computer science major

stem majors as study aesthetics

chemistry: neat, monochromatic notes, late night cups of tea, staying after class to ask the professor questions

mathematics: the sound of pencils scratching on paper, perfectionism at its peak, empty library halls with filtered light

physics: the buzz of excitement before the first lecture of the semester, messy handwriting on chalkboards, the relieved exhaustion after an exam is finished

psychology: flashcards and textbooks strewn across a desk, group study sessions with great music, reading scientific journals to learn more about what’s discussed in lecture

engineering: early morning study sessions with really good coffee, whispered jokes during lecture, putting homework off until the last minute but still managing to do okay

biology: notes full of color and highlights, spending hours watching videos on  KhanAcademy but not really getting any work done, great study snacks

neuroscience: whiteboards full of terms and labelled diagrams, messy hair and tired smiles, a to-do list five miles long

astronomy: late nights with windows thrown open, daydreaming in class, doodles in the margins of textbooks

computer science: study sessions fueled by pizza and coffee, late nights with laptop screens as the only source of light, the feeling of pure joy when a program runs right

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A little bit about myself:

I’m Aliyah and I’m a current sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh! I’m majoring in computer science with a concentration in software engineering or artificial intelligence (haven’t decided yet!), and I’m also minoring in linguistics. :)

damn the delivery boy.

Pairing: Jeon Jeongguk / Reader.

Genre: Expecting Parents AU / Fluff and Non-explicit smut.

Summary: Jeon Jeongguk is a computer science major working as a pizza delivery boy, and you are an uninspired published author who has just started an art degree. When you realise that the delivery boy is your old high school crush, he keeps coming back, but with more to offer than just puff pastry and vegetarian supreme. Though little did he know that he would end up giving you something much more that flips both of your worlds completely upside down in the form of two blue lines and nine months.

Count: 9,656 words.

month one.

Two lines.

The second is a little faint, but it is there, undeniably there, growing stronger by the second as your heart sinks deeper into the pit of your stomach and suddenly you are keeling over the sink, throwing up a combination of panic and regret. You wipe your mouth, sit back on the closed lid of the toilet, shut your eyes and take a deep breath, holding it until your lungs burn and your lashes fly back apart to look at the test still shaking between your fingertips.

There, right before your eyes, two fucking blue lines protruding like two middle fingers, poking up at you and saying – Congratulations sucker, you are pregnant!

Twenty-three years old and pregnant.

You throw up again.

This has got to be the biggest mistake of your life.

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Wow, how is it November. Time for the stress of projects and upcoming finals, but also thanksgiving! Since I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to upkeep my bullet journal, I kept it simple. I’m also trying a new weekly layout. I saw something similar to this on pinterest. Just needed something to make me want to use my bujo

Why Study Statistics? Careers in Mathematics

Thanks to the growth of computing power, statistics is a rapidly growing field but what is it good for?

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning

The ubiquity of computers have made piles of data readily available and people are using them to make useful predictions. This “big data” is changing the way we use statistics and it has given rise to some really cool applications:

1–Netflix Ratings. Predictive analytics uses data from yours and others’ viewing and rating patters to make predictions for content you haven’t even watched yet.

2–Facial Recognition Software. Photos are data too. Developer use a boat-load of sample photos to “train” a computer program to identify people’s faces. This is called machine learning, a form artificial intelligence that uses statistics to develop computer algorithms. These artificial neural networks are also used in Alexa, Siri and the thumb print reader on your iPhone.


3–Medical Treatments. Survival analysis is used to find treatments that predict the highest levels of success for patients given their physical characteristics and medical backgrounds.


4–Dependability. Reliability analysis is used to determine how long one can expect a part to last given temperature, thickness, material, etc. Applied to a system, analyses can determine which component is most likely to fail first.


5–Marketing. Who would like our product? Who should we gear our ads to? These are questions advertisers want to know. Data mining is being used to sift through piles of customer data to find patterns and identify most likely customers. It isn’t all about numbers either, text mining uses statistics to find patterns in text-based data such as Amazon customer reviews.

6–Insurance Quotes. Actuaries use statistics to weigh risk and determine the optimal price to offer their insurance.

Social Science Research

7–Education. I thought I’d include this one because this is how I use statistics. I use statistical modeling to determine factors that lead to desirable student outcomes. I explore data to determine which teaching practices, after-school programs, courses, attitudes, etc. predict success in mathematics.

This is just a taste of what statistics can offer. I was compelled to write this because I feel statistics doesn’t get a lot of attention. Probably because of the fact that most people are lucky to take even one stats course in high school, but that’s an issue for another day.

I recently went to a Google Resume Workshop that was primarily aimed towards software engineering students, but I think a lot of these tips could be useful for any resume! I decided I’d make this little post to share some of what I learned and hopefully help some of you get that job you’ve been wanting!

- ̗̀ Header  ̖́-

  • Full name at the top, generally bolded or slightly larger
  • Beneath your name you want to put all of your contact info
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • LinkedIn link
    • Github link
    • Any other relevant link or contact info

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Y’ALL so i’m a computer science major and i learned how to dig into the code on the website to find a hidden message about the upcoming sub-unit!!

step 1: go onto the website

step 2: click on go won’s name -> right click -> inspect (this is how you get into the code)

step 3: as you can see, this is the code for the website scroll all the way up

step 4: okay so find this in the code and change “rs-teaser3″ to “rs-teaser4″ (this is really important!)

and then the website will start to glitch….and then it’ll reveal the message!

here is the link to stream, you fools


Little Jeremy Heere headcanons I’ve been thinking of/writing

  • Jeremy has the wORST BRAIN TO MOUTH FILTER EVER (and when him are Michael are dating it KILLS Michael cause he just randomly blurts things and its like ‘dude wtf stop being sexy with what you say’ and Jeremy’s just all ‘I’m noT TRYING??? WTF’ (credit to @groovymutants for Michael’s reaction))
  • The absolute worst at remembering to eat (especially when he’s not feeling great)
  • Asked Michael to prom by getting them matching Player One and Player Two bowties as well as pacman chocolates 
  • Cannot do laundry to save his life he always lets everything pile up 
  • You know this boy has like 10 million star wars shirts and theyre all slightly different 
  • When he first realized he was bi he was all ‘man if i could just date a dude who’s exactly like Michael that would be perfect’ ‘im gay, man’ ‘HOLY FUCK’
  • I feel like this dude would either be a computer science major or go into video game design (either the programming side or the art side I havent decided)
  • Totally stuck with theater bc you know that boy loves it
  • Is EXTREMELY easy to fluster like holy shit that boy goes red in a second 

I might make a part two when I think of more

basketball player!jungkook

author’s note: this is part of a sports series with my girl @wangpuppo (: and a request from one of my cute anonies that i miss. also, the bit with meeting a cute boy in philosophy happened irl and inspired this so heh enjoy!

Originally posted by donewithjeon

  • meet jeon jungkook, power forward of seoul university and computer science major extraordinaire
  • you would think from the size of his thighs and his arms that he was a hockey player but he assures anyone that it’s really just a hobby for him and that basketball actually has his heart
  • his mom is actually the reason how he got acquainted with the sport bc a little before he was born, she was actually a college player with a semi-pro spot ready for her until she met his dad who was actually the waterboy
  • they shyly flirted with one another until some of her teammates locked them in a supply room closet together bc it was so unbearable for everyone else to deal with their feelings (lol) so by the time they were out of the closet they were together and happily so
  • however, come around their final year in college when things go kinda wrong and she ends up pregnant with baby jeon and of course they’re ecstatic but holy shit they haven’t even graduated yet and they’re gonna have a baby and well…. she didn’t go onto the semi-pro team and jeon’s dad did his best to work hard for them while she finished getting her degree WHILE nursing jungkook for 9 months
  • to say the least mama and papa jeon managed to get through the whole ordeal with degrees
  • by the time they graduated, baby jungkook was born and he became the light of their lives and despite their initial struggles they did their best to provide the family and make it as comfortable as they could for him because dammit they brought him into this world, they wanted to make him live well too
  • the comfort of their lives came the moment papa jeon scored a position as a nutritionist and mama jeon became a physical therapist so that’s how jungkook got acquainted with the world of fitness and finding interest in the way his parents could take care of people
  • however, the moment he fell in love with basketball was when he saw his mom’s basketball tapes. all the glorious videos of her scoring that winning shot and zooming around the court with such swiftness and agility he damn near got whiplash from trying to keep up
  • and from that moment on, he wanted to play too
  • of course, his parents were very ecstatic about that and enrolled him in a community team and he excelled so damn quickly
  • for the next nineteen years of his life, he played basketball and loved every damn second of it and along the way he found an interest in computers too. (let’s just say he read a few books that his high school computer teacher gave him and he was determined to take apart a computer and put it back together - he succeeded) and so that is why he has a full ride to SU with a basketball scholarship as a compsci major
  •  anywho, seeing jungkook on the court is honestly a sight because you would expect him to be stomping around, too slow for the muscle all over his body, but jfc no he is so goddamn quick and agile. he could be on one side of the court and somehow end up right in front of the opposing member to block for his teammate to make that shot
  • he’s a great team player really, not much for the glory and usually to himself, but on a handful of occasions he’ll surprise even his members with a half-court shot
  • he doesn’t care much for the glory of the winning shot, just the feeling that basketball gives him when he’s on the court, gaining callouses from the ball, and running around until he can’t seem to feel his calves and god the happiness on his parents’ face always gets to him
  • so yeah, that’s jungkook as a basketball player - a really sweet and hardworking boy who loves to make his parents happy and to make his teammates happy too
  • remember how i mentioned how he’s a compsci major?
  • well, you’re actually a compsci minor because you find computers really fascinating and cool and unfortunately quite a few others do too so it leaves you two at a disadvantage as first years compared to the upperclassmen so you’re both resorted to taking these random General Education (GE) classes i.e intro to philosophy
  • it’s hard not to notice jungkook that’s for sure, especially when he’s lugging around his sports bag and when he’s cute as all hell in your honest opinion
  • you once told this to your friends and they never let you down about it either. honestly they’d tell you when he’d walk in or try and get you to sit by him but the closest you’ve ever gotten was probably sitting one person away and that was on the final exam day
  • on a few occasions you two would actually inadvertently glance at one another during your discussion (dear god none of your friends let you live, best believe that) but you were always too shy to approach him and he was actually quite shy himself because let’s face it baby boy is a shy nugget who only knows basketball and comp sci and some philosophy (barely tho lol but it’s okay cuz you knew the bare minimum too)
  • anyway, that quarter you didn’t get to know him as you wished and both of you ended up regretting that because damn y’all thought each other was cute. for him it was especially seeing you laugh with your friends and for you it was that little perplexed expression on his face when the professor would mention soundness and the theories about the concepts and dshgjds yeah you really wished you had taken that chance to tell him he was cute on the last day like you initially planned but was too chicken to do
  • but guess what?
  • the next quarter you see him in your intro to computers class and somehow you two end up seated by one another and although there’s no seating chart, it just becomes a thing that this is that person’s seat the moment they sit there more than twice and so you both are seated not too far from one another
  • your hair is a slight mess and your eyes are puffy while you sip your coffee and he looks fairly content albeit sleepy with his hood drawn up and you both don’t even realize it’s each other until hour two of the lab goes by
  • you’re both starting to wake up and looking around at each other cuz people are shuffling around and some are moving closer toward one another and then it strikes you that the kid with slightly ruffled hair is very familiar and then it hits you and you’re just like “wow ok holy shit cute person from that philosophy class!!!!”
  • but this isn’t enough to get you two to start talking to each other
  • that self-established seating chart has already set in notion and so there’s no honest chance in getting to know him from that and so you kinda give up because you’re very sure he probably doesn’t remember you and dammit your TA is standing over your shoulder staring at your codes with narrowed eyes (rip you but he was just playin’ cuz he liked what you had)
  • this whole exchange isn’t to say you both never talk because on this chance encounter of finding out why he lugs that damn nike bag around all the time comes full circle
  • so you do work at the infirmary, usually filing papers and the like since it’s sort of the track for your major and on a particular day comes in jungkook!
  • he looks like he’s in a lot of pain clutching his shoulder and the nurse gets him to do the necessary papers and shovels him off to the doctor who tells him that he has a pretty bad fracture and he won’t be able to play for the rest of the season (at least that’s what they think)
  • reason: some asshole from one of the other teams hit him a little too hard after one too many unnecessary roughness calls and on this blow jungkook fell a little too hard and too awkward for it to just be another minor bruise and yeah :(
  • he’s pretty devastated about this and he has to go through a bunch of testing and whatnot and as an assistant you usually run around making copies until you have to hand off some paperwork for him to fill out
  • prior to this, you noticed how most of his appointments took up his time during the labs and the lectures so you nicely set a copy of your notes with his, adding in things you figured he might need to know from the lecture since he was unable to attend and the moment he receives the large stack his eyes grow wide
  • and you’re like “oh so i remember you from my comp sci class and i figured you might these notes… -oh and those are just basic info that the doctor wanted you to sign off on and the like”
  • he blinks at you, still pretty surprised at your kindness (and totally not freaking out that such a cute person is chatting from him aka the same one he’s wanted to talk to for a while) but he flashes you a small smile (and omg you love it so much) and thanks you
  • coincidentally most of your volunteer shifts are during his appointments and whatnot so you talk every now and then, usually about the notes and eventually about your majors
  • the doctors and the nurses think it’s absolutely adorable so sometimes they let you two chat a little longer than usual just for young love to bloom <3
  • this exchange goes on from some time until he finds the guts to ask for your number when you hand him the large stack of notes in this rushed blurting of words i.e. “soumiwaswonderingificould-maybe-getyournumber??”
  • you: “wait what”
  • he looks down, cheeks quite pink, “can i -um- get your number? since y’know we have comp sci together so it’d be easier to like study for exams and talk about it and stuff…. yeah….”
  • you grin and nod, scribbling it onto one of the notes and the two of you can’t deny the butterflies and erratically beating hearts y’all have going on
  • you both see each other during his check-ups but he’s healing quite quickly thanks to having such strong bones so he may not be out for the rest of the season like they thought thankfully and so when he’s fine and his check-ups are less and less
  • so along the way, you two end up talking day by day even sitting by one another in your comp lecture because you’re semi-friends now and it’s just nice to have someone you know in that class since none of your other friends were interested in comp sci like you so nowadays you’ll text one another about the class and how your days are and those little butterflies emerge whenever you wait for his text or receive a response and you’re just like “dsjghsdjgshdgs”
  • little do you know he’s honestly the same exact way and his roommates jimin and taehyung are always like “???? WHO DAT? :D” and jungkook’s like “lol gtfo bye”
  • anyway, one day you text him about the upcoming final bc you’ll be damned if you miss out on your chance to actually ask his kid out and studying together and he agrees but it’d have to be after his practice and you ask him about his shoulder and if he’ll be good to play at championships
  • and he’s like “oh yah!”
  • and you’re like “o: woah, can i come watch? i haven’t gone to a game and i wanna see you play. prolly treat ya out if you win”
  • and ok, at first he’s a lil’ shy but he says “ok sure, just say you’re with me at the door” and you do and jin (the RA)’s at the entrance like “O: WHAT MY FLOOR CHILD HAS A GIRLFRIEND, THAT PUNK KSJHFJS” but before he can say anything else one of jungkook’s buds urges you to sit by the front and you do until you see jungkook and he looks so nervous, glancing around until his eyes settle on you and he just flashes you a grin and wave which you return as well
  • the game is going by swimmingly and you can’t help but watch jungkook especially because even though he’s the power forward he’s also very conscious of his shoulder which you were extremely worried about until you feel like you can finally breathe when your school wins and you stand with the crowd cheering like crazy
  • out of everyone tho he actually approaches you first with a grin and you’re congratulating him and he feels so elated he really just wants to take you up in his arms and kiss you tbh but he has self control and mercy bc he’s sweating like crazy
  • ngl tho he looks crazy attractive in your opinion
  • anywayy, as you two are talking since you did tell him that you’d buy him food on his win, the rest of the team’s like “yooo kook! party at jackson’s!!!! you in??”
  • and although you’re disappointed you tell him you won’t mind if he goes but he turns to you and says with a grin “nah i got plans already” and jsdkghsjgh the team goes “oOOOOoooooOoooo” but y’all ignore them and he goes “i’ll be back ok? gonna get cleaned up and we can get food?”
  • so you’re content to wait by the locker room for him, grinning af bc holy shit the cute boy you really wanted to get to know last quarter is going to dinner with you!!!!!
  • meanwhile jungkook’s so nervous and stuff cuz he plans on confessing and stuff since it just seems right and his teammates clap him on the back like “yo you got this bro!!!!!!! goood luck tho jin definitely sent him some salty messages and warnings to be safe ahahaha
  • and ok so y’all go to dinner at this nice ramen shop and it’s really great! and you two are laughing your asses off about how this one time oneo f his roomates taehyung got stuck in between the washing machines because he was so certain he could fit and how they had to call the fire department to get the boy loose and yeah ahaha
  • and he’s just in awe with how damn beautiful you look when your laughing and he just blurts out “you have a really nice laugh” when you ask him why he’s staring and you’re like “o: oh thank you…. you do too”
  • and he says “i wanna hear you laugh more and be the reason why you do….” he lets out a deep sigh, appearing a lot more nervous than before, “i like you a lot. i think you’re incredibly cute and i love that you love compsci as much as i do and talking to you these past few weeks have made me happy and god i really wanted to kiss you after the game but i didn’t want to scare you and i feel like this is a lot less eloquent than in my head so i’m sorry”
  • and you’re just in awe because damn you really planned on confessing first but you can’t deny the smile spreading on your face and you tell him “kook, i like you too. and i’d really like it if you kissed me, by the way”
  • and he’s all wide eyed but he grins and after y’all eat and you’re strolling around the city with his arm draped over your shoulders, you guys stop at the top where it overlooks the city lights and on a particular moment when you both are still and quiet and glancing at one another you lean in and do it
  • and it leads to a shocked expression on his face but he lets go of your shoulders and puts his hands on either side of your face and kisses you again
  • and ahh it’s just so damn sweet and neither of you can stop grinning because damn it really worked out as you both hoped
  • dating jungkook entails a lot of visits to his practices after you’re done with volunteering where you’ll come by with ice packs and water and snacks and usually you’ll bring enough snacks for the others who absolutely adore you for that
  • you also have a tendency to fuss over him whenever he overexerts himself because he’s a very big overachiever in sports and academics and sometimes you gotta threaten to withdraw your kisses and affections just to get him to settle down honestly
  • his roommates were so happy to hear how things turned out for you two and they go out of their way to tease him whenever you’re around and dear god Jin
  • well when he found out you two got together, he saw y’all holding hands and he literally sat you both in the lounge, brought out some snacks and just chatted with you
  • to jungkook, this was horrendous but you loved chatting with jin because he’d lay out a bunch of things about kook like how he isn’t the cleanliest and you shouldn’t be surprised to find anything and everything under his bed and how there was one time when jungkook spent an hour googling how to work the washer and dryer were right by the bulletin board in the room and that’s when kook lost it and dragged you away
  • it was then decided that jin approved of you tho
  • bc after the season when everyone is still training after, jungkook’s shoulder was bothering him and he refused to admit that he might’ve overexerted it and you stormed over to the dorm and scolded him for not taking proper care of himself before running around just to grab some ice packs and just a mini kit of dealing with this brat and jin just knew that you’d take care of this kid so he leaves y’all be and even closes the door to the dorm tho you pay no attention as kook starts opening up to you
  • even on days when he feels his worst like he feels like everyone depends on him and he’s not sure if his abilities are good enough since his shoulder’s constantly bothering him and all you think to do is give him words of advice and kissing him to let him know that he isn’t alone
  • because although you count on him, you want to be there to support him and well…. jimin and taehyung aren’t in the room and with the ice pack on his shoulder, you climb atop the bed, sitting on his lap and kissing him with more and more fervor that he reciprocates
  • you convince him to let you take care of him and you do indeed~
  • the one day he actually loses a game (bc hey no ones perfect) and you’re there doing your best to comfort him he just tells you how much he loves you and is grateful for you being there
  • and holy shit this is the first he’s told you this, you tell him you love him too and god he looks significantly happier
  • on days when you’re at your worst, he tries his best to get your mind of it, taking you on walks to your favorite places and carrying you when you’re too tired
  • other days he’ll even forgo practice, finding the frog leaps on the stairs worth it, when he can pick you up after your volunteer shift just to surprise you with snacks and a semi-well made bento box and boba and it’s just so damn sweet ok
  • you and jungkook manage to complement one another in the best way possible and when you’re both overexerting yourselves you’re there for one another to tell each other to chill
  • to say the least, both of y’all have never been more grateful for a philosophy class even if you both suffered incessantly in that damn class

2/200 Days of Productivity
Had the pleasure of studying for my Data Structures midterm in this beautiful weather this afternoon. Only a few more days left of semi-warm, sunny weather before the rain and overcast hit us full-blast. 
What are you studying tonight?

thisgirlcodes  asked:

Tag you're it! You've been tagged as a fantastic woman in tech to talk about your experience as a woman in this field. Many women report feeling shut out or afraid to pursue careers in STEM subjects, especially computer science, so what's your experience with this if you have any? Also check out zwicking cause she made a similar survey and I would really appreciate it if you could answer her as well :D once you've finished tag 3 other people to answer this as well!

I’ve never had any really bad experience throughout my education so far, for which I’m quite thankful. But, I think for a long of girls, it not just having a bad experience that makes them afraid for pursue computer science. Sometimes, it’s just the matter that there aren’t a lot of girls who do end up doing computer science, that makes girls not want to do computer science.

For example, in high school when I signed up for computer science just because I couldn’t find another course I wanted to take. I was kind of excited for computer science cause I thought maybe I’d get to make a website. I ended up showing up early to the class, and so I sat down and waited for other students to arrive. Slowly, the room started to fill with more and more boys, and I got more and more uncomfortable. Everyone around me was talking and I was just sitting alone, silent. Would I end up being the only girl in the class? 

Then, an another girl walked in and she immediately sat down next to me.  I was so relieved because at least I would not be alone.Throughout the whole course, whenever the boys around would talk tech stuff we didn’t understand, we would look at each other and think, “Should we know this?” We became good friends, always helping each other out since the guys didn’t really want to talk to us either.

I remember my friend had an 85 in the course and still thought that she wasn’t “good” at computer science. She was doing better than most the people in the class! 

I had a 92 (which I would later learn was one of the highest grades) but the boys still acted as if they knew more. We had to do an assignment in pairs, and I was paired with this guy who - from the moment we started, I knew he thought he was better than me. On the first day, he went home and did the whole assignment at home without my input. He then preceded to spend class time on playing video games. Well, I went over his code, removed redundancies and made it more efficient. When I asked him I should hand in the assignment or he would do it, he said he’d do it. Turns out, instead of submitted my edited code, he submitted his original code. When we got the feedback, it was all things that I had changed in my version! Instead of being angry or explaining what had happened, I took the lower grade and wondered if I should continue to study computer science. 

There were countless times I thought I wasn’t good enough. Even in grade 12, when I was sure I wanted to major in cs, I took other science courses to “keep my options open”. The hardest thing I had to learn in grade 12 was how to be the only girl on the robotics team. There was a robotics event where this girl from my school walked up to me and asked, “You’re on the robotics team?” I replied and said I was. She proceeded to tell me how she wanted to be an engineer and join the team as well but she was intimidated by all the boys. I tried to encourage her to join and tell her it was worth it, but alas I never did see her again.

I don’t have a lot of experience in computer science. But the little experience that I do have has shown me that girls are hard on themselves. When they see other girls aren’t doing something, they’re not likely to do it themselves. Heck, I wouldn’t be studying computer science if I did see all those sites and organizations encouraging girls to code. If I hadn’t joined Tumblr and met other girls in cs. That’s why I try to encourage and help every girl that I meet. 

Oh, and if you are a girl in cs reading this, I tag you to join this network so you know that you are not alone and that you belong in cs. 

anonymous asked:

What exactly do you have a degree in? What can/will you do with it? I'm trying to confirm what I want to major in, I was originally thinking robotics engineering (mechanical+electrical+software engineering) and hopefully end up working with rovers and stuff that goes into space(?) but I've also been looking at astrophysics with a background in software engineering/computer science. I really like space and want to involve that somehow (tell me everything, correct me if I'm wrong, I wanna LEARN)

hey! first of all i love your enthusiasm and your want to learn!

so there are a lot of different paths you can take to being involved in space research, some of which i didn’t even know existed until a few months ago (lol whoops)

astrophysics/physics i have a degree in this, with a degree one can do fundamental research on space (for instance, how do neutron star-neutron star mergers work? how do stars and planets form? etc.) you can probably fall back onto a CS job, a data science job, or finance or something – anything that is reasonably dependent on quantitative reasoning.

computer science i minored in this. CS is a swiss army knife in that it enables you to do good research/work in a lot of different space science fields (and a lot of other fields as well). there are of course a plethora of jobs you can get with CS/SWE as well.

MechE/EE i have a good friend who majored/minored in these in college, respectively, and he now works on space missions at a big lab. you too could go this route! if you’re a really buildy person, this is probably the right path for you.

geology/geochemistry/geophysics turns out planets are made of rocks! if you’re interested in rover missions and Mars and Venus and things like that, it is absolutely worthwhile to know your geology well. the folks that i know who work on planetary surface missions are mostly geologists! geochem can help you learn a lot about how the same rocks might fare on different planetary surfaces, and geophysics will make you extremely valuable for modeling the interiors of planets as well as that of our own planet.

atmospheric science/earth science if you’re interested in planetary/exoplanetary atmospheres, a lot of folks start by learning about the earth’s atmosphere first!

chemistry two different routes here – you can learn about chemistry on the planetary scale (geochemistry, biogeochemistry, etc.) or you can learn about it on the planet-forming scale (astrochemistry, cosmochemistry).

there are certainly other paths as well! i would say that for your major, it matters much more what you like to do than whether it’s relevant for space sciences, since most stem majors are likely to be relevant in some way (yes, even biology – there is a lot of interest in how the human body reacts to microgravity for space missions, also astrobiology is a thing). if you want to do this for a career, your internships and research experiences will end up mattering a lot more in determining what direction you take your space studies interests. hopefully this was helpful!

Hello! My name is safmiute and I’m a rising college sophomore. Studyblr inspired me a lot this past year, so I decided to join in! I’m still getting the hang of making stuff, but look forward to meeting everyone! Here’s some fun facts for now:

about me as a student:

✦ I just changed majors from biology to computer science, but want to work with both someday

✦ I’m fluent in Spanish and will be a math tutor next year. I’d be happy to help anyone (langblr or otherwise) with questions!

✦ Study music: lofi hip hop and smooth music (like elevator tunes)

about me as a person:

✦ I used to play the violin, but had to stop because it made my dog cry.

✦ I really like trees and grass and plants and cats and dogs and using chalk. I work in a library full of beautiful, old books. I’m also allergic to all of the above!

✦ Green is my favorite color, as you can probably tell. It’s also the color of my quiceañera gown featured in an upcoming post! It was made by my aunt.

✦ I have a very eclectic music taste, but love unique beats. My current faves are AJR, Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along blog, and Ariana Grande.

✦ I’ve moved eight times.

✦ Interacting with people made me very nervous in middle/high school, so i listened to a lot of gaming streams and comedy to feel less lonely spending time at home. i’m neither good at comedy or gaming, but I love to talk about it!

✦ My name, safmiute, is based on how a cloudy sky feels: soft and muted

goals for the year: track my study habits, think about grad school, learn to manage my own finances, meet new people and go out of my comfort zone

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading all of that! Send me a message if we have something in common or just want to chat.  

See you soon,


p.s. here’s some people that inspire me:

@caffeineandcoding​, @studyquill​, @emmastudies​, @studypetals, @elkstudies, @cmpsbls, @obsidianstudy​, @optomstudies​, @intellectys​, @studious-simplicity​, @nerdastically, @studyorcrytrying, @adelinestudiess, @studytako, @outofcontextarthur, @literastudy, @colorcodedpens, @warmhealer, @markiveelle, @saflinstudies, @eintsein, @starlight-student, @tbhstudying, @architstudy, @dungeonstudy, @studyblr, @asoiafuniversity

I have a desperate need for content about Mary and Damien being BFFs.

Imagine them in college together, even being roommates. Mary, younger and wild and vivacious. Definitely a party girl, but also possibly a religion major, just a little bit intimidating to most people she meets. Damien, the computer science major, painfully awkward and shy and struggling to define himself, constantly impressed with how well she navigates both of those things. Mary trying to bring him out of his shell, encouraging him to be himself. Damien being someone genuine and comforting to talk to when her other friends or the pressure of living in two totally different worlds got exhausting. They feel each other’s pain and encourage each other, and help out at their local animal shelter.

Do you think she ever had to destroy someone in the past for breaking her special boy’s heart? Do you think he ever gave her a makeover, making her laugh by pointing out Victorian gowns that were absolutely her color? Do you think she ever made the same mistake as MC, showing him a horror movie and then comforting him for the rest of the night? Do you think he ever sighed and adjusted his glasses as he promised, yet again, to fix her computer (but only if she’d come with him to the art gallery so he’d have someone to talk to and wouldn’t feel as awkward)?

Do you think she was there for his Naruto phase? Did SHE have a Naruto phase? Maybe they go back farther than college. Maybe they were friends through their teen years, through all of the embarrassing, awkward, growing-up times.

Do you think she was the first one he came out to?

Just… Give me all of the Mary and Damien BFF headcanons.