I tried to investigate and discovere the possibilities of typography. Sometimes I kept the text very minimalistic, so the meaning of the sentence would be the most important, you take your time to read it and think about it, and you can not be distracted by the composition and the shape of the text.

With others I started exploring about what text can do. What happends when you put a letter or word big or small, bold or italic? What does it to the compostition? What make it interesting, and does it fit with the meaning of the text. I tried to pick important words from the text and make them more visible, more important then the rest. So at first you look at the most important words, you read what it is about and when you look closer you can read what the composition really is about.

In order to bring this concept a step further, I tried to make it more abstract. Do you really need all the details of the text in order to understand it? It makes interesting compositions!

I think that the exuberant compositions are also powerfull but in a different way then the minimalistic ones. The meaning of the text is less important but the shape of the text makes it more intressting to look at. And that’s also an important thing with design.