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this is a bit nsfw, but i was wondering if there was anything i could do for the increased pigmentation on my genitals & the insides of my ass cheeks? i probably shouldn't be insecure about it, but idk..

I hope none of you are eating lunch rn because things are about to get a little gross. But you’re right, you definitely shouldn’t be insecure about it. I promise you no one is more upset by the color of your privates than yourself. Regardless, there’s stuff you can do to change it.

@emphasize is discouraging me from applying my BHA lotion to my genitals because he says, especially since I’m circumcized, that the skin is compromised and too thin for chemical exfoliation. I obviously ignored him and did it anyway and found that my dick is looking a bit more radiant; however I would have probably seen better results from an AHA gel. I have to say though that I have a kink for dicks that are darker than the rest of a person’s body (shame me) but it was probably growing up in the Middle East where all the cis Muslim boys had distinct circumcision scars and a dark dick and balls.

To brighten my ass crack (which I only do when I shave, because my crack is hairy as hell (ass selfies are on my dirty side blog)) I’ll VERY gently use a cheap exfoliating face scrub like a generic apricot scrub - something you should never use on your face. You need to have a very gentle but firm touch because you don’t want to damage your skin and cause further pigmentation issues. If your skin is significantly dual-toned and you want a more blended tone, an AHA gel can be applied over the darker areas of the cheeks. If you have the money, a vitamin C booster can be mixed in with the AHA gel for more brightness.

Make sure you use all the coupon codes and links I mentioned before.

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Hannigram, of course. Things you said through your teeth, please!

I think  The Things you Said Through Your Teeth is a great title, some universes, some time skips, however you feel it, really <3 

“Hannibal.” He says through his teeth. It’s a little bit of a grit and little bit of a growl. “I told you, I didn’t want-” But Hannibal’s gaze is expectant and the table is set. He supposes just this once, he can have a real birthday.

“Hannibal.” He says through his teeth. And this time he’s angry, he’s really, really angry. “If you threw those fucking shirts away, I will murder yo-” He stops short because Hannibal’s eyes are laughing, and there’s a neat little box labeled Things with Holes. by his feet. In the end, it doesn’t go in the trash, but they compromise on the hall closet. Which gets slammed spectacularly afterwards and its not the only thing. 

That hall sees some things that day.

“Hannibal.” He says through his teeth. They are out and this is not even remotely near proprietary behavior, which is not to say he doesn’t enjoy the hand crawling up his thigh. 

Two can play at that game. 

“Hannibal.” He says through his teeth. “Fuck.” And then there’s only silence as he sits Hannibal down, more shoves than shifts his shirt to get a look at the cut that’s seeping blood. It’s an echo of an old memory, of an old wound, and though Hannibal looks tempted, he doesn’t give voice to it. 

“They would have discovered us.” He says in what is not exactly explanation and not precisely apology. 

But the ever present hopefulness lays waiting, lasts until Will softens enough to nod. 

This is the life he’s chosen.

“Hannibal.” He says through his teeth. “It is your turn.” 

The other pretends to have suddenly developed a habit of sleeping like a log, a medical miracle really, considering he’s almost never fully unconscious, and only makes incomprehensible noises, but the bastard is smiling.

Will rolls out of bed with all the covers in retaliation, goes to quiet their screaming child. 

“Hannibal.” He says through his teeth. “Don’t you dare-” 

But there’s only silence in response. 

“Hannibal.” He says through his teeth. Because Hannibal is exasperating, he’s selfish and fussy and proud, and he drives Will insane, figuratively, literally, take your pick.

But they draw together like they always do, magnetic, and Will sighs. 

“Yes?” Hannibal responds in that irritating way of his, head tilting, knowing too much, but not, in fact, enough, all at once.

“Never mind.” He lets it go, whatever it was, unclenches his jaw with a breath, leans in to steal a kiss instead.

Get a ficlet!

You know, something I really, really love about Yami and Yuugi is their relationship with one another.

Specifically, the respect and compromise that Yami shows Yuugi, given the situation they are both in.

Let’s remind ourselves of something: When these two switch places, there’s no transformation. The animators did that to help people who are unfamiliar with the manga to distinguish between Yuugi and Yami.

Yuugi doesn’t have some magical transformation into a cooler, more confident version of himself.

There is no “other side” of Yuugi.

Yuugi Mutou is being possessed by a spirit of the dead.

However, unlike most instances of possession in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yami shows a seriously important quality when it comes to his interactions with Yuugi and the sort:

Yami has respect for Yuugi. That includes respect for his feelings and wishes, his body, and his life in general.

Yami recognizes that Yuugi is a living, breathing, human being. Who is still alive with a long life ahead of him. He does his best to make sure that Yuugi still has time to get his education, to spend time with his family and friends, to participate in after school activities if he wants to, and to do things that make him happy.
He never forces him to do things that scare him or make him uncomfortable, he never threatens, purposefully injures or abuses Yuugi, and he always tries to take his feelings into consideration before putting a plan into action.

I actually noticed that Yami stops suppressing Yuugi’s consciousness after the events of the early manga. Or, “Season 0” if you prefer.

He even stops using the Shadow Games after the duel with Kaiba in Duelist Kingdom. When Yuugi became terrified of Yami after he was willing to risk Kaiba jumping to his own death in order to win the duel to enter the castle, Yuugi tells him that what he did scared him, and Yami promises him that he will never ever go against his wishes again. And he does his best to keep that promise.

Yami keeps in mind that he does not own the body he inhabits, and he is to treat it with respect and care. It isn’t fair to harm your host, because they have a life of their own, and they have to deal with the misery your abuse will inflict.

“I don’t own this body. It belongs to my Partner. He is not an object or a tool for me to use or damage as I please. He is allowing me to use his body. I am a guest. He’s a living young man with his whole life ahead of him, and I am in a position where I could scar him for life. I must treat him with care and respect, because he is not a doll. He is my partner, he is my friend, and most importantly, he is my responsibility.”

That is what I believe Yami tries to keep in mind.

His use of compromise with Yuugi gives him a serious advantage over his ethereal enemies such as Yami Bakura and Yami Marik. After all, two minds are better than one. And when those two minds work together happily, they can accomplish much more.

Yami Yugi has respect for others. And that is a seriously important quality.

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Name of your muse: Ottavia Vagisatha Cress

One picture you like best of your character’s FC: (Too many place holder FC’s. Have a drawing for more accurate portrayal!)

Two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone:

1. Ottavia has accumulated a surplus of funds of her own accord and has intended to use those aforementioned resources to have the entirety of her family murdered by a coalition of very detailed assassins. She would fabricate her death and take what was left of her funds and start anew however this plan has never come to fruition on account of her sister with whom she wants alive but the bloodline and name of her House to die. Ottavia prefers conduct her business by her hand however she’s fully aware as to what effect that would have on the already unstable subconscious. This was her one moral and humane compromise with herself and perhaps the only lawful/logical decision she’s ever made.

2. Once when she was teetering on the cusp of her twentieth year her father arranged her a marriage she was not in favor of. To escape the expectation of her gender and bloodline she applied to the military to escape her obligations. This was during the Northrend excursion though her reprieve lasted 6 weeks before her father paid for her return with a large payment to the Alliance military. Ottavia’s responsibility to further her bloodline was the cause in her readily poisoning herself so that she cannot bear children. She continues to do so to this day.

Three things that your muse likes doing in their free time:

1. A habitual and common avenue Ottavia enjoys is huddling up within the Stormwind library to read. From time to time she’s granted permission for a limited amount of time in perusing the more delicate and sensitive tomes and ledgers hidden from the commoners eye. These tomes are questionable in context though not limited.

2. When the unruly guests within her subconscious grow rowdy and violent Ottavia finds their stupors settled when she arranges flowers. The hobby is something completely out of her norm and she rarely partakes but when she does the voices draw silent and the Cress Estate is littered with a myriad of colorfully designed vases.   

3. Work. There is no rest for the wicked, therein prompting the Ritualist to conduct her labors without hiatus.

Two things your muse regrets:

1. Not ensuring that damn tea had the correct amount of potency. She has inkling that may prove troublesome at some point or another in her life.

2. Allowing herself to become darkly emotional to the point where she defended Commander Sigrid Naaran. 

Two phobias/fears your muse has:

1. Ottavia abhors the idea that someone unworthy will be the one to strike her down and drive a blade through her heart, thoroughly snatching the life from her. If she were to be murdered she has a dream that its hand would be dealt by someone worthy of that challenge instead of a tricksters antics with poison or buffoonery.  

2. In some sense Ottavia has a phobia of the weak willed. This aspect comes in many differing shapes and sizes however she primarily witnesses weakness among women and its something she cannot stand. Ottavia believes her gender is already subjected to asinine prospects and tribulation, however doesn’t believe that concept will end anytime soon. Men play a small part in this as well and the idea of a couple marrying within a few weeks of knowing one another draws her blood to boil.

Romance is stupid. 

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Where's your glasses Kimura, and look at your dishevelled work clothes... I do hope nothing was compromised by leaving forensic reports on display. Try the nap room next time *winks* And I think you kinda broke Eiki.

…Oh….. sorry bout that, @obiwanmcprobie.. I’m actually… going to leave early today… so… I’ll leave it to you to finish that report… also please pass my apologizes on to Yachigusa for me… bye… *awkwardly leaves*… oh… glasses… *grabs glasses*

Chelsea may have given up on trying to make full body shots work because it just wouldn’t work with tumblr, but playing around with tab mode up close, that is a lot more fun.

Say hi to Ivy, you’ll be seeing her face a lot more often now, and a few others.

I’ve lost Zoey’s save file so we are going to have to compromise with some very pretty sims of mine.

There seems to be this giant myth on that bisexual people are more oppressed for being bisexual than LG people are for being LG, which is just… wrong and disturbing, frankly. The option to engage in heterosexual relationships with your whole heart and without compromising yourself and your sexuality is a huge privilege, as is the ability to actively participate in parts of society that exclusively same-sex attracted people are unable to participate in honestly and often feel ostracized because of*.

(* This can manifest as everything from being able to name an opposite-sex crush when prompted to being able to see relationships (and characters in relationships) that you can relate to on television to being able to discuss things like your crushes or past partners likely without either being forced to lie or out yourself, and many other things. Not all of these are giant privileges, but they are areas where LG people (and especially lesbian women, honestly) are alienated and either forced to lie or out themselves (and risk alienation or worse), where bisexual people do not face those same issues.)

I think frankly that there needs to be room to discuss this and disprove this bizarre myth and the frankly damaging subcultural ideas that come with it** without being accused of “hating bisexual people”.

(** Such as the pervasive idea within fandom spaces on this site that it is somehow “more progressive” to have a character canonically be bisexual (and almost always in a heterosexual relationship) than it is to have a character confirmed as lesbian or gay, that opposite-sex relationships are “more progressive” than same-sex relationships and should be more represented than they already are, that lesbian and gay people have “ample representation” and don’t need to see themselves in any more media than we already “have” (which is virtually none) and it is more important to have more opposite-sex attracted characters in media.)


Save My Soul- Bucky/OC Fic- Coming Soon!

Hayley Morgan is struggling to get through her final year as an engineer major with thousands of dollars worth of debt, a father who works himself into exhaustion for S.H.I.E.L.D and a dating life that’s pretty much laughable. All of these things put together put her in the path of Steve Rogers in a time of crisis when his best friend resurfaces in need of help. Hayley finds herself smack dab in the middle of a war she didn’t sign up for with feelings that leave her compromised as she helps the most deadly assassin in history find himself again.

I feel like I really need to get away for one summer like leave everything in pause here and go to a non touristic beach somewhere in Asia or Central America or the Mediterranean coast and live in a little house and befriend the locals and work at a bar at the beach or something and take photos and read and write and just forget all compromises I have at home and enjoy myself

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assalamu 'alaykum. I hope I'm not bothering you or prying or anything but I've realised lately that I might be a lesbian but I'm so conflicted because it seems like I'm expected to only have relationships with men. So I was wondering how you manage to reconcile your faith with your sexuality? Again I'm sorry if I'm prying

Wa alykum as-salaam.

Basically I reconcile my faith and sexuality by understanding that what Allah SWT has to say about me and what His followers have to say about me are two completely different things. Allah SWT would never try to push me away from Islam the way that so many Muslims have. Allah SWT would not ask me to change something about myself that He made for a specific reason. Our purpose—in the ummah and in life in general—is not to make other Muslims like us or to compromise ourselves so that we’re easier to swallow. It’s to please Allah SWT, and we rarely do that by striving to please His followers. In fact, our jihad is not to overcome being gay as so many Muslims would like to suggest, rather it’s dealing with the people who hate us for no other reason than their own serious misunderstanding of what Islam represents.

Islam is a loving religion. Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance and acceptance. And that applies to all aspects of you, including being gay. People who cherry pick the Quran to tell you otherwise are not the kind of Muslims that matter, and they certainly don’t treat you the way Allah SWT would and will. And just to be technical, there is no punishment in the Quran for being gay. That’s only something that people have interpreted for their own agenda, to justify their homophobia that has no religious basis.

So to answer your question: I reconcile my faith and sexuality by recognizing that they are not mutually exclusive. By understanding that I am not haram and that I am just the way that Allah SWT wants me to be. You are not haram, and you are just the way that Allah SWT wants you to be. If anyone suggests otherwise, make duaa for them. They’re too concerned with making you a “good Muslim” (without knowing what that even looks like) than they are with making themselves one.

I just finished reading “Howl’s Moving Castle”

I am now so utterly emotionally compromised. I thought the movie was amazing. But the book is just brilliant perfection, with a story so magnificently crafted, and the ending–oh, the ending! 

Howl has eaten my heart!!

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