lucys-imaginarium  asked:

What are some of your favourite med school mnemonics? (5 weeks out from finals haha)

I was a big fan of the shortcut way to draw the brachial plexus, though I don’t remember it perfectly now. Unfortunately I remember more mnemonics than what they’re supposed to stand for. 

Other faves include:

  • Learn one. The other one’s the other one. - Goljan’s wise advice on learning the difference between 2 things. This is how I distinguish pemphigus and pemphigoid. 
  • the R-rated version of the cranial nerves. I’ll just abbreviate OOOTTAFVGVAH. I still run through that one. 
  • Some Say Marry Money But My Brother Says Big Boobs Matter More (remembering which cranial nerves are sensory, motor, or both)
  • I remember on renal drawing Hydrogen and potassium ions on a seesaw to remember how they moved in relationship to each other
  • There was definitely a weird one to remember the glycogen storage diseases, but I’ve never had to use that one so I’ve forgotten.
  • SpIN and SnOUT - for specificity and sensitivity, which rules in and which rules out
  • SIG E CAPS - symptoms of depression - Sleep disturbance, loss of Interest, Guilt, loss of Energy, poor Concentration, Anhedonia, Psychomotor retardation, Suicidality
  • MUDPILES - things that cause anion gap metabolic acidosis
  • DUMBBELS - cholinergic overdose symptoms - Diarrhea, Urination, Miosis, Bronchorrhea, Bradycardia, Emesis, Lacrimation, Sweating/Salivation
  • DIAPPERS - causes of urinary incontinence - Delirium, Infection, Atrophic Vaginitis, Pharmaceuticals, Psych, Excessive urine output, Reduced mobility, Stool impaction
  • Dry as a bone, hot as hades, blind as a bat, red as a beet, mad as a hatter - effects of anticholinergic drugs
  • wet, wacky, wobbly - symptoms of normal pressure hydrocephalus
  • bones, groans, stones, and psychic moans- symptoms of hypercalcemia
  • VEAL CHOP - fetal monitoring (put the words on top of each other)- Variable = Cord compression; Early Decel = Head compression; Acceleration = O2; Late Decel = Placental insufficiency
  • social history on kids and teenagers: HEADDSSS - Home, Education, Activities, Drugs, Depression, Safety, Sex, Suicide