comptoir des chemisiers

I’ll admit it, my sock wardrobe (black & brown mainly, ugh) is shamefully weak by current iGent standards. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised today to come across this clearance sale on ‘La Chaussette Française’ mid-calf socks, at one of my favorite cheap accessory stores, Comptoir des Chemisiers & Accessoires.

These socks are reportedly the ones worn by French congressmen, made in France to very high standards of quality — TBC, as we don’t buy marketing hype, although the product does feel very legit when handling.

The store, unsuccessful at moving socks that usually retail for €56 (wtf!!!), has knocked them down in stages, all the way down to €15, before they soon stop carrying the brand.

At that price, I could not pass up the opportunity to up my sock game with a few pairs of colored mid-calf socks.