compression bag

Requested anonymously (many times. more times than Nebby escapes the bag.)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Nebby refuses to stay in the bag. If you’ve played Pokémon Sun or Moon, or seen the recent uprising of Nebby memes, you know this all too well.

This begs the question (or maybe, ‘bags’ the question): How does Nebby keep escaping the bag? Nebby constantly leaves the bag to go on adventures or to the Ancient Ruins, or sometimes just to defy Lillie. Sometimes Nebby is able to do it without Lillie noticing, and sometimes without even having the zipper open.  As a Cosmog, Nebby does know the move Teleport, but that looks much different than what it does when leaving the bag:

Nebby seems to pass right through the fabric of the bag. We know Nebby has a gaseous form, since Cosmog is the “Nebula Pokemon”. As we found out in our Cosmog Analysis, Cosmog is most like a molecular cloud, which have a density of about 100 particles per cubic centimeter. For reference, sea-level atmosphere air contains about 2.53×1016 molecules per cubic centimeter (or (0.0012 g/cm3): more than a million billion times as much as a molecular cloud. Using Nebby’s height and weight from the pokedex, we find that Cosmog is even more dense than air: 0.024 g/cm3. 

Cosmoem, Nebby’s evolution, is even more dense: 1909.7 g/cm3. If Nebby, a Cosmog, compressed itself into the density of a Cosmoem, Nebby would only have a radius of only 0.23 millilimeters, or roughly 4350 times smaller than it was previously. 

Depending on the fabric that the bag is made of, 0.23 mm is most likely small enough to slip between the stitches at the seam, or maybe through the spaces in the zipper.

So what evidence do we have that Nebby can collapse itself into such small sizes? Well, that’s what nebula do. Molecular clouds collapse to create stars, just like Cosmog (the Nebula Pokemon) evolves into Cosmoem (the Protostar Pokemon). Usually, nebulae do this because of gravity: Cosmog is too small to collapse from its own gravity, but we still know it can collapse. Why? Look at its arms: it’s already forming little stars. Cosmog must have the ability to compress itself to form these tiny stars. This ability isn’t unusual for psychic pokémon: Gardevoir, for example, can compress air into black holes. Since Nebby can compress itself, unless the bag is perfectly sealed Nebby will easily escape.

Nebby can compress itself into tiny sizes, slipping through the seams of the bag as it pleases.

X reader Part 4

part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4

Lily’s POV

I got out of Sirius’ dorm room, still in search for an answer. I have all these questions flying around in my head. I mean everything was fine a week ago but now, things are falling apart. Y/N was so happy. I was relief that she was. I was worried about her. She seemed down for weeks and I didn’t know why. I wished she told me about it especially now when things are different from what it used to be.

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Max Domi #1 - Lucky Sports Bra

Originally posted by kevinhayes

A/N - i love max so much omg. any boy on the 2015 team canada world juniors will forever have a special place in my heart. dream team forever and always

for the anon request:  Hey I was wondering if you could so a Max Domi one where is girlfriend plays for Canada in the worlds tournament


“Can you pass me that pile of sports bras beside you?” you asked your boyfriend, Max Domi, who was sitting on the floor of your bedroom pouting while you were trying to pack.

“No” he countered just to be difficult. You turned to face him from where you were trying to shove all your clothes that you were taking to the Women’s World Hockey Championships where you were competing in two weeks.

“Maxiee….” you whined and put your hands on your hips, “You know I wish you were coming with me to Michigan but you have a job too, remember? One that involves playing hockey of your own for way more than three times the amount of fans.”

“…I know. But you are going to be gone for so long. I’m going to miss you.” he continued to pout at you, matching the expression of his diabetic-alert dog, Orion, who was currently making puppy dog eyes at you as well while resting his head in Max’s lap.

“You can’t even try that excuse mister. We work on entirely opposite ends of the country during the season and you are always on the road so you can’t even complain to me about being lonely while I’m on the road. Also I’m pretty sure that I am going to be even closer to you now than when I’m playing in Connecticut.”

He opened his mouth to protest but you cut him off, “And do I need to remind you that if Canada wins I will be getting a nicely paid bonus that is not exactly easy to come by in women’s hockey.” you threw a balled up sock at him playfully, “So shut your mouth Mister Domi and help me sit on this suitcase.”

“Fine.” he sighed dramatically before grabbing the stuff that you still needed to pack in your bag and handing it to you. You hummed your thanks and pressed a quick kiss to his lips before shoving the clothes into your already exploding luggage.

“I think you over-packed….” Max chuckled from beside you.

“I mean I am gone for a month so I think this is totally appropriate.” Max wrapped his arms around you and hooked his chin on your shoulder. “Come on lover boy, make yourself useful and use that hockey ass to smush my clothes enough that I can zip this thing up.” you teased

“Wow, this is the only reason you are dating me isn’t it.” Max laughed, “You just use me for my body.”

You gave his bum a smack when he bent over to get on top of your luggage on top of the bed. He yelped in outrage and you just continued to laugh, “Yup.” you agreed, popping the ‘p’.

Next came the hardest part, as much as the added weight of your none-too-light boyfriend helped in compression, your bag refused to close properly. It took the next half hour of you and Max adjusting, squeezing and really desperate attempts to get the zipper done up before it fully closed. By the time you were done, the both of you were embarrassingly sweaty from your efforts considering that you were both professional athletes and shouldn’t be getting this tired doing such a menial task.

You both stood back and huffed at the finished product once it was moved out to your living room: your hockey bag and five sticks taped together was resting up against your big luggage bag and your carry on back pack was perched on top of that.  

“All set?” Max asked you.

“I think so…” you peered around at your stuff and went through the mental checklist in your head. “ You put in my lucky sports bra right?”

Max raised a single eyebrow at you in question, “You know, the red one with the white maple leaf on the boobs and the strappy back with ‘true north strong’ printed on the back?” you were gesturing semi frantically at Max as the panic started to rise in your chest, “THE ONE THAT I NEED TO WEAR FOR GAMES OR ELSE WE WILL LOSE.”

Max’s eyes widened, “I never had it, I thought you packed it!”

“No! I had it witht he rest of my bras!” now real fear was rising into your chest,

Max quickly stepped over to you and grabbed your arm to keep you steady, “Hey, it’s okay. It’s probably just still in your dresser.”

You practically ran through your house to your bedroom and started to tear apart your dresser while Max searched through your closet.

“Shit! I can’t find it.” you said after awhile, holding a hand over your face to try and calm yourself down.

“Are you absolutely sure that it isn’t in your bags?” Max asked you.

“No I definitely don’t remember seeing it when we were refolding all my stuff.” your breath started to quicken as you walked back into the living room with Max following on your heels right behind you.

“Okay, well let’s double check that again, just to be safe.” you marched into the living room when all of the sudden Max started to laugh.

“I swear to god Max, if you are playing a prank on me I will castrate you! This isn’t funny!” you whirled around to face him.

He simply continued to laugh and walked over to where Orion was lying down on his bed. When you looked over at the dog, you could see just a sliver of that familiar red fabric poking out from under his chest. Max reached out and grabbed a hold of it, and pulled it out from underneath Orion with the flourish fit for a magician’s assistant.

“Ta da!” he smiled triumphantly at you, “Looks like I wasn’t the only one who didn’t want you to leave us.” he looked pointedly at Orion who had a distinctively guilty look on his face.

You laughed of relief from where you were about to unzip your luggage. Max threw the bra at you and you put it in your carry on for safe keeping.

“Now are you all good?” he asked as he sat down next to you.

“Yup.” you smiled and leaned into his shoulder. Max wrapped his arm around you, pulled you into his lap, and started to pepper kisses across your nose and cheeks.

“Lucky bra and all?” he asked


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Monsta X & Periods

Request: “what would monsta x do as boyfriend when you’re having a period cramps, back pains, mood swings and stuff?” -anon

hey guys! i apologize for not being able to post yesterday since i don’t know why we didn’t have any internet connection. anyways, enjoy! if you want to read more, click here!

Originally posted by hyungnu


  • this big bear wouldn’t know what to do actually
  • at first he’d wonder why you’re became so pale all of a sudden
  • then he’d ask you 
  • to which you’d tell him that you have cramps and backpains
  • he would blink at you for a couple of seconds
  • and ask if what can he do to make the pain go away
  • but you wouldn’t reply
  • he’ll probably search for ways and when he finds the answer
  • he’d go get a hot compress and cuddle with you
  • rubbing your shoulder as you nuzzle onto his neck
  • since you’re on your period, he’d be extremely cautious around you
  • he’d constantly be by your side
  • asking you if you wanted to eat something
  • if you needed more pads or tampons
  • if you wanted to watch the tv or a movie
  • but then you would snap at him
  • he’d be hurt and would be silent for a couple of minutes 
  • but he’d try his best to understand you
  • when you suddenly become happy or clingy
  • he’d be surprised at first but then would get used to it
  • but then, to summarize everything
  • he’d be really caring towards you
  • he’d shower you so much love that you wouldn’t hate your period that much

Originally posted by no-ass-namjoon


  • wonho would seriously hate that time of the month
  • since he knows how your mood drastically changes every single minute
  • and how much pain it brings to you
  • he’ll be the type of boyfriend who’ll give you a period kit every single month
  • like a box filled with chocolates, a pack of pads/tampons, and other unhealthy stuff
  • but then he’ll by your side always
  • especially when you have cramps and back pains
  • he’ll always have a hot compress by his side and would with you until the pain goes away
  • he’ll even offer to cook you something 
  • well that something would be ramen
  • he’ll also buy you ice cream and other fruits 
  • and also the foods that you’re craving
  • but then in the midst of eating
  • you’ll sudden burst out crying
  • making him look at you weirdly but then would panic
  • he’d go to your side right away and would pull you into a tight hug
  • asking you what’s wrong
  • or he’ll just let you cry your heart out
  • and try to make you stop crying by making his meme face at you
  • which would make you laugh really hard
  • but then there would be times when you just wanted to be alone
  • and you’d snap at him for no reason
  • of course he’d be hurt and mad at the same time
  • don’t touch me, leave me alone.”
  • “okay.”
  • “babe, can you hold my hand?”
  • he’ll be really confused with your words and actions
  • but then he’d still do whatever you tell him
  • since he loves you a lot like a lot a lot

Originally posted by syubbie


  • idk if this boy would function that well around you
  • but then despite you asking him for a lot of things to buy
  • he’d actually whine but then would do what you ask him to do
  • by the minute you call him to tell him about you having your period
  • he’d immediately buy the things needed 
  • and would barge into your house with a lot of things prepared
  • he would act normal around you
  • and when u need something from him
  • you’ll find him asleep on the couch with the hot compress on his hand
  • since he’s waiting for you to tell him about your cramps
  • but then when he sees you really pale
  • he’d hurriedly go to your side and put the hot compress on your lower abdomen
  • before cuddling you into his arms
  • playing with the strands of your hair
  • but then he would fall asleep 
  • if ever you get mad or irritate at him for no reason
  • he’d also get mad since he doesn’t get it
  • like he’s done nothing wrong
  • and you’re barking at him
  • so the two of you would play the silent game for one hour
  • before you go to him and act cutely with you
  • why are you mad?”
  • “>___>”
  • “hey, chae hyungwon, what’s wrong?”
  • “you got mad at me for no reason. i’m so hurt right now, woman.”
  • but then everything would be okay after you give him a kiss

Originally posted by lostinmonstax


  • he’d be more prepared than you tho
  • like literally
  • whenever you go grocery shopping together
  • he’d already get a lot of snacks
  • and probably five packs of pads or tampos
  • babe, why are you getting a lot of pads?”
  • “it’s for your upcoming period.”
  • “what? but it’s still two week–”
  • “ssssshhh, you don’t have to speak. you need to be prepared beforehand.”
  • “who’s the one–”
  • “sshh, i know it’s hard. now, let’s go get some shampoo.”
  • and when that time comes, he’ll be by your side when you felt something
  • he would already know so he won’t ask you anything about it
  • when you get out of the bathroom, you would pout at him 
  • and he’ll open both of his arms to hug you
  • it’s that time already?”
  • “yeah…”
  • and whenever the two of you would go out
  • and your cramps would occur, you would curse and curl up on your seat
  • to which he would come prepared
  • he would have this painkillers for cramps and make you drink it
  • and he’ll also have a hot compress on his bag 
  • but then when you get mad at him for no reason
  • he wouldn’t mind and would smile at you despite your hurtful remarks
  • ugh, just shut the fck up minhyuk.”
  • “aww babe, you’re so sweet. do you want some ice cream?”

Originally posted by kookihyunnie


  • this mama would know what to do
  • cramps? it’s either he’ll make you lie down and he’d place a hot compress on it
  • or make you take a warm bath with him assisting you *wink wink*
  • or maybe just make you drink pain killers
  • you’re craving something?
  • don’t worry, he’s prepared
  • kihyun would probably cook for you or just buy something if he feels lazy
  • but then you would always ask him to cook for you
  • to which he can’t say no to
  • from time to time, he’d shower you with kisses
  • and even compliments
  • despite how savage or mean you are to him
  • but then when you get emotional because of a movie or a mere photo
  • he would wrap you in a blanket and hug you tightly
  • hey, what wrong?”
  • “*hick*….. the dog died and and…”
  • “aww, sssssshhh, don’t cry baby. it’s just a movie.”
  • “but still *wails*…..”
  • “okay, okay, enough. do you want oppa to get you some ice cream?”
  • “yes please.”
  • he’d be pretty understanding but then there would be times
  • when he couldn’t help but snap at you
  • and would regret it right after he sees you teary-eyed
  • which would end up with him asking for forgiveness
  • and yeah, he’ll probably become your slave just because of what he just said

Originally posted by kihqun


  • it’ll be hard to convince this to stay 
  • he wouldn’t want to doesn’t want to experience your wrath 
  • but then he would eventually stay by your side 
  • since you’ll guilt trip him 
  • and when he’s by your side
  • he’d be on the edge
  • jooheon.”
  • “yes ma’am?”
  • “why are you calling me ma’am?”
  • “i don’t know ma’am.”
  • “babe, calm down. what’s wrong with you?”
  • “nothing ma’am.”
  • “say ma’am one more time and you won’t get any kisses from me.”
  • “oh, what did i say babe?”
  • when ever you get your period cramps or even back pain
  • he’d start to panic
  • asking you what to do
  • and you’d tell him and he’d act on it real fast
  • babe what should i do?!” he’s screaming btw
  • “*in pain* uh…. get the hot compress…”
  • “w-where?!” 
  • “in my room.”
  • but then when your mood changes real fast
  • he’d look at you weirdly
  • as if you ate something to make you high
  • are you okay?”
  • “what do you mean by are you okay?”
  • “are you making fun of me?”
  • “how could you?”
  • “b-babe I’m just asking if you’re okay or what not! *cries*

Originally posted by iamonstax


  • well, changkyun would be prepared than ever
  • searching for things to do during your period
  • read a book about periods and what not
  • what to do and what not to do
  • what to give you and what not to give you
  • babe, can you get me some cola?”
  • “no, according to the book that i’ve read, carbonated drinks like sodas can affect your cramping and–”
  • “okay, can you just get me some water?”
  • “alright.”
  • he’d be really strict when it comes to foods that could worsen your cramps and what not
  • but then he’d be really sweet
  • like when you’d just ask him to buy some fruits
  • he’d come home with flowers with him
  • but there would be a lot of leaves than flowers.
  • a flower for my princess.”
  • “babe, what’s this?”
  • “flowers *blinks innocently*”
  • “babe, these are leaves.”
  • “and flowers.”
  • “okay… thanks.”
  • whenever your mood changes really quick
  • he’d also go along with it
  • like it’d be you who’s going to look at him weirdly
  • but then with him around
  • you’d be laughing really hard and would also cry a lot since he’d make you watch emotional movies
  • so that the two of you can cry together.
Matthew Tkachuk #1

Requested by Anon(s):

1.  Could you do a Matt tkachuk imagine pls! Thank you, I love your writing!

2. Could you please do a Matt tkachuk imagine? It can be whatever you want!!!! Your imagines are seriously so good! Thank you:)))

*Here it is!! He’s been dropping gloves a lot lately so I got inspired to write one about him fighting. Have fun and thank you!! :)*

Word count: 827

Originally posted by oliverkylington

You took one quick look at the bruise forming on his jaw and buried your head under the pillow. Not again.

You heard him sigh, “from one to ten, how bad is it?”

“Two million,” you grumbled, still hiding your face from him.

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CLEAR! - a basic guide to writing a code blue

We’ve all seen it. Our sweet and naive protagonist, Dr. DoeEyes, is on the first day of her rotation. She’s rounding on a handsome young man who’s in the hospital through no fault of his own, and as they’re making flirty banter about his puppy rescue organization he suddenly frowns and puts a hand to his chest, his voice trailing off.

Dr. DoeEyes touches his shoulder. “Is everything okay?”

“I…I don’t feel so good,” says patient Handsome McFlirt, and then his eyes roll back in his head and he slumps over and every alarm in the room is suddenly blaring at top volume. Frantically, Dr. DoeEyes shakes him. He doesn’t wake up. When she glances up at the cardiac monitor, all she sees is a familiar and ominous flat line.


Five other doctors rush in with a crash cart, everyone talking at once. The chief resident demands to know what happened, and as Dr. DoeEyes tearfully babbles out the story another doctor grabs the paddles off the crash cart, rubs them together, and bellows, “CLEAR!”

And then the scene ends, because I’ve thrown my ACLS manual through the television

Want to do it better? Here are the basics you need to know!


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anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for dark circles under the eyes?

using a cold compress or green tea bags on the eyes helps with dark circles by constricting vessels. creams that contain green tea can be effective too. thin or light skin under the eyes (which is genetic) causes dark circles too & using a vitamin c serum helps with collagen production & brightens the skin! 


So the last time I did this the folks at @packconfig seemed to like it; so here’s my Goruck GR1 decked out for a four day work trip out in Country South Australia, lying on the bed of the most elaborate hotel-motel-holiday-inn this side of the country can offer.

The key to getting this bag to work is packing cases. You can’t just turf everything in (although it still handles this better than other packs), you need keep things organized.

Fortunately, a big ole’ boxy cavity makes this rather simple. For multi-day trips I use a SeaToSummit dry bag for all of my clothes, a smaller NorthFace dopp kitt (not overly fond of it, due for replacement), and a gear bag of some unknown brand that I bought for a tenner in Brisbane airport about six months back to store USB serial adapters, RS232 cords, laptop chargers, phone chargers, USB hubs, etc. The blue and orange trimmed case is a Crumpler case holding an iPad mini, Moleskine, coloured markers, pens, pencils, rulers and a few other bits and bobs.

Laptop, not that it’s even really relevant in this particular setup is a Lenovo X240 hiding in the rear section and only weighing about 1.8kg from memory. Nothing about this setup precludes using a Macbook or conventional 14" laptop.

The only real ‘gotcha’ in this setup is that while the bag fits in the carry on bins, using a dry bag compressed so tightly results in smacking head first into carry on weight requirements. Flights out to country area in Australia frequently limit to 6kg carry on, but usually 8-12kg for regular flights. I’ve packed this bag out to 18kg by accident before getting the Lenovo X240.

First Aid Travel Kit

Always be prepared: that’s what they always say! And when it comes to health and safety, I let my inner girl scout kick in!

I always travel light but I don’t compromise on a well-stocked first aid kit! Aside from the convenience of having the right meds anytime anywhere, I don’t wanna risk wasting precious vacation time going to a drugstore, asking about the medicines they have and then worrying if the medicine they’re giving me will have a negative reaction on my body or not.

Since I just reorganized our kit, let me share with you how I assembled ours and some tips you can use in case you wanna assemble your own!


I’m sure our first aid travel kit will look slightly different from yours because aside from the usual (medicines for headache, diarrhea, etc.) you have to bring medicines for whatever preexisting conditions you have.

But to give you an idea, here’s a general list of what I included in ours:

  • Medicines
    • Diarrhea: include oral rehydration salts
    • Fever/Headache: Paracetamol
    • Cough
    • Colds
    • Allergies
    • Reflux
    • Indigestion
    • Motion sickness: chewables in case no access to water
    • Joint pain: in case of accidents
    • Vitamins
  • Ointments & Creams
    • Wounds: include Povidone-Iodine solution (a.k.a. Betadine)
    • Bruises
    • Body aches
  • Tools 
    • Band-aids: different sizes
    • Thermometer
    • Gauze tape
    • Rubber gloves (multi-purpose; as hot/cold compress bags)


Mor and I used to just dump all the medicine on a clear plastic pouch BUT I got so annoyed whenever I had to look for something that I decided to redo everything! Proper organization is very important: it saves time and lessens stress!

Here are tips based on how I made ours:

  • Sort by category
    • I arranged ours by illness. No need to dig through the whole kit! Just grab the bag you need.
  • Separate in clear, resealable, plastic bags
    • You HAVE to separate especially the creams to avoid contamination in case they leak or spill! Clear bags help so that you can see the contents immediately.
  • Label clearly: use a bold, easy to read font
    • Illness / category
    • Names of the medicines inside
    • Dosage of each medicine
    • Other important info: Such as if you can’t take the meds on an empty stomach, or if you can’t take it for more than a certain number of days, etc.

I designed my own labels, printed it on board paper and stuck clear tape across them to make them waterproof. Another option is using a sticker label maker (but I wanted to put the little graphics, which is I why I made my own, hehe!)

Assembling a first aid travel kit and putting them all together in one handy pouch is a good idea. You can store it in your cabinet so that it’s ready anytime. You can just throw it in your luggage whenever you’re packing and you don’t have to think about what to pack each time.

Other tips:

  • Don’t overpack: Bring just enough to last you a day or two until you find a convenient time to buy more at a drugstore (if needed). And don’t pack for everyone on your trip; just pack for one.
  • Check expiry: very important! You don’t wanna bring expired meds you can’t use on your trip!
  • Use a clear pouch so that you can easily see the contents. Make sure your pouch is also waterproof / plastic just in case some of your meds spill or leak, at least it won’t ruin your other things.

My kit is far from perfect and I’m always open to suggestions and ideas! Am I missing anything? Share with me your own tips and ideas by leaving a comment below!

Last night I helped save the life of a child. That was the most intense trauma I have been a part of. We spent 2 hours in cardiac arrest doing compressions, bagging, and pushing epinephrine and bicarb. Then time of death was called and the patient was supposedly dead. Then miraculously pulse and spontaneous breathing returned. So we spent another hour doing compressions and bagging until we were able to shock a viable rhythm. Then we spent another 3 hours stabilizing the patient for medevac.  Good thing I have the day off today, I have a headache and I think I’m going through adrenalin withdrawal. I’m going back to bed.

flawedgems-andbeings  asked:

"Jasper. It been 2 week and I became useless because of my neck and I think it almost time. Anyway, how's the house?" Diamond was stuck in her bed but had her small device with her that she use to talk to Jasper.

Jasper listened to her as she walked around. “The house is building up nicely Diamond, just rest….you’ll just need to rest, use that ice compressed bag, that will help.”