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Eight Forms of Creating Potions

Yes, this is from a Hogwarts text, however, the information contained therein is accurate and relevant and certainly worth sharing on this blog, if only to fully expand upon the type of material I hope to cover here.


An infusion is a form of water based potion, similar to a tea, and best suited for immediate ingestion of delicate ingredients such leaves or petals. To make a magical infusion: pour boiling water over your ingredients in goblet and leave to infuse for 5-10 minutes, stirring frequently. Strain before drinking if necessary. The leaves in an infusion need to steep longer than your average herbal tea, to allow enough time to release their phytochemicals, which are the active ingredients of the potion.


A decoction is another water based potion designed for immediate ingestion. However, it is a more concentrated brew than an infusion and is usually reserved for tougher ingredients such as roots or bark – where prolonged stewing is needed to release the phytochemicals.  A decoction can also be reduced, which is to say, it can be made more concentrated by prolonged simmering which evaporates the water. To make a decoction: simmer your ingredients in water in a cauldron over low heat for 10-30 minutes; then strain. Reduce if necessary with further simmering over a low heat.


A tincture is an alcohol based potion. It fulfills the same function as an infusion or decoction but with the added advantage that it will keep for up to a year. A tincture is suitable for both delicate leaves and tougher materials such as bark as the alcohol releases the chemicals very effectively and in a similar way to the prolonged simmering of a decoction. To make a tincture: steep your ingredients in vodka or another spirit for a week. This allows time for the alcohol to release the active elements in your plant materials. After a week, strain off the liquid into a vial and store for up to a year. Administer sparingly, a tablespoon at a time.


A vinegar fulfils the same purpose as a tincture except that vinegar is used instead of alcohol. Prepare your vinegar in the same manner as a tincture and store for up to a year. A vinegar is useful in the case of alcohol intolerance or where the herb used is particularly bitter as the vinegar will mask it to a great extent.


A syrup is the most palatable form of potion. Here magical ingredients are preserved in a sugar solution. A syrup is another potion that will keep for up to a year. It is best suited for occasional use at it is very sweet and could cause tooth decay if taken regularly. A syrup can be taken by the spoonful or alternatively diluter in water in a similar manner to a fruit squash. To make a syrup: first make an infusion or decoction of your ingredients and reduce if necessary. Strain and add sugar to the potion, stirring frequently, until the brew won’t dissolve any more sugar and resembles a syrup. Store in an airtight bottle in a cool, dark place.


A poultice is a wad of chopped plant material that is held in place directly over a wound by a bandage. To prepare a poultice: chop your fresh herb and apply directly to a wound or infection. Hold in place over the wound with a bandage. If using chopped dried herbs rehydrate them with some water first. If the herb is tough and hard to handle, try adding some vinegar diluter in water to your poultice.


Fomentations or compresses are cloths that have been dipped in an herbal solution – such as an infusion, decoction, or a tincture – and then are applied to a wound. To prepare a fomentation: first create the required infusion, decoction, or tincture. Then dip your cloth into the liquid, quite liberally, and apply. It is important to use a very clean cloth to prevent the spread of infection.


A salve is very similar to a lotion or a cream. Magical ingredients are mixed in base of oils or fats for external application to the skin.


The Murder of Annie Le

Twenty-four-year old Annie Le was a woman born to inspire others; she graduated valedictorian from high school, was voted “the next Einstein” in her accelerated medical anthropology class, and was due to be married to a wonderful man who adored her. The pretty student received numerous scholarships and awards so she could realise her dream of finding a cure for diabetes, and she was promptly accepted into Yale university to study pharmacology.

On September 8, 2009, Annie left her apartment in New Haven, Connecticut, and walked the short distance to a lab building in Armistad St, so she could study for an upcoming exam. Security cameras captured her outside the building (above picture) just after 10 am. It was the last time she was ever seen alive. Annie was never seen leaving the lab, and at 9pm her worried roommates reported her missing. It was just three days before her wedding.

The police were understandably puzzled over Annie Le’s disappearance, as she wasn’t filmed leaving the lab, nor was it likely that she was smuggled out. All her personal belongings and cash were left behind at her apartment. The police department closed the entire lab building and also searched through various rubbish tips and the campus incinerator, but no sign of the young woman was found. Annie just seemed to have vanished into thin air. Until a gruesome discovery was made on September 13, the day Annie was supposed to have been married.

A lab technician removing a wall tile in the basement discovered Annie’s body concealed inside a gap in the wall, just a few feet away from where students were carrying out experiments with mice. She was dressed in just a pair of underwear, and her jaw and collarbone had been broken. The official cause of death was listed as asphyxiation as a result of neck compression. Annie’s blood-stained clothes were discovered in a ceiling panel just above the wall where her body was hidden.

Since access to the basement is provided only to students carrying special ID cards, it didn’t take long for the police to find Annie’s killer; Raymond Clark (26) had been conducting experiments on mice when Annie entered the lab on September 9. He sexually assaulted her, strangled her with his bare hands, and stuffed her body into an empty space behind a wall panel.

Raymond Clark pled guilty to Annie Le’s murder in 2011, and was sentenced to 44 years in prison. He has never given a motivation for killing Annie.

What to do before the Interrail trip

Also goes with other traveling

1. How are you going to this trip: alone or in a group. In a group you may be safer and have more fun, but you might also get into fights during the trip, even if you go with your best friends or family.
2. Time. How much you have time to travel. Two weeks or a month? Figure that out.
3. The budget, how much you have money to spend and remember to have some emergency money somewhere. Do not put all the money in the same place!
4. Are you going go-with-the-flow style or with a carefully made-up plan
- We have something in between. We know where we are going, but don’t know what we’ll end up doing there. Though we have looked what to do in all of the places, but we haven’t actually decided them.
5. Gather information
- About anything you’ll need
Phone numbers to: bank, embassies, insurance company, emercengy numbers where you’re headed, (your countrys international number),
Adresses: embassies, hotels/ hostels/ other accommodations, places of interest
Customs: culture, what not/to do, what you might need in somewhere (for example: long skirts/shirts in some churches)
- a list where you would like to go (but remember anything can happen and you might not get to see that, so don’t expect to get there 100%)
6. Payments, Insurances etc. important stuff
Interrail / Eurail pass
Visas if needed

Vaccinations/ medication for travel if needed

Flights if needed
Hostels/ Hotels / other accommodations if booked earlier
Travel insurance
Some places where you need to book your visit earlier through the internet (for example: Disneyland Paris is cheaper if booked online)
7. Shopping for essentials
- a good backpack, enough space for you, comfy for your back
- good shoes, trainers or similar, shoes that are soft and designed for long walks
- locks for backs and other locking situations
- a simple camera (if not owned yet) and memory cards
- adapters, chargers
- emercengy kit (plasters, disinfectant, medicine etc.), sewing kit
- guide books, maps, dictionaries (might not need and might weigh a lot, so think if you really need)
- a towel designed for traveling (goes to a small space and dries faster than normal ones)
- compression sacks (sacks that make your clothes compressed into a smaller size, so that you’ll have more room in your backpack)
- change money if needed
- a diary to write everything in
- washing powder for your clothes
8. What you’ll also need
- toiletries/ sanitaries, in small containers (toothbrush and -paste, sun cream, body butter, lip-cream, shampoo, soap etc.)
- medicine
- passport and other important documents (like prescriptions for some medicines etc.)
- a daypack
- penknife, flashlight might come in handy
- sunglasses, scarf for sunny weathers
- sleeping bag

- an old phone (because new smartphones attract thieves)
- chargers for any electric equipment
- some student-cards are handy even in abroad giving you discount
- cards to play with or something small to keep you awake in trains
- pens, scisors, tape, paper, safety pins
- handkerchiefs (also toilet paper if you want)
- plastic bags
- a plastic mug. You could cook something in a hostel in it and drink some juice from it.
- if you feel safe and want, a tablet (or Ipod touch…). In it you can put maps, books etc. You can also communicate with family with it, write a blog or something else. You can get into internet when Wi-fi is around. Down side is the same as for a smartphone, thieves like them so think hard before taking one with you.
9. Do not take
- lots of makeup, really no one sees you. Little makeup is okay, but really, do you need it? It also takes time.
- books, they’re heavy
- computer, a smartphone etc. You’re experiencing stuff, you will not need a smartphone during your stay, really.
- for girls, you don’t need all of your clothes and shoes. Only the comfy and practical ones. No high heels, maybe don’t take dresses as well, I don’t know.
- no hairstraightners, curlers or anything like them
- fullfillable waterbottle. When you’re abroad it’s safer if you only drink bottled drinks.
- do not take the whole insides of your wallet, only the essentials and leave others home. Also leave all the unneeded keys as well.
10. Clothing
- shirts: t-shirts, tank top, sweather, hoodie, jacket depending on time of the year and destination
- bottom: shorts, skirt, sweat pants, jeggings, leggings etc. No jeans (in warm places at least), they’ll be uncomfortable. Pockets are good, hidden pockets even better
- shoes: good ones that you can walk the whole trip with. You can take two or couple more if you want, but think how much you’re packing in your backpack.
- underwear, swimwear, socks, scarf
- flip-flops are usefull if you come across a hostel that has dirty showers
Everything in reasonable quantities! You won’t need everything. The more you pack the more your backpack will weigh.
11. Other
- watch and read other travel stories on the internet for more information, tips and inspiration: blogs, Youtube, sites
- ask family, friens, acquintances of their travels. Maybe they have something cool to inspire you on your trip
- make your bank aware that you’re going abroad, that they won’t think your card is stolen and close it
- it would be good if you’d take good walks before your trip that your legs will become used to walking and that your health would be good when you’re out there
- remember that in interrail/eurail passes not all the trains are covered with it, like night trains and private railroads
- if you’re going coach surfing, you might take something small with you to give the host, for example candy from your country or a small keychain
- meeting old international friends is a cool idea, and maybe they can help you in their home countries somehow. Remember to communicate with them in a good time before the trip.

Feel free to add things if I forgot :)

LAST RESORT: What to pack if you're going to be on your own

 Some babies are in not-so-great situations. Momma doesn’t exactly condone running away, but if you are going to, at least be properly prepared!

  • Water bottles
  • Good boots
  • Phone
  • High-end garbage bags
  • Ear plugs
  • Multipurpose knife
  • Weatherproof backpack
  • Toothbrush
  • Baking powder (for brushing teeth, cleaning, and deodorizing your shoes.)
  • Multivitamins
  • Map
  • A light. A flashlight works, but a head-mounted one would be perfect.
  • Sleeping bag + compression sack
  • Layers of clothing made out of wool and synthetic materials. Cotton takes forever to dry.
  • UNDERWEAR. Preferably fast-drying.
  • Four pairs of good wool or synthetic socks
  • Set of dark clothes
  • Set of nice clothes
  • Small sewing kit
  • large ziploc bags
  • Water purification. Either a filter straw or the tablets.
  • A good TRAVEL towel
  • METAL cup or bowl
  • Hat with a brim to keep the sun away
  • Rain poncho
  • Tarp

anonymous asked:

I'm nonbinary and I want to look androgynous/gender neutral. I want people to look at me and not know what gender I am. All the "guides" I see everywhere on being androgynous are for "androgynous women" and they're all basically just advice for butch women. I want to look gender neutral, not like a butch women. Do any of you know resources I could use/tips for achieving this?

This is seriously a great question but a hard one!

In order to look completely androgynous, we should live in a society where the binary isn’t so deeply engraved in everything we do. When you meet random people on the street, they look at you and the first thing their try to figure out is whether you’re a boy or a girl. And when you go to a clothing store, the first choice you must make is whether you’re shopping for womenswear or menswear. To be honest, this sucks and makes it super hard to strive towards looking gender neutral.

Keeping this in mind, I can only come up with a few tips to help you look androgynous.

Option A: Avoid all gender markers.

  1. Start with your face. Do you have a face traditionally considered feminine/masculine? If so, this is the first thing you need to do. Certain parts of your face are most commonly the ones giving away false gender markers. Think about using makeup to shade the shape and bones of your face to look less feminine/masculine (there are multiple videos available on instructions to do this). This can also be done with a correct hairstyle that borders your face altering the shape of it. Another common gender marker are your eyebrows. Let them grow out or pluck them to a certain style to work as a counterweight for other gender markers of your face.
  2.  Write down a list of the body parts that give away gender markers as they are. Examples could be your hands, feet, waist, shoulders, chin… These are the problem areas you need to find ways to hide/alter/modify. Do this with clothes, compression garments, makeup. Let’s say your biggest problem area was your feet. Hide them with long and/or flowy pants. Choose whether letting your leg hair grow or shaving it off completely would better benefit your cause. Choose shoes that hide your toes, ankles, or other parts that give away markers. Write down a second list of different options and solutions to alter/hide your problem areas.
  3. When it comes to clothing, you’re probably going to have a few ideas already based on the lists created in the second step. If not, shop for unisex clothes. Choose to wear something bold and different, or something neutral and simple based on your personal style. If you manage to make your face and body work for you in a gender neutral way, the clothes will only work as further assets.

Option B: Use different gender markers to your benefit in order to confuse people.

  1. If you come to the conclusion that you don’t have enough unisex clothing stores available/your face will never look completely androgynous/you still get misgendered a lot, start spicing things up by intentionally adding small gender markers to your appearance. These markers are supposed to confuse people when they’re trying to figure out your gender. If your face is very masculine, make yourself look as androgynous as possible, and then add for example mascara/eye liner to confuse people even further. If your voice is quite feminine, use some more masculine pieces of clothing to balance the markers. It’s going to be extremely hard finding a presentation that stays completely neutral in the eyes of a passer-by. Don’t be afraid of using gender markers to your benefit.

I’m sorry I can’t do a better job in answering this. Does anyone else have better resources or tips to share?

Before the Storm ●part four●

Summary: Y/N Barnes has always been content with her life. She has a great brother, and has become pretty close to his best friend, Steve. Just when she thinks she’s got everything in check, a distant relative returns with some news which is set to cause a huge rift in all their lives.

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader [Eventual], Bucky Barnes x Sister!Reader, Bucky Barnes x Rose [OC]

Warnings: angst, blackmail, violence/fighting, injured!Steve, injured!Bucky, language, did I mention angst??

  • A/N: Big thanks to my lil’ Stark @redlipstickandplaid for beta’ing this for me and helping me brainstorm this part. Couldn’t have done this without her! 


“Tell me, Y/N how good of a nurse are you? Can you bring men back from the dead? Because that’s what will happen to the two people you love most in this world.”

“You’re a monster!” Y/N shouted, voice shaking and the tears falling down her cheeks in fear as she abruptly moved her face away from his touch.

Marty shrugged nonchalantly, “I’m a businessman. The choice is yours, princess. Marry me or lose Bucky and Steve. What’s it gonna be?”

“You’re going to regret this, Marty Grindon,” she managed voice barely audible in her current state, running a shaky hand over her face to try and rid the tears.

“You’re an awful man who will never be loved by anyone,” she sniffed, trying her damnedest to hold her nerve against him. “I’ll marry you if it keeps you away from Buck and Steve, but I will never ever respect you.” She gave him a quick hateful glance before leaving the bathroom, her heart racing and her whole body feeling weak.

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My aesthetic: flushed cheeks, folded-cloth compress on the forehead, blankets up under the chin, and worried loved one perching on the edge of the bed frowning at the thermometer.

you are speaking my language

subtle shivers and sleepy eyes because they just want to go to sleep but the loved one insisted they check their temp first

they both know they’re in for a long day 

Jeff’s new home.

Jeff was a normal boy with an normal life and normal friends, but that was going to change. 

on a boring school-day he found a letter in his mailbox. It was from the gym he had won a free membership. He couldn’t remember that he signed-up for this, but he wasn’t going to bother anyway. 

later that day he went to the gym to get his free membership. A very big man took him to his office and after signing some things he got his card. “I will see you tomorrow at 8 AM here in the gym.” 

Jeff didn’t know why, but the next day he was standing at 8 AM in the gym. The big man greeted him and took him to the dressing room.  “this is the gear you are going to wear if you are working out” and he threw some tight compression clothes his way. 

Jeff changed as quick as he could and felt great in his new sportswear. “Now follow me it is time to work out.” Jeff followed him like a little boy who is getting a present from is parents. 

After a hard workout routine Jeff could finally rest. “here you go boy you need to drink something” and gave him a bottle with a blue spiraling water in it. 

“thank you sir” Jeff said as a drank the whole bottle in one go.

“You are doing great little boy soon it’s time for the next phase” the man said while stroking Jeff’s back.

To be continued…


Summary: Sasuke looks as if he has been turned to stone, his hands clenching around the kit in his hands. If she didn’t think he could turn any redder, she was mistaken. For several seconds his eyes zero in on everything below her neck. Sakura feels the warmth in her cheeks travel downward at this, and trying for confidence, she purrs, “Like what you see?” [SasuSaku Festival 2017 – Day 12 – Prompt: “The Virgin Sees”]

Disclaimer: This story utilizes characters, situations and premises that are copyright Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Shonen Jump and Viz Media. No infringement on their respective copyrights pertaining to episodes, novelizations, comics or short stories is intended by the author in any way, shape or form. This fan oriented story is written solely for the author’s own amusement and the entertainment of the readers. It is not for profit. Any resemblance to real organizations, institutions, products or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All fiction, plot and Original Characters with the exception of those introduced in the books, manga, video games, novelizations and anime, are the sole creation of KuriQuinn and using them without permission is considered rude, in bad-taste and will reflect seriously on your credibility as a writer. You will be torn apart by mercenary ninja with bad fashion sense should you be found plagiarising.

Warning: Maybe slight OOC, but only because they are from a different universe. Sasuke never left Konoha.

Canon-Compliance: Takes place during Part II. Alternate Universe.

Fanon Compliance: Could conceivably take place in my Walk A Mile timeline

AN: This is unedited. Sorry, there was family stuff that got in the way of updates. Also, CEO & Assistant prompt is still being worked on. I’ll try for tomorrow.


It starts out as a run-of-the-mill information retrieval mission.

Simple, straightforward – they don’t even need the whole team. It’s just as well, Kakashi has been helping Naruto improve his change of nature techniques, and Sakura’s been hoping for some quality alone-time with Sasuke.

Between everyone’s training regimen, it’s hard to find the time to just be two fifteen-year-olds in not-quite-love-but-slowly-getting-past-like.

So when Lady Tsunade proposes the mission – retrieve some stolen documents from a group of mercenary ninja and deliver it to the intended recipients – Sakura jumps on it. It’s easy, requiring stealth and intelligence, which both she and Sasuke excel at.

Everything goes perfectly, until it turns out one of the enemy is a sensor type.

Sakura and Sasuke’s carefully planned infiltration and extraction gets turned into an all-out brawl. They get the documents, but they’ve been made, and are now being hunted through the forests.

And on top of that, a shuriken has just become deeply embedded in the fleshy part beneath Sakura’s left shoulder blade. Sasuke hangs back, ready to grab her, but she steadies herself mid-stumble.

“I’m fine,” she insists, despite the cold pain and the feel of blood soaking through her shirt.

Sasuke considers her, and she knows from the expression he is weighing their options. If the wound is deep, blood-loss will make a long-range spring impossible, but in their current situation they’re at the disadvantage.

“We need a distraction,” he says. “You or me?”

The fact that he isn’t even acknowledging her wound shows how far they’ve come over the years. He knows she can take care of herself.

She smirks. “Well, you’re pretty, but I don’t think you’re their type.”

The corner of his mouth tugs upward at this, and he nods, turning to leave.

“Five minutes,” he tells her. “Three if you don’t have a choice.”

And then he is gone. Seconds later, the enemy catches up and she is surrounded on all sides by half-a-dozen missing-nin dressed in black.

“Seriously?” she asks as the closest ones lunge at her. “Why do people like you always dress in black?” She bends into her taijutsu forms, dodging blows and more volleys of shuriken. “Wouldn’t it be smarter for mercenaries to dress in camouflage?”

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submitted by Ed Jelley
External image

So you’ve finally tracked down what feels like the perfect EDC bag. It’s built to last and can hold everything you’d ever need. But being truly prepared doesn’t stop at just having a solid bag and all the right contents. Keeping everything properly organized is just as crucial—it ensures you can get what you need when you need it, and it makes carrying everything much easier. Most of the time, bags have some built-in organization, but we EDCers tend to need more. In this guide, we’ll break down our favorite accessories that can help keep your EDC odds and ends organized neatly.

External image


The Grid-It is a matrix of grippy elastic bands, fixed to a sturdy backing. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they’re perfect for holding onto items of all sizes. Simply stretch the band, slip in some gear, and place it back in your bag. The best part about using the Grid-It system is how easy it makes switching between different bags. If everything you need is already attached, place it in your other bag and be on your way.

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External image

Velcro Cable Ties

Wrapping up a cable by itself isn’t the neatest way to carry them. If the inside of your bag looks like a birds nest, then pick up some velcro cable ties. These loop around the cable first, so they’re harder to lose. The ties good for more than cables too. You can secure a knife to some MOLLE webbing, temporarily strap a battery pack to your phone, and much more.

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External image

Pouch Organizer

If you like the idea of swapping your gear between bags, consider a pouch organizer. The extra step of unzipping the pouch makes it a little harder to get at your EDC, but it adds an extra layer of security. There are plenty of pouches out there, so make sure you find the one best suited to your needs. We like the Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer for basic EDC use.

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External image

Camera Insert

Carrying around a dedicated camera bag might be a bit excessive, especially if you’re not carrying a camera every day. Camera bags also scream “there’s a lot of expensive gear in here.” A great way to organize your camera body, lenses, and accessories is with a camera bag insert that fits right into your EDC bag. They provide padding and organization, and can used as needed. Make sure you check out the dimensions of your bag before picking one up to ensure a perfect fit.

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External image

Internal Flashlight

Finding things inside your bag can be a hassle in itself. You can attach a small flashlight to the inside to find whatever it is you need, no matter how dark it is inside your bag. We like the Nitecore Tube for its small size, rechargeable battery, and price. Not only will this small flashlight light up the inside of your bag, but it will also serve as an excellent backup light that’s always on hand.

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External image

Locking Mini Carabiner

Mini carabiners are great for keeping loose gear in one spot. This locking version from Nite Ize will clip onto a knife, flashlight, or keys and keep them right where you want them. Since it locks, you can clip it to the inside, or outside of your bag without worry. Carabiners are also great for holding things together and making quick fixes. Even if this one lives inside your bag, it’s nice to know that one is close by.

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External image

Admin Pouch

Admin pouches are used in the law enforcement and tactical communities to hold small, mission-critical items. Basically, it’s just a small organized pouch with easy access. This example by Condor has ample room for small accessories like a pen, flashlight, and notebook. You can carry it on the outside of your bag, thanks to the MOLLE-compatible straps on the back. There’s a hook-and-loop section on the front that’s customizable with your favorite morale patches to add personal flair.

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External image

Packing Cubes

Going away for a few days? Bring some packing cubes. These lightweight fabric pouches are best for keeping clean clothes separate from dirty ones. By compressing and containing your clothes, you can easily get to the rest of the bag’s contents. It prevents the awkward “empty your bag” shuffle just because you need something that’s drifted to the bottom.

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How do you organize your EDC bag? Let us know how in the comments below!

Shot ~ 10K/Reader

“Stitching up 10K after he got shot and him kissing you”

I’m so sorry I found this imagine on Tumblr somewhere and I was sure I favourited it, but now I can’t find it anymore? If someone knows who posted this please let me know and I will give credit!

“Lay him down over there,” Warren commanded as Doc and Vasquez struggled through the doorway, both holding one of 10K’s arms, propping him up.

You pushed the materials that were on the table off them, swiftly. Not caring that they went crashing to the floor. 10K was plopped down gracelessly and he made a slight ’oof’ sound in discomfort. 

“He’s loosing a lot of blood, he needs stitches” Doc assessed the wound, before pressing a cloth compress back down on it.

“(Y/N) was training to be a nurse before, she can do it?” Addy said before even asking you. You’d been a trainee nurse and you were terrified everything you had learnt had been forgotten and replaced with gun techniques and how to properly disarm an opponent using random tools.

“Uh, um-” You stuttered, you were already panicked by the amount of blood that covered 10K’s trousers in a shiny coating. Even in black you could see the wetness. 10K looked nervously over at you with lidded eyes, his breathing heavy and his mouth lay open slightly in pain. 

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I feel super uncomfortable with my body.. I'm a trans boy and over the past few months my hips and ass got bigger same with my boobs.... do you think any guy would ever want a guy with an hour glass figure..? I'm worried no one will want to be with me...

That is a common thought with being trans, that no one will ever want us. It is not true. There are many accepting people out there, you just have to find them. How you look now doesnt mean you will always look that way. If you intend to go on T in the future that will redistribute your body shape. If not you can still work on exercising and stuff to do as much as you can to limit it. Non permanent options can help as well such as wearing a binder, things like waist slimmers and compression items. Choosing clothing that helps hide and minimise are good as well and can help you feel more comfortable. Only if you want to do that for yourself though, you dont have to do things for someone else. There are people who accept us as we are. They may be harder to find but they do exist. Dont settle for less than you’re worth

Weight, goals, kcal intake? 19-7-'17

Weight now: 107,7 kg

Gw1: 105 kg

Gw2: 100 kg - belly button piercing

Gw3: 96 kg

Gw4: 92 kg - Clothing haul of my favorite brand

Gw5: 85 kg

Gw6: 83 kg

Gw7: 80 kg - new compression clothing, clothing haul, new dumbbells

UGW: 76 kg - Medicine and further help at the hospital because i’ll be at a good weight

Dream: 60 kg

I want to be atleast 80 kg at the end of this year, but im not sure how i should do this. Please give me tips in my ask !

BMR: 2000
BMI: 30,1 ( obese class 1 )
Average kcal intake: 800 kcal
Average hours i exercise a week: 7h

I want to change it into:
BMI: 19-23
Average kcal intake: 400 kcal
Average hours i exercise a week: 9h

My next post will be an edited “diet” for my summer break. After that i need to edit it into my normal school diet again ( 600 kcal ).

Why Compression Tights May Not be Beneficial

May runners and athletes wear compression clothing, believing it improve their performance and/or shortens recovery times. The general idea is that tight-fitted clothing, such as compression tights, minimizes the vibrations produced by your muscles when exercising. And by minimizing these vibrations, you’ll experience less fatigue, which may in turn improve your performance – at least that’s what many people believe.

According to a new study, however, compression tights may not be beneficial for reducing muscle fatigue. Researchers at Ohio State University recruited 10 otherwise healthy male runners, asking them to wear compression socks while running a 30-minute endurance run on a treadmill at 80% of their respective maximum oxygen level.

While participants were running on the treadmill, researchers analyzed their muscle vibrations using high-speed cameras and reflectors. Researchers also analyzed participants’ leg strength and jump height before and after running. All of this was performed on the first day.

On the second day of the study, researchers had the participants run on the treadmill – like before – but without the compression socks. So, what did they find?

Researchers found that compression socks did in fact reduce muscle vibrations in participants as they ran. However, this did not have any noticeable impact on muscle fatigue. So, while wearing compression tights may minimize muscle vibrations, they aren’t going to reduce muscle fatigue or improve your performance.

This doesn’t necessarily mean they are useless. Compression tights still provide warmth and comfort, while also protecting against chaffing. If you want to run when it’s cold outside, wearing compression leggings can keep you warm and comfortable by reducing the rate at which heat is released from your body. This alone is reason enough for many runners and athletes to wear them. Furthermore, compression tights prevent chaffing by wicking sweat away from your body.

What’s next for the researchers? The team of researchers behind this study hope to find new ways to reduce injuries in runners by conducting additional studies.

Running injuries are extremely common, especially among novice runners,“ explained the study’s lead researcher and author. “If we can get more insight into when a novice runner may be doing damage to their body, we might be able to help people stay physically active and healthier throughout their lives.”

Researchers presented their findings at the annual meeting by the American College of Sports Medicine.