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Several French cities were equipped with horse-tram networks towards the end of the 19th century. In Paris, Tramways Sud operated horse trams from 1875 to 1901. In Marseille, horse trams operated by Compagnie Générale Française de Tramways entered service in 1876 on a number of routes including the Canebière. In Strasbourg, horse tram services began in 1877.

As horse trams presented a number of disadvantages (need for several teams of horses per vehicle per day, relatively slow speed, droppings on the roadway), it was not long before various mechanical traction systems came into use. These included: Compressed air systems, first introduced in Nantes in 1879 with Mékarski compressed air cars operating between Doulon and the Gare Maritime. Initially there was a fleet of 22 trams, two locos and four open-topped double-deck trailers. The first line was just over 6 km long, built to standard gauge and was mostly level, running along the quays of the Loire. Mekarski trams were also operated in Paris (1887), Vichy (1895), Aix-les-Bains (1897), Saint-Quentin (1899), and La Rochelle (1901).

sistersofthemoon  asked:

So I know I told you I've struggled to think of something, because I love your writing so much and wanted to request for ages.. but I don't know if this is anything you could work with, be honest - how about visiting Harry on tour and after a night of built up sexual tension you burst into the hotel room all hot and heavy, and then accidentally break the bed, which is shocking of course, but then totally hilarious and now I have boyfriend feels. If you do this, thank you and you're awesome xx

I’m so happy you were able to think of a request, thank you so much and I’m sorry it took so long for me to fill it. I hope you like it sweetie :)

The timing of your visit couldn’t have been more perfect. The boys had almost a full week off between shows, where everyone was enjoying the much deserved break amongst the chaos of constant traveling. 

When you got off the plane in Barcelona, exhausted but too pumped to see Harry to think about sleeping, he had immediately swept you up into his arms and into the beauty of the city. Since there was enough time to do so, Harry promised you he would show you a good time, and he had always been a man of his word. After a hearty and enthusiastic welcome from the rest of the boys and the members of the crew that you were familiar with on the first night of your arrival, Harry surprised you by discreetly whisking you away to a separate hotel, a smaller, cozier, more intimate and private place farther away from the noise and prying eyes.

True to his word, your doting boyfriend had allowed you to drag him out shopping and sightseeing, taking selfies in front of historical sites and trying out exotic cultural foods. The first couple of days are like that, breezing by in a blur of kisses and Instagram shots and being happily, blissfully, magnificently in love with Harry and your little private bubble of romance in Barcelona.

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geekburgerus  asked:

Re deodorant in the car. The spray stuff keeps in all weather. A friend of mine kept a bottle of it in her glove box and I would grab some in the summer so as far as I know there is not exploding pit spray. :)

I was actually just researching this when I got this ask. Aerosol deodorants will not explode in a hot car. While a hot car can get up to about 160ºF, an aerosol container needs about 300º of heat to explode. This is according to Mythbusters.

…but they also said a bottle of soda won’t explode in a hot car and that has definitely happened to me. Well, it didn’t “explode” so much as escape the sealed lid. Be VERY careful about keeping compressed liquids in your car during extreme temperatures, especially in the cold. Cans will explode and spray all over your car.