This photo may look like a dirty flask, but on the surface of that glass there is a compound what I prepared almost 2 year ago and since then it’s in the focus of nearly all the lab work I been doing.

It’s a special heterocyclic compound what is used to make organic conductive polymers (also called synthetic metals). Sadly it’s highly sensitive to air, so if I would leave a small amount of this compound on air and go out for a coffee, I would find a black piece of polymer instead of the pure compound. 

Finally! Something was made what is a critical compound during the production of a quite special amino acid. 

The fun part with this was, that I tried nearly 20 methods to obtain this compound, and all of them failed. At last I tried a Chinese recipe what said that the product will be something that could be easily converted to my molecule, but instead of that compound I got the compound what I need out from the reaction. Better news: 90% isolated yield! 

Unknown reaction product no. 6412686.

It’s probably a N-benzyl substituted derivative of the recently produced red dye, but this is note sure, since someone broke the breaker what I used to store the upper organic phase before doing some analytics from it. Besides these, the picture still looks great, it’s part of my portfolio!

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