So I tried to log in to an old laptop and I couldn’t remember my password so I was like k ill check the password hint and it was just “adoop”. ??? So I sat there for a minute just thinking really hard like what in the heck does “adoop” mean and how will that help me find my pa- OH YEAH. It’s just “bloop” my password is fricking “bloop” and the hint was “adoop” cuz i used to go around saying “bloopadoop” GOD

Someone stole my fucking computer.

Because of my dumbass brother, someone was able to get into our house and take my computer.

Someone took literally all my work. All my writing all my art. ALL OF IT IS GONE.

2 years worth of work. TWO YEARS OF MY FUCKING PASSION

ALL OF IT IS GONE AND ILL NEVER FUCKING GET ANY OF IT BACK. BECAUSE OF MY DUMBASS BROTHER. I want to fucking sob, all of my fucking work is gone.

anonymous asked:

you can't keep melman out of the canon; this has grown far bigger than you

the simple fact is that Melman is a ghost and could not operate a computer because his little dumbass fins would phase right through the keys. it is impossible for Melman to have a blog. on the other hand, it is entirely possible that the blog is run by one of Melman’s many dark acolytes