Compowder phone

A total of 120 dollars to buy such a thing. This is a 2,6 “Dual Band GSM mobile phone (model G88i) with the camera, Media, Bluetooth, and most interesting, as a puff-box. For the money you get, unfortunately, a very inferior puff-box, since there is no room for cosmetics, but there is a compact mirror for make-up, player for listening to mp3-, mp4-music, camera, Bluetooth and so on. puff-box is able to receive calls, but still it is decorated with mosaics and crystals, all in pink, so beloved blond. Holding a bet with Paris Hilton is one such phone


Witches Of Moonlight Falls (Season 5): Part 37}

- Spy Tech -

The doors locked! Black Widows running out of time and the security camera’s come back online in less than 10 minutes. Kicking the door down will alert suspicion and could blow her cover as a spy. She left all her gadgets in her hotel suite. On the clock agent BW runs up to her suite and scrambles her spy tech in a panic.
Black Widow: “My walk on wall go-go boots may come in handy later. Hmmm a Knife, No. I love knives but it’s not needed. The pistol and assault rifle is too noisy! Black Canary’s laser lipstick isn’t stealthy enough. -Ah! The compowder is perfect. I can hack into the overlock system and hopefully the door will unlock.”
Tick tock, on the clock, agent BW go go go! She can only use the invisibility stealth device on her wig once so she has to use it wisely. 11:29pm!! Only one minute left till security camera’s come back online! [59, 58, 57, 56, 55]
Black Widow: “Shit! I’m running out of time.”
Black Widow takes out her make-up mirror -not- it’s a compowder, hacking device and ultra distress communicator calculator 006. High spy tech and a quick gadget.  [Access Granted] the door unlocks! Black Widow goes through. Bad news though It’s 11:30pm! Security cameras with loaded machine guns are back online and agent BW is in a restricted area.