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One of the most important things I have learned since I started working is that it’s okay to not know things. This was really surprising for me because in uni I always felt like I should already know everything - if a professor mentioned something they were not teaching in that course I mostly didn’t ask since I thought it was a prerequisite.

At work, no one cares. Or rather, everyone knows that you can’t know everything because there are SO MANY tools and frameworks and methods of doing stuff that you can’t possibly know them all. Especially if you’re fresh out of uni/college! Man, programming at uni and actually building software in the industry are so vastly different, it’s like learning to program all over again. And your colleagues know that you didn’t use Tomcat or Docker or Hibernate or Java EE because why would you? It’s okay!

This is why I don’t hesitate to ask anything, even things that seem to be self-evident to everyone else. Because I’ve never gotten a bad reaction from anyone finding out I didn’t know something. No condescension, no irritation, no confusion. Just explanations in a reasonable tone of voice in a way I could understand. So don’t be afraid, it might take some getting used to but this way you’ll learn so much and will be a lot more relaxed.
(That’s not to say I don’t have any problems at work or that there is no awkwardness. The social and organisational stuff is not as easy, but I never feel bad asking about technical stuff.)

Investing in edu v. spending on ‘stuff’ that you don’t need but want

A reminder that spending money on your education is better than spending money on new clothes, shoes, travel etc. Every dollar spent (well) on education will come back to help you get where you want to be in the long run. So ask yourself, do you really need to save your money to buy a cool new Apple watch, or can you invest that money in ways that can help develop your knowledge and skills like taking a computer science/programming class?

Feels Like Home

I never thought I would actually do this, but here I am posting a fanfic I wrote. 

First of all thanks to @loveinpanem new author challenge for finally giving me the push to actually start writing.  Eek! I’d like to thank @reminiscentrain88 who has literally been telling to write for like 2 years even though she isn’t even in this fandom. Also, @peetabreadgirl for being so positive and encouraging and a good friend. Finally, @deinde-prandium and @titaniasfics for giving great suggestions, betaing and being awesome mentors! So without ado, feel free to read below. 

If you’d like to read on AO3 here’s the link  


The beginning of a new school year was always an exciting time at U of Panem. People settled into their dorms, apartments and started their new class schedules. Many of Katniss’ friends were a year older than her, like her boyfriend Gale, so they had graduated last year and wouldn’t be around this year. Luckily, she still had her good girl friends with her and for that she was grateful. They were all rooming together this year in their new apartment building.

It was hot and humid even though it was 3 in the morning. Katniss was standing on the sidewalk with her roommates outside of their apartment building in a tank top and sleep shorts when she saw him for the first time that year.

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Getting a job in Software Development

I graduated from uni in October and tomorrow (February) I start my first real job. ‘Wow, that’s a big gap!’ you might think, and, well, it kind of is but - I wasn’t searching for a job the whole time. In fact, the actual job searching (from sending out the first application to accepting an offer) took only 2 weeks. But let’s start with some basics:

(Please note: What I’m describing is true for Germany, where I live and did the whole application process. It might well be different in your country, although I’m pretty sure it applies to more countries than only Germany.)

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Computer Science job fair at my University
  • Photographer: Hello, would you two be willing to take a picture with the gentlemen at the booth over there?
  • Friend & I: Sure!
  • Guy at booth: So, what are you girls doing here? It's not like you're interested in comp sci, right?
  • Friend & I: Bye!

Meet Brian Holmes, BLM GIS Specialist in Idaho

When Brian was a kid, he wanted more than anything to be a wildlife biologist.  And then, there were maps.

After earning a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Animal Biology from Colorado State University, Brian worked several seasonal jobs: seven summer seasons with the National Park Service, two winters at a ski area in Colorado, and two winters on a mountain lion research project in Yellowstone. As he pursued a Master’s Degree in Biology from Idaho State University, Brian was introduced to Geographic Information Systems or GIS, where he learned to use mapping as a tool for scientific tracking and management. Brian’s career began with a GIS internship at the local BLM Pocatello Field Office.

As a GIS specialist, Brian manages geospatial data for the field office, provides GIS system support, and even teaches Introductory and Intermediate GIS classes to fellow BLM employees.  His work varies daily, from eagle counts to grouse surveys to rock art documentation, which keeps keeps the job interesting.

Although GIS work keeps Brian in the office much of the time, he and his family spend free time skiing, mountain biking, camping, hiking, and backpacking.  And Brian passes on his love of biology, mapping, and the great outdoors to his own kids.

By BLM Idaho Tumblr Blogger Amy Lapp

Please pray for me

I had a phone interview earlier today.  In my opinion, it didn’t go well at all, but that’s not why I’m asking for your prayers. I’m in a huge emotional bind after every interview because I really don’t want to go into this field, and I’m trying to get over a huge hurdle to get to what I believe God is calling me to do (summary of everything under read more)

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anonymous asked:

Same anon, again, I just wanted to know if there are any opportunities for employment after having just a Bsc in CS.

Hey again!

I don’t know much about the job market in the US, but technically a B.Sc. should give you enough skills/knowledge to work in the industry. I think it all depends on where you want to work (development, game industry, more research oriented…) on what possible employers might want from their employees. Doing a lot of coding and building up your own “code resumee” (i.e. your private projects hosted publicly on e.g. github for employers to look through) will definitely help. BUT: I didn’t do any of that and still got a job (in Germany and with a master’s, but still).

Any of my US-based followers with an overview of the job market there? Please help this anon!



Hey guys! Us here at Elder Scrolls Explained just wanted to do a little meet and greet so you can get to know us a bit better and get a feel for why we started this blog! Feel free to message us with any other questions you might have!

(On the Left) Emma Claire: 

Currently 18 and a junior studying International Relations at Michigan State University. I’m into Italian neorealism films, figure skating, alchemy, espresso, frozen peaches, classic cars, hiking, impressionism, sixties rock, and road-trips. I first played TES: Oblivion way back in fifth grade (thanks Riles) and started off as a DB-bound Khajiit that was obsessed on getting her acrobatics up to 100 as fast as humanly (cat-ly?) possible. I remember trying to move about the map and thinking the game was so huge that I could never figure it all out or even make it to every city, and the clouds and sunsets were way too beautiful to possible exist inside a video game. My favorite part (from all of the games) is the lore and the complexity of it, hence why I write the lore posts for our blog!

  • Experience: Arena, Oblivion, Skyrim, dabbled in ESO
  • Platform: X-box 360/X-box One
  • Favorite Game: Oblivion
  • Favorite Daedric Prince: Azura
  • Favorite Race: Bosmer
  • Choice Guardian Stone: Thief
  • Favorite Quest: Whodunit?
  • Favorite Spell: Telekinesis
  • Favorite Faction: Dark Brotherhood
  • Favorite DLC: Tie–Shivering Isles v. Dawnguard
  • Favorite City: Solitude
  • Favorite Item: Boots of Springheel Jack
  • Favorite Non-Quest Thing To Do: Climb on top of the buildings/city walls
  • Favorite Glitch: Duplication

Feel free to check out my personal tumblr: @emmathedoctorclaire or my Instagram: eveyclaire

(On the Right) Riley:

Hi guys! I’m Riley, 19 years old, sophomore at Michigan State, studying Computer Science. Obviously, my dream job as a computer scientist would be making video games for a living but who knows how that will turn out?? I like math and science and computers but I’m a novice at all that right now. Oblivion is really the reason I play video games, it is and probably always will be my favorite game. I’ve played a little of the Arena and Daggerfall, a shit-ton of Oblivion, and just enough Skyrim. Pretty low level in ESO although I intend to play more, and one day buy Morrowind and play that too. I write some lore posts but writing doesn’t come super easy to me, which is why I do most of the re-blogging and ESO screenshots. The lore of the TES world is so expansive, and I hardly know any of it really, so I love this blog because it makes me learn more about the Elder Scrolls. Please talk Elder Scrolls with us over the ask-box or message system because we love fellow TES nerds!!!

  • Experience: Little bit of Arena and Daggerfall, lots of Oblivion and Skyrim
  • Platform: Playstation 3 + 4
  • Favorite Game: OBLIVION
  • Favorite Daedric Prince: Nocturnal
  • Favorite Race: Bretons
  • Choice Guardian Stone: Mage
  • Favorite Quest: The Ultimate Heist
  • Favorite Spell: Chameleon
  • Favorite Faction: Thieves Guild
  • Favorite DLC: All the xbox exclusive oblivion DLCs cos I never got them myself :’-( PS3 user
  • Favorite City: Anvil
  • Favorite Item: Amulet of Kings
  • Favorite Non-Quest Thing To Do: Saving and killing all the guard in imperial city and watching them spawn and also skooma
  • Favorite Glitch: Paintbrush

My personal blog is @umbrellacycles and my PlaystationNetwork name is MustacheCash! I play ESO on playstation, and Overwatch ;)

anonymous asked:

Yeah I'm not too good at math but I want to pursue Computer Science, do you have any tips on how I can better my math skills?

Well, for most computer science jobs unless you’re dealing with statistics you probably won’t actually use too much mathematics. And, a lot of computer programming languages have great statistics packages.

But, you do need math to get your degree, and overall mathematics is a good skill to have (plus, you learn different ways of thinking).

As for getting through your math courses… Here are some tips that can apply to anyone at ant level

  • Use as many visual learning aids as you possibly can
  • Look for applications of the math you’re using, so you can gain a greater understanding and appreciation. 
  • If there are any prerequisite skills you forget, brush up on them as soon as you realize. Ask your professor, go to a tutoring center, use Khan Academy, whatever works. Not knowing the math you need in order to use the math you’ve learned can cause a lot of problems.
  • Don’t let yourself struggle. This will only cause you to grow further behind. Get help when you need it. There’s always someone willing to help!
  • Learn to appreciate and love mathematics. View math as a powerful tool in learning about the world. 
  • Lots and lots of practice