Katie and Matt were both homeschooled
  • Sam really didn’t care about a traditional education for his kids because he knew from early on they were both grade-A geniuses and that the traditional school system wouldn’t benefit them (they both adhd, but only Matt had dyslexia- him and Katie built a special computer/gadget/thingy that helps him to read things more clearly,  etc as working with binary and reading long manuals and scientific workings posed difficulties for a major techy)
  • So Katie and Matt grew up extremely close- they were both fascinated with space and spent most of their time just learning about all different science subjects and buildling supercomputers and satellites in their bedroom to prove aliens existed
  • However, Katie noticed by the time she was 10 and Matt was 14 that her dad began acting weirdly and became really overprotective
  • She could actually pinpoint the day when he started acting like this
  • remember how i said Sam Holt remained in contact with the demigod world?
  • ok so it was a couple weeks after her birthday and around 3 in the morning. Normally she was asleep by then, but she had thought she heard a signal from her “alien tracker” so stayed up longer to see if she’d hear it again
  • She was laying in the darkness waiting for any indication of life in outer space when she heard the front door opening
  • quietly she crept downstairs to find a teenager with a scar across his nose and a tuft of white hair talking with her father, both looking grave
  • after that it was like her father went haywire for no reason
  • He kept keeping Katie and Matt from working on their inventions and instead had them reading more than ever and barely even let them go to the grocery store
  • Katie finally understood why when she was 11
  • In the middle of the night an intruder came into her home and kidnapped her father and brother, her father was only able to save her and tell her some coordinates before hiding her away in a cupboard and looking for her brother next, he didn’t get there in time to warn Matt
  • So she did the only thing she could do and went to the coordinates her dad had told her
  • She was shaken and unbelievably scared and really just didn’t know what to do
  • And that’s how she wound up at the Garrison
  • There she reinvented herself as Pidge, before arriving she had cut her hair (the long locks were constantly getting in the way of her working) and started wearing Matt’s clothes (… she just really missed him)
  • She didn’t want to be Katie at the Garrison. Katie was a person meant only for her family. Katie didn’t exist without them. So she was Pidge
  • Pidge only told Coran about her brother and father at first, not wanting anyone to know about the horrors of what happened to her
  • He explained more about the demigod world to her and it was revealed she was a child of Athena (surprise surprise)
  • He sent out older demigods on secret quests to find her family, but none of them worked
  • despite her protests she was quickly taken under the wing of Lance McClain, a 14 year old son of Aphrodite from Cuba and his best friend Hunk Garret, son of Demeter
  • she’d be lying if she said she wasn’t thankful for Lance and Hunk’s friendship
  • at first she acted really aloof and standoffish to them but that was only because she was focusing all her energy on finding her family, which she didn’t want them to know
  • but after only a few months of being friends she found herself telling them everything, especially after Lance talked to her softly like he had done with his younger siblings, knowing that everything was not ok with Pidge
  • Lance and Hunk were so supportive of her and vise versa
  • They were relentless in trying to find her family and she paid them back by baking cookies with Hunk and aiding Lance in his rivalry against Keith
  • But… they never did find Sam and Matt Holt
  • after two years Pidge finally accepted that she wasn’t going to find them
  • And it was really hard
  • but her friends were there for her and eventually it got better, not great, but still better
  • Little did she know that three years later when she was 16, that the next great prophecy calling for her and five other demigods would bring her closer to her family then she would realize…
Juicy Christmas

One shot. Juice/reader. Fluffy comedy. Probably not my best. But enjoy. I pictured my mom and grandma’s accents. And how loud my family can be around the holidays. 😁

Noche Buena/Christmas eve. It’s typical for the Christmas celebration start on this night. Some exchange presents this night. It’s literal translation is Good Night.

Mi Hija (Me eeha) is Spanish for my daughter. It’s usually shortened to Mija (Pronounced “Meeha”

Jugo (hoogo) is the Spanish word for juice. Yes like the drink.

Coquito (Co-kee-toe) is Puerto rican coconut spiced rum eggnog.

Spanglish is a when we mix English and Spanish into the same sentences and speech.

Abuela (ah-boo-ella) is Spanish for Grandmother.

It had been almost a year now that you had been dating Juan “Juice” Ortiz and it had been an amazing wild ride. He was smart. Sweet. Sexy. And he was crazy about you. You had become super close to him and his friends in the MC. They treated you like their sister and protected you with their lives. Juice treated you like his queen. You had tons of things in common. You both loved computers and gadgets. You both played video games. You both were Puerto Rican although you actually were fluent and he understood a bit but couldn’t speak it. It drove him wild with desire when he heard you speak Spanish on the phone. Phone calls to your family usually led to him lifting you over his shoulder and taking you to bed right then and there. All in all everything was a fairy tale. There was only one thing you were stalling about. Meeting your family. You loved your family with all your heart. But you knew they were a bit much to some people. Well. To most non Hispanics. But the date was coming and you were trying to avoid thinking about it.

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Age Difference

Originally posted by caps-bucky

Author’s Note: This is my first Tony Stark imagine! I immediately got excited when I got a request for him, I feel like we need to appreciate him more just like the others. Like hello, you see that gif up there? How can someone not love him and his dorkiness? Hope you guys like it!

“Tony, relax. My parents are going to like you.” Y/N said as she put on her earrings. 

Tony sighed, “But they don’t like this whole age difference thing what I-” Y/N cut off Tony by pressing her lips against his. 

“You talk too much, old man. Now cmon’ I’m starving.” Y/N grabbed Tony’s hand and walked outside to drive to the restaurant that she was meeting her parents at.

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Tim Drake: Power Outage

Imagine Mount Justice having a power cut and you and Tim go to fix it but end up getting distracted.

Warnings: None


Though you were clarified as a geek or nerd by some, you preferred the term technical genius. You were in fact apart of Young Justice but instead of spending your time constantly out on the field, you focussed on computers and gadgets for the team simply because you excelled at it - being a former pro hacker was quite the change but these talents came in very handy on a mission and you were able to shut down the most advanced security systems in seconds, much to the appraisal of your team.

Often, they said you were the best at what you do but that wasn’t quite true. Robin was pretty good too as much as you’d hate to admit it, you considered him your rival since you never really spoke to one another at all and therefore had no idea what he was actually like. None the less, you loved technology for the most part and could often be found working on some new tech for the team which they all loved and came to ask about it quite often. Bart would often tell you about the future whilst you worked and Batgirl sought you out more often than not. Fortunately, today was peaceful despite the raging thunderstorm outside and you were fixing the stealth technology to keep yourself occupied. At least until disaster struck.

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You walked into the room full of computer nerds and sighed. This was your new life. It was the only choice you had left.
You looked around the crowded room - not one for familiar face.
This is good, this is a good thing, you thought.
You looked at your phone- no messages, no voicemails, no emails. You weren’t surprised.
You gave up your whole posh life back home for this. You were sick of all the mocking of your daddy getting you everything, you wanted to make a life for your own. No one knew about your passion for computers and gadgets, they just thought you were a pretty face who was handed everything, but no not this time. You were going to work for what you wanted, you were going to make your OWN name.
You walked around to a bunch of groups, but they all rejected you. They clearly didn’t think you could do it.
You walked up to a cute guy.
“Hi my name is y/n,” you stuck out your hand, “is your group full yet?”
“Graham, Graham Hawtry,” he shook it smiling, “um, no were not, but you just don’t seem like the right fit. But I would love to take you to dinner!” He smirked raising an eyebrow.
“Ugh! Forget it!” You ripped your hand a way and stormed off.
“Your loss sweet cheeks!” He called from behind.
You walked around for what seemed like hours, but no one wanted you. You sat down as the room cleared out and a tear rolled down your cheeks. He was right, your dad, you couldn’t do this. You were just another spoiled rich girl. The real world doesn’t hand everything to you.
“Hey, you gotta group?” You looked up at an Indian girl smiling down at you.
“Um, no actually…” Wiping away a tear, you managed a strong face.
“Well you can join us! We’re gonna kick ass!” She managed a smile.
“Ok thanks,” you walked over to a dysfunctional group fighting.
A cute guy with glasses sat in a corner on his phone, he looked up and gave you a double take. His cheeks flushed as he introduced himself.
“Hi I’m stuart, and you are?”
“Y/N,” you smiled.
“Nice to meet you,” he sat back down awkwardly.
“Ugh, gross, now come one we need ideas!” The girl said.


You sat at lunch one day by yourself. You had just failed because Billy never logged his calls. You were all doing so well.
“Hey,” a voice behind you said, it was Stuart, “may I sit down?”
“Sure,” you didn’t bother to look up.
“So I know we basically failed, but look at the bright side…”
“What bright side? I gave up my whole life for a mere chance to win this program. I was stupid enough to believe I could actually win a job here….my dad was right…”
“No don’t say that,” he argued, “you are incredibly smart and bright and insanely talented. You came up with the best ideas! You’re got us this far!”
“Thanks,” you didn’t really take it in, “so why are you really here?”
“Well I came to cheer you up and to say if you weren’t here, I wouldn’t have met you…and I honestly think that’s the best thing that’s come from this…”
You looked up at him smiling.
“You want to grab take a walk?” He asked and you nodded taking his hand.


Stuart never really flirted with you again after that. To be honest he was actually kind of crabby and rude to you. You ran up to him and gave him a huge hug.
“We did it! We won!” You cheered.
“Ya I know,” he sulked.
“Ok what’s wrong?” You shifted.
“Nothing just that like, I know you’re going to go so far and I’m just going to be the dead end in this company,” he spilled, “I mean you came up with all the great ideas. You really proved yourself, you’re going to be one of the head cooperates running this place I know it. And I just really like you…”
“I know but, wait… what?” He hung his head.
“I really like you y/n, you’re really pretty and fantastic. I knew right when I saw you walk through the door, that you would never like a guy like me. You’re gorgeous and lovely and extremely bright and I’m just a dead beat. A treasure like you would never fall for a guy like me…”
“No don’t say that! Graham’s a dead beat!” Graham walked by and got offended.
“Coulda had all this love!” He flexed a muscle and you scoffed.
“Come one Stuart, let’s take a walk. I’m pretty sure we’re going to. E seeing more of each other a lot before we start here,” you winked and give him a peck on the lips causing him to turn bright red.

Overwatch: Last Impressions (WidowTracer)

Part 1 / Part 2 

“Get this around her quickly!”

“What’s happening?! What is this th-oh….Oh…my god Winston you actually did it”

“She’s over stimulated, months worth of limbo and it’s caught up to her” 

“I need IV’s now!” 

“She’s unconscious but alive. Barely”

“Athena I need something! Anything!”

“Lena! Lena wake up!”

Angela had seen some things in her line of work. 

These things of course ranged from the horrifying to the insane since she began to use her skills for Overwatch. 

This day in particular however was new. 

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Question and Answer Day - April 28

Toku Hero Profile: Gekko Kamen

Created in 1958, Gekko Kamen is actually the third superhero ever in Japan, but was the first on Japanese television. (more on that another time.)

He is a bit of a lost gem, as despite starting the trend, he has been mostly forgotten over the past two decades. Though there are a few in Japan’s media industry who give a tip of the hat to him. (See Moonlight Knight from Sailor Moon for one example)

(Image:Rainbow Knight, an homage hero from Concrete Revolito Episode 8. Almost resembles what a modern GK would look like. ooor… Casshern in cosplay)

The moon man is one of mystery, much like the Lone Ranger, as nobody knows who he is. However, smart viewers may notice that police detective Juro Iwai is never around when Gekko Kamen shows up. This leads many to suspect HE is Gekko Kamen.

Unlike the Henshin Hero days where everybody and their mother has superpowers or weapon enhancements, Gekko Kamen has no powers. Yup, he’s from the Batman school of heroics, fighting regular masked crooks by punching them.



Like many Golden Age American superhero costumes. this one is a classic, but needed its future revisions to perfect it. The glasses were what looked to be women’s sunglasses from closeup shots and the turban thing was an odd choice but effective.

Here is Bat-manga/8-man creator Jiro Kuwata’s take on it.

Stylish, as the Jackie Kennedy glasses had been replaced by motorcycle goggles. Yellow has been added to the costume to break up the monotony of white in the costume’s color.


Gekko Kamen had been off the air for over 14 years, due to kids being dumb and imitating his dangerous stunts which caused parents to kill its ratings. But then another famous guy on a motorcycle and a giant alien came along and brought superheroes back as the trend de décennie. And Gekko Kamen came back with a vengeance!

Now this one in particular is a personal favorite of many. Gone is the turban and in its place is a sharp looking motorcycle helmet with matching goggles. Bits of blue have been added to the holster belt with stars around it and two crescent moons on the buckle. The boots and gloves now have darker lining and the ascot looks like it is actually part of the cape!


Ah yes, the abysmal failure that was the 1982 film. See, since one of the root elements of GK was the Lone Ranger, it is not a good idea to capitalize on the “return” of said character. The Legend of the Lone Ranger and this movie symbiotically ended the franchises for a while and they have never 100% recovered from it. One reason was Juro was replaced by some dude named George Owara, whom many felt was unworthy of the mantle because the adverts tricked them into thinking Juro was still Gekko Kamen.

Imagine going to a Batman movie with the promise of Kevin Conroy, only to get some unknown when you are watching it with no justifiable or rational reason to it.

But anyways, costume. It is the 50s version with the 70s helmet and goggles and silver gloves and boots.


At the dawn of the new millennium, aside from random commercials, there was one last try at bringing him back…as a kid. Or rather a kid protege taking on the role.

Not much to say, its a chibified version of the costume with the old turban, blue gloves and boots.

So now that we looked at the costumes, let us look at the arsenal!


Yes, Gekko Kamen uses guns, but he uses fancy trickshots to disarm opponents and never uses them to kill humans.  This is one is consistent throughout his incarnations (save for the kid one), with twin pistols always at the ready.

“Luna-Rangs” (JK, Not actual name)

Moon shaped boomerangs. 1970s exclusive.

Star Shurikens

 Throwing Stars

A Bullwhip

Used in the 70s cartoon. Likely to cut down on the level of gun use in each episode so parents wouldn’t freak.

A Cool Bike

Gekko Kamen has had three motorcycles worth mentioning

  1. The 1958 (A modified Honda Super Cub)
  2. The 1972 anime version was an attempt to make his bike more Cyclone-esque with 3 rocket exhaust pipes on each side.
  3. The 1982 model: A modified Honda CB750F Super Sport armed with several gadgets, a computer and a drag chute for emergency stops.

Well, that’s Gekko Kamen. Reblog if you are interested in this character so your friends can learn about him!

5 Reasons to Stand Up Straight: Surprising reasons to stop slouching, plus easy ways to perfect your posture. Remember how your mother always nagged you to stand up tall? While she was probably trying to help you look slimmer and more confident (both big perks of perfect posture), straightening up also offers concrete health benefits for your whole body. Good posture is as important to your health as eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep. It means less wear and tear on joints, less fatigue, and even less neck and back pain. Here are five excellent reasons to stand (and sit) tall:

1. Less back pain. Sitting in front of your computer or in the car all day — especially in a hunched or slouched position — increases pressure on disks in the spine, which can cause its supporting muscles and ligaments to degenerate sooner, says Esther Yaniv, M.D., a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist in Austin, TX. This can lead to back pain and may worsen herniated disks or pinched nerves. 

2. More energy. Good circulation is crucial to keeping your mind alert and body energized. But slumping tightens your chest and compresses your lungs — which means less oxygen makes its way into your bloodstream, leaving you tired, stressed, and mentally foggy. And strain in any part of your body saps energy, says Yaniv: “Tense postures have the same fatiguing effect as holding a biceps curl for two hours.”

3. Fewer headaches. Headaches are a common by-product of our constant use of computers and other electronic gadgets — notice how gravity draws your head forward when you’re staring at a screen. Trouble is, that position pulls on neck muscles and sensitive nerves in the back of your head and cuts blood flow to the brain. The result: a throbbing noggin. Sit straighter and you’ll prevent the pain.

4. Fewer bone and joint aches. Poor posture can be a slowly occurring injury that can lead to the shortening of muscles over time. For example, slouching when you’re sitting causes hip flexors to become shorter and less flexible than they should be, leading to joint pain. And if you sit with rounded shoulders, you may get rotator-cuff pain. Over time, this wear and tear can lead to arthritis.

5. Better digestion. Slouching on the sofa after eating causes your tummy muscles to tighten, which can push stomach acid into your esophagus and cause heartburn. Standing or sitting up straight allows your digestive system to work more efficiently, so you won’t experience that or other gastro problems, like gas. Instant Posture-Perfecters: 

WHILE STANDING: Imagine a straight line along the side of your body from your ear through your shoulder, hip, and knee down to the middle of your ankle. Pretend you have a string pulling just your head up to the ceiling; keep your shoulders pushed back and down. Tuck in your stomach and pelvis. Let your hands hang behind the side seams on your pants. Distribute your weight evenly along the full length of both of your feet.

WHILE SITTING: Place your feet flat on the ground with your hips, knees, and ankles creating 90-degree angles. If your legs are short, don’t let your feet dangle — use a footrest instead. Sit deep — there should be no gap between your tush and back of the chair. Make sure there are about two inches between the front edge of the seat and the backs of your knees. Support your lower back with a small pillow or a small, soft inflatable ball. Keep space between your ears and your shoulders by pulling your shoulders back and down. Hold your chin in line with your chest — don’t jut it forward.