compound bow

everyone’s always talking about gavin being freakishly good with a bow in fahc but after the weapon stream can we talk about RYAN?

ryan who, for whatever reason, finds a compound bow somewhere and, because it’s ryan, decides he’s gonna do their next job only using the bow.

at first everyone’s mad cause like c'mon dude, we need your help. and ryan insisting that he will help! just with a bow

and someone (jeremy? geoff? michael?) scoffs and asks if he’s ever even used a bow. ryan doesn’t answer, and just gives a half smile with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes

cue their next job/heist/deal and ryan’s hanging back with the bow. the first couple shots he misses and everyone’s rolling their eyes and cursing him, trying to pick up the slack, when all of a sudden he’s hitting dead on

shot after shot rains down on the cops/rival gang. each one hitting people in the throat or in between gaps of armor.

they kill on the first shot or slow them down long enough for another shot to take them out. several hit guys in the crotch and they’re on the ground screaming in pain (without a follow up shot and one of the guys takes pity on them and puts them out of their misery)

after the job/heist/shootout the rest of the crew is staring at ryan in a mix of awe/fear on their faces. jeremy asks him when he ever shot a bow and ryan just replies ‘camp’

Frank: Percy, could you please inform Leo Valdez that he is being shunned?

Percy: Leo, Frank says welcome back and he could use a hug.

Frank: Okay, tell him that that’s not true.

Percy: Frank says that he actually doesn’t know one single fact about archery.

Frank: Okay, no, Percy, tell him the very first compound bow was made 500 years ago. [Leo walks away] Percy! Tell him!

Percy: Leo… nah, that’s too far.

Frank: Damn you.

Me with my Hoyt Ignite 😍 (Yes my shoulder is high in this pic for the drawback but I always lower it after, before I line up my shot.) I was shooting at a 3D Elk target 30 yards away and hit the perfect kill shot every time! Love my bow! And love how much I really look like a woodland elf like this 😝 just need the clothing and I’m all set!


believe me, this is soooo true everyone from austria will confirm

from ewa placzynska

[ tidbits ‘bout bows,war-bows and archery that I threw together:

  • Archery first showed up in the upper paleolithic (40, 000 YA) the earliest bows were very small and very cute. 

  • There are a bunch ‘o types of bows. You are probably familiar with some of the different names; composite bow, short bow, long bow, compound bow, re-curve bow etc. 
    • If you go for a long bow (probably the most traditional) you want the bow to be slightly shorter than the archer.

  • A war-bow could had draw strengths of 100-150lbs. Y’all had to be a beefy bro to tango with those. (50-60 is the average for hunting as reference)
    • Due to how heavy a war bow was to string many archers opted to shoot barefoot - this provided much better grip than leather soles (heels took a lot longer to be invented than you might think).

  • Bowstrings can be made from guts from various animals, sinew, flax (I’m growing more and more convinced everything was made from flax back in the day), strips of bamboo cane, hemp. Anything fibrous with the right flexibility. Mostly depends on personal preference. 

  • The wood I hear about the most are yew, ash and maple core. Composite bows are usually made of two types of wood.
    What you want from wood is a natural ‘springiness’. You also really want the outer-part of your bow to be made from sapwood and the inner section to be heartwood. 

  • Menacing people with a fully drawn bow for an extended amount of time is really really difficult to do because of how much strength it takes to keep a bow drawn (downright inhuman with a war-bow). Mainstream media uses this a lot as an audience short hand but its not necessary for a skilled bowmen. If your target tries to run just string and shoot (this should only take seconds), if they charge you no problem, bows make excellent clubs. 

  • Most archers carried their arrows at their hip as opposed to on their back. Its a much easier reach which is especially important in combat where speed was arguably more important than accuracy.

  • Wrist injuries and over use injuries are very common among hunters and other dedicated archers.

  • The recommended age to start archery was around 7. If you started later the muscle mass just wouldn’t develop the same. That’s not to say you couldn’t have skill but you’d probably never sit among the greats.
    This is different now that we have bows that are much easier to use but archery is still a very demanding sport psychically, and you are going to want beefy arms.]