I’m honestly so freaking tired of asexuality and aromanticism being the first thing people think of when they need some way to distinguish humans from non-humans. Or just childbearing in general. Every time people try to come up with distinctive inhuman features of aliens/golems/robots/whatever, the first three ideas are “heart, soul, the ability to love.” Always. And 9 times out of 10 all three of those are portrayed as a lack of romantic love or an inability to form/difficulty understanding relationships in general (which honestly isn’t any less problematic.)

In the rare event that they reject the arophobic knee-jerk reaction, they’ll next go to free will, and then carry right on through to acephobia and compulsory motherhood. I just. I keep seeing the same justifications time after time after time and it’s pissing me off.

“All natural species have an innate and irresistible desire to reproduce.” Oh, good. So now I’m not only inhuman, but I’m also not even a natural species? Thanks.

“The incomparable joy of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting” and how it only makes sense that anyone/any inhuman thing using female pronouns must live with crippling jealousy unless and until she reproduces.

Good deeds, inventions, discoveries, art, and community impact are all nice, but they’ve got nothing on a genetic legacy. If a woman doesn’t have kids, “she may have an existence but she has no future.”


Look, I’ll be civil. Even when I’m cussing you out inside my head I’ll be respectful in my explanation of how and why those stereotypes are harmful. But it would be nice if just once I didn’t have to ask someone not to imply that I’m not human.

ALSO I’m not sure if you guys remember but in Dragon Age: Origins my favorite playthrough was when my female Warden romanced Morrigan and I didn’t have to make her go through a compulsory pregnancy and Flemeth showed up and she was Super Cool with it

I’ve been called some pretty rough stuff in this line of work— “the death of creativity in music”, “proof there is no God”, what have you.

This one was too creative for me not to share. When it gets me to cringe AND chuckle at the same time… wow. Can’t help but slow-clap.

Just remember folks, if you can’t learn to laugh at yourself, others will gladly do it for you. If you can laugh off some of the zingers, you’ll have a much happier life.

(Also, this tweet touches on some pretty rough subject matter, is there a warning of any sort I should be including?)

As you know, whenever people go around recognizing odd bits of reproductive matter as “persons,” they simultaneously un-recognize women as persons, ceding ownership of women’s personal internal organs to the state and instituting a programme of compulsory pregnancy. If Initiative 26 had passed, those two cells up there would actually have more human rights than an actual human woman. For instance, unlike actual women, the state wouldn’t be able to dictate to the cells what they could or couldn’t do with their personal organelles. The state probably doesn’t even know what organelles are. Furthermore, zygotes would enjoy state-mandated free room and board at their human host’s expense. They wouldn’t even have to pay for cable.
About half of females who get pregnant do not want to be pregnant. Yet some 85 percent of the nation’s counties lack access to safe abortion providers. Dominated by advocated of compulsory pregnancy (who call themselves ‘pro-life’), many local governments have been imposing nuisance laws on abortion clinics, demanding changes in door widths, ceiling heights, size of counseling rooms, and dozens of other trivial but costly 'repairs’ that make it too expensive for the clinic to remain open. Still 1.5 million women manage to procure safe and legal abortions every year, many of them voicing their profound thanks for the service.
As of 2009, advocates of compulsory pregnancy–who believe that a fertilized ovum is a human being with rights that take precedence over its human carrier–have committed 8 murders of doctors and abortion workers, 2 kidnappings, 17 attempted murders, 41 bombings, and 175 arsons against abortion clinics and family-planning centers; along with innumerable acts of vandalism, assaults, intimidation, burglaries, and blocking clinic entrances. Abortion and birth control centers have sustained millions of dollars in damages. They continue to spend large sums on bulletproof glass, armed guards, security cameras, and metal detectors. The violence perpetrated by the advocates of compulsory pregnancy largely explains why so many counties in America do not have a single abortion provider.
Many of these terrorist acts show a large degree of organized and coordinated effort among anti-abortion groups. Yet the FBI still does not classify anti-abortion violence as domestic terrorism. It is hard to imagine such a lackadaisical FBI response if identifiable radical groups had subjected hundreds of banks to arson attacks, bombings, and killings.
—  Michael Parenti, Democracy for the Few, 9th edition