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Yeah I'm not too good at math but I want to pursue Computer Science, do you have any tips on how I can better my math skills?

Well, for most computer science jobs unless you’re dealing with statistics you probably won’t actually use too much mathematics. And, a lot of computer programming languages have great statistics packages.

But, you do need math to get your degree, and overall mathematics is a good skill to have (plus, you learn different ways of thinking).

As for getting through your math courses… Here are some tips that can apply to anyone at ant level

  • Use as many visual learning aids as you possibly can
  • Look for applications of the math you’re using, so you can gain a greater understanding and appreciation. 
  • If there are any prerequisite skills you forget, brush up on them as soon as you realize. Ask your professor, go to a tutoring center, use Khan Academy, whatever works. Not knowing the math you need in order to use the math you’ve learned can cause a lot of problems.
  • Don’t let yourself struggle. This will only cause you to grow further behind. Get help when you need it. There’s always someone willing to help!
  • Learn to appreciate and love mathematics. View math as a powerful tool in learning about the world. 
  • Lots and lots of practice
Five Favorite Movies

I was tagged by @captainjamesteekirk​ to do the five favorite movies challenge.

1. Good Will Hunting: A troubled genius masks his intelligence and spits in the face of authority to do his own thing? Right up my alley. Plus, the bench scene hit a chord.

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2. The Imitation Game: A movie starring Alan Turing? Computer Science representation outside of Jobs??? What??????? Another unappreciated genius, Turing created the first computer to decode the German enigma code. The fact that Joan Clarke, an influential woman in CS, is included and that Turing is played by Benedict Cumberbatch doesn’t hurt.

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3. Watchmen: I’m always up for some lighthearted commentaries on the human condition, and Watchmen delivered big time. I especially loved the lack of true protagonists and how the movie showed that nobody is truly pure. Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan are two unforgettable characters.

4. A Beautiful Mind: John Nash, another troubled genius, searches for his original thought at Princeton University. Not to spoil anything, but Soviet paranoia and decryption eat away at Nash until….something happens. Another very quotable movie.

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5. Deadpool: Yep. Butts.

Mmmm. Full color for this one.

I nominate @thedresdenfillets, @woahitsyarah, and @petrichorandfirelight.