World Cup: Conquered

Last weekend, 32 of the worlds best archers gathered in Odense, Denmark to battle for a World Cup crown. Participation in the World Cup Finals is a feat of its own, as archers are selected by combined performance over the years 3 stages, resulting in 8 qualifiers for each division. Competition was fierce, but when the dust settled, Hoyt shooters had done exactly what they are best known for: topping podiums.

Brady Ellison celebrating a double 4-peat at the 2016 World Cup

The World Cup has been good to Brady Ellison, and this year was no different. Brady won his 4th World Cup Title this weekend, in addition to securing his 4th Longines Prize for Performance Award in a row. Fellow Hoyt shooter, Sjef Van Den Berg, gave Brady a true run for his money, however. Sjef knocked out both a previous World Cup Champion and an Olympic Champion on his way to the gold medal match, which he pushed, in dramatic fashion, all the way to a single arrow shoot-off. 

Sjef Van Den Berg took home silver after a single arrow shoot-off with fellow Hoyt shooter Brady Ellison

Mike Schloesser shooting to bring home gold in Odense

Mike “Mister Perfect” Schloesser lived up to his name by shooting an incredible nine 10′s in a row in the final match to secure gold against Hoyt teammate Seppie Cilliers. Seppie walked away with his, and South Africa’s, first ever medal at the World Cup Finals.

Seppie Cilliers wins silver in Men’s Compound.

Marcella Tonioli brings home her first World Cup individual gold.

Marcella Tonioli is no stranger to the World Cup Finals, and has brought home more than a dozen medals over the years, including gold in mixed team events. This year marked her first gold in the Compound Women’s event, however, adding to a previous silver and bronze, after beating out the  top seeded archer for gold. Fellow Hoyt shooter Crystal Gauvin also battled her way to the podium, winning bronze. 

Crystal Gauvin won a tense medal match to bring home bronze.

Congratulations to these shooters, and all the other qualifying Hoyt shooters for their achievements at this year’s World Cup Final. Get Serious. Get Hoyt. 

Finally! Something was made what is a critical compound during the production of a quite special amino acid. 

The fun part with this was, that I tried nearly 20 methods to obtain this compound, and all of them failed. At last I tried a Chinese recipe what said that the product will be something that could be easily converted to my molecule, but instead of that compound I got the compound what I need out from the reaction. Better news: 90% isolated yield! 

Unknown reaction product no. 6412686.

It’s probably a N-benzyl substituted derivative of the recently produced red dye, but this is note sure, since someone broke the breaker what I used to store the upper organic phase before doing some analytics from it. Besides these, the picture still looks great, it’s part of my portfolio!

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