Whenever it’s brought up that Homeworld suffered massive casualties during the Gem War, it’s always responded with that - aside from the Breaking Point - the Crystal Gems never aimed to shatter other Gems. This might be true, in theory, but it didn’t really pan out in practice, at least not with the information we’ve been given. Because we’ve seen them take shots at a Gem’s gem. And since Homeworld didn’t have Rose’s healing tears, a cracked gem was as for all intents and purposes a dead Gem anyways; all they’d be good for at that point was recycling.

Garnet’s taken a few shots for the gem:

We know Pearl had no compunctions about attacking a non-combatant: 

And we’ve seen Homeworld Gems remember the casualties on their side:

We can argue that maybe the Crystal Gems were just aiming to poof their enemies, and that they were bubbling cracked gems to heal at some later date (I doubt it tho).

But for people who keep trying to say that Homeworld’s casualties weren’t high, or at least not as high as the Crystal Gems’ - just look at the size of Amethyst’s Kindergarten:

And remember that the whole reason Jasper’s Kindergarten was built was because by the middle of the War, Homeworld “scrambled to generate extra soldiers on the ground.” And between both Kindergartens, so far we’ve seen less than fifty survivors. It’s entirely possible there’s some bubbled down in the Crystal Gems’ base, and that maybe a few of those Corrupted Quartzes were Primes and Betas (tho their color schemes don’t match). That’s still thousands unaccounted for, likely the majority of the Cluster (which was inserted at the Beta Kindergarten, giving it dark enough implications).

So even if the majority of the Crystal Gems tried not to shatter their enemies - perhaps viewing that as murder rather than the acceptable collateral damage of cracking a gem - for people who still try to insist that they never got their hands dirty to win, well as Greg said, “No such thing as a good war, kiddo.”

calling jyn a bad character because she was focused on herself at first is weird considering how much of the SW fandom worships han solo

character development is a thing, and it made her a much more interesting and believable character than she would be otherwise given her life story and the emotional obstacles she had to overcome to learn to be selfless and devote herself to a cause, just as cassian had to learn when to be selfish and believe in his own moral compunctions rather than just follow orders - and that’s why he accompanies her on the mission and they complete it side by side

5 February. The best resource is to meet everything as calmly as possible, to make yourself an inert mass, and, if you feel that you are carried away, not to let yourself be lured into taking a single unnecessary step, to stare at others with the eyes of an animal, to feel no compunction, to yield to the non-conscious that you believe far away while it is precisely what is burning you, with your own hand to throttle down whatever ghostly life remains in you, that is, to enlarge the final peace of the graveyard and let nothing survive save that.
—  Franz Kafka, Diaries

Do you guys ever think about how close we got to Laurel being bisexual before the writers’ double standards ruined it. Because of course Oliver can sleep with Sara while dating her sister, then come back and try to date Laurel again, and then date Sara again, but Laurel dating Nyssa after Sara’s death and being confirmed bisexual is impossible just because her sister did both of those things first. 

(Not to mention that John Diggle dated Carly Diggle in season one. They’ve already showed they had no compunctions about characters being into their dead siblings’ ex/significant other.)

Dinah Laurel Lance, bisexual comic book character, suddenly having her bisexuality PURPOSEFULLY AVOIDED just because someone she’s related to happens to be bisexual too is erasure! Don’t fucking forget this one other really significant way Arrow’s writers failed comic book legacy character Dinah Laurel Lance!

So Lovelace and Hilbert are certain Eiffel will follow where Minkowski leads. But what if he doesn’t?

What if he remains staunchly on Team What’s Wrong With Handcuffs, tries to play the angel on Renée’s shoulder again?

Hilbert has shown he has zero compunctions about killing crew members who get in his way. And while I don’t *think* Lovelace would *kill* him, she’s shown a disturbing willingness to hurt people.

Of the others, Hera can always be commanded to do things, and Maxwell would do it if the situation got bad enough, I think. Jacobi said outright that if Kepler says “kill,” he follows orders. And we know Kepler is merciless.

So really the only solid bet I’m willing to make right now is that Minkowski would never physically hurt Eiffel. That doesn’t mean we won’t end up in an eight-way Mexican standoff disturbingly reminiscent of my Darkest Timeline scenario. Jesus. O.o

And who knows? Maybe those “desperate times” in the upcoming two-parter are enough to drive even Doug “At Least I Have a Soul” Eiffel to, well, desperate measures…

I have so many feelings about Harold Finch and friendship. 

Because here’s the thing – Harold is goddamn cruel and vicious and knows where and when to really hurt and has no compunction about doing it if he has to. 

But he also does literally everything for his friends/to help his friends/because of his friends. He will protect the people he loves so fiercely, and he doesn’t give a shit about either himself or the rest of the people surrounding them when he does so. 

We see it in the flashbacks with Nathan  – “I’m not trying to help them, Nathan, I’m trying to help you” (God Mode, 2x22). Harold’s entire focus here was on getting Nathan out of this mess safely, the rest of the numbers be damned. He also takes up the irrelevant list solely as a tribute to Nathan.  

We see it in present time – “The truth is, I couldn’t stand by and watch my friends risking everything doing work that I myself began” (Nautilus, 4x02). He didn’t give a shit about the numbers in Nautilus, he came back purely because of John and Shaw. 

We see it in the multiple times when it would make logical sense for Harold to abandon his friends, and yet we see him climbing up 40 flights of stairs to defuse a bomb, and speeding halfway across the city to get to a bleeding John. 

And we see it in the extended trailer for s5 as well. Harold is talking to TM and can ask it literally anything in the world, but the one thing he chooses to ask it is if his friends make it out alive. 

Harold doesn’t care much about people at an individual level and it takes him a long time to let people in, but once he does, he just wants those select few to be alright so badly. 

It birthday

“He went on, but I tuned him out. I made eye contact and nodded occasionally, but I didn’t hear what he was saying. I had heard it all before. Even men who should’ve known better–overeducated progressive types who probably considered themselves feminists–had no compunction explaining things to me.”

–Alexis M. Smith, Marrow Island

okay but if you don’t think luke skywalker would come back to the resistance without wedge antilles materialising and going into a snit then i’m not sure what star wars we’ve all been watching

leia’s too mature to yell at luke like she wants to but that’s fine because our dear friend antilles has fewer compunctions and everyone’s really surprised because antilles is usually so calm and composed and focused

but he and luke can’t go a week without bristling at each other

“you were a HERMIT for TWENTY YEARS wow that is SO PRODUCTIVE, LUKE, THANKS, you couldn’t have TOLD ME you were going to spend the next two decades starring moodily out over the ocean????”

“aren’t you supposed to be with the new republic right now–”

twenty years, skywalker.”

Tales of Xillia: Sendoff

This is inspired by Wingul’s idol outfit. …It doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Pfft.

Presa had her fingertips pressed to her lips, as if trying to smother a smile. Jiao and Agria had no such compunctions, smiling in their own completely different ways as they watched.

Gaius looked as serious as ever as he straightened the tassels of Wingul’s outfit.

“This is ridiculous.” Wingul’s deadpan was matched by the frown on his face, as if he was attempting to will away the entire situation.

“Ridiculous or not, you were chosen as a representative of our world. You must make a good impression.” Milla stood beside Gaius, looking over Wingul with a critical eye.

Keep reading

Planets dissolved.  Ocher trail.  Seam of dark cosmos - Sediment. Trace of corrosive element.  Empires fallen to grossly sated martyrs. Abiding as space expands, without anchor … World’s internalized. Broken  judgement. Defused communions in the void. Alienated temperament backed-up against this burning landscape …

Evil moment that turns out to be good or not at all: Diffused equation. Temporary blindness.  Risen again. Without compunction - No longer ritual but duty.  To what has become inconsequential to the gods. An order that has no basis in jurisdiction - 

Everything must fall. Blackened traces at light’s end.  Epochal …

anonymous asked:

yells in ur inbox bc theres someone else out there that loves imshael as much as me it makes me so happy to see people pay attention to him ! :'D

Oh hell yeah.  There are a few of us around.  I mean, what’s not to love?  He’s Dracula only (much) older and more sarcastic, and instead of blood he feeds off luring people into horrible decisions.  He’s a pure predator, a shark, with no shame, no compunction.  Corypheus is terribly emo in comparison.

“Some call it desire, but everyone has desires. Not everyone makes the choice to act upon them, and if you don’t make a choice, well, what use are you?”

Stranger Things: Eleven [ISFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / The Mod.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): El has a deep inward moral compass that influences her decisions, and helps her determine right from wrong. She refuses to harm a cat when “Papa” tells her to, and has no compunction about killing people who threaten her or the people she cares most about. She forms an intense bond with Mike right away, and ponders whatever he tells her internally, searching for its deeper emotional truth (“Friends don’t lie to each other”).

Extroverted Sensing (Se): She adapts quickly to her environment, and is fearless in engaging with it. El doesn’t hesitate to leap in and take charge with her powers – she sometimes reacts violently and in the moment, without thought for the long-term consequences’ of her actions, to satisfy some immediate urge (stealing from the market because she’s hungry, breaking a boy’s arm for threatening her friends). Her quick reactions sometimes saves the boys (she prevents Mike from a deadly fall, flips a van into the path of oncoming traffic, and runs away when she feels threatened and unwanted).

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Her ability to see beyond this world into the next means that her mind trips take on a surreal quality. She becomes so lost in them, she forgets they are just a vision or echoes of a different plane of reality. El has an instinctive sense of what she “needs” to do, which ultimately results in a tremendous act of self-sacrifice.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Even though her nature is compassionate and gentle, El can be brutal at times (she insults the store manager, for example). She finds it hard to assert herself with authority, but uses various techniques to protect, mislead, or influence the boys. She has rational, simple explanations for her decisions.

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With Alforan. Person A is woozy from injury and is just honest and no filter showering compliments to Person B.

This is more like pre-Alforan because it’s funnier that way.

“You tie the best bandage knots.”

Coran bit his tongue. Across from him, Mirje had no such compunctions and was already snickering, but as a castle employee, he had to pretend to have some decorum, and that included not laughing at your injured royal.

Even if he was currently out of his mind on pain medication.

“No, I really mean it. They’re so neat and kinda artsy.”

“I’m sure the medics would be offended to know you think so little of their bandaging skills,” Coran said gently, patting Alfor on the arm as he finished the last of the wounds. “They might even go on strike, and then where would you be?”

“That’d be fine, because then I’d have you, and you’re better than them.”

Coran shot a look at Mirje, who’d clamped her claws over her muzzle and looked like she was near fit to explode. “Royal Advisor and Medic, sire? Might be a bit much.”

“No, you’re right. I’m sorry. I ask you to do too much as it is.”

Alfor looked so sad about it, too, that Coran almost instantly felt guilty about his joke. Ancients help me, he thought, starting to clean up the medical kit for a distraction, any distraction. 

“He can handle it, boss. Don’t feel bad for him,” Mirje cut in, saving him from the increasingly awkward conversation.

“He does do such a good job, doesn’t he? We’d be so lost without him. I know I would.”

Or maybe she hadn’t, he thought, face heating.

“Thanks,” he hissed at the Orichian, who grinned back unrepentantly.

“Just think, there’s six more cycles before it wears off.”

The Mountain Goats - Song Catalog

“Bluejays and Cardinals”
02-75 (U)
15-2 (U)
25 (U)
8-20 On a Weapons Charge (U)
Abandoning My Father Talking Blues (U)
Absolute Lithops Effect
Acceptable Damages Sutra (U)
Adair (U)
Against Agamemnon
Against Pollution
Age of Kings
Agemo’s Hoops (U)
Alabama Nova
All Devils Here Now (U)
All Frosting (U)
All Rooms Cable A/C Free Coffee
All Up the Seething Coast
Alpha Aquae (U)
Alpha Chum Gatherer (U)
Alpha Compunction (U)
Alpha Desperation March
Alpha Double Negative: Going to Catalina
Alpha Gelida
Alpha Incipiens
Alpha Negative
Alpha Omega
Alpha Rats Nest
Alpha Sun Hat
Alpha in Tauris
Alphonse Mambo
Ambivalent Landscape Z
Amy aka Spent Gladiator 1
An Inscription at Salonae (U)
Animal Mask
Answering the Phone
Anti-Music Song
Anti-Witchcraft Song (U)
Any Available Surface (U)
Are You Cleaning Off the Stone?
Attention All Pickpockets
Azo Tle Nelli in Tialticpac?
Bad Luck Triple Star (U)
Bad Priestess
Bad Waves
Badger Song
Baltimore (was: Song for Prince Edward III)
Beach House
Beat the Devil
Beautiful Gas Mask
Billy the Kid’s Dream of the Magic Shoes
Birth of Serpents
Birthday Song: This Time Has Come (U)
Black Molly
Black Pear Tree
Blood Capsules
Blood Royal
Blueberry Frost
Blues in Dallas
Born Ready (was: Know the Way)
Brandy Let’s Go (U)
Bride (U)
Bring Our Curses Homes
Brisbane Hotel Sutra
Broom People
Burned My Tongue
Butter Teeth
Calcutta (U)
California Song
Cao Dai Blowout
Carmen Cicero (U)
Casetino’s Nursery (U)
Catherine Antrim’s Kids
Chanson du Bon Chose
Cheshire County
Chilean Fire Barrel (U)
Chinese House Flowers
Chinese Rifle Song
Chino Love Song 1979
Choked Out
Cobra Tattoo
Cobscrook Bay
Coco-Yam Song
Cold Milk Bottle
Collapsing Stars
Color in Your Cheeks
Columns Pillars Steps
Communicating Doors
Counterfeit Florida Plates
Counting Song for Bitter Children (U)
Crane (U)
Creature Song
Cry for Judas
Cubs in Five
Cut Off Their Thumbs #1 (U)
Cutter (U)
Damn These Vampires
Dance Music
Daniel 12:8 (third)
Deianara Crush
Deserters (U)
Design Your Own Container Garden
Deuteronomy 2:10
Dinu Lipatti’s Bones
Dirty Old Town
Distant Stations
Dogs of Clinic 17
Don’t Take the Dogs Away
Down Here
Down to the Ark (U)
Downtown Seoul
Dub Capsules
Duke Ellington
Dutch Orchestra Blues
Early Spring
Earth Air Water Trees
Edvard Munch (U)
Elizabeth Barrett Browning (U)
Ending the Alphabet (U)
Enoch 18:14
Estate Sale Sign
Ethiopians (U)
Etiquette Song (U)
Eugene Sue (U)
Evening in Stalingrad
Exit Portland Oregon (U)
Extreme South #1 (U)
Ezekiel 7 and the Permanent Efficacy of Grace
Faithless Bacchant Song
Fall of the Star High School Running Back
Family Happiness
Fault Lines
Feed This End
Fire Editorial
First Few Desperate Hours
Flashing Lights
Flight 717: Going to Denmark
Flower Song (U)
For Denise Matthews (U)
Four New Trees (U)
Fresh Berries for You
Fresh Cherries in Trinidad
From TG&Y (U)
For Charles Bronson
Foreign Object
Full Flower
Game Shows Touch Our Lives
Genesis 3:23
Genesis 19:1-2
Genesis 30:3
Get Lonely
Ghosts (U)
Going Invisible (U)
Going Through Pomona (U)
Going to Alaska
Going to Bangor
Going to Bogotá
Going to Bolivia
Going to Brazil (U)
Going to Bridlington (U)
Going to Bristol
Going to Buffalo (U)
Going to California (U)
Going to Chino
Going to Cleveland
Going to Dade County (U)
Going to Federal Prison (U)
Going to France (U)
Going to Georgia
Going to Hell (U)
Going to Hungary
Going to Jamaica
Going to Japan
Going to Kansas
Going to Kirby Sigston
Going to Lebanon
Going to Lubbock
Going to Maine
Going to Malibu
Going to Marrakesh
Going to Mars (U)
Going to Maryland
Going to Mexico
Going to Miami (U)
Going to Michigan
Going to Monaco
Going to Morocco
Going to Norwalk
Going to Palestine (U)
Going to Port Washington
Going to Queens
Going to Reykjavik
Going to San Diego (U)
Going to Santiago
Going to Scotland
Going to Some Damned English City (U)
Going to Spain
Going to Spirit Lake (U)
Going to Tennessee
Going to Utrecht
Going to Wisconsin
Gojam Province 1968
Golden Boy
Golden Jackal Song
Good Morning to All Vultures (U)
Greasepaint Friday (U)
Grendel’s Mother
Hail St. Sebastian (U)
Hair Match
Half Dead
Hardpan Song
Harlem Roulette
Hast Thou Considered the Tetrapod
Hatha Haill
Have to Explode
Hebrews 11:40
Heel Turn 1 (U)
Heel Turn 2
Hello Sarah (U)
Hello There Howard
Hello, Old Rabbit (U)
Heretic Pride
High Doses #2
High Hawk Season
History of the Church (Part 1) (U)
Home Again Garden Grove
Horseradish Road
Hotel Road
How I Left the Ministry
How to Embrace a Swamp Creature
Hye Kye (U)
I Corinthians 13: 8-10
I Hear the Planets
I John 4:16
I Know You’ve Come to Take My Toys Away
I Love You, Let’s Light Ourselves on Fire (U)
I Meant Every Word I Said in New Delhi (U)
I Samuel 15:23
I Will Grab You by the Ears
I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
I’ve Got the Sex (U)
Ice Blue
Ice Cream, Cobra Man
Idylls of the King
If England Where What England Seems, Then We Would Only Have Our Dreams (U)
If You See Light
In Corolia
In Memory of Satan
In the Corn Fields (U)
In the Craters of the Moon
In the Hidden Places
In the Shadow of the Western Hills
Insurance Fraud #2
International Small Arms Traffic Blues
Isaiah 45:23
Island Garden Song
It Froze Me
It’s All Here in Brownsville
Italian Guns (U)
Itzcuintil-Totzli Days
Jam Eater Blues
Jeff Davis County Blues
Keeping House
Kittens in Mittens (U)
Korean Bird Paintings
Lab Rat Blues
Lakeside View Apartments Suite
Last Man on Earth
Leaving Home
Let the Dogs Come Out (U)
Letter from a Motel (U)
Letter from Belgium
Like a Bullet (U)
Linda Blair Was Born Innocent
Lion’s Teeth
Liza Forever Minelli
Lonesome Surprise
Love Love Love
Love Cuts the Strings
Love Hymn to Aphrodite
Lovecraft in Brooklyn
Maize Stalk Drinking Blood
Malevolent Cityscape X
Malevolent Seascape Y (was: Ambivalent Seascape Y
Malted Milk (U)
Marduk T-Shirt Men’s Room Incident
Matthew 11:14-19
Matthew 25:21
Maybe Sprout Wings
Michael Myers’ Resplendent
Milk Song (U)
Minor Joan Crawford Vehicle (U)
Moon Over Goldsboro
Mosquito Repellent
Mountain Goats Busking Song (U)
Mountain Goats Shirt Song (U)
Move (Chicago 196X)
My Favourite Things (U)
Naming Day
Neon Orange Glimmer Song
Never Quite Free
New Britain
New Chevrolet in Flames
New Math (U)
New Monster Avenue
New Star Song
New World Emerging Blues (U)
New Zion
Night Light
Night of the Mules
Nikki Oh Nikki (U)
Nine Black Poppies
No Children
No, I Can’t
Noche del Guajolote
Noctifer Birmingham
Nova Scotia
Oceanographer’s Choice
Old College Try
Omega Blaster
One Frozen River (U)
One Winter at Point Alpha Privative
Only Existing Footage
Orange Ball of Hate
Orange Ball of Love
Orange Ball of Pain
Orange Ball of Peace
Orange Ball of Pride (U)
Orange Ball of Shame (U)
Orange Ball of War (U)
Original Air-Blue Gown
Oslo 1888 (U)
Outer Scorpion Squadron
Ox Baker Triumphant
Pale Green Things
Palmcorder Yajna (was: Sacrifice)
Passaic, 1975 (U)
Pennsylvanian Dutch Treat (U)
Philippians 3:20-21
Pigs That Ran Straightaway into the Water, Triumph Of
Pink and Blue
Pinklon (U)
Please Come Home to Hamngatan
Poltergeist (U)
Prana Ferox
Predator Eyes
Process of Elimination
Programmed Cell Death
Proverbs 6:27
Prowl Great Cain
Psalms 40:2
Pseudothyrum Song
Pure Crystal (U)
Pure Gold
Pure Heat
Pure Honey
Pure Intentions
Pure Love
Pure Milk
Pure Money
Pure Sound
Quetzalcoatl Comes Through
Quetzalcoatl Eats Plums
Quetzalcoatl is Born
Radical Evil Song (U)
Raid on Entebbe (U)
Rain Song
Raja Vocative
Real Good Girlfriend (U)
Red Choral Diamond Spray (U)
Red River Valley (U)
Red Southern Curl (U)
Resonant Bell World
Riches and Wonders
Rockin’ Rockin’ Pet Store (U)
Rockin’ Rockin’ Twilight of the Gods
Roger Patterson Van
Romans 10:9
Rotten Stinking Mouthpiece
Running Away with What Freud Said
Saigon Shrunken Panorama (was: Song for Anonymity)
Sail Babylon Springs
Sail On
San Bernardino
Sarcofago Live
Satanic Messiah
Sax Rohmer #1
Scavenger Babies (U)
Scotch Grove
See America Right
Seed Song
Seeing Daylight
Send Me an Angel
Sendero Luminoso Verdadadero
Seneca’s Trick Mirror
Sept. 15 1983
Sept 19th Triple X Love! Love!
Shadow Song
Sheket (Be Quiet)
Short Song About the 10 Freeway
Short Song for Justin Bieber and His Paparazzi (U)
Shower (U)
Sign of the Crow 2 (U)
Sinaloan Milk Snake Song
Slow West Vultures
Snow Crush Killing Song
Snow Owl
Snow Song
So Desperate
Soft Targets
Solomon Revisited
Some Other Way
Some Swedish Trees
Somebody Else’s Parking Lot in Sebastopol (was: Somebody Else’s Parking Lot in Santa Cruz)
Something Blue (U)
Sometimes I Still Feel the Bruise (Trembling Blue Stars)
Song for an Old Friend
Song for Black Sabbath’s Second North American Tour (U)
Song for Cleomenes
Song for Dana Plato
Song for Dennis Brown
Song for God (U)
Song for Grey Valentine (U)
Song for John Davis
Song for Lonely Giants
Song for Mark and Joel
Song for My Stepfather (U)
Song for the Julian Calendar
Song for Roger Maris (U)
Song for the Shoreline (U)
Song for Tura Satana
Sourdoire Valley Song
Source Decay
Southwestern Territory
Southwood Plantation Road
Spent Gladiator 2
Spilling Toward Alpha
Stabbed to Death Outside San Juan
Stable Boy Song
Standard Bitter Love Song #1 (U)
Standard Bitter Love Song #4
Standard Bitter Love Song #5 (U)
Standard Bitter Love Song #6 (U)
Standard Bitter Love Song #7
Standard Bitter Love Song #8
Star Dusting
Stars Around Her
Stars Fell on Alabama
Steal Smoked Fish
Store (was: Aisle)
Straight Six
Sudden Oak Death
Sun Song
Tahitian Ambrosia Maker
Tampa (U)
Tape Travel is Lonely
Teenage World
Terminal Grain
Thank You Mario But Our Princess is in Another Castle
Thanks for the Dress
That Hippolytine Song (U)
The Admonishing Song
The Anglo-Saxons
The Autopsy Garland
The Bad Doctor
The Ballad of Bull Ramos
The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton
The Big Unit (U)
The Black Ice Cream Song
The Car Song (U)
The Coroner’s Gambit
The Cow Song
The Day the Aliens Came (or: Hawaiian Feeling)
The Diaz Brothers
The Doll Song (U)
The Garden Song
The Hot Garden Stomp
The House That Dripped Blood
The Lady from Shanghai
The Last Day of Jimi Hendrix’s Life
The Last Limit of Bhakti
The Legend of Chavo Guerrero
The Mess Inside
The Monkey Song
The Moon (U)
The Moon Song (U)
The Mummy’s Hand (U)
The New Potatoes (U)
The Only Thing I Know
The Pieman
The Pig Song (U)
The Plague (U)
The Recognition Scene
The River Song
The Sign
The Water Song
The Window Song
The Young Thousands
Their Will Always Be an Ireland (U)
Then the Letting Go
They Are Stone Swallowers
There Will Be No Divorce
Third Snow Song
This Magic Moment
This Year
Thucydides II-58 (U)
Tianchi Lake
Tollund Man
Tomato in the Grass (U)
Torch Song
Transcendental Youth
Transjordanian Blue
Treetop Song
Tribe of the Horned Heart (U)
Trick Mirror
Tug on the Line
Tulsa Imperative (U)
Twelve Hands High (was: Fit Alpha Vi) (was: Insane Horse)
Twin Human Highway Flares
Two Thousand Seasons
Tyler Lambert’s Grave (U)
Un Rêve Plus Long Que la Nuit (was: November Love Song)
Until I Am Whole
Up the Wolves
US Mill
Used to Haunt
Wait for You
Warm Lonely Grave (U)
Warm Lonely Planet
Water Song II
Waving At You
We Have Seen the Enemy
We Shall All Be Healed (U)
We Were Patriots
Weekend in Western Illinois
West Country Dream
Werewolf Gimmick
White Cedar
Who You Are
Whole Wide World
Whon (U)
Wild Palm City (AKA Within You, Without You)
Wild Sage
Wishing the House Would Crash (U)
Wizard Bus a Hat
Woke Up New
World Cylinder
Yam, the King of Crops
You and Me and a High Balcony (U)
You Need a Magician in Your Life (U)
You or Your Memory
You Were Cool (U)
You’re in Maya (U)
Young Caesar 2000
Your Belgian Things

@mostlydaydreaming replied to your post: Sometimes I think I write so much fluff fic in…

Do you think it’s also good for practicing your writing technique or is it mostly an expression of your thoughts and feelings in the moment?

I think it’s mostly an act of defiance, because there are a lot of people who won’t read fluff with particular characters/pairings because it doesn’t canonically gel with their characterisation, nevermind that the thing with fanfiction is that it’s “what might have been” and so there is no compunction for it to gel with their canonical characterisation because all fanfiction is at heart an alternate universe.

Not to mention, respectable lit journals/publishers don’t tend to publish snippets where everything is going well and things are simply good. There always has to be an element of misery.

That, and writing fluff provides me with the cuddles and kisses I don’t get in real life, and it just makes me feel nice.