Add a playful touch to your laptop by saving important documents using the LEGO USB drive. The USB drive is compatible with both Mac and PCs, comes in various vibrant colors, and features a transfer rate of up to 480 megabits per second.

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Creativity, science, technology and design, these are the powers of human being to overcome any present or future problem.

WarkaWater’  is a project conceived for the mountainous regions in Ethiopia, where women and children walk several hours to collect water. […] The 9 m tall bamboo framework has a special fabric hanging inside capable to collect potable water from the air by condensation. The lightweight structure is designed with parametric computing, but can be built with local skills and materials by the village inhabitants.

Credit&source: WarkaWater (Architecture and Vision)

h/t: A Giant Basket That Uses Condensation to Gather Drinking Water (wired)



Power strips are just plain ugly, impractical, always in your way, and even considered a safety hazard. There is a type of power strip that is completely different to the standard norm, and much more elegant. It is called Powerqube. This is an electrical power-charging system that allows users to charge up to nine devices – from laptops and phones to small household appliances – at the same time thanks to its three USB ports and six electrical sockets.

With its revolutionary charging technology, which is currently patent pending, Powerqube is one of the most efficient and best charging protocols on the market. The secret of this sleek, modernly designed power charger lies in the fact that each of the charger’s protocols independently communicates with each device that plugs into it which, in turn, ensures independent charging best suited to the negotiated  device.

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