compound time signature

The worst thing about my auditory processing is that it really is a double-edged sword.

I get a lot of enjoyment out of really complex music. I love stuff that’s got a lot of layers to it, in particular– compound time signatures and polyrhythms, ridiculous multi-tracking, and so on. I’m that kind of person who will listen to a song several times on repeat and notice something different buried in the mix each time.

I’ve been known to sing along with accompaniment lines sometimes, rather than the melody. (And I often get weird looks when doing so, because a lot of people don’t even notice that any lines besides the melody are even there.)

So yeah, this is really awesome for enjoying music. But for carrying on a conversation? Yeah, not so much.

The disadvantage to hearing all of this stuff at once and being able to pick out an arbitrary line is that, when I’m trying to focus on a conversation in a room that’s full of other people talking, I often can’t pick out which conversation is the one I’m supposed to be listening to. Sometimes my brain will pick up on the conversation at a nearby table, rather than the one I’m at. Sometimes it will just pick up everything at once, try processing it, and get completely overloaded trying to follow it.

But if my auditory processing was suited to conversations in noisy spaces? I’d end up missing out on so much of the complexity I love when listening to music. Sigh.