A cut out from a house from a photograph that i took at St. Ives a few years back, I’ve used the original photo in previous projects before as i thought that the house looked cool from this angle. 

I’ve added a bit more illustration to this set as the house on it’s own was a little bland. I’m pleased with the outcomes for all of these but the first and last are the best, adding lighter and darker backgrounds mixed with the compositions of the house have worked really well in my opinion.


First test piece for compiling imagery. This was editied using Camtasia, as of this, it really does limit what i can do with the imagery such as effects and framing the compostition into something more complicated. This expereiment is clearly relevant to my chosen research and space as I have overlayed a video of me responding to a House track by Karen Harding. As you can see from the colours used, I have mainly used bright colours such as blue and yellow to emphasise the positive atmosphere to the track. It is overlaid infront of several snippits of footage of my chosen space for the FMP.