Congratulations on entering MoPeSo, the society of the future! We know you’ll have a lot of questions, and this note should help answer them.

Q: What’s up with MoPeSo?

MoPeSo is the fun name we’ve selected for our commune, as an abbreviation of “More Perfect Society.” No one’s really happy with it, but after seven intense collaborative group meetings, we couldn’t come up with anything else. We essentially picked MoPeSo because it was the one option no one liked.

Q: Where do I sleep?

Wherever you want! That’s one of the foundational principles of the MoPeSo. We’re tired of all the rules about where we can and can’t sleep that the real world has for us, so we don’t want to tie anyone down. Just try not to sleep on top of someone else.

Also, you have to poop in the toilet. That’s one of the good rules the real world has that we’re taking with us.

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