computer puns

It’s time, everyone


AAAaaand last but not least, this dumbass pun I thought of last minute:


*Whispers* Ceiling Dan

Smokin Hot Babe Alert ₍՞◌′o‵ू◌₎♡


Queen & Knight Kastle AU

After overturning the rule of King Pin, Karen must take the throne and face down the opposing kingdoms that would see a mere commoner dethroned. Her only hope - a knight imprisoned for the murder of thirty-seven men. She promises to help find his family’s killers, if he will help protect her kingdom. 

GLaDOS Nicknames (by Tesla):

Because ( @myinventions​ /aka/ @myxcenterxstage​) and I wanted to make as many silly computer pun pet names for Tesla to call her as possible! XD

  • My precious processor
  • My sugar processor
  • My darling OS (operating system)
  • My beloved OS
  • My dear database
  • Cara Mia
  • Honey RAM
  • My little glowfish
  • My precious little core
  • My dear core
  • My sweet little core
  • Sweetie Core
  • Sugar Disk
  • Love Disk
  • “Core”-azón (Corazón =  Heart in Spanish)
  • Data Cakes
  • Sugar Bits
  • Sugar Bytes
  • Honey Bytes
  • Light Bytes
  • Data Dearest
  • Honey Core
  • Sugar RAM
  • Sugar Core
  • Muffin Core
  • Data Darling
  • My Shining Software
  • My Beautiful OS
  • My Beautiful Core
  • My Pretty Processor
  • My Genetic Angel   (a play on ‘genetic lifeform’)
  • Cuddle Core
  • Cutie Core
  • Peach Core
  • Love Program
  • Cute (Little) Computer
  • Computer Cutie
  • Sugar Circuit
  • Binary Babe
  • Binary Beauty
  • My shining little Core of Light
  • My little sunshine core
  • My science sweetie

Sorry I SPACED out there for a second. I was a bit busy doing exams. Like a MEGABIT. I don’t know enough about computers to do any more jokes. But you get the theme, right? It’s easy enough to PROCESS??

Haha! Anyway, no unicorns were harmed (yet) in the making of this post. Let’s just hope I don’t offend anyone …

As I have said, I know like, _ that much about computers,  so sorry if the puns aren’t accurate …

See ya next week!

Okay so just a quick heads up, I might have to take a super mini hiatus for a little while because my computer’s been acting weird. Which at first I was like, “haha that’s adorable, I made a Fresh_Hell thing and now it’s being weird, oh you!” but now it’s getting on my nerves and my files aren’t saving properly and been nomming on my art files and I’m a bit anxious to make new things in case something bad happens.

Anyways, I’m taking poor Saronite (my laptop) to the Apple store after work and seeing if maybe there’s something they can do or tell me to do. Sorry to bug ya’ll with this (hah computer pun) but I’ll keep ya’ll updated <3

Hopefully this doesn’t push my plans for Chapter Three back too much.