13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Movie Streaming 2016 (Original Movie)
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➢ 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Movie Storyline
“ An American Ambassador is killed during an attack at a U.S. compound in Libya as a security team struggles to make sense out of the chaos. ”

➢ 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi Movie Detail
Release Date : 2016-01-13
Casts : Elektra Anastasi, Max Martini, Demetrius Grosse, Dominic Fumusa, Toby Stephens, Alexia Barlier, Pablo Schreiber, David Denman, Kerim Troeller, Steffi Thake, John Krasinski, Kenny Sheard, Liisa Evastina, David Costabile, James Badge Dale
Duration : 144 minutes runtime


Canadian drywall contractor Bernie Mitchell has turned his trade into an awesome art form. He uses wet joint compound (also known as drywall compound or mud) to sculpt beautiful reliefs of animals and nature scenes on walls, above fireplaces, and as decorative features on other prominent surfaces inside homes and cottages. Mitchell is particularly fond of using wild birds as his primary subjects, especially blue heron, osprey and loons. He’s also partial to incorporating wolves, dogs, and horses into his scenes.

This video offers a behind-the-scenes look at how Mitchell uses humble drywall compound to create beautiful works of snow white art:

Head over to Bernie Mitchell’s website or Facebook page to check out more of his creations.

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First evidence for independent working memory systems in animals

A new study from Indiana University could help ensure the hundreds of millions of dollars spent each year to develop potential treatments for Alzheimer’s disease aren’t wasted on targeting the wrong types of memory.

The paper, published in Current Biology, is the first to confirm that a key aspect of human memory impaired in memory disorders exists in the type of pre-clinical animal models that influence major decisions about drug development.

The study’s results, which required over a year’s worth of intensive data collection and analysis, could hold important insights for drug companies. That’s because selecting less relevant data early in the research process can create costly errors later in the “translational pipeline” that connects basic science to new treatments and therapies.

“There is a huge history of translation failure in memory disorders caused by companies trying to develop compounds based on therapies that produce relief in pre-clinical animal models but later fail during early clinical trials,” said Jonathon Crystal, professor in the IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences and director of the Program in Neuroscience, who led the study. “We’re working to create stronger pre-clinical models of the types of memory systems that are impaired in human diseases.”

The conclusions are notable in light of the federal government’s recent 60 percent increase in Alzheimer’s disease research funding, or $350 million in new spending. No treatment currently exists to halt or reverse the long-term effects of Alzheimer’s disease, estimated to affect 5.3 million people in the United States alone.

The IU study, conducted in rats, shows for the first time that the animals possess two independent “working memory” resources, or the ability to remember more information across two categories versus a single category. In humans, working memory consists of two memory resources: visual and auditory information. The average person, for example, cannot recall a phone number longer than seven characters despite easily remembering both the audio and video on a television show.

To test these forms of memory in animals, Crystal’s team challenged rats to memorize odors and spatial information. To test rats’ ability to remember spatial data, IU scientists had them find food pellets inside an eight-arm maze. To test their ability to remember new odors, they used pellets inside containers scented by up to 100 common household spices, with only new odors yielding food.

Across numerous trials, IU scientists consistently showed that the rats could recall significantly more details in combination – scents and spaces – compared to trying to remember a single type of information.

“We saw high-level performance because the animals were encoding information in two dedicated memory resources,” Crystal said. “This is the defining quality of working memory in people; and for the first time, we’ve shown animals have this property of independent memory systems as well.”

The results also suggest that this form of memory arose evolutionarily much earlier than previously thought.

Historically, Crystal said almost all investigations on the genetics of Alzheimer’s disease depend upon spatial memory research because these studies are easier to carry out. Yet treatments based solely upon spatial memory data aren’t likely to strike at the heart of what’s so cruel about memory disorders. It’s critical to also investigate more complex forms of memory, including working memory.

“What researchers are doing now is akin to coming up with a plan for developing a drug which, if successful after spending billions of dollars, helps your grandmother find her reading glasses or car keys,” Crystal said. “Those symptoms aren’t the most debilitating aspect of Alzheimer’s disease. We need solutions that address the inability to remember significant things, like memories of the past or personal exchanges with friends and family, whose loss is so distressing to sufferers of the disease and their loved ones.”

The IU study was made possible in part by student researchers from the College of Arts and Sciences whose work helped overcome the significant time investment required to perform complex memory trials in animals.


Best songs of the 80′s (because time is an illusion) 

Blackstar - David Bowie

There’s a popup car ad on this David Bowie music video about death. And I’m mad at you humanity. I’m mad because you don’t fucking get it. And sure, you may get it, but you don’t say much of anything. Nothing interesting anyway. You are too concerned with getting published and being successful or at least not drawing attention to your true intentions. Anyway, this all compounds itself because David Bowie died and we got some wild weird wonderfulness to make up for. So stop sucking. Stop selling. Stop buying. Just fucking stop and live your wild baffling truth for one glorious second. Be crazy and mysterious, not as a kind of pose, but because you are turned on by this wild blooming mystery. Lose yourself like I’m losing my faith in reality.

All my friends sold out or died. Half of my writing group is writing tween novels. The internet turned out to be boring autofellatio.  

So, I had a dream where I was sitting by the river that runs through my house and David Bowie arose, out from the muddy depths. His hands outstretched and praising the sky. The ancient mud falling from his crisp white suit. And what he said to me was an ugly wildness. A crippled bird that somehow flew. He said to me, that he’d killed himself. Not like humans kill themselves, but how black stars exist suddenly outside of the space time continuum. He’d left our reality and was holding off the singularity a bit, because he wanted to see us dance and get lost in the frightening beautiful weirdness. 

Soft Desires pt.2 LH

Summary: It’s been almost a year since the incident and Luke and Y/N still cant get back to the way things used to be.

part 1

Luke watched as her mother’s infamous Volvo pulled up into the driveway, his stomach in stiff knots and his eyes wanting to avert from the car but his mind forcing him to watch on. He didn’t know what to feel, what emotion was the one he should express at that moment in time. Happiness, sadness, excitement, fear? He didn’t know. He felt nothing but a bundle of emotions that combined into a compound he didn’t have a name for.

It was his birthday, 28th August. He was had turned twenty three and although his life as a student had come to an end and he was forced into the real world he couldn’t have felt more lost and naive. He felt like a child dressed up as an adult, trying to pass as someone of his age, and although he looked convincing, his exterior making his appear several years older than he actually was, his personality still screamed that of a child’s. He wasn’t equipped to deal with handling problems that he had never come across, he was afraid he wouldn’t find a job that would pay enough, he was afraid he wouldn’t find a job in the first place.

He felt nervous, incredibly nervous. It wasn’t because it was his birthday, nor was it because people were coming over, it was because she was coming over. He hadn’t seen her for what was close to a year but felt like eternity. He hadn’t looked into her warm eyes or touched her hot skin, he hadn’t talked to her, heard her soft voice muttering, screaming, laughing. He hadn’t felt chills because of something she had said or felt bliss because of something she had done, in almost twelve months. He hadn’t told her how pretty she was or found his stomach in pain from laughter due to her telling a joke in eleven months, twenty seven days and eight hours. He hadn’t felt her eyes on him or watched her as she did the simplest of tasks, he hadn’t hugged her for so long it hurt him, he hadn’t smelt her hair and his lips hadn’t ‘accidently’ brushed against her forehead in such a long time and it killed him, it absolutely destroyed him on the inside. He hated how in awe he was of her, he hated how she was engraved into his mind and he hated how much he adored every single part of her.

Her family was coming over for what was Luke’s birthday dinner. It wasn’t extravagant or a large, alcohol filled party like he had had for his eighteenth, but rather seven people, including Luke, eating a meal his father had made followed by cake. It was basic, dull, simple. But she was coming, it didn’t matter if he was forced to watch paint dry as long as she was next to him whilst he did so.

He watched as the car doors opened. His heart racing up to his throat as he watched people exit the vehicle. First came out her sister, mother, dad and then her.

She looked beautiful. She looked more mature, he didn’t know what it was, maybe her cheeks had become less chubby or it was the mere fact she was wearing heels, she just looked older. Her hair was pulled out of her face, every feature visible. She was wearing a dress, an extremely sort one at that. He thought she looked so good like that, she was so unaware anyone was watching her yet she looked beyond picture perfect. She had changed, not much but she had changed.

He watch them approach the door from outside the living room window, his heart rate picking up as he came to the slow realization that he was going to speak to her after so long. He would get to hear her gentle voice say his name. He would get to touch her after close to a year of being apart.

He knew it was his actions that lead to them not speaking, that what he did was what caused their relationship to crumble. He knew the on the night of the incident that they wouldn’t carry on as usual the following day; he could see the tears forming in her eyes and he could hear the pain in her voice that night. He had made her feel emotions that he would hate to put anyone through experiencing. He watched as she gave herself to him and in return he gave her a simple yet poisonous word. 'No’. He didn’t want to do that, he didn’t want to watch as such a wonderful girl fell from happiness because of him. The following morning after the incident was tough for him to go through. She didn’t look at him, her eyes didn’t accidently catch his and he didn’t catch her staring at him. She blocked him out and that was something he couldn’t stand. He would rather she hate his guts, as long as she felt something towards him and he wasn’t a nobody to her.

He heard the doorbell ring, his excitement sky rocketing along with his nerves. He repeated to himself to keep cool and not over do anything. He wanted to go back in time, before that night, before august 8th of last year, before he ruined a relationship he wanted be a part of again.

“I’ll get it.” He yelled out so his mother didn’t end up being the one to open the door. He rushed over to the front door, his heart thundering in his chest and his palms sweaty.

“Keep cool, don’t overdo it.” He told himself once more before taking in a deep breath. He opened the door, being met by four familiar faces. Without thinking his eyes instantly went to her. Closer up she looked stunning. She looked the same yet completely different. Her eyes were brighter, her skin clearer, she just seemed to be more serene. He missed her smirk yet her neutral face always baffled him due to the fact it was so beautiful.

“Luke!” The sound of her mother’s voice brought him back from the sight that was y/n. He averted his eyes to the older woman, smiling at her.

“Hi.” He responded, leaning in for a hug which she accepted. The hug was short, she smelt like perfume, she had put on enough for Luke to feel suffocated by the scent.

As her mother made her way into the house her father greeted Luke with a simple handshake and grin. Then her sister. Luke loved y/n’s sister in the most platonic way he could possibly think of. He saw her as the sibling he never had, the intelligent friend that shocked him with her vast amount of knowledge, he thought she was amazing. He admired her, he admired how head strong and confident she was, he admired how she could speak her mind and everyone would listen. He adored her yet would laugh at the idea of being with her.

They shared a hug, he counted it as five Mississippi’s long. She oozed love. She was such a loving yet independent character. She didn’t need anyone else but was there for those that did.

“You look old.” She said to him with a smile.

“You’re older than me.” He said playfully. She hugged him again, holding onto him tightly, his arms wrapping around his waist as he held her.

“You look thirty five.” She whispered, giggling afterwards. They pulled away from each other, smiling. She reached up to ruffle his hair, messing up the mess he had already made of it. He had missed her, he missed her the way you would miss the comfort of your own bed or the familiar scent of home. He missed her because she brought him extra comfort, she made him feel even more at home.

She walked past him and made her way inside, leaving just him and the reason why he had decided to have a birthday dinner in the first place. Y/N.

She stood in front of him, in heels she was still shorter than him by a significant amount. He stared at her in complete awe, he was infatuated with her beyond belief. Even though they hadn’t spoken for so long his feelings never seemed to die down. He ignored them for a long time after he went back to university, he tried everything in the handbook of 'trying to forget a girl’. Drinking, partying, doing idiotic things in order to temporarily forget her existence. He didn’t understand how someone could be branded into his mind like that, she wouldn’t go away, she wouldn’t leave him alone.

“Hey.” He said with a smile, feeling his insides turning, his hands sweatier than before. He wanted to hug her, he was itching to hold her body, whether it be for a second or an hour, he just wanted her to be close to him.

“Hi.” She said, looking at him with a neutral expression. She hadn’t even cracked a smile or showed an glimpse of happiness. She just looked at him, no sign of any emotion.

She pushed past him into the house, her shoulder hitting his forearm as she walked in. He felt somewhat hurt by the fact her greeting was mundane but he didn’t blame her. He wasn’t expecting her to greet him with open arms and a smile on her face, he wasn’t anticipating her squealing his name and excitement bubbling in her eyes but there was a part of him that wanted that, a part of him that desperately wanted her to show that she cared. He knew it was a lot to ask for yet he still wanted it. It was his birthday and he had the attention of everyone on him except hers, she didn’t care, she didn’t care about him.

He swallowed, his teeth gritting together. He swiftly turned around, closing the door and watched as his mother came to greet his guests. His mum was being awfully loud, making a ruckus as she said hello to each member of the family. But his attention wasn’t drawn to his mother and her ear drum shattering chatter but rather y/n. She stood next to the wall, her eyes on the ground, her hands clasped together and her bottom lip between her teeth. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, he just found her so satisfying to look at.

His mother approached y/n, Luke watched as the younger girls head shot up at the sound of her name being shrieked by his mum. Y/N put on a smile that was obviously fake to Luke, to most she would be convincing, they would all assume she was genuinely happy to see his mum but Luke knew, Luke knew her real smiles from the fake ones, the genuine laughs from the forced ones. He wondered how she was so good at acting.

His mum hugged y/n, Luke wishing he were in his mothers position. He watched from the sidelines, y/n’s arms wrapping around his mum, her hands pressed flat on her back. He wondered what it felt like, whether her hugs had changed, whether she still insisted on being the underarm, whether she still rested her head on the others shoulder, whether she would still sway a little.

His mother began to usher everyone into the living room, explaining that she would ask his dad when the food was ready. Luke walked slowly behind y/n, watching as she kept her head down.  

It didn’t take much for him to figure out that something was wrong. He knew she was quiet in big groups and preferred one on ones but she always held her head up. She always looked around her surroundings, even those she had been in multiple times. She never seemed to run out of confidence but that day she seemed drained, drained of energy, emotion and her confidence.

He wanted to tap her on the shoulder and start a conversation, he wanted to ask her how life has been, a dull and not very specific question but he still found himself desperate to know what she had been doing their year of separation.

But one question he was burning to ask her was whether or not she had forgiven him yet. Not just for not kissing her but for leading her on, causing her emotional pain and not putting a stop to their evolving relationship when he knew it was going too far. He had been ignorant, he had been foolish and ignorant because instead of him following his brain he followed his heart, his heart which was drunk on her sparkling eyes and soft voice. It was grossly cliché but he couldn’t help that.

He reckoned it would have been easier for him to talk to her during dinner. He wouldn’t be able to ask the questioned that circled his mind but he would be able to hear her voice, to have her pay attention to him. He would ask her dull questions, questions that most would ask when in an awkward silence, small talk. He loathed small talk, he carried it out everyday though as he hated to sheer awkwardness of an unplanned silence even more.

“Hello daydreamer.” He heard the familiar voice of y/n’s sister pull his attention from the girl in front of him. He turned to her sister with a smile.

“Hey.”  He said. She had trailed to the back of the make-shift-not-quite-a-line that had formed to join Luke. He hadn’t realized until he had heard her voice seeing as he was distracted by y/n.

“How does it feel being twenty-three?” She questioned, dipping into the territory of small talk which Luke found less that pleasing.

“The same.” He replied.

“Does it feel real now? You know, the idea that you’re one day going to be wrinkled and old and see the present as something far in the past?” She asked. Luke began to ponder over the question. He knew growing older was inevitable and that time didn’t slow down for anyone yet the idea of an old him seemed so strange, the idea that his twenty-third birthday would be a past memory, maybe even a forgotten memory didn’t feel right, it didn’t settle well for him.

“No, I guess I can’t really envision myself past twenty-five.” He responded.

“I asked y/n the same question.” She said in a hushed tone due to the fact that y/n wasn’t too far away from the pair.

“What did she say?” Luke asked eagerly.

“She said something along the lines of 'how do you know I’m going to make it past nineteen’.” She said quietly. Luke didn’t know why that comment struck a chord but it did, it made his mind start to race with several different thoughts due to what Y/N’s sister had said. He wondered whether he was over reacting, whether the tone y/n had told her sister it in was light hearted and playful. He wondered whether the young girl truly had developed the idea in her head that the year she was living would be her last one. Luke hoped she was just making a snarky comment, he was forcing himself to believe she was just making an unfunny joke.

“That’s… um,” he couldn’t quite find the right word to tie off his sentence. He didn’t think it would be something she would say, she wasn’t the sort of person who’s humour took dark turns, he swore she wasn’t like that. Yet he hadn’t spoken to her in almost a year, he could hardly say he knew her, she was practically a stranger to him at that point. He didn’t know how much of her had changed in those eleven months and a bit and he couldn’t make himself believe that she was still the girl she was at seventeen.

“Depressing?” Y/N’s sister completed his sentence with what she thought was the best word to describe what y/n had said.

“Yeah, it’s depressing.” He said.

“I guess her answer is sufficient though.” Y/N’s sister began. “She thought about the future and maybe she couldn’t see anything so she thought that she didn’t have one.” She added. Luke found himself looking yet again at y/n, her back to him and she was a good distance away. It hurt him to think of y/n not thinking she had more, thinking that her chapter was coming to an end. He was able to see that he had a future, he just unable to envision it. Yet the same wasn’t for her. He wondered how anyone could brush off what y/n had said so easily, he was desperate to speak to the younger girl, make sure she was okay as all he had heard about her and seen from her blared anything but her being fine.

“I guess.” He wanted to ask more about y/n, ask about how she had been and what she had gone through the last year, know if anything had changed drastically in her life or she had developed a new liking for new things. But he found himself with his foot in his mouth when it came to the subject of the girl he constantly thought about. He wasn’t able to speak and ask about her as freely as he desired to.

“But she’s had a tough couple of months, I don’t blame her for being a little negative towards the world.” Y/N’S sister said. The many questions Luke had regarding y/n seemed to multiply due to what he had heard. He knew the past year wouldn’t have been a walk in the park for her, life rarely was easy for anyone. Yet upon hearing that she had struggled through the past several months sent his mind into a frenzy. He couldn’t help his concern, he cared for her deeply and his curiosity as to what had occurred the last few months seemed to be almost automatic.

“She has?” He inquired, hoping that she would utter the words 'just kidding’ and release him of his worry for her younger sister.

“Yeah, but she seems to be coping well or as well as someone in her situation possibly could, you know?” Luke didn’t know whether to be grateful or extremely concerned at that moment. He was glad she was dealing with whatever issues she had to face yet he found himself drowning in a pool of worry. He found himself in a state where the only thing he wanted to do was scream out her name and comfort her, allow her to let out every hidden and visible emotion that she held and just make her feel loved.

He entered the living room, spotting y/n who had already placed herself on an armchair, her legs crossed, her hands on her lap and her face read the expression of someone with absolutely no desire to be where she was. She appeared drained to Luke, drained of the colour she used to have. Not literally, not in terms of appearance but she was lacking the brightness and colour she used to have. When he would speak to her it was like every colour had intensified, he wondered whether he was the only person who experienced that whenever they spoke to her.  She was like a bright light emitting in a dark room, like a silver moon in a starless sky, like an exhilarating, whirlwind of colours and sounds and energy.

And he looked at her on that Friday at 4:49 pm on his 23rd birthday and wondered where that colour that she had went and why it had gone in the first place.

Y/N’s sister led him to the corner of the living room, a good distance away from y/n, next to the bookcase his parents had stored with DVD’s and novels.

“I don’t mean to be intrusive but what exactly has happened to her?” Luke asked, staring at the younger girl who had lost a spark in her eyes, a spark that if he closed his eyes and thought hard enough he could still remember.

“I mean it’s some pretty personal stuff, she told me all this in confidence so I trust you won’t utter a word of any of this to anyone.” She told him, sounding completely serious.

“Of course.” He replied. He was hoping the problems she was experiencing were trivial, a pet dying or a friend moving away, he hoped they were all things that would only leave her in a short, temporary slump. He hated the thought of her having to deal with issues she was too fragile to handle, he didn’t like it at all. He wanted her to be happy, beyond happy, he wanted her to be glowing every time he looked at her and a smile permanently on her face. The idea of her suffering in any way hurt him.

“There are two things that have knocked her off her feet. The first is our parents,” she began. Luke swore he heard her wrong as y/n’s mother and father seemed to have a flawless relationship. They never had disagreements nor had he ever heard about them being on edge with one another. The two looked completely and utterly in love with each other.

“Our mum and dad have been constantly arguing and fighting. Of course I just graduated so I have only witnessed their crumbling relationship for the past three months. Y/N told me it had been going on since last year October and they put on an act during Christmas when I came over for everyone’s sake. I don’t know exactly what started their constant roll of fights, nor does y/n but it has obviously taken a negative toll on her, I mean of course it would. It would be unsettling for anyone to see their parents angry at one another or arguing.”

Luke looked over at y/n’s parents. Whilst her mother spoke to his mum, her father sat on the couch, his eyes on the black screen of the un-operating tv.

“Luke, you should have heard them on the car journey here. It was horrid, y/n was staring out the window the entire time, I guess she was attempting to block them out somehow. And trying to get them to calm down is a lost cause, they only yell over you.” She said.

Luke was agitated, he was agitated due to the fact that they people who were supposed to care about y/n the most seemed to ignore the drastic change in her attitude.

“It’s gotten to the point where we decided to all eat dinner separately, we thought it would be best for everyone.” She said. Luke felt the urge to walk over to y/n and embrace her, allow her troubles to melt away and for her to forget about the problems between her parents.

“She told me she feels neglected more than anything, ignored. She’s a kid and she’s leaving home in two weeks yet they seem to give more attention to who took out the garbage last and their own goddamn pride. It’s disgusting.” Luke continued to feel more and more angered towards y/n’s parents. He didn’t expect them to stay together, nor force themselves to be content with being with one another, but it enraged him that they didn’t consider y/n nor her thoughts or feelings every time they argued in front of her. He knew that married couples fought and he didn’t care whether y/n’s parents throttled each other to death but they had made y/n drift away from her old self and become a ghost of the girl that she used to be and he cared about that deeply.

“Well fuck.” Luke said, looking over at y/n. He hated how empty she seemed, he hated how transparent she appeared to be, he hated that she looked exactly the same yet was completely different.

“I know. She’s making a really big transition in her life soon and I don’t even think my parents realize that it is happening in a matter of days. If I were in her position I would be outraged but I guess she’s always liked the silent approach, you know, the 'I’ll pretend it isn’t there and hope it goes away’ approach, she’s just like that.” She said. Luke missed her, he missed her so much and yet he was sure even if he got to spend the year with her he would have still missed parts of her that went away as she continued to feel more and more invisible.

“What’s the other reason?” Luke asked, forcing himself not to stare at y/n and instead keep his eyes on his feet.

“She split up with her boyfriend.” She said. His mood suddenly dropped, it sunk like a brick. She had a boyfriend, had, no longer did, but had. She had spent her year with someone else on her mind, someone else making her smile, laugh and giggle, someone else showing her affection, someone else caring for her. Another person, a person that Luke had never met but developed a strong disliking towards once the word 'boyfriend’ fell from y/n’s sister’s lips.

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Hey :) Can you recommend me any good Kaider fanfics? Thanks!

Of course I do! Here’s a compound list of fics!


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“Colors of the heart: Green” by @regolithheart

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“Colors of the heart: Red” by @regolithheart

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“Colors of the heart: Yellow” by @regolithheart

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“Once Upon The Internet” by @lovelunarchron

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Sorry if I forgot any good fics! If you have a fic you’d like to be added please don’t hesitate to send me an ask so I can add it! Hope this helps you all read some more fics! 

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So a few of my friends and I have been taking bets as to who'll be more apocalyptically furious when Chat inevitably gets seriously (talking multiple compound fractures, internal bleeding, losing a limb serious) injured, you or Ladybug. I'd just like to inform you that the odds are currently 3:1 in your favor.

Wh- why are you and your friends sitting around thinking about Chat getting hurt??? Why would you want to think about that?? EVER???

Now I’m sad, ack.

But I’m pretty sure LB and I would be tied, because we would both be PISSED at anyone who did that to Chat. 

This company claims their headphones will get you high

The Florida-based startup Nervana claims they’ve invented a pair of headphones that can bring users a high comparable to a hard workout with just sound. Here’s how it works: The headphones will pump music into your ears like any other but will also use an electrical signal to stimulate the Vagus nerve from inside the ear canal. Then come the compounds.

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Full confession: “The thing that gets me about Daniel Bryan’s retirement is that when WWE had him, he was in the Swan Song of his career. Like a lot of the Indy recruited talent that they have now, Daniel Bryan was not in his prime like someone like Punk was. Dude already been through wars and classics all over the world and that took a toll on his body before he even stepped foot in the WWE. His risk of health was compounded on when he had to deal with WWE’s grueling touring in which  would not be a thing if WWE actually built their roster so that the same wrestlers need not to wrestle day in and day out instead of chewing out talent after talent. And another thing that bothers me is that it was Vince’s ego that kept Bryan away for so long when he clearly was ready for the WWE around 2005-2007ish in spite of Bryan having recommendations from his best talents such as Shawn Michaels and William Regal. It is a shame that Daniel Bryan’s star did not have the longevity it deserved.“

THEIR DAD IS SO GROSS.  With his weird comments, obsession with his daughters’ virginities and the fact that every single one of his daughters has ended up with a selfish abusive husband…well, you wonder what kind of father he is.

My two big crystals (CuSO4 and AlNH4(SO4)2) got all screwed up. They’re covered in some kind of crud, probably from when I spilled something or other, so they’re ruined. I’m wondering if I should avoid growing big crystals again in the future because honestly there’s no point to it, and it’s a huge pain. I think it might be easier and faster to just make some seed crystals of each compound and put them in a vial. That way I also don’t have to worry about yield. But those crystals were so pretty when I had them… decisions, decisions… thoughts?

The ultimate and true nature is always devoid of any compounded thing. Therefore it is taught that defilements, actions and their full maturation are like a cloud and so forth. The defilements are taught to be like clouds, karma is likened to the experience in dreams and the full ripening of karma and defilements, the aggregates, are likened to conjurations. Thus was it presented previously and then ‘the element exists’ was taught ultimately as this continuum in this way so that these five faults could be abandoned. Not learning this, some people are disheartened, through mistaken self-contempt; bodhichitta will not develop in them.

– Maitreya, Uttaratantra Shastra

anytime i see a chemistry name like 2-3 diphosphogylcerate i just get a flashback into first year organic chemistry where we had to name all the compounds. literally the easiest portion of the course, and i couldn’t even do it like yeah im scared of the girl from the ring but this is what truly sends a shiver down my spine.
China: Pictures of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project
Like so many of Mao’s pronouncements, it sounded simple. “The South has a lot of water; the North lacks water. So if it can be done, borrowing a little water and bringing it up might do the trick.”

“Most environmentalists see the South-to-North Water Transfer Project as a necessary, though not sufficient solution to the severe water shortages suffered in China’s capital and surrounding areas—a situation that owes much to weather and climate but which has been compounded by the over-damming of the region’s rivers (another of Mao’s enthusiasms) and the severe pollution of its already small supply.”

Grantee Sharron Lovell reports on the human toll that the transfer projects are having in rural China.

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Understanding Simple Interest

Whether you are saving or borrowing, interest plays a significant role in your personal finances. Simple interest is the most basic method of calculating interest. Although, the use of simple interest is limited because it does not take into consideration the impact of variables such as compounding (earning “interest on interest” in a savings account), it is still useful to understand. Learning how simple interest is calculated will give you a better understanding of other interest calculation methods. In addition, calculating simple interest can give you a general idea of how much a loan will cost you or how much you will earn on an investment.

The formula for calculating simple interest is:

I = P r t

In other words, Interest = Principal x rate x number of Time periods

If you deposited $1,000 into an account earning 10% for 1 year, the interest earned (assuming that you withdrew all interest payments as they were earned, since we are calculating simple interest) then the total amount of interest that you would have earned is $100.00.

$1,000 x 10% x 1 = $100

* note that since the 10% is an annual interest rate, then “t” (the number of  time periods) is in years.

Let’s say that you did not keep your money in the account for 1 full year, but rather for only 90 days. To find “t” (number of time periods in the formula) when it is not an exact number of years all you have to do is divide the number of days it is deposited by 365 (the number of days in a year).

$1,000 x 10% x 90 / 365 = $24.66

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