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I am so glad you share my opinions on compound bows. It's cheating, if you can't draw the weight of the bow you don't deserve to shoot it. Start with a different, easier to draw bow and work up to it. It's not impossible. I am a tiny skinny person and back when i regularly did archery, I could draw up to 45. Sadly I'm out of practice, so I've gone down to 35 now

Like. Honestly. 


everyone’s always talking about gavin being freakishly good with a bow in fahc but after the weapon stream can we talk about RYAN?

ryan who, for whatever reason, finds a compound bow somewhere and, because it’s ryan, decides he’s gonna do their next job only using the bow.

at first everyone’s mad cause like c'mon dude, we need your help. and ryan insisting that he will help! just with a bow

and someone (jeremy? geoff? michael?) scoffs and asks if he’s ever even used a bow. ryan doesn’t answer, and just gives a half smile with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes

cue their next job/heist/deal and ryan’s hanging back with the bow. the first couple shots he misses and everyone’s rolling their eyes and cursing him, trying to pick up the slack, when all of a sudden he’s hitting dead on

shot after shot rains down on the cops/rival gang. each one hitting people in the throat or in between gaps of armor.

they kill on the first shot or slow them down long enough for another shot to take them out. several hit guys in the crotch and they’re on the ground screaming in pain (without a follow up shot and one of the guys takes pity on them and puts them out of their misery)

after the job/heist/shootout the rest of the crew is staring at ryan in a mix of awe/fear on their faces. jeremy asks him when he ever shot a bow and ryan just replies ‘camp’

Me with my Hoyt Ignite 😍 (Yes my shoulder is high in this pic for the drawback but I always lower it after, before I line up my shot.) I was shooting at a 3D Elk target 30 yards away and hit the perfect kill shot every time! Love my bow! And love how much I really look like a woodland elf like this 😝 just need the clothing and I’m all set!

Frank: Percy, could you please inform Leo Valdez that he is being shunned?

Percy: Leo, Frank says welcome back and he could use a hug.

Frank: Okay, tell him that that’s not true.

Percy: Frank says that he actually doesn’t know one single fact about archery.

Frank: Okay, no, Percy, tell him the very first compound bow was made 500 years ago. [Leo walks away] Percy! Tell him!

Percy: Leo… nah, that’s too far.

Frank: Damn you.

Bow Types

Recurve Bow:

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Mongol Bow:

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Compound Bow:

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And there are many others out there. If looking for bows to fit a certain time period and culture, research it! If looking for a bow for a fantasy thing, or maybe sci-fi bows that shooting laser arrows, also research it. See what bow fits your idea, world or character. 


I just finished one test. So I’m rewarding myself with something short and sweet. Another Hanzo thingy.

The first one is here. (My first interpretation of this interaction)

Something that’s been jiggling around in my brain for about a week or two.

This is Doomzo and Mchanzo. So fair warning. 

{Warnings: Sexual content mentioned(Nothing explicit), voyeurism(Mentioned)}

Hanzo has always been attracted to powerful men. Not a shock, considering he’s spent his entire life under the control of powerful men.

So when Akande Ogundimu stepped through into his family’s compound, a low bow at his father’s side, Hanzo knew. He knew in the way Akande watched him as they toured the main grounds, those strong arms tucked at his lower back, hands clasped. Hanzo could hear their fathers speaking quietly and he knew that an alliance would be struck between their families.

He was not aware that a marriage would be required.

He was also not adverse to it.

Akande was a generous lover, a strong presence at Hanzo’s side. He had an analytical mind that could rival Hanzo’s own. His tactical genius assisted Hanzo when his father deemed them worthy of assigning raids.

Akande visited frequently. Hanzo never visited him. Sojiro would never allow his only competent heir to leave the fortress of their home.

Hanzo was bitter, angry. He watched Genji flit around Hanamura with clouded eyes.

“Jealously is a double edged sword, Hanzo.” Akande’s fingers tip his chin up from where they lay in Hanzo’s room. The tatami doors are open and the cool wind strays across sweating flesh. Hanzo’s hair spills out across Akande’s chest, his hair tie was long gone and ripped away.

“I am not jealous.” He mutters.

Akande regards him quietly, hand sliding along Hanzo’s jawline and into his hair, “It burns within. Do not let that anger consume you.”

The kiss is soft, much softer than the sex has ever been.

His loyalty to Akande and his father shifts just slightly on his twenty second birthday. Genji drags him out of the compound, despite his protests. Akande waves him away and returns to whatever it is he was reading.

He meets the mysterious man in black at the bar. He’s young, perhaps as young as Hanzo himself. His hair is unruly and his clothing speaks of duty. There is a patch hidden in the confines of his pocket and Hanzo is part of an underground operation.They are no strangers to Overwatch’s matryoshka doll of an organization.

Blackwatch was in Hanamura.

Something thrilling erupts in the pit of Hanzo’s stomach. Rebellion at its core. Something he has longed for his entire life. That tingly sense of freedom and he wonders if this is the high that Genji’s lives on.

He takes the cowboy (‘Call me Jesse, darlin’) home with him. The man’s hands are rough and his voice rougher as he slips them up Hanzo’s clothes. His skin is alight, mouth hungry as he tastes cigars and whiskey hot like embers on his tongue.

“Are you going to share?”

Akande’s voice is a thunder of curiosity behind them. Hanzo startles, realizes where he is and who was in his room waiting for him.

Shame is the first thing to rush through him.

Arousal is the second.

He looks up at the blackwatch agent, thumbs  the beard at his jawline, “You will watch.” He speaks to Akande.

Akande’s laugh is dark, promising, “Only if I get you after, my dragon.”

He takes the agent named Jesse in his bed. Hands curled in the man’s unruly hair and insides burning from the frenzy of emotion Jesse releases. His words are frantic, rushed and bleeding with promises Hanzo knows he can’t keep.

Akande watches from the sidelines, waiting.

Jesse steals a rough kiss and his eyes are almost gold in the moonlight cast through Hanzo’s bedroom. He leaves in silence, one last look at Hanzo as Akande slips into the bed with him.

Akande is a brand, an overwhelming overstimulation.

Hanzo loves it.

But he dreams of Jesse.

Years pass. Akande comes to him with news. He has been taken under by a mentor. The second line of Doomfist. It is an honor, despite the atrocious the second Doomfist has committed. He asks Hanzo opinion and they discuss it over tea.

Akande is passionate, brilliant.

Hanzo’s smile is tight. His brother’s figure passes the doorway.

“We will be unstoppable together.” Akande declares.

Hanzo returns to his betrothed, can see the ambition and promise in Akande’s gaze.

He forgets about Jesse.

He murders his brother.

Blood drips down his hands, sword at his feet. His chest is tight, too tight and there seems to be no breath in his lungs. The dragon’s howl under his skin, distraught and screaming at the death of their own brother.

Hanzo flees.

He runs and runs, changing his name, his identity. He hides.

Akande’s capture spreads across the world. Contaminated by Talon. Taken down by a small team from Overwatch.

Hanzo hovers above his prison twice. He so desperately wants to see him.

Why did they stray so far from their paths?

They were supposed to rule together. They were going to be unstoppable.

But Hanzo is done with this criminal life. He roams the world, seeking redemption for the atrocity that he has committed. He mourns for his brother every day. Returns to the castle in his honor every year.

That is where he is reunited his brother once again.

His dragon is a beacon of green, a reminder of what Hanzo has done.  

Genji offers forgiveness.

Hanzo can not accept that.

He cannot.

Hanzo keeps tabs on Overwatch for a month before he drops onto its doorstep. The recall brings more than he thought it would.


Jesse McCree.

Who greets Hanzo with a tip of his hat and a smile that speaks volumes of their past.

“Never thought I’d see you again, darlin’.” His voice has aged, so has the rest of him. So has Hanzo.

“Nor did I.” Hanzo mutters.

Jesse swallows, pats his legs, “How about a drink?”

Hanzo lifts an eyebrow, nods, “I would….enjoy that.”

He is with Jesse for nearly a year when the Reaper assists Akande in his prison breakout. The doomfist gauntlet has been taken. Numbani is in tatters, a frenzy of political and civilian meltdowns.

Hanzo is alone on the battlefield when Akande lands before him.

He is just as imposing as he was in his youth, more so now with the golden gauntlet covering half his chest. The white markings are new. His footsteps are silent, despite his hulking size.

Hanzo is not afraid.

“Hanzo, you should consider joining us, I think we would see eye to eye.” It is not the first thing he expected Akande to say to him after so long apart.

Hanzo wrinkles his nose, nocks an arrow, “I would have little to gain from such an arrangement. No, I will find my own path.”

Akande stops before him. He is the enemy now. Hanzo should be afraid.

His left hand cups the side of Hanzo’s face, thumb across his cheek, “You are sure?” Akande’s voice lowers, as does his head.

Hanzo thinks of Genji. Of everything he has done. The anger that burned within him when he struck his brother from the sky.

He thinks of Jesse, a warm weight at his back every night. The smell of smoke and the taste of alcohol on the balcony of the watchpoint.

“We would be unstoppable.” Akande promises, “Talon could offer you more than just your empire, Hanzo.”

Hanzo closes his eyes, “I must refuse.”

A sigh, heavy and warm against his face.

“Losing you is difficult to bear.” Akande admits quietly, “You know I do not like refusal.”

Hanzo steadies his posture, jerks out of Akande’s grip and levels an arrow at his chest, “Then you should get use to my refusal from this point on.”

Akande grins, eyes dark and molten on Hanzo’s, “Then I look forward to seeing you again on the battlefield, my dragon.” He bows swiftly and slinks away.

Hanzo lets him.

Hanzo lowers his bow. Heart racing. Sweat beading down the back of his neck.


His comm fizzes to life, he did not realize it had been compromised.

“I am here.” He replies.

A relieved string of sighs on the other end from numerous members of his team, “Where are you? What’s your status?” Soldier 76’s voice is firm and bellows over the other questions of where he is.

“I will return to the rendezvous point shortly.” Hanzo states, “And 76?”


“Tell Winston that Talon is recruiting.”

Archery Tips & Techniques

Here are some specific archery techniques to help when writing a character who practices archery or even to get you started on your own path to learning the sport. This is mainly tips and tricks for a recurve bow, however some of these could be used when dealing with a compound bow as well. Most of this will just be the basics but if you’d like more advanced information, feel free to contact me.


  • Recurve bow is a standard ‘classic’ bow. This means you draw back the weight of the bow on your own instead of using wheels ( compound ) to help with the draw.
  • Recurve bow’s perform better when the draw weight is at least 40 lbs or more.
  • The larger the riser ( the middle section of the bow where the limbs are attached ) the less shock you will receive when shooting.
  • The recurve has many parts, so let’s break them down:


  • Arrow Rest - This is exactly what it sounds like. This is where you rest the arrow you are loading onto the bow.
  • Back - The side of the bow that is facing away from you. The side of the bow seen by others.
  • Belly - The side of the bow facing you.
  • Grip - The part of the bow you hold with your ‘bow’ hand.
  • Limbs - The curved upper and lower parts of the bow.
  • Nocking Point - The place on the string where you rest the arrow fletching.
  • Riser - The middle section of the bow.


  • Arrowhead ( Broadhead ) - The point of the arrow. There are several types of these from metallic broadheads to plastic bullets.
  • Fletching - The end ( vanes ) of the arrow, can be plastic, feathers, or metal. More often than not, it is plastic these days.
  • Nock - The slotted tip attached to the fletching. This helps the arrow string onto the bow.
  • Shaft - The main body of the arrow. They can be made out of a multitude of materials.


  • Feet - Stance should always be solid and comfortable. Keep your feet shoulder length apart, aiming your body is subjective to the target.
  • Grip - Do not strangle the bow. Let the bow rest in your hand. The best and most comfortable place is right at the base of your thumb, where bone meets palm.
  • Bow Arm - A locked shoulder but relaxed, slightly bent elbow is how you should hold the bow. If you press down on your shoulder with your other arm, your bow arm should not move.
  • Release Hand - When drawing the bow, keep your elbow sideways, it should not move up or down. Keep it straight and squared and let your release hand brush somewhere along your jawline. String to tip of nose. Also called ‘kissing the string’. 
  • Follow Through - Keep your bow arm up until the arrow hits the target. Your release hand should continue it’s motion of when you were aiming, brush against the side of your face and fall down once it reaches parallel to the back of your head.


  • Dominant Eye - Determining if you are a left handed or right handed shooter is not based off of if you are left or right handed. Instead, it is based off which eye is your dominant eye. Most of the time your dominant eye will correspond with your dominant hand but it does not always have to be the case. To determined your dominate eyes, hold your hands away from your face about ½ inch away. Make a triangle with your thumbs and forefingers and center something on the wall inside of the triangle. then close your left eye. If the image stays centered or in view, you have a right dominate eye and vice versa if you close your right eye. While you use both eyes when shooting an arrow, your dominant eye should float to the target before your non dominant eye.
  • Trajectory - If you are eyeballing your target, it is always good to understand that arrows curve and that your aim and shot should reflect that. If you are using a sight, trust the sight. Do not aim a little above or below the sight.
  • Breath - old your breath for 5-7 seconds and then release it as you take your shot, this will help keep your accuracy in check and also help you not over-think your shot. This also helps your back tension.
  • Back Tension - Only your draw shoulder should be the one to hold the tension and pivot as you shoot. If you use both shoulder muscles you will feel a more pushing sensation than a pulling one.