Newtype & Comptiq November 2017 issue CMs


Comptiq Magazine November Issue CM!! 

Record of Lodoss War 01

Record of Lodoss War was originally a set of serialized Dungeons & Dragons transcript “Replay” sessions for the magazine “Comptiq” in 1986. The sessions became so popular that they were adapted into some of the very first Japanese high fantasy novels in 1988.


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Gokuto Newspaper Translation Part 7


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It’s been awhile since I’ve last translated a Gokuto Shinbun scenario, but WORRY NOT! I’LL STILL BE DOING TRANSLATIONS! As with the manga some things came up, but now I’ll be resuming my translations!  All I can say about this part is POOR SAEKI www everyone is precious as usual. Please enjoy! 

(WARNING : My Japanese is by no means perfect, and certain nuances may be lost in translation. If you’re okay with this, then by all means, continue! )

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