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You didn’t ask for it, but here it is anyway.. A composite (I told you this is my new thing now) of Jotaro and Kakyoin gazing at each other and tugging their respective chain and scarf in the same manner during the Stardust Crusaders 2nd ED. We all know that they’ve been giving each other secret signals and telling private jokes since they first met so them making eyes at each other should come as no surprise. Yes, I’m about that Jotakak love.. I openly admit it.. Now enjoy..


Warrior Wednesday: U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Jaime Camacho moves to his next point of fire while practicing squad tactics and maneuver rehearsals aboard the USS Rushmore (LSD 47) during Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX) off the coast of San Diego March 20, 2015. Camacho is an automatic rifleman with Kilo Company, Battalion Landing Team 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit. The training covered how and when to lay suppressive fire using automatic weapons.

(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Emmanuel Ramos/Released)

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What exercises do you do or know of to help make my boobs look smaller?

Boobs are a lot of fatty tissue so your best bet is making sure you have a fairly low body fat percentage. However, this can’t always guarantee you’ll have a small chest, there are plenty of cis female athletes for example with minimal body fat but still decent sized boobs. Breasts have a lot to do with genetic predisposition on top of body composition. Spot training and losing fat from a specific area isn’t a thing, you can’t really target just one area to lose fat in, so your best bet is to build up your pecs if you want a more “masculine” appearance, because it can (keyword, can, not an absolute) create a different composition of your chest muscle and fatty tissue making everything appear tighter and firmer. Chest exercises to try for a more muscular appearance are: bench press, incline bench, cable fly variations, dumbbell flies, dips, push-ups variations, dumbbell pullovers, etc. For more chest exercises check out my chest tag within my workout tag, you can click it in the tags below.

Also keep in mind if you’re a person who binds, binding can over time break down fatty tissue and cause a more compressed look to the chest. It will not give you a flush chest, but it can cause the breasts to flatten/appear more deflated.

Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Handling) 2nd Class Rhena Stephans, a native of Kingston, Jamaica, prepares an F/A-18F Super Hornet, from the “Black Knights” of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 154, to be launched from the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68). Nimitz is currently underway conducting Composite Training Unit Exercise (COMPTUEX) with the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group in preparation for an upcoming deployment. COMPTUEX tests a carrier strike group’s mission-readiness and ability to perform as an integrated unit through simulated real-world scenarios. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Cole Schroeder/Released)

Since I found out my Real life Power Level is 18 I'm going to try and raise it to 25 by December

My Real life power level:

Since I don’t access to Hyperbolic Time chambers, Sage training, Spirit wave orbs, or various complete Badass trainers.
Gotta do it the old fashioned way. By hitting the 

5 Physical Components of Fitness

1) Cardiovascular Endurance (HIIT and all cardio exercises)

2) Muscular Strength (lifting, heavy calisthenics)

3) Muscular Endurance (primarily calisthenics)

4) Flexibility (Yoga and stretching)

5) Body Fat Composition (Diet, training, consistency)

all 5 of these together help the Body become the best it can be so its time to focus. 

Lets get it


90 years ago, on this date, February 12, 1924, Rhapsody in Blue premiered.

Composed by George Gershwin, “Rhapsody in Blue” has come to be regarded as one of the masterpieces of American music, and it is heard very often even now. For example, it was used in the 2013 film The Great Gatsby, and by United Airlines. Ilia Kulik skated his way to a gold medal victory in the 1998 Winter Olympics with Gershwin’s music. Gershwin himself hastily composed the piece in five weeks in order for it to be performed at Paul Whiteman’s experimental concert, An Experiment in Modern Music. He got the basis of the composition on a train ride to Boston. Gershwin stated in 1931:

“It was on the train, with its steely rhythms, its rattle-ty bang, that is so often stimulating to a composer - I frequently hear music in the very heart of the noise… And there I suddenly heard, and even saw on paper - the complete construction of the Rhapsody, from beginning to end.”

Whiteman’s experimental concert wasn’t going too well - the program included 26 different pieces, and as the evening drew on, the audience started to get impatient. Rhapsody in Blue was supposed to be second-to-last. The ventilation system was broken and many of the numbers sounded similar, which caused the audience to become indifferent. Then, the clarinet glissando that opened this piece was heard and from that second on, the audience was riveted. Gershwin was center stage; improvising almost everything he did, and for the next seventeen minutes, the composition unfolded in front of an awestruck audience. By the end of the year, almost a million copies of the song had sold, and thus, its place was cemented in the annals of history. 90 years ago, today, George Gershwin dared to break the traditions of music and stepped out to show the world something revolutionary.

Try and tell me York doesn’t have a locket with Carolina’s picture in it when he dies.

Fuckin’ try.