compressed t shirts

Today’s sub-zero running outfit. When I list it all out, it seems like a lot. But what you really need is a tight base layer and a windproof outer layer. That will usually be enough unless you’re going to be outside for a long time or are facing a nasty wind. Always protect your skin whatever you do.

From head to toe:

ASICS fleece beanie
Seirus headliner
Nike Pro compression long-sleeve
Technical t-shirt (to absorb sweat)
Nike Flash jacket
Nike running gloves (thin)
Head multisport gloves (thicker)
Nike running shorts
Champion track pants
Smartwool socks

The Head gloves aren’t super warm. I have another pair of white wool gloves that I can use, but they obviously don’t match the outfit as well. I also could have used some hand warmers shoved between the gloves, at least at the beginning. Once I had been going for a while it was fine, but that first 15 minutes was a little painful.

I find just the shorts and pants to be enough for my legs since they’re moving constantly. I have tights I could wear underneath, but typically I don’t feel I need them. There’s enough hair on my legs for natural insulation, so I’d recommend the tights if that’s not the case for you.

What winter gear do you like?