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I think we may have a comprable love for MBTI. I've charted out ALL my characters -it was likely a waste of time, but I don't care. Clearly my INFJ is a favorite because everyone who has read my stories has begged me not to hurt him...

*high five for making MBTI charts for your characters and I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does that*

Always make Eirin super tall

Like, 7-8 foot tall with only Reisen really competing with a height comprable to real world basketball players.

Give me like 5 foot children going to literally the tallest person in town for a check-up and realizing that the pay rent under the boot of a tiny ass luck rabbit.

Y’all why are baby stella clothes SO EXPENSIVE?

Baby Stella is $27. This outfit is $21. A pair of comprable fleece pajamas for an actual human toddler (our baby stella is a toddler) is $8.80. Will baby stella fit into human clothes? Should I just leave it bc if I buy more clothes for baby stella I will just be the one who has to do all the changing anyway and I already got one baby to keep clothed?

Btw, the baby has renamed her Stella “Sarah Beth,” which you may know is MY NAME. It’s very weird. She is adamant that’s her name. oh well!

Hey remember during the sochi olympics when Putin said “the gays have nothing to fear as long as they leave children alone.”in a pleading tone of voice?

Thats why you guys can’t take Pennywise as an lbgt icon okay. (to the uninformed: yes, this is a thing.)

I get it, you think that its a cool monster, I do too, and you’d like to make it your own somehow, or maybe its because its powerful, or a shapeshifter, or the fact that its literally genderless.

First I didn’t see too much of a problem with people claiming it as an icon, aside from “lol what?” But then I thought about the implications of it, and got concerned.

Now, the Babadook is okay for several reasons. For one the origin is probably still one of the most comical netflix errors ever. For two theres nothing about the Babadook in its source material that is directly comprable to real life anti-queer propaganda. Its harmless absurdism.

But look at what pennywise is and does in its source material, its an ancient eldritch abomination that terrorizes and targets children.

if “pennywise is gay/genderqueer” hits the mainstream like the Babadook did its an icon that will become associated with us as a community.

I’m not writing this to be all “NO FUN ALLOWED” in a perfect world this would be harmless fun. But we don’t live in a perfect world. And especially now with our political climate the way it is its important to consider what kind of image we present of our community as a whole.

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Something that I was thinking about and not sure if any one's discussed yet is when Amethyst broke her gem she literally started falling apart and could bearly do anything but when Lapis gem was broken she could still use her powers to some extent

Ok yeah I’ve actually thought about this a lot and I’m still really confused. 

To compare, here’s Amethyst’s cracked Gem versus Lapis’s.

(Amethyst’s gem got more and more damaged throughout the episode, but her symptoms started to set in well before the damage was anything comprable to Lapis) 

When Amethyst’s Gem was cracked, she had a series of symptoms. 

First, her eye was damaged. Then, she began speaking backwards. Her body began to rearrange itself involuntarily. Eventually, she lost the capacity for speech altogether.

Also, her body periodically “glitched.” 

The only problem Lapis seemed to have, however, was the inability to summon her wings and her mirror-like eyes.

I can’t help but wonder if being trapped in that Gem mirror somehow kept her stable? 

Another possibility is that it’s related to Amethyst having come from a Kindergarten. The only other Gem we’ve seen “glitch” like Amethyst did is the fusion from the Cluster that was also synthesized in the Kindergarten:

So perhaps it’s that Amethyst is just inherently less stable? 


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Have I mentioned that I’m done with Regina Mills?

Because I am. So very, very done.  

As of Season 4, she has become a Creator’s Pet Mary Sue of abominable proportions, racing to join Lana Lang and Kate of Locksley as some sort of unholy trinity.  And while she was mostly an inoffensive, bland plot device for the season finale, that all changed in the last few acts and the more I think about it, the more it pisses me off.

Regina sacrifices herself for Henry when Rumple is about to kill him with a sword.  OK, that’s good, Anna would be proud.  

But then this somehow makes her “a light Savior”!?  One whose blood can rewrite reality!?  How does that work!?

What’s more, this is part of a disturbing trend that has unfolded ever since 3B, in which Regina is not just being made into a heroine comprable to Emma, but is flat-out phasing her out.  Almost all the qualities that made Emma unique have been given to Regina:

- TLK to Henry which breaks the Dark Curse (somehow).
- Light Magic.
- A handsome outlaw boyfriend.
- Parental rights to Henry.
- An “operation” with Henry.
- A close familial bond with Snow.
- Savior status, complete with magic blood.

Regina has usurped Emma’s position in almost every way now.  And since this effectively makes Emma an example of The Artifact, it has been decided to reimagine her as the Dark One.  Both this and the way it was done is the last straw for me.  Emma becomes the Dark One as a sacrifice to save Regina from being destroyed by the rampaging Darkness.  And this is fine, it’s in Emma’s character, it’s a noble thing to do and sensible since Regina is one of her allies.

But Emma just has to say this before she does it:

“You’ve worked too hard for your happiness to have it destroyed!”

EXCUSE me!?  Regina’s worked too hard for her happiness?  Lemme see if this it right.  For this whole season, she has sought out her happiness by…

1. NOT killing people and being full-out evil again (that’s not work, that’s basic human decency.)

2. Looking for an Author to write a Happy Ending for her (kind of the exact opposite of work.)

3. Fought villains to protect her potential happiness (so did the other heroes, it’s not unique to her.)

4. Kept a man imprisoned against his will to be her helpful slave again (huh?)

5. Bullied a child, then kidnapped him and assisted in the tortue of his adult self (wait, what?)

6. Took Belle’s heart without her consent and threatened Gold with crushing it (JFC, lady!)

7. Literally cut a bitch in order to get blood to make ink for the Author even though this turned said bitch into a dangerous dragon that threatened other people, all for the goal of erasing her powerless, confined, pregnant half-sister out of existence.  Oh, and even though she saw reason, the Author now had exactly what he needed to create that wacky fanfiction AU.  Regina sacrificing herself for Henry and her blood being needed was, like the Season 2 finale, natural karmic retribution and atonement for what she had caused, yet that aspect is conveniently overlooked in favor of singing her praises.  (………….)

So no, Regina has NOT worked hard for her happiness.  Emma has.  Hook has. Even freaking Henry has!  And yet Emma just screwed all of them, herself included, out of happiness for the sake of dumbass Regina.  (The Charmings also lose out, but they too haven’t really worked for happiness lately.  Great, you apologized to Hook for killing him in the AU, but look!  Lily’s right over there!  As I recall, you assholes admitted that you owe HER an apology, so where is it!?)  

And the writers’ favoritism of Regina is telling by the sheer fact that Emma had to become the Dark One while Regina keeps all her misbegotten privileges, when you know what a better turn would have been?  


Seriously, not only would this rectify giving Regina all of Emma’s special stuff, but it would also make much more narrative sense and be so much more convincing as a redemption for Regina!  Have Robin Hood be the one attacked by the darkness, have Regina realize that she helped bring all of this about through her selfishness, and have her make the sacrifice to become the Dark One.  Emma hasn’t DONE anything worth throwing away her happiness over. As I listed above, Regina has, she’s done bad things and created a bad situation out of a specific desire for her own happiness (again!)  This act would be real, honest-to-goodness atonement for her.

But nooooooooooo, Emma as the Dark One is so much more “shocking”, so she sacrifices herself, her happiness and the happiness of others close to her for someone who hasn’t shown any signs that she would ever do the same. Give me a fucking break….

Now I know why it’s “Operation Mongoose”.  The moongoose ate the cobra!

At the warehouse where I work, I did a prank where I hung up pictures of vintage kittens in the bathroom so that they were eye-level when you sat on the toilet. Someone else did a prank where they hung up a female blow-up doll spread-eagle on the door of the industrial fridge with a vulgar “enter me” sign on it. I was really pissed that anyone thought this was okay or comprable.


When I tell you that this poem is everything, I am actually selling it short. I’m not going to tell you how many times I’ve watched it in the past few days, but it’s comprable to the number of times I’ve prayed. Shout out to poemsbydes for being exactly what I needed to hear this week.