Whelp. Here ya go.
Rich groaned as he squeezed his eyes shut tighter, “Don’t.wanna.get.up. I’m comfortable right here i’ll have ya know”
“Strange.” Jake murmured in his ear, “It’s almost as if you… Don’t want to talk to me?” Rich caved when he heard the slight tremor in Jake’s voice, he didn’t care if the big dumb sexy tall-ass was faking it. He was just about to turn to face his boyfriend when he felt his hand run up his arm, slowly, right to- “Shit.” Rich erupted in a fit of odd high pitched giggles and snorts as Jake’s fingers found their way to the very ticklish spot just between his armpit and chest.
“Hah-J-ah-Jak-ey-stahp!!” The freckled boy gasped, desperately trying to bat Jake’s determined hands away.
“Good to see you’re awake” The taller boy said with a grin, finally giving up and simply wrapping his arms around Rich, who was still out of breath. “I-hah-hate-huh-you-hah-Jakey”
“I’m, like… one billion percent sure that’s impossible at this point.” Jake said, pulling Rich into his embrace and nuzzling at the back of his neck. “Now get up, we have a whole Saturday ahead of us.”
“Nghya!!” Rich yelped as Jake stood up, taking Rich with him Cradled in his arms. “You’d better hope you brought clothes, cause I can guarantee nothing I have fits you.”
“Course I brought clothes, do you think i’m an idiot?” Rich snapped playfully, hopping out of Jake’s arms and reaching for the Duffel bag he had brought. His brother had taught him early on that due to their father’s drinking habits, there would be nights where he’d need to leave in a rush, and he had learned to keep his worldly possessions in a travel sized bag.
Rich paused and looked over his shoulder at Jake, already dressed. “…DO you think i’m stupid?”
“What kinda question is that?”
“It’s what everyone else thinks. They think I’m some stupid crazy freak who-” he choked, “who burned his best friend-now boyfriend’s house down. Who almost KILLED him, Jake! I almost killed you because of those fucking Squips and-”
At this point, tears were streaming down his cheeks, flushed red in anger and humiliation. Jake’s confused expression turned soft as he stepped forward and hugged rich. “Shh. Listen.” Jake slowly moved them back to his bed where they sat, rich now on his lap, teary face pressed against his chest. “Rich, the Squips are gone. They’re gone, and now people get it. They don’t think any of that about you, I promise!” For a little while, Jake just sat and held Rich close. It was nearly ten minutes before he spoke again. “And listen, if any of them DID say that about you? I will personally beat their crummy shitface in, got it?” This seemed to cheer rich up considerably, as he laughed, just a little, enough for jake to hear, and pushed him down onto the pillows and lay down on top of him, pressing a little kiss to his lips.
“Well…” Jake grinned, “Guess we’ll just spend our Saturday here?”
Rich nodded before sliding over so he was next to jake, “I like that Idea. No outside world, or dumbass evil computers. Just us.”
Jake nuzzled Rich’s freckled nose, “yeah. Just us.”

anonymous asked:

so you're just ignoring my ask and vaguing about me? neither tucutes or you fucking truscum will deny your trans status bc you have dysphoria, and truscum dedicate their bitter fucking lives to invalidating my identity bc i don't (which I cant control). for nondysphprics it is harder to get hormones and transition, but it makes you ""depressed"" and that sounds a lot like privilege to me. people invalidating my identity makes me just as depressed + suicidal, but who cares!! No dysphoria right?

I’ll answer your fucking ask when I have access to a computer, dumbass. I can’t give a well thought out reply to something as shitty as what you sent via phone. Don’t send stupid shit to my blog if you don’t want me to talk about it. This is my blog, I can talk about what I want.

And you’re not trans. Being trans isn’t about “identity” and I’m fucking glad you can’t get hormones. That way you can’t get dysphoric. And if people saying you’re not trans makes you depressed, then you have thin skin and you need to work on it. I’m sorry you feel like shit, but I’m not sorry that because of your misunderstanding people are telling you the truth.

fuckign witches part 9


Part 4 - PART 5 - PART 6 - PART 7 - PART 8 - PART 9 (you r here) - PART 10

Keith watched as Lance tromped around the house, dripping sea water everywhere. When he given Hunk a look, the boy had shaken his head.

“It’s part of renewing all the protections and stuff.” He said and Keith nodded.

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salty-pineapple-prince  asked:

Damn straight it's salted caramel, and you can have it all if you unsquip this Evan and Squip mine instead~ btw, Evan's Squip is a piece of shit and I'll break his dumbass computer chip face.

((Eh…nah! But feel free to punch ES!! That’d basically be punching Evan in the face and technically you can’t punch a computer so it’s basically just hurting Evan…but whatever suits you! :P))


So like- I realized I didn’t post anything about my oc; apple juice; because I didn’t have any colored versions that weren’t on paper due to me breaking my computer like a dumbass- but !! I was drawn a lovely colored digital drawing of her by @vixeyistrash !! You should really check them out ;0


fuck photoshop and fuck gifsets i hate my dumbass fucking computer anyways today i celebrate one whole year of making art for this stupid band and mostly spending time procrastinating and making new friends and just causing chaos in general! this is slightly insane, although i know there are some people who have probably spent like 20 years on here which surprisingly is what one whole year felt like to me so props to me for not getting sick of this band yet. probs will in like two months and all of this will be for nothing so

yeah! so i thought i’d just make this lil thing as a thank you to everyone who’s followed me and reblogged my art and supported me i love you all very much :) urls are under the cut!! xoxo. gossip girl

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LOOK AT THIS FUN AND COLORFUL THING I MADE. I’ve been in such Splatoon phase that you don’t understand. XD

Kelly has the Splat Roller mainly cuz I couldn’t see him wielding one of the shooter weapons.

Grey has the N’ZAP 89 since it’s a call back to Nintendo and he’s a gaming geek.

Lance has the Heavy Splatling because it’s an awesome weapon and I feel it just fits him so well.

Riley has the E-Liter 3k because that weapon has such impressive aim and distance and having her as this vicious sniper keeping everyone especially Kelly safe just feels like it suits her.

This was going to be one big group pic but my dumbass computer all but threatened to crash on my since it’s old and all. XD

All of these beautiful creatures belong to moosoppart

I need you, but you don't need me - Joshifer One Shot

Well, now I did it too. Those two are basically killing me so I decided to give in and write a Joshifer one shot. I hope you all enjoy it and leave me feedback! As always, thank you to my beta Laura!

Josh’s pov 

I am just getting comfortable again, when my phone starts ringing for what has to be the 5th time now. For god’s sake, who is trying to get a hold of me so desperately at 2am in the morning?

Sighing heavily, I drag myself out of my bed and over to my drawer where I left my phone so I could finally get more than 5 hours of sleep a night, but it seems like someone is determined to destroy that plan.

I don’t even bother looking at the caller ID, it’s way too late for even caring about things like that. “Yes, hello? I just hope you have a damn good reason for calling me at this time of the day, or should I say night.”

For some seconds there is complete silence on the other side of the line, when suddenly a quiet sob interrupts it. “Sorry.. I-“, her voice breaks, but I immediately recognize it, of course I do. How could I not? “Jen? Shit, I’m sorry, if I had known it was you I wouldn’t have been so rude.”

Again, I am only met with silence. “Jen? Jennifer? What happened? Talk to me please, you are starting to freak me out.” I try to keep my voice steady, but I know that something has to be really wrong.

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