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Surviving college the Colleen way

I’ve been telling people that I love college and that I really fit in here but it was just people would stop asking questions.  It was a lie.  At the beginning I felt really lonely, it was almost like I lost the ability to make friends.  I was surviving from phone call to phone call, skype date to skype date.  

But not anymore

This week things really turned around.  I’ve met a lot more people from the other end of the hall, and most of them aren’t as socially awkward as it seems.  There are a lot of really cool people that I am very glad that I get to spend the rest of the year with, and a lot of them think of funny and I can make them smile.  I have witnessed a lot of random things but I’m really ok with that.  I’ve stayed up late, laughed until my stomach hurts, and have felt really happy.  Even though I understand only about half of the computer type conversations that go on, I’m learning.  I do have a dilemma though.  There is this guy that kinda gives me the creeps but he gives really good back rubs, I’m not really sure what to do.  

It’s been a great week.


so the other end of the hall is the computer science learning community and it is full of awkward guys… but I love it.  I have now grabbed two guys out of their rooms to come and help me with internet issues.  

best line:

“I’ve never been this far down” -awkward guy number one matt

“This is the all girls end”- me

I <3 all of the nerdy and awkward guys that I am meeting

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Tim/Kon college au

I took a nap and had this on queue I’m so sorry if this took forever to get to.

1. Bart and Tim are roommates in the dorms. Kon lives in a single on the same floor and, for whatever reason, Tim keeps bumping into him in the showers. Like, literally bumping into him while Kon’s wearing nothing but a towel, usually still wet, and Tim hates himself so much for it, specially because this is BEFORE they’re even friends.

2. Tim’s a criminology and computer science double major. He also takes a ton of unnecessary chemistry courses just because he really enjoys them. Kon studies engineering, though he’s always on the fence about if he wants to switch his major.

3. Tim and Kon ‘officially’ meet when Kon needs help in organic chemistry and Tim ends up tutoring him when he comes to the study sessions. After that, they start hanging out, Tim starts running into him on purpose, Kon totally using ‘studying’ as an excuse to see him/be alone with him–it’s great.

4. When they actually start dating, they find out quickly it’s a really good thing Kon has his own room, because it turns out Bart has really good timing for dropping in as soon as they start heavily making out on Tim’s bed. After the third time they got caught– with the third occurance being when Tim’s shirt was off and his hand down Kon’s pants– any make-out sessions happen at Kon’s.

5. Tim spends most of his meal plan on Kon, because he doesn’t eat all that much. It concerns Kon a lot, so he normally gets food that he knows Tim enjoys, because then the other usually picks off his plate. It’s both adorable and makes Kon feel like Tim’s getting something like three meals a day in. 

Send me an AU + pairing/character and I’ll write 5 headcanons I have for it!


Meet Native Photographer,model and computer science major Checotah Davis :) He is affiliated with both the Cheyenne and Coushatta tribe.His latest published work can be found in NINK Tattoo magazine which is a features all native artists, models and other interesting topics. Checotah states he got the itch for photography in high school and and it never left him :) We’re all glad it didn’t !  

Instagram @checotahd 



Style Sessions: Villenno Povulus

Hope you guys are all enjoying this fashionable Friday as we are at the Influence. And of course Friday means another Styled By The Influence: Style Session! This week’s guest is Timothy Greene, the owner of Villenno Povulus Clothing Company. 

Lately, I’ve had some type of background story with all our guest and Tim is no different. I met him through my best friend about 7 years ago. From what I can remember, he was always drawing. So him going to Baltimore School for the Arts was no surprise. Tim is wildly talented and Villenno Povulus is the perfect way to showcase the art in cahoots with fashion. Its great seeing people’s talents develop and mature over years. 

Here’s our Style Session with Villenno Povulus

I’m Timothy Greene. I’m a computer science major at Morgan State University –for now… but I refuse to be at Morgan next semester… And I’m not really feeling computer science. I applied to College Park – the late deadline. So, I’ll be a chemical Engineer there… but if not UMD… Then the navy is plan b… oh, and I’m also the owner of Villenno Povulus Clothing Company.

For the Chemical Engineering/ Navy side of the story, I like challenges. I feel like I can handle anything and do great with whatever... And the navy sounds really cool… And there’s a lot more too it, just don’t want y’all to get bored with that side of the story. Now to the Right BrainFashion – Art, I’ve pretty much been doing visual arts and design I guess for a good sum of my life. I was in twigs from like 5th grade to 8th grade, and then I went to BSA for a year. But I left. Like anybody I’ve always been interested in making money, always trying to find a hustle. I used to sell waters in like the 6th grade outside during the summer… You know flipping cases (packs of water bottles of course). And then I said, “ Hey! Why not use my talent, my craft, to make some money??” But it’s hard to strive for something without a main focus or outcome… My future outcome, after seeing it working with the Baltimore Algebra Project, doing advocacy and rallies, was to be able to build my own schools and change the black community. So, there’s a business and philanthropic side. And that’s how I got here…

In 5 to 10 years I’ll have a masters – or doctorates degree in chemical engineering… depending on if I’m at UMD or getting my bachelors through the Navy STA 21, I’ll probably be teaching… After that… another job… getting paper. But of course—the art never dies. My business will continue to expand. I think my brand is pretty set and permanent. When I created Villenno Povulus I made sure that it was something that would stick around. It took a lot of time to develop a purpose and a particular image for the brand.

 Is there anything to look out for in the next year? Tattoos… tattoos… be ready. A more developed polo shirt and new designs!! I’ll just be focused on expanding and networking!

Popular figures now are Kanye and Alexander Wang to my knowledge. Being at Morgan you see style difference and style trends. I’ve taken baby steps into the fashion world. Most of the clothing I produce is only to my preference… not whats trending. So I don’t have too much knowledge on leading designers.

My favorite designer is Ralph Lauren. I always look at his biography to see how he builds such a huge empire. He went from polos to pillow cases, and everything in between… and beyond that. The man is genius.

I’ve always been into neutral colors and earth tones. Never realizing that the fashion world had an influence on my taste. A lot of designers such as Lacoste are taking paths into nature… Colors which give an organic feel… Even textures which give the organic feel as well. Eventually I’ll be going into organic cotton… That’s what I really wanted from the beginning… But you have to start somewhere. There’s a particular rough or toughness, but clean look that also seems to be spreading.

Style is dressing however you want but making it look good. You have to have the personality to match your style. Ian Connor dresses how tf he wants, he wears whatever and takes cool pictures… but his swag, the way he carries himself, is what pulls attention. I put on certain things at times, knowing that people may think negatively about it, but you have to say “fuck it”… And wear it… Because you like it… and that’s who you are!

I influence people to be outgoing, live a healthy lifestyle, have fun, be open minded, and always be comfortable be who you are.. No one enjoys being judged, and however weird… or different… someone may seem… you have to put it aside and just understand that not everybody is going to live like you or fit your liking… and you can open your mind and see their perspective, and learn from them. I’m gangster. I’m a leader… but I don’t force to lead… people tend to just follow.

Amazing right? Be sure to keep up with Tim and Villenno Povulus with the contact information below. SBTI thanks Tim for being apart of our Style Sessions and much success.

Instagram : @villennopovulus

Twitter: @villennopovulus

Tumblr: villennopovulus


Stay Stylish, 


I just realized

Andrew Hussie is a computer science major, which explains the frequent use of CS jargon (the && and || especially) but it’s even more than that

His whole approach to the comic, as well as his previous ones, is really, really CS-like. In computer science, you code each method, but the main program is just calling each method, sometimes multiple times. So, you re-use code in that way. But not just that, you sometimes have to take a piece of one method and copypaste it into another, sometimes just changing a variable or two.

That’s basically how Hussie does Homestuck. He reuses so many assets, sometimes entire panels, or pieces of story, or bits of dialogue. So, he did end up following his major, in a roundabout way.

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It's my third year in college and I'm a sophomore. The most irritating thing is that I wanted to declare as a computer science major from the beginning but I convinced myself into thinking I wasn't capable or smart enough. Now, I'm taking prerequisites so I can declare in CS and I wonder if it's worth it. I've already wasted so much time. I'm worried about how long financial aid will last and if maybe I should stick to quicker route to graduation. But CS was always the dream... Any advice?

Go with your dream!

It takes the average student 6 years to finish college these days, not 4 years. So statistically, you’re ahead of the game.

You can’t get the Federal Pell Grant for more than 6 years. Loans are little more difficult to determine, but generally it’s also 6 years. You can read about it here. (Scroll down to the section: Is there a time limit on how long I can receive loans?) 

You should be able to finish in 6 years. All of the computer science classes will probably take you two years, so you might even get finished in 5 years. You could definitely finish in 5 if you can take some summer classes.

When you start getting close to the max, the financial aid department may start questioning the amount of time it’s taken, but it’s not usually a big deal. I had to deal with it right before I graduated. The school sends this stern, formal letter called a “degree audit” where you have to justify why it’s taken you this much time to finish. It’s not a big deal though.

until an actual live alien comes and lands on my goddamn backyard, i will say whatever the hell i want about them. i will goddamn speculate all the live long day

all aliens have belgian accents, look like EXACTLY like the beatles except with shaved heads and multiple pairs of legs, and act like computer science majors in grad school.


How do you figure out what you want to do? How do you explore career options?

Like, I’m a year into nursing and I’m not sure it’s for me but a lot of it is I’m second guessing myself. I like biology and anatomy so the medical field has always seemed like a fit.

I also like organizing and filing and computers though I know I’m weak in math and from what I’ve sampled programming isn’t for me.

I’m just second guessing my whole damn life right now

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hi i'm a computer science major and mostly female (some sort of fluid demigirl i think?) and skylar is the most adorable blog i follow and you're amazing for creating her

Aw, thank you